The players “who got us there” for Sunday


Neil Lennon left us a teaser after Sunday’s victory over Kilmarnock, informing us that the players who got us to the Scottish Cup Final would get their chance to represent us in the Final, not necessarily those who transformed our play in the last two games.

We can safely discount Forster, Simunovic, Arzani (yes, I’d forgotten too), Hayes, Bayo, Bolingoli and Shved, all of whom were part of this Scottish Cup campaign but are no longer at the club.  James Forrest is not fit and Leigh Griffiths is currently fourth choice striker, so unlikely to be considered unless/until we need a late goal.

That leaves five possibilities: Ryan Christie, Tom Rogic, Olivier Ntcham, Scott Bain and Scott Brown.

Christie has  unfinished business in the Scottish Cup after suffering multiple fractures to his face in the 2019 semi-final that kept him out of the final.  I expect we will see him instead of Jeremie Frimpong at right mid.

Conor Hazard has not put a glove wrong in his two outings and there is no reason to believe that would change on Sunday, but Neil may prefer Scott Bain, or, conversely, give Vasilis Barkas his Scottish Cup debut.  No idea how this will go.

I would be amazed if David Turnbull did not start.  In the space of a week he has made the central attacking mid position his own, Hampden specialist Tom Rogic is there if needed late in the game, although perhaps not for penalties.

Hampden is a big pitch and Ismaila Soro has the energy to cover it.  He suffered cramp against Lille but his two outings last week will fortify him.  Still, I expect the captain will get the nod.

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  1. AIPPLE on 16TH DECEMBER 2020 12:08 AM




    Got the all clear from my doctor in February after a short month in bed with the “flu”. Haven’t heard back from him, since getting one last sickie for six weeks mind. He sez,”That was sure weird enough, whatever that did that, ….everything venereal ruled out for the time being”.


    Ave Ave

  2. :))))))))))))))))))



    Sleekitry then, Sleekitry now, Sleekitry forever………..



    It’s the tone and guff that remains.



    Whatever the “handle” the schtick’s the same…………………


    On a bhlog, any blog what’s to stop any ” Character” havin’ abooot




    emails and different accounts?




    Keep It Lit CQN………










    Welsh made his debut at Hamilton in a similar role played by Ajer on Sunday.



    What’s a right back role at Celtic? – some supporters see a three when there’s a four and advice versa.



    I didn’t call them ‘failures’, other posters might, either way lets just say they’ve both had difficulties



    playing for Celtic this season on the right flank, to such an extent we’re now trying Ajer.






    I don’t consider playing on the right of a back 3 the same as playing RB.



    That’s all Welsh has done.

  4. Retrospective ban for Morelos. Great but doesn’t help the fact that they should’ve played most of the game with ten men.



    Any retrospective red should come with longer bans to compensate for the fact they were allowed to play on and help their side get a result. And yes, I’d even say that if it wasn’t one of them…

  5. Very good article here. Sums up a lot about why we’ve found ourselves asleep at the wheel.



    “Peter Lawwell has been in post for too long and is head of a board that has also there too long. The problem isn’t that they’re Tories, or that they don’t support Celtic or whatever, it’s stasis. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Celtic board or the Politburo, if the same blokes sit in the same room for a long time they’ll stop having new ideas. The buzzword in marketing is disruption, and our board are about as disruptive as a sleeping dog”







  6. Refereeing always seems open to interpretation, even w VAR.


    Just watched the Arsenal/Burnley replay.


    Xhaka gets a yellow for throat grab (violent conduct) After reviewing the video, card is replaced with a red.


    Later Elneny clearly pushes hands into Tarkowski’s face (violent conduct) and gets a yellow, even after review – almost as if the ref didnt want to reduce the Arse to 9. Burnley should feel aggrieved.


    GEEBEE; you’re bang on about the in-game punishment not being meted out to the Columbian.


    As we know, the MIB campaign to assist stopping 10 is in full flight.

  7. quad i do agree that when retrospective action is taken that the offender does not suffer for the match concerned, however ,reguardless of who the offender is the mistake was the officials (plural) and they also shoul be retrospectively held to account (heavily)

  8. Sevco, being investigated by UK competition watchdog for the sale of replica kits


    Along with Elite sports, JD sports, Greaves Sports & Hummel

  9. Big Wavy



    I can agree with the idea that people can stay in place too long and PL is obviously overpaid for the sizr of enterprise he is involved with but………….



    Govermnment by Marketing buzzwords?



    Seeking “Disruption”??



    It was that kind of “disruptive” thinking that led to an explosion in exploiting the sub-prime (a marketing re-brand of the term High Risk) market.



    I think strong companies and clubs need a blanced approach to risk taking and the Marketing Men and the New Entrepreneurs seem strangely adverse to “owning” the risks they take.



    They swallowed alll the bonuses they got for “expanding the market” but paid back none of it when their shallow thinking was exposed.



    Marketing men are just ad men, who sell the illusion of value rather than value itself. The AGM presentation this week was set up by Marketing men.

  10. BBC News this morning…


    Dominic Cummings was given a 40% PAY RISE…But its okay Folks….”as we are ALL in this Together”.


    Disgusted CFC.



  11. SFTB,



    That’s a very narrow definition of the term ‘disruption’ fella. As a glass half full guy, it has brought us platform economies, a chance to democratise value across society and in football terms, the game has evolved way beyond the bootroom empire approach of clubs back in the day. I get the koolaid slant but the actual desire to constantly tap into a mindset that worries about how to stay relevant, ahead or a winner is what the article majors on. I take the use of modern coaching, analytics, data and science as soemthing we have stopped looking at for the sake of ‘loyalty, bootroom, complacency and cronyism’ as an example.



    Have a board that will make unpopular decisions for the sake of modernising.



    We have stood still, led by a bean counter and an absentee landlord in a land of a recent one-horse race. Many of our fans are happy, as long as the results are positive, but there are soem of us who want to see the club do more. Much, much more.



    If anything comes from this horrible season it will hopefully be a push for a more modern board.




  12. Big Jimmy


    Hope you’re well – the money paid to these special advisors etc is disgusting.


    Don’t get me started on radio and TV presenters etc.

  13. CHARLIEBHOY; v true.


    Only then would the full consequence of ‘errors of officiating’ be felt and, hopefully, curtailed.


    In Engerlund I do think they more tend to be honest mistakes compared to what we see up here. HH

  14. Probably the best and most accurate quote of all times when Albert Einstein said, There are only two infinities in the world – – – the universe and peoples stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe





  15. Get Paddy Roberts back in on loan till the end of the season.Lets see if he can do us a turn.The only place he has loved.Nothing to lose.We are short on wide players.Jamesy struggling,and we are missing his goals.

  16. Maybe I am wrong,but is a straight red for Morelos offence,not an automatic 3 game ban.Why the offer of a 2.

  17. Turkeybhoy


    What about Mikey Johnston on the right wing? I feel a player of his talent could perform well on either wing.

  18. It is likely that the cup final will be a tale of two goalkeepers. Craig Gordon has a point to prove and is clearly a better goalkeeper than whoever we play in goal.


    Something doesn’t add up about the Fraser Forster situation. Was Lawwell trying to reduce the Celtic contribution to his wages? Forster new that he was not first choice yet he choose to sit on the bench rather than play every week. For the same wages? Did Lawwell mess up again?



    On the subject of Refs in England.You have seen how many non existent penalties Man U are getting.I think more pens than Tavernier.



    No problems with Mikey,but we are short of wide players.Jamesy probably not in the team again until February.Paddy on loan seems a no brainer to me.Moi,not really an out and out wide man.