The Poste’ always delivers


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, the time has come.  Ange Postecoglou is officially Celtic manager.  It has been a long wait but consistent with Celtic’s typical managerial appointment times (Neil Lennon first got the job on 9 June 2010, despite already being in temp position).

The chapter of our history on Angelos Postecoglou now begins.  I’m only slightly annoyed they didn’t announce it at noon…..  Ange has delivered success beyond expectation wherever he goes.  That will be difficult to achieve at Celtic, where expectations are stratospheric, but hope in our hearts, and all that.

Strap in, it’s going to be a blast.  Best of luck, Ange.

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  1. Good luck Ange, hope our board allow you to be your own man and that our new CEO backs you in every way.


    I believe that your team usually plays a high press attacking style of football, the Celtic support will appreciate


    this but hopefully you’ll be able to instruct our defence the basics on how to defend set pieces. This was one of the many basic deficiencies in our team last season.


    I’m sure that a coach with your experience can improve the performance of this Celtic team and I hope the board back you on the signing of players you want to sign and any backroom staff you want to bring with you.


    Once again GOOD LUCK.

  2. No Bobby Does It Petta on




    Utterly bizarre and disastrous appointment.



    It will be all over by October.




  3. squire danaher on

    QUADROPHENIAN on 10TH JUNE 2021 10:38 AM



    All for that



    Shape up or ship the lazy bar stewards out.

  4. Yup, just got an E mail from Celtic.



    Welcome Ange to the best club on the planet.



    HH. The journey begins.

  5. NO BOBBY DOES IT PETTA on 10TH JUNE 2021 10:41 AM






    Utterly bizarre and disastrous appointment.




    It will be all over by October.









    I think it’s a bit too much pressure to expect him to have won the league by October but admire the positivity- well done! 😁😊

  6. Fáilte Angelos.


    Hope you get to knock 12 bells out of all pretenders to our throne.


    And, for the day that’s in it, that you also get to eclipse the huns, who think that the sun shines out of slippy g’s hole.


    Sammi for assistant manager.



    “Feta late than never”!



    Hail Hail

  7. cigalasporfavor on

    Welcome Ange!



    Tin hat on here but having seen reasonably close-up the impression that Southern Hemisphere coaches have made when coming north to manage oval ball teams here I fully expect a few in the squad and coaching set-up to get a rude awakening.


    As they say nowadays ,It maybe a “false positive”but happy to give the guy a chance and all the backing I can.

  8. Thought I’d sign in and bask in the positivity that surrounds the appointment of a new manager.



    Can’t believe the level of negativity on here this morning but in a way it just reflects some of the self-entitlement that’s been hanging around some of us supporters for too long.



    Obviously it’s too much to expect a clean slate and a fresh start. Not from me though. I love Celtic far more than I mistrust the board. Season ticket renewed. Welcome to Celtic, Ange. Fun times ahead.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Got the email too . Like what I’m hearing , hopefully like what we’ll be seeing too .

  10. Fonseca has just gone from one of the biggest clubs in Italy to one of the biggest clubs in England just after we were rejected by the ex-Bournemouth manager. Will people get real…..



    More importantly, has there been an update on the DoF?

  11. Ange picked Rogic as a starter when he was Australia coach



    Unless he’s had a change in philosophy why wouldn’t he do it now?

  12. You can press effectively without running around like a lunatic. Rogic started more games than not under BR

  13. CELTIC40ME on 10TH JUNE 2021 11:07 AM



    Agreed pressing doesn’t mean box to box.

  14. But the former Yokohama F Marinos boss represents “a huge risk”, according to Pat Bonner.



    And Natasha Miekle, from the Celtic State Of Mind podcast, added: “Every result that goes wrong, every point that is dropped, will be scrutinised through the lens of ‘what could Eddie Howe have done?'”





    Sweet JHC paid for drivel and a moron sowing the seeds of doubt already …. club will need to start a new media strategy of not being a punch bag … tricky one as the media are constantly trying to drag us into a war and drain our energy, so our normal approach of ignoring the nonsense may need to be tweaked … the MON approach of holding grudges and taking it all very personally would be a good option for Ange and The Domster …


    ANGE ‘S first stop THE SHIPBANK INN to meet and buy a few jars for BIG JIMMY n DAVID66.

  16. welcome to paradise A P


    you do not have your problems to seek but your the main man now and iI hope the very best for you both on and off the park


    This will be the biggest challenge you will have faced and the Board must ensure you have all the support you are going to need


    The season just passed I hope has put into perspective that regardless of past glories , every new trophy has to be earned


    So going forward lets get behind ANGE and hears to further success



  17. FAO SFTB and maybe others…


    TOMORROWS Beer Frenzy in my Local Pub is OFF !



    APOLOGISES to anyone who had made plans to Meet up, but Tomorrow ( FRIDAY 11. June) has had to be POSTPONED until a later Date.


    I hope that you understand ?


    Cheers and HH Bhoys.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    With managers, like players, what you’ve done before doesn’t matter a flying ………, it’s what you do when your here. Whilst I’m not excited, he has my full support. I’d rather he dumped Kennedy, Strachan possibly too (though his games in charge were marginally better, though I expect to be corrected) doesn’t matter what they’ve done previous Kennedy showed last year he has no ideas of his own.



    Hopefully all the other ducks are lined up

  19. squire danaher on

    Ange ex-Yokohama Marinos



    They are 20% owned by City Football Group.



    Expect continuation of conveyor belt of teenage City projects/fringemen.



    This smacks also of the Unseen Fenian Hand moving upstairs and remaining on the tiller.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “Second Choice” emblazoned across the content of the Bigoted Broadcasting Corporation.



    Is Ange second choice? YES



    Are we the only club subjected to this “nuance” – YES



    Martin Watt – remember the name.

  21. There are many on here and no doubt on other blog-sites that are desperate for the new manager to fail – I wonder why?

  22. Welcome Ange and best of luck ☘ as soon as there is some positivity on here the usual negatives come out, wee see you 👓

  23. Rolling_Stone on

    Best of luck, Ange. You will need it. Let’s see how you are backed and if you get a backroom staff of your choosing.



    Also, where are the updates re DOF, Head scout and changes to composition of board? About time we got rid of those 20 year NED appointees.



    @ FIELDOFDRAMS on 10TH JUNE 2021 11:05



    Pray tell, what self-entitlement?

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