The Poste’ always delivers


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, the time has come.  Ange Postecoglou is officially Celtic manager.  It has been a long wait but consistent with Celtic’s typical managerial appointment times (Neil Lennon first got the job on 9 June 2010, despite already being in temp position).

The chapter of our history on Angelos Postecoglou now begins.  I’m only slightly annoyed they didn’t announce it at noon…..  Ange has delivered success beyond expectation wherever he goes.  That will be difficult to achieve at Celtic, where expectations are stratospheric, but hope in our hearts, and all that.

Strap in, it’s going to be a blast.  Best of luck, Ange.

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  1. Welcome Ange ,


    Just been to CP ticket office .


    Never seen it so quiet .


    Not one person queuing outside .


    More bbc reporters than fans .



  2. 06




    Celtic confirm Postecoglou’s Uefa recognition


    Doubts were raised over whether Ange Postecoglou had the correct coaching licence to manage in Europe, but Celtic have confirmed there are no issues.



    “Ange has successfully achieved UEFA recognition and endorsement in relation to his Pro-Licence issued by Football Australia,” the club state.



    “He begins working immediately and will be arriving in Glasgow as soon as current protocols allow.”



    Pre-season starts on 17 June for the Parkhead club, so it looks like the new boss won’t be making the start of that as he will have to spend 10 days in quarantine when he arrives in Scotland.





    For the doom-mongers amongst us Big Ange breezed through the UEFA quals , although I’m sure according to Celtic blog world it was hanging in the balance ; etc FUD principle for click bait Fear Uncertainty and Doubt … still BBC going strong with this principle , everything a problem coaches, signings , sun popping up in the morning

  3. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH JUNE 2021 12:08 PM


    When do we find out who his assistants are?




  4. squire danaher on

    Big Jimmy



    Look after yourself big chap



    There will be other days for the pub 👍🍻🍻

  5. Rolling Stone at 11.35,



    Self- entitlement in the manner of feeling deserving of a big name appointment just because we are Celtic. The amount of we-don’t-want-Ange-look-at-who-we-could-have-had has been dull, repetitive and unedifying. I hope and pray Ange is a major success with us but equally I hope the support gives him a fair chance.

  6. Bankiebhoy


    I dislike bbc greatly , smug reporters asking any fan that will talk to them if they have heard of our new manager etc

  7. Fabulous interview with big Ange. Feeling good about this appointment. He and his family are leaving sunny Australia, via Japan, to come to Glasgow. Eddie Howe wouldn’t leave sunny Bournemouth.



    HH Big Ange!

  8. EKbhoy………….







    They play up the fear factor for us……while peddling hunguffery for the ither mob.



    It works tho – very effective as we can see from the regular trolling of the sleekits here.




  9. celtic football club is a total shambles and a laughing stock is thisthe bestwe can do?

  10. Lynott…………



    They disappoint me constantky.


    Some of our own reckon if we had a “Good PR person” things would change, but when you have slanted, hun fans embedded in the DNA of the organisation then they dictate the direction of any story or the success or otherwise of any new development.

  11. now that we have finally announced a new incoming manager , can we now announce the departure of JK and the jobs for the bhoys alleged coaching staff.

  12. EKBHOY on 10TH JUNE 2021 12:30 PM






    Good news, one blogger who uses too many words ‘spent all morning on Wikipedia’ to deliver a hatchet job piece that the DR or The Scum would have been proud of.

  13. RC on 10TH JUNE 2021 12:47 PM



    Not alleged coaches. They are coaches.



    Respected by many actually in the game.



    So although loud mouths in twitter or p#$% blogs lead this attack, you and them don’t get to make the decision.

  14. Ange will need football men around him who understand the mechanics of Scottish football – the board must do more to ensure we have fair and competent governance of the game – starting with refereeing and governance! it really sickens me that Lawell didnt get after them the way Fergus did!

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    RC on 10TH JUNE 2021 12:47 PM



    Theseg guys are highly prized assets.think of all the clubs that have tried to sign them since Lennon left….

  16. Full support for Ange and his back room team whoever they are.



    Anything else and you’re playing into the hands of the Bbc Scotland, the Huns and whatever other enemies, real or imagined.

  17. Ange……….I know you like attacking football, so do we but please can we set up to defend a swee bit better.



    Thanks TH.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH JUNE 2021 1:11 PM






    Sometimes (not always many challenges out there) it’s a matter of choice.



    Many choose to be negative within themselves. That’s tough.



    Repeated negativity around one’s peers without anything constructive to add or contribute leans towards trolling in the online World.

  19. Welcome Ange & I wish you the best of fortune.


    I hope you bring someone you know as part of your backroom staff because that may be key to your success.



    We are a moribund organisation that needs an injection of something to shake us out of the state of lethargy. Your reputation suggests that you may be just what we need.



    “Getting us back to where we should be” – I liked that.




  20. Doesn’t Paul McStay reside Down Under?



    Shortie seems to have dug up One hun…after another…..”Gavin Rae”?????




    The reality is they probably don’t even have Paul’s number.

  21. the long wait is over on

    Welcome Ange and good luck.



    Given many of the comments on here from what are now his own people he’s going to need it.



    Frankly, no-one knows how good or otherwise he’ll turn out to be.



    Same goes for Eddie Howe.



    It’s so easy to predict disaster with no rational explanation to back it up.



    Will any of the doomsayers be as willing to come on and eat humble pie if he’s a success as they will


    be to come on and say ” I told you so ” if he isn’t?



    I for one won’t be holding my breath.

  22. I predict…success!



    Reset awas always going to happen after 10.



    With funds circa £40m..frimpong £12, Klimala £3, Eddy £15m..£10m others… we should be able to buy a team of ready mades. Certainly good enough to beat Sevco united.

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