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I’m pretty sure Players’ Player of the Year rules oblige nominees to come from more than one club, allowing players the opportunity to vote for at least one opponent, instead of a team-mate. That being the case, we will probably see a token Aberdeen player on the list alongside the Celtic nominees.

This award, voted by the professionals, has been dominated by Celtic players for a lot longer than the league title itself. Di Canio, McNamara, Larsson (twice), Viduka, Sutton, Hartson, Maloney, Namakura, McGeady, Brown, Izaguirre, Mulgrew, Commons, Johansen and Griffiths make an incredible 16 Celtic winners in the last 20 years.

The current holder missed the chance of defending his title after an early season injury kept him out of the team, then the irrepressible form of Moussa Dembele made Leigh’s chances of a sustained run unlikely.

Moussa, alongside Kieran Tierney, are likely to be nominated for both Player and Young Player of the Year. Stuart Armstrong’s late season form may see him nominated, while Tom Rogic’s early season form deserves a shout, but all electorates have notoriously short memories, so Stuart stands a better chance than Tom.

Scott Sinclair has been the transformational element in Scottish football this season. His speed of thought and control are exceptional. He was the player who Celtic battered defences into submission early in the season as Celtic picked up from some nervy European qualification performances, and transformed into a well-oiled machine.

Scott’s performances in his debut season in Scottish football reminds me of a former PotY winner’s debut season. Both arrived as support forwards in their mid 20s. They share the same speed of thought. This instant the ball arrives(d) in their vicinity, the next phase is already underway.

I remember commenting during the season that stopped the 10 that Henrik Larsson was “precious” to Celtic. It was clear he was having a huge impact on the team, but Jackie McNamara and Craig Burley outshone him for many as they picked up the Players’ and Writers’ trophies respectively that season. Henrik’s true talent was still unfolding.

Scott Sinclair’s impact this season has been no less precious. For me he is the stand out Player of the Year.  Oh, and the nomination from Aberdeen, I suppose it has to be Ryan Christie, who steadied a stuttering Dons team and helped secure what will surely be second place.

Join prodigious Celtic writer, Paul John Dykes, at the launch of Tom Campbell’s new book, Bobby Evans, Celtic’s forgotten hero, at the Admiral Bar, this Thursday, 6 April, at 7pm. You get register and find all details here.

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  1. From the last page, and now that the podium chasing has passed.






    heartbreaking to read to read your post last night……well, it would be if it weren’t so commonplace, and something which we’re all sadly aware of. More and more stories and reports of how many people are ‘living below the poverty line’ and it’s hard for a lot of people to grasp just what that means. I suspect there are many here who have been in a similar position growing up. i know i have been, being brought up in a single parent family, with a working mother, doing her best to support and bring up a family of four. fortunately, we had a big family, who were able to help on occasion, and we also benefitted from the help of the SVde P through our church.



    Many aren’t as fortunate as we were, and thankfully, the young man who spoke to your wife had the balls to do something, and wasn’t burdened with too much pride to prevent him asking a stranger for help, but my God, how desperate must he have felt.




    just wondering if there’s anything we can do to help ? it might be a bit of a hollow gesture, and perhaps something the family might not be willing to accept, but maybe some of us might want to make a donation of a small amount which might help pay a fuel bill, buy some shopping,or some clothes for the kids, or maybe buy them something nice which they might not otherwise be able to afford.

  2. Paul, re the Bobby Evans book. You forgot to mention that Paul John Dykes co-wrote it with esteemed author, Tom Campbell.



    Tom is a member of the Ottawa CSC.



    Just saying……..

  3. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My vote for POTY goes to the hungry machine that powers our play, and allows others (Sinclair, Dembélé et al.) to weave their spells. Step up, Captain courageous Scott Brown.



    On a serious note, I would like to implore everyone to nominate Patrick Roberts for YPOTY. He will go back to Manchesity in the summer. He may be forced to continue his career with another club. Let’s give ourselves the best chance of him choosing us.



    Patrick Roberts – let’s make him feel the love.


    Vote Roberts, you know it makes sense.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Reading VFR experience from yesterday I hope you now have an understanding as to why I’m bonkers dealing with those situations on a daily basis…

  5. Its got to be Joey Barton for me, or maybe Nico Kranjar oh wait what about Philip Sendaros.


    (inspired by today’s RD).

  6. MOONBEAMSWD on 4TH APRIL 2017 12:15 PM



    UK budget deficit as a percentage of GDP is about 4 to 5%.



    The equivalent figure for a putative independent Scotland is about 9.5%.



    Now I appreciate that for a nationalist this is irrelevant. In fact it’s unpatriotic and tawdry to even consider not supporting independencejust because you’d be poorer as a result. For a nationalist independence is the goal, and no price would be too high to achieve that goal, and no hardship would be too great if that goal was achieved



    And to some extent, that’s an admirable and principled position to take.



    The problem is you lie about the reality of independence to convince others to support the cause. And that’s not acceptable.

  7. Hunderbirds, your not suggesting we try and bribe the lad into staying with us are you ;-)

  8. Precious……..a perfect word for me right now as I followed Flight Tracker as my kids fly with their gran to Amsterdam and then onto Kuwait to visit their aunt.



    Don’t think I can track the next flight all the way to Kuwait but I’ll check in often!!!!

  9. Thanks to everyone who so far has contributed to our fund raising plans which has the stated objective of providing the Celtic players from 66-67 season with a token of our appreciation next month.



    So far we have sold 32 In The Heat of Lisbon books with the great looking Jock Stein t-shirt. This is from a limited edition of 500.



    The books and tshirts aren’t being sent out just yet – indeed the book only went to the printers on Friday.



    We will do our best to add as many signatures as possible to each book and we have delegated that task to a mad Celtic supporter who is coming over for a month with his entire family to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Some of you might remember him as Wispy.



    The book is actually two books, just to confuse everyone further. Both are great reads. And you won’t get more Lisbon photographs – many never seen before – in any other book about Lisbon. Usually you get 8 or 16 pages of colour pics, In The Heat of Lisbon has 64 colour pages.



    So if you like the sound of the book, love the authentic Jock Stein t-shirt or just want to say thank you to the players ( and families of the ones lost) then please order at cqnbookstore.com



    Look in the books section and choose the option with the t-shirt size desired.



    Thanks again .

  10. Looking at post match photos, it would appear that a great friendship has been struck up between KT and Paddy. Hopefully KT will encourage him to stay, after all KT is not just a Celtic player, he is also a supporter.Go to it young Kieran and help us to have Paddy around for seasons to come.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Has anybody got 2 SPARE TICKETS FOR THE ROSS COUNTY AWAY GAME? Can’t get a ticket off the “ticket office” for love nor money.








  12. Rare and great achievement. We also beat Ujpest Doza and met Taylor and Burton in the second half of 9 in a row. I recall it well.

  13. Very difficult to pick a POTY or even a YPOTY given the quality of the prospective recipients.


    All clad in green and white hoops.


    SMSM will do their usual and make spurious cases for nonentities to appease the raging hordes but whatever they say or do, it will not make one iota to our magnificent team, our brilliant management and us, the blissful support.


    I do like the ultra sensible suggestion someone made earlier about just making it CELTIC, the CHAMPIONS, the team of this or any other year.



    My annual Easter sojourn in the sun continues apace. This year Tenerife, Playa Paraiso has the honour of hosting the Eurochamps vacation. Not so much a holiday as more a warm weather training camp in anticipation of the Pilgrimage to Estadio Nacional, Lisboa in May.


    Given my usual step count on an average day at work is about 9000, the fact that I chalking up upwards of 17000 on the ole odemeter suggests that, far from being a holiday, this is turning into double sessions for the ole Football Fans in Training programme.


    The big yellow shiny thing in the sky does help though.







  14. the long wait is over on

    At the risk of sounding arrogant I believe we are so far ahead of the rest


    that not only is each of our first eleven better than their opposite number in any


    other team but they are better than ANY player in ANY position in any other team.



    I look around Scottish football and don’t see a single player in any position


    I would trade for any one of our first team.



    I don’t think I could ever have said that in the past.

  15. ERNIE LYNCH 11.39 and BEATBOT 12.13,


    Previous Thread.


    With the greatest respect gentlemen………..Both of you attempted to be rather condecending in your posts just because I had earlier stated that I had had enough of Terrible Tories and Limp Labour, whilst at the same time neither one of you offered up any alternatives to this Tory Government, so be it.


    Firstly IF Scotland became independent, I wouldn’t be ” Waving any feckin flag”.



    Perhaps if either of you had ANY knowledge of how successive Labour and Tory Governments have influenced my life, especially since I was “Automatically Unfairly Dismissed” ( COURT RULING) when having my brilliant ( and well paid) full time job wrongly taken from me, my marriage breaking down due to my wife leaving me cos of the stress of unemployment, my beautiful home being repossessed by the mortgage lender in 2012, and being literally abandoned by my trade union ( UNITE…Bastards), PRIOR to my successful Employment Tribunal in 2010, which despite WINNING my case within the very first 10 minutes on the very first morning, I was still “destined” to a life of unemployment and scrapping by on DWP Benefits, due to falling into the clutches of a seriously crooked solicitor from Glasgow, whom I should NEVER have met in the first place IF a Labour controlled Council hadn’t UNFAIRLY sacked me, and my so called feckin trade union ( feckin UNITE), hadn’t hung me out to dry for Political reasons, then perhaps I wouldn’t even contemplate voting for any other party but Labour ?


    Soon after my dismissal, I confronted several local; Labour Councillors and Labour MP’s who couldn’t wait to run a mile from me as they couldn’t give me any answers as to why I had been sacked, all this BEFORE my successful Employment Tribunal, at which none would offer me any support, despite my having decades of loyalty to the feckin Labour Party !



    I couldn’t care less whatever anyone thinks of me, for now deciding to vote for The SNP, but I do so in order to give them a chance ? I am not stupid enough to think they will get everything right, BUT they will have more powers over The WELFARE SYSTEM in Scotland in and around June 2017 ?


    Now that my health has worsened over the years, and I will never work again, why shouldn’t I give the SNP my vote, especially IF they use their powers to help the poor and disabled in Scotland to a greater effect after June 2017 ?


    Would Labour do it ?….er No


    Would the Scottish Tories do it.?…er…..feckin NO !


    I also liken my decision to watching a Celtic match in some ways.


    IF my favourite Celtic player is having a poor game, then ANY Celtic manager SHOULD sub him .


    IF ANY of Celtic’s better players are having an off day…..then feckin change it !


    It’s not rocket science.


    i was one of the loyal Labour voters who voted for Tony Blair in the 1990’s, NOT because I believed everything that the Labour Party and Blair told me, but because I ( LIKE MILLIONS of others had suffered horribly in 18 years of Tory misrule).


    Given what we NOW KNOW about NEW LABOUR and Tony Blair, it would be so easy to regret my vote back then in “1997” ?


    But, I don’t regret it, as it helped kick out the Tories, and I will do likewise again in those circumstances, like what we have NOW !


    I would love there to be a STRONG Labour Party…but that’s not the case.


    I could be even more honest and state that now I will be 62 years of age this year, and completely on my own having lost everything that I once held dear, with my health worsening, should Scotland become independent in the very near future, and it goes completely “Tits Up”, I probably won’t be around to see it or be affected by it ?


    Now that particular outlook is of course a very selfish one to have, and I don’t like myself for even thinking that way, but what other choice do people like me have, especially Scottish people ?


    Wullie feckin Rennie and The Lib Dems ?…..er I think not.



    So ERNIE and BEATBOY, vote for who you will, as I will vote for who I will….it’s called Democracy !


    Ever respectfully yours,


    Big Jimmy.

  16. Hunderbirds are gone




    Breaking news on sky


    Lee Wallace out for about a month


    Stomach surgery

  17. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on 4th April 2017 12:35 pm



    Do you work in Glasgow?





  18. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    FrankMarker on 4th April 2017 1:25 pm



    He disnae have the stomach for a fight!