The rascal Neil Lennon


What a rascal that Neil Lennon is, laughing off interest in Amido Balde while leading us all down the Kevin Doyle road last week, then Amido pitches up at Celtic Park, complete with obligatory Celtic scarf, before heading for some scans and time plugged -up with on the running machine today.

Amido’s road to Celtic Park has not been straight.  He was released by Sporting Lisbon last year without kicking a ball for them, but he has spent a year in a competitive league playing against some Champions League defences, so Celtic will have a fair idea of what kind of player he is.

Does he have the technique?  Does he have the physique?  Does he have the temperament?   John Park and the scouts will have given Neil Lennon lots of information on these elements of Amido, so there should be no surprises.

This is even more true of Balde than of last season’s twin striking signings, Lassad and Miku (trivia question of the future, Who led the line for Celtic when they beat Barcelona in 2012?).  Both arrived in the final days of the window, with options expiring all around and beggars choosing.

As always, the most important hope for any transfer window is that the manager and scouts get their first choices.  That assured, we’ll do alright.

11 June and first piece of transfer speculation. Held the tide as long as I could.

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    And MIDFIELD MAESTRO gets his own hole in one!



    Well done,bud.

  2. The Token Tim on

    Some you win. Some you lose.



    Thats as true re transfers as it is about anything else in life.



    Accept it.






  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    The guy Balde is obviously a diddy!



    Sign Bale, Messi, Cavani and Ronaldo and geez peace!!

  4. All the Aussies on twitter are raving about Tom Rogic and his performance today.







  5. I posted Balde’s playing career stats from wiki earlier.



    Nothing more, nothing less.



    No criticism of the player or his possible signing.



    I said “Let’s wait and see!” …and stick by that.





    HAMILTON TIM. 1339



    Nice one-betcha VP holds the party line on boundary charges when I pour myself into his cab and try to pronounce Kilwinning….

  7. South Of Tunis on

    Euro Under 21 .



    Italy v Norway tonight ..



    Italy have qualified for the semis .



    Italy will field a relatively week team .



    Norway need a point [ assuming Israel don’t hammer England ]



    Odds ——— Italy 21 /20


    Norway 14 /5


    Draw 11 /5..





    Definitely off oot now . Mrs S of T is fit for the beach [ and more importantly the beach bar ]




  8. This smiler deserves punting over. Cheers



    The Battered Bunnet


    13:09 on


    11 June, 2013


    Driving tips Napoli style:



    1) Around town, it’s first gear and neutral. Don’t get frustrated. Just read the spectacular graffiti all around as you sit in the queue. When eventually in 2nd gear, stay in gear until the tach exceeds the red line. This way you’ll fit right in with the vespa set.



    2) Bumpers are practical driving aids around town. They are used extensively, particularly for parking. Take the additional CDW option when you hire and join in the fun.



    3) Overtaking is a national sport. All cars are equipped with mirrors on both sides for good reason. The middle lane simply provides the space for flamboyant drivers to weave, using both warp and weft when conditions permit. Conditions are almost always permissive.



    4) On the motorways the hard shoulder is a legitimate lane when the traffic is moving at less than 120kmp. By using your nearside mirror you will be ready to offer a respectful acknowledgement as driver after driver passes you on the inside of the inside lane.



    5) Expert drivers and those seeking adventure in underpowered Fiats, are able to utilise the space between lanes. That is, on a dual carriageway when you are overtaking say a heavy truck, expert drivers are able to undertake you while overtaking the vehicle you are passing. It’s a classic high velocity sandwich, and a polite wave to applaud the manoeuvre is in order.

  9. BMCUW, Congrats to your Dad, I got my first one last December aged 64, and thought that was good but Mr BMCUW Snr. has well and truely put me in the shade .

  10. scullybhoy


    35 ml for andy carrol.epl throw money about like a drunken sailor.


    we don’t have 2ml to throw out the window, we have to get it right the first time.


    as we all know that does not happen.

  11. .



    The Token Tim..



    Did You see that Wee Plane that Half’d in 2 on the Runway in Asia….:-)



    Don’t tell the Wife..






    Ps..No one Hurt..

  12. Can we now expect to see the formation of the first CSC in Guinea-Bissau – the birthplace of Amido Balde?!



    I think so!



    Any CQNers based out there?!




  13. VP



    Pretty sure I could find some more for ye :-)






    Kilwinning sounds awfully like Kettering if you say it in a pished, shlurry voice….beware!!

  14. I asked a Portuguese business associate (huge Porto fan) what he thought of Amido Baldé. He responded as follows:



    Well… This kid Amido Baldé actually is one of our hopes to overcome the lack of Centre Forward that our national team suffers.


    He is good with his right foot but his head game needs improvement (hope you guys over there help him). Although he is tall and strong he is also fast.


    The “only” problem of this guy is the decisions he makes. 80% of the times he makes the wrong decision so for me he is basically a diamond in rough that should be educated to understand football as a team match.









    Hail Hail



  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ….PFayr 13:38 on 11 June, 2013





    Joy Division Oven Gloves

  16. The Token Tim on







    Not seen it, but might just try to keep that one quiet from mrs TTT!



    In saying that i wont be in a hurry to get back onto the Flying Transit!






  17. I cringed a bit when I saw Balde kiss the scarf yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I wish him well and hope he goes on to establish a real rapport with the fans and Club, however, right now, Balde has little or no love for Celtic. I don’t like to see players kissing the badge unless they’ve earned it and genuinely feel affection for the Cause.

  18. “What a rascal that Neil Lennon is, laughing off interest in Amido Balde while leading us all down the Kevin Doyle road last week”



    Clearly Doyle is the player NFL wanted and Peter Liewell has overruled him as he did with Bangura before.



    SackTheBored CSC




  19. People were screaming for a big target man, it looks like we are going to sign a 6ft 4inch Portugeese under 20 International and the reaction is somewhere between muted & underwhelmed. If the lad signs lets all get behind him and roar him on to become a Celtic legend.

  20. greenyinfurrafenian on

    PFAyr & srs



    was battering an old fave oot the guitar on Friday



    “unemployments rising in the chigley end of town”





    Everything sounds like Kettering in a blootered Kilwinning accent.

  22. south of tunis



    Only needing a point and Italy already qualified,


    it’s Norway’s lucky day





    I personally reckon he won a few bob at the bookies on Saturday and bribed a coupla his buddies to verify the fairytale so he could stay out on Monday and get blootered….



    BTW,congratulations on yours,must be a marvellous feeling.

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