The Res 12 ‘news’


Credit to STV, who at least called Uefa to ask what was going on, and got a taste of the correspondence, with the carefully chosen words, “Rangers’ three-year exclusion from playing in Europe after going into liquidation was the major factor in a case not being pursued”.

Uefa’s correspondence to the Requistioners was far more explicit on the new club/same club point, and took no cognisance of other matters (5-way Agreement, anyone?).

It’s remarkable (and a credit to all involved) that Uefa responded to the Resolution 12 questions over two weeks ago but news didn’t leak.  It’s simply not been possible for the guys to comment while matters progress, and despite yesterday’s ‘news’, they have avoided the temptation to fire off a response (others have also felt it imprudent to step into a public debate) for what remains an issue under legal guidance.

I know the lack of public information is frustrating (as is the associated flack, b.t.w.), but my best recommendation is that we let them get on with it.

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  1. Slowly slowly catchy monkey, well done guys. They should be packing their bags shortly and clear out to get some fresh air into the Hampden corridors of power.

  2. Exclusion from Europe after liquidation?



    That’s like saying a person is excluded from using a passport for three years after death.

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    It’s no tireless, we’re friggin knackered but persistent :)



    Hunderbirds, check out the other article relating to res12 posted a few minutes ago, some hints in there.

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    But you won’t fool the children of the resolution


    No, you won’t fool the children of the resolution



    Marcbolan CSC

  5. So, reading the lines , between the lines, and a little bit of guesswork, is this a fair summary:



    UEFA have responded to Res 12.?


    UEFA do not support Regan’ assertions.?


    UEFA DO see The Rangers FC as a new club.?



    The Res 12 guys have sought clarification on a few other points and will make a statement when they are in receipt of the answers.?



    Celtic FC do need to get involved assuming all of the above is addressed directly by UEFA?





    Can you please do something about these podium hangers who ignore the previous article for hours as they constantly F5 and then hit Gold?



    It’s jist not bliddy good enough.






    Up yer game,please.



    PS-congrats to HUNDERBIRDSAREGONE for a nice wee gold. I was gonna go for it,but the Russian athletics federation didnae come through wi the goods in time.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Previous thread.



    As I said:



    This vote is a global issue with global ramifications.



    It is a matter which is ,and should be , beyond domestic party politics.



    Angela Merkel has decided who shall gain access to U.K. I find that an extremely alarming prospect for my friends and family who reside in the U.K.





    Only those with a vote should comment ?



    Ergo no comments about Trump ?



    That`s not going to work , Bobby.


    I`ll be checking. :-)



    Anyway ,buenas noches.

  8. According to Rangers Media Bears Den, we are all dafties, that we are obsessed with Sevco and we have wasted £1,000s on newspaper ads and contacting UEFA. I think we should call it a day with all these pesky questions. Read what our learned friends across the city are saying about us: http://goo.gl/Ao5DxW


    Best to start at page 5 and work backwards, I think it’s them who are obsessed, 5 pages of comments?


    Beware of very strong language, atrocious grammar and appalling spelling, some comments take a while to decipher, I think most of the posters are poorly educated.

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From last Thread.





    edit “– would it not have been a




    better idea to, sit on the season ticket money




    and, tell the PLC-Hierarchy to get all this Res12




    stuff straightened out – then they can have the




    season ticket money ?”



    Kev J is Dave King ! Can I claim my £10?




    I listen to you.



    Thanks and keep up the good work.



    Ditto the the other resolutioners.

  11. Benhybhoymull



    Lol I was only on * 5* mins and **s am * and * and my pal thinks I * have a * bout o * tourettes


    *= sweary word lol



    Jokin aside I go there to act the goat lol


    Hope alls good up there



  12. AuroraBorealis79 on

    BENJYBHOY MUL on 21ST JUNE 2016 12:54 PM



    I think most of the posters are poorly educated.






    & or highly intoxicated.

  13. MacJay1




    Can`t follow your succession of non sequiturs.”




    Waken up man! Maybe it’s past your bed time.


    You are maybe getting carried away because they allowed Australia to compete in the Eurovision song contest but that does not confer a right to vote in OUR referendum.


    No, nothing personal as I do not know you but I do recognise the smell of bullshit when it hits my olfactory receptors.


    Your inability to answer a simple question without obfuscation would suggest you are unable to debate any subject in a manner that can be taken seriously.

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    I’m with Winning Captains as well. Never steered us wrong yet. Steady as we go.







  15. BENJYBHOY MUL on 21ST JUNE 2016 12:54 PM



    Many thanks for posting what our ” learned friends” across the city are saying.


    It should be compulsory for all Celtic supporters to read . That is of course if you are able to decipher Orc.



    We were discussing the other day that Paul 67 should be proud of what he has created with CQN considering the hate, vile and sickening comments on other social media sites.



    I don’t know how much we spend on education, but it’s obviously not enough. John Brown would be proud of them..




  16. mullet and co 2 on

    Paul67, are you suggesting those out with the resolutioners who are asking questions of the media .. Should step away from the debate?

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    All of this is terribly exciting – hmmmmm :-)



    (or, as I accidentally typed a second ago, “hammmmm” – it was funny at the time :-))






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