The Ross Wallace Deployment


I’ve never treated the Ballon d’Or seriously, but would you be alarmed if your manager overlooked two of the most outstanding footballers of all time, to vote for one of the poor relations in an outstanding, if waning, Barcelona team.

England manager, Roy Hodgson, is entitled to his opinion but in nominating Javier Mascherano, he’s started a debate which will not reflect kindly on him.

I remember when Martin O’Neill was in charge of Celtic, he could do or say anything and no matter how incongruous it seemed, we all looked for hidden wisdom.  Martin knew much more about the game than all of us but this authority was uniquely evident.  I don’t remember any other Celtic manager being regarded with such awe, and I go back to the latter Stein days.

Whether Mascherano is fit to pass the ball to Leonel Messi is beside the point, Roy’s opinion is a prisoner of fortune.  He’s dead meat to his critics.

For all of Martin’s brilliance he wasn’t one for cutting edge tactics.  He knew what worked for him and stuck to it.  So when Gordon Strachan came along with some new, ‘ideas’, the reaction was not appreciative.

Gordon’s early days (years) were remarkably hostile but it’s what I’ve regarded as The Ross Wallace Deployment which remains in the mind as an unfinished debate.

Ross was a left winger.  But, five goals down after a first leg capitulation in Bratislava, Gordon deployed him on the right.  The outcry was palpable.  We’d never heard of playing a left footed player ‘out of position’ like this.  What is now commonplace – to mix a left and fight footed full back and winger on the same side – was both new and proof positive that Gordon Strachan was a deluded simpleton.

There’s value in the opinions of the outliers, so my vote for the Ballon d’Or would have gone to Efe Ambrose. Gordon Strachan was a better manager than any of us knew at the time.

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  1. Is that Celtic about half way through the transfer window and absolutely no signs of activity?



    Wow we must be walking the league again……oh wait a minute…..



    I wonder what excuses we will get this time – lets face it they are running out of tired excuses for selling as much as possible and buying as little as possible.





    Well,how many of them do you reckon you can outrun?!

  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Sorrel …..there are 3 funny karmas but only one is copying … Hehe

  4. HT… reading back received your message. Will await your reply before moving on the letter to you know who. Thanks.

  5. Neganon – please do give it a rest – there will be ins snd outs.



    You are like someone on Boxing Day moaning that no one has wished you ” a happy new year’ yet!

  6. South Of Tunis on




    Duda.- The Italian version



    Lots of speculation / no supporting evidence / no quotes.Take your pick from Arsenal/ Spurs / Hull City / Napoli / Torino/ Inter Milan / AC Milan.Arsenal stories come with a £ 8 million price tag.

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    GMS ? ……..not sure…what do you Fholk think ?

  8. Alfie Noakes




    When I see your name, I’m somehow transported back to this moment in time when…


    ….picture the scene…


    Celtic v’s Spurs in a friendly – Celtic Park early 1990’s


    Gazza is playing, this is before he became a rubber-stamped chooky.


    The Spurs fans standing in the ole Rangers End near the Main Stand


    they unfurl a union jack over one of the barriers.


    The Jungle lets rip….


    “Get yer union – get yer union – get yer union jack tae Fluck!”


    Cant explain it but…you transport me back to ‘that’ moment in time.


    Get it roon ye.

  9. South Of Tunis on




    An Italian journo said this –



    ” Duda is the best Slovak since the great Lubo Moravcik”

  10. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    big georges fan club – hail, hail, wee oscar



    07:41 on 14 January, 2015


    How come Eddie was allowed to talk, unhindered?





    Too clever for them methinks…….if BFDJ had been on, you would have heard him huffing and puffing in the background…….


    He won the “beat the pundit” thingy last night by answering 7 questions to the listeners 0…….then proclaimed Rangers 7 Celtic 0. I don’t think they told u what team the listener supported…..buffoon.

  11. pedrocaravanachio67



    09:00 on 14 January, 2015




    I think the callers name was – Brendan.


    So, BFSDJ just assumed that he was a tim:)


    It’s the way of it in these parts….



  12. FORMER Rangers owner Sir David Murray has insisted that losses to ordinary creditors will be “minimal” as proceedings to liquidate Murray International Holdings (MIH) got under way.



    The entrepreneur’s former metals and property empire – which is separate from his family interests and Murray Capital investment vehicle – has now sold all its trading subsidiaries and a creditors’ meeting is scheduled for next week



    According to the latest available accounts, MIH had net debts of £346.7 million at the end of June 2013, but Murray told The Scotsman that the figure had “changed quite a lot since then”.



    The entrepreneur, who sold Rangers to Craig Whyte for £1 in 2011, said that Murray Group Holdings now had debts of about £40m, while MIH’s property arm, PPG, owed £150m. The outsourcing division, which formerly owned call centre operator Response, has debts of £10m.



    Murray said: “This is the end of an orderly wind-down, and there are minimal ordinary creditors. The main losers are obviously the secured lender [Lloyds Banking Group] and the stakeholders.



    “I think we’ve done a good job to minimise the loss to the bank and to protect as many jobs as possible. If you look at the number of people who are still in the workforce, it’s heading towards £100m a year in salaries and so on into the economy.



    “The company was caught in a perfect storm when the price of steel and the commercial property market collapsed.”



    Murray remains as executive chairman of the private investment company Murray Capital, where his son – also called David – is chief executive.



    After selling off its range of business interests over the past six years, MIH said it had secured employment for more than 95 per cent of the workforce, which stood at 3,000 in 2008.



    Murray said: “I’m not trying to say it was easy, but we’ve come under the microscope because of the Rangers connection, and I can accept that. We haven’t run away from this – we’ve worked it out, and while it could have been better, it could have been a hell of a lot worse





    I assume Murray got his knighthood for not being found out yet.



    Absolutely ludicrous,he’s cost the country millions by his tax evasion schemes,and in debts to state-run banks. And he gets a bloody knighthood.



    Con-man,and he has the cheek to complain about Whyte….

  14. alfie noakes



    04:04 on 14 January, 2015



    It is often said that football is ‘all about opinions’ and that ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion’



    However surely it is incumbent on the numbers who operate within the Lawwell/Board hating clique on this blog, that the opinions that they bore us with, day in and day out, have a least the a hint of the truth and are based on hard facts. Fields of Green latest tripe, by James Forrest, is a prime example of a tall tale made up out of nothing, by someone who appears to be a fully paid-up member of the flat earth society, or the US did not go to the moon conspiracy.



    This minority, tendency, within our support would actively do harm to our club – boycott games, deprive the club of funds and some of the ‘loony tunes’ actually suggest withdrawing from Scotland and join the Irish league.



    Why? because our Major Shareholder, Chief Executive and the Board of Directors do not soil their hands by giving a running commentary on ‘Rangers’/Sevco, who have raped and abused the Scottish Game for many years.



    Social media has given this tiny minority, and it is tiny, carte blanche to broadcast views that in years gone by would have circulated only around the booze-laden tables in the pub bar of their choice.



    All of us long-standing Celtic supporters who live in the real world, must repudiate the divisive claptrap that these people peddle – they would cut their nose off to spite their face – let’s not allow them to denigrate Celtic.




    All about opinions, but should you ever meet FGF you will never meet a more decent or passionate Celtic man. I’d rather have 60,000 of him than well….!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  15. Briefly……



    The ‘cancer’ that is killing Celtic FC slowly is, the Liewwell and Park – axis that, racketeers all of your money along with all the, CL, player sales, merchandise money througha foriegn-agent society employed by said racketeers to profit whom?


    Liewwell – check


    Park – check


    DD – check


    the ‘bored’ – check


    RD? – Hmmm?


    The fans? – not on yer nellie.


    Sack The Bored



  16. Secco and the old Rankers peepil certainly keep our courts busy



    BT whoever proposed Moonbeams for his knighthood should have the courage to ask for its removal



    FORMER Rangers owner Craig Whyte was today featuring in a behind-closed-doors High Court hearing after becoming embroiled in a legal dispute with a ticketing firm.



    Case lists indicated that the hearing – before judge Mr Justice Henderson in London – would be held in public.



    But “private” signs were placed on the doors of the court and reporters were barred.



    A court official said the judge would not sit in open court to explain the reason for the private hearing. The official said the private hearing had been ordered by another judge.



    The judge is thought to be analysing Mr Whyte’s finances.



    Mr Whyte, who was at today’s hearing, had been told to pay more than £17 million damages to Ticketus in 2013.




    Ticketus had said Mr Whyte fraudulently or negligently made representations which induced the company to enter into agreements related to the sale or purchase of Rangers season tickets.



    Mr Whyte had disputed the claim – but a judge had ruled against him.



    Ticketus has said that the latest stage of legal proceedings involves its ‘’continued activity to enforce’’ the damages order.



    • Judge compares Craig Whyte to Dickens character



    Mr Whyte, who will turn 44 on Sunday, last appeared at the High Court in relation to the dispute in December – at an open court hearing before a different judge, Mr Justice Newey.



    The judge heard at the December hearing that Mr Whyte had failed to attend a hearing earlier in 2014 and had been made the subject of a ‘’suspended committal order’’ – under which he could have been jailed if found to be in contempt of court.



    But Mr Justice Newey discharged that committal order at the December hearing – lifting the threat of jail – after lawyers for Mr Whyte said he had been out of the country and would co-operate.



    And Mr Justice Newey said in December that the next stage of proceedings would involve an examination of Mr Whyte’s finances at a private hearing

  17. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    Kev j



    Seen yer hero Murdo, promoting the up and coming “old firm” game…..


    Deary me!


    Are u gonnae make it? Or could yer brother no get ye a ticket?


    Aff oot ;-)

  18. bournesouprecipe on

    Does Murray International Holdings get it’s history back when it exits Liquidation?



    (A mere dusting of snow in lower East Kilbride.)

  19. South of Tunis


    Napoli and Inter offers and interest were confirmed here. In addition, Palermo and Genoa are interested in Legia striker Orlando Sa. He did not play against Celtic (bench). Few English cubs also interested in Sa. 3 million euros sale out clause make him easy target. I hope he stays here.


    What amazes me in Duda, he made Legia and Duda Snr. his only representatives and rejects every offer now.

  20. kevjungle



    If those people who you calling racketeers decide to call you out on evidence, I hope for your sake you have the evidence to back up such a serious charge

  21. pedrocaravanachio67



    09:17 on 14 January, 2015




    I was listening to Murdo recently on Shortbread and he said – “he missed the o## f### games coz – there was ‘nothing’ better than scoring a League Title winning goal against Rangers then, joining the rest of the players and going over to the Jungle to celebrate with the fans.”



    Murdo MacLeod will be my FOREVER hero as a Celtic supporter.


    Bye this time – Hail Hail

  22. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    He’ll be fine….he’ll ask his brother for it….that’s his “go to guy”.

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Ipswich v Southampton replay on BBC tonight, hope it’s as good as last nights entertainment.



    First game from England I’ve enjoyed in a wee while.



    Lots of ex Celts involved tonight

  24. lionroars67



    09:21 on 14 January, 2015




    Calm down….it’s not a charge – it’s a guess – as I’ve said umpteen times on here.


    Put it this way….


    The money that goes into Celtic dizny get put back onto the pitch to increase the quality of the product that the fans are asked to buy into so, where does it go?


    My guess is that – Celtic FC is not being run by snowmen.

  25. pedrocaravanachio67



    09:17 on 14 January, 2015



    Kev j



    Seen yer hero Murdo, promoting the up and coming “old firm” game…..


    Deary me!


    Are u gonnae make it? Or could yer brother no get ye a ticket?


    Aff oot ;-)




    KJ if you’re no going, can I get the ticket for ma bhoy..?…..!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  26. Apparently, Berget is going back to Cardiff.



    I’m always sad when a player leaves Celtic – I always think that they will come good one day.



    Obviously, we’d end up with a squad of 23,837 players but so what ?