BIG SAM ALLARDYCE is the man that Rangers fans want to replace Pedro Caixinha who was sacked this week after being battered in the Betfred and pegged back in injury time against strugglers Kilmarnock at Ibrox.

Charles Green told the world that Rangers had 500million supporters world wide so the chap who posted the poll on one of the major Rangers fans forums the other day might have expected more than 263 votes.

Still that’s a good half dozen supporters buses worth of Rangers fans and it is the best we can offer you.

Here is how the Bears voted:

Poll: Who Do You Want As Rangers Manager

McInnes 54 vote(s) 20.5%
McLeish 12 vote(s) 4.6%
Davies 3 vote(s) 1.1%
Allardyce 71 vote(s) 27.0%
Moyes 11 vote(s) 4.2%
De Boer 14 vote(s) 5.3%
Wright 1 vote(s) 0.4%
Walter 19 vote(s) 7.2%
Preudhomme 47 vote(s) 17.9%
Gio 22 vote(s) 8.4%
Michael O’Neill 9 vote(s) 3.4%

There are a few things to note. Some candidates get heir surname used while others – Walter and Gio – are referred to by their christian names. It would be a mistake to assume that this is a sign of preferential treatment by the Poll creator. It is simply down to the fact that he couldn’t spell Gio’s surname and everyone either assumes that Walter has never had a surname or if he had at one point it has been so long since anyone used it that no-one, Walter included, can remember what it is.

Wright is Tommy Wright the excellent manager at St Johnstone and it was nice to see him pop in to vote for himself on his favourite forum.

Billy Davies earned a threesome of votes, think we’ll just leave that there.

Moyes was hammered by another thread that caused him of being something called a bead rattler from Bearsden although someone else said he is from a blue nose family. That will be enough to alert the SFA so he’ll be going there instead.

De Boer, which one? One is called Ronald, and one is called Frank. We assume it is the one who got the sack from Crystal Palace after losing all his games and failing to score any goals. The Celtic fans on this forum let themselves down by not piling in with the votes for this manager that makes Pedro look like Alex Ferguson.

Derek McInnes, who is the most likely to get the job, as usual came second. That at least is an improvement on fourth, where Rangers are at the moment so what’s not to like. He also wore a poppy on Wednesday night.

Prudhomme we believe is actually a spelling mistake for prodhome, which is what the Rangers Ultras call Ibrox.

Michael O’Neill, the Northern ireland catholic who ‘refuses to sign the songs’ when the national squad gathers got 9 votes, which is clearly who the Timposters have put their faith in. They reckon he couldn’t even drive the team bus apparently. Literally.

McLeish got 12 votes, he has a big extended family.

So Big Sam it is, he’ll bring some dignity to the proceedings, will be able to wheel and deal in the transfer market, maybe even look at a retro EBT scheme or sum like and bring back the glory days. That pawnbrokers cup final win over Peterhead was something really special…

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