The stock of corporate knowledge


We are all looking forward to big changes in the football department.  Players, manager, coaches and scouts will arrive at Lennoxtown in the coming months with the specific aim of improving the performance of the football department.

Such change brings risks, but just to the culture of the club, which is up for renewal every week and saw plenty of change in the autumn, but to the stock of corporate knowledge.  One of the failings of John Barnes short-lived experience was his failure to understand the risks when visiting places like Tannadice.  Some travel north thinking it will be all too easy, remember Joey Barton, who was nutmegged at Ibrox during a defeat to Hamilton Accies.

If today’s story on John Kennedy being promoted to work with Eddie Howe is true, he will add a couple of decade’s experience of how Scottish football works to the new management team.  I also hear Eddie was impressed by John.  Of course, sticking it to them on Sunday will not do any harm.


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  1. If ever there was a chance to make a clean break……Kennedy has been more than well compensated over the years,bye.

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    either john kennedy is super brilliant at his job and his knowledge and tactics are amazing



    or he is a complete charlatan who somehow manages to convince important people that he does have those qualities when actually he doesnt



    who knows

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Was John Barnes not a rookie manager?



    If Celtic appoint a competent manager with experience there should be no need to employ someone just to tell him not to be complacent.

  4. “ I also hear Eddie is impressed by John “





    In what context is Eddie impressed ?


    By John’s character, football knowledge, his eye for a player, tactical nous ?????



    Unfortunately, John Kennedy is now associated with the Celtic team that got embarrassed in Europe and couldn’t lay a glove on the new 55 version of the Rainjurz.



    Whether you acknowledge it, the club is in a shambles.


    Our CEO has overseen a collapse that leaves us needing nearly a whole new team.


    The fans distrust our boardroom and everyone in it .


    We’ve shown nothing but cowardice towards an institutional bias from the SFA ,and are firmly seated at the back of the bus .


    What exactly is the job description for a director of football, & what qualities has JK shown that brings him into consideration ?



    Shameless CSC.

  5. I’ve mostly been impressed with JK , when I hear him speak.



    I was not impressed when he said Celtic were better than Sevco in the build up to the cup tie.



    It was inaccurate and naive.



    But I do think that there is merit in keeping him at a club , that he clearly loves .




  6. When was the last time Celtic PLC aspired for Celtic FC to be the best we can possibly be in every football decision ???



    Asking for thousands.



    Was John Barnes not a rookie manager?




    If Celtic appoint a competent manager with experience there should be no need to employ someone just to tell him not to be complacent.




    Of Peter or Dominic care to pass on my phone number to Eddie Howe, I’m prepared to spend as long as it takes to pass on the knowledge of Scottish football that I have acquired over the last 60 years. I will name names of people, organisations and clubs, describe incidents and atrocities perpetrated against Celtic, in great detail. I will point to plastic pitches and plastic kneed players who can’t play on those pitches. I will do it for free, gratis and for nothing. In the meantime John Kennedy can develop himself at another club, win a few trophies and defeat both Celtic and Sevco along the way. Then and only then, we can welcome him back as our manager.

  8. Are we being prepared for oh sorry Eddie couldn’t make it here’s one already prepared


    [J K]


    How long does his compensation last


    Get a new team in now even if it’s not A list material



  9. I see no reason why Job Specs – and Objectives -for all relevant posts should not be published on the CFC website. By that I mean CEO, DOF, Head Coach being the main ones, but others too. Shareholders, Season Ticket holders and indeed all fans should be able to understand and assess outcomes for themselves, rather than a Board Cabal.



  10. John Kennedy should be nowhere near Celtic Park next year, far less as Director of Football!



    That would really put the tin lid on a pathetic season.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I have no issue with Jk, who strikes me as a thoughtful and progressive football coach. I’d be supportive of him remaining on the coaching staff as he’s a much better fit with Howe than Lennon. I don’t see him as DoF. It’s a completely different job/ skill set and I’d be surprised if he wanted to go in that direction at his career stage. We also have a responsibility to appoint the best to each key position. Is JK likely to be a better DOF than Harkin? Is promoting him to that role the only or best way to secure ‘corporate knowledge’?

  12. If today’s story on John Kennedy being promoted to work with Eddie Howe is true, he will add a couple of decade’s experience of how Scottish football works to the new management team. I also hear Eddie was impressed by John. Of course, sticking it to them on Sunday will not do any harm.




    Decades experience, eh Paul?


    All that knowledge and yet he can’t relay tactics to the players to put a man on the back post when defending corner kicks.

  13. Garngad to Croy on

    Like Scott Brown is doing at the end of the season, John should have moved on from Celtic by now.

  14. Just saying..maybe hes very good



    “I’ve worked with many coaches in my life, but John is one of the best coaches in the world, without a doubt.”..Damien Duff



    ” in my time there he was an absolutely brilliant first-team coach for me.“He has great knowledge of the game, very loyal, very supportive, very hard working.”..Brendan Rodgers

  15. The new Manager or 1st team coach should be allowed to pick his coaching team. If that includes John Kennedy and/or Steve Woods then that is up to him. John Kennedy should not be forced on the new Man.



    I don’t think it will be Eddie Howe. He’s not in a job and there is no reason to keep him secret. It must be someone in a job who is not yet available. Clarke or Martinez fit this profile.

  16. aw God no……………..



    Give him something to do mibbe, just not something with the First Team.

  17. Anyone hazard a guess at approx number of active readers/posters there are on CQN? 100? Less?



    I assume it is a lot less than 5-10 years ago. The blog’s sphere of influence has dropped dramatically, Today, I doubt the board still see it as a tool to shape opinion or manage expectations.


    This piece on JK is just regurgitating this morning’s story in the Sun which I saw on Twitter. The Daily Record picked it up from there (and credited the Sun for the story).



    If you were on the Board, which media outlets would you use and monitor in 2021? I am guessing the daily video casts by John Paul Dykes is now much more valuable than CQN to get onside.


    Anything else?


    Or, in reality, are they still inclined to let the old media do their work?

  18. It has been such an horrendous season that I can understand those who would wish that all concerned were ‘shown the door’.



    However the biggest villains of the piece were surely the players. They were kept together as a squad, a squad two-thirds into a quadruple treble, and £20m was spent supposedly to bolster & strengthen. They let us down badly & early in every single competition we entered. There will be a reason for this catastrophic failure, we just don’t know it yet.



    There are only around six of the first-team squad that I would keep, however how feasible is it to ship out sixteen & replace them in one close-season?



    As far as John Kennedy for DoF is concerned, the story seems to be gaining traction, so perhaps there is some truth in it. Could it be that Howe, if it is indeed to be him, will bring in all his own front-line coaching staff and is perfectly happy to have Kennedy, with his knowledge of the club and Scottish football, as DoF. Who knows, perhaps it is completely in line with the new magager’s wishes – we wait and see.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Friesdorfer @ 12:50pm.



    Good one.



    Perfectly reasonable request for transparency.



    I’d like to see the org chart too.




    “If today’s story on John Kennedy being promoted to work with Eddie Howe is true”



    “With” or “For”?



    Who has the juice?




    PS – If Sevco enjoy a Champions League windfall of £72.4m next season






    Get the same the following season (or perhaps slightly more with an inflationary uplift)



    I would be seriously worried.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  20. ” as dull as dishwater..”” haha..was how somebody i know who’s met JK a few times on social occasions described him.



    Nothing against JK..hes been lucky aswell as unlucky in his football career tho.




  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I like Kennedy, I see value in keeping his experience.



    Whether being in a place for 20 years makes you Director of Football candidate – hmmm .



    What is the required skillset and experience for the role? International contacts, scouting experience, business management experience, ‘authority’, broad player respect (outwith the environs of Celtic) – other skills?



    Just being in a place for a very long time doesn’t make you Director material Otherwise wee Tommy, one of the Porters, would be running the local Health Board – he’s been here for 40 years.



    The Director of Football shouldn’t be needed to the first team Manager / head coach about Dundee United, for God’s sake!!



    Celtic – please take the opportunity to think big – drop the parochial outlook.






  22. No suggestion Kennedy is set for manager?



    What has he done?


    Under Kennedy compared to Lennon on the plus side:



    xG 90 FOR up from 2.03 to 2.83


    xG 90 AGAINST down from 1.14 to 0.93



    Not his fault keepers keep saving it / strikers not finishing



    How has he achieved this?



    Slight adjustments to style of play:


    full backs more circumspect and banging thoughtless crosses in reigned back


    Moi and Edouard up top


    Brown told not to wander too far from the centre


    Stability of centre back partnership (forced on him)



    What could improve?


    Still believes Brown is best option at 6


    Doesn’t make subs early enough


    Subs are nearly as incoherent as Lennon when they come


    Believes Griff offers more than Ajeti



    Otherwise seems a thoughtful type best suited to coaching imho

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    If the PLC are so focussed on doing what’s best for JK then move him on, he’ll learn far more at a smaller club than with us, that’s if he has any coaching or managerial ambitions