The task in Trondheim


I’ve been pretty chilled about tonight’s game in Trondheim since last week, but the reality is beginning to dawn.  You and I have watch so many of these occasions go wrong; the Basel game in 2002, in particular, comes to mind.  3-1 up from the home leg, we were 2-0 down within minutes and heading out of the ‘lucrative’ Champions League.  Not that that European season was a disappointment.

On the road, Celtic in Europe is a bit of a lottery.  While this has been true from Zagreb to Gibraltar, there are points in our favour.  Brendan was new in the job against Lincoln Red Imps.  He put men on the field that night who would not get near his team now.  We have scored nine for the loss of one in our three games so far and, by any measure, we are ready for the task in Trondheim.

Get the job done, Celtic.

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  1. Can’t believe it. Six weeks chasing a podium on the playa and I finally get one.



    Think I’ll celebrate with an Irish breakfast pizza in Timmys tonight. Then again, I might go for the haggis one.



    Looking forward to tonight’s match. Off to read the article now.






    Costa delSol CSC





    Iffor no other reasonthan to avoid the Sunday games.



    Champions League means more Saturday football. That’s a result in itself.

  3. I would play Kouassi and Brown in front of a back 4, no need to chase the game and leave ourselves wide open, soak them up and hit them on the break

  4. I expect us to progress, but I know for a fact that it will be far from comfortable viewing…even if we are 2-0 up, I’ll still be nervous, that’s how scarred I am from years of watching Celtic in Europe.

  5. Afternoon all.



    I’ve been asked by a mate for recommendations for watching Saturday’s match and, hopefully, next Wednesday’s match in Athens, in Alcudia, Majorca.

  6. Buddy Morrisey on

    Red Imps vs Celtic



    “He put men on the field that night who would not get near his team now.”






    Janko Ambrose Sviatchenko Tierney



    Brown Bitton Rogic Christie



    Griffiths Dembele





















    Yes to that defence! Yet there’s a definite present day 1st XI among the squad for the Red Imps game. It was more just one of those games rather than selection IMO.

  7. It’s imperative we keep it tight, the longer the game goes on without conceding the more pressure is on the Borgs.



    Be interesting to see if Brendan goes a little more defensive or if he sees us as able to put the game to bed with a goal over there:))



    Need to find some time killers noo:))




  8. Good luck to Celtic tonight, I think there will be goals and I do not see any other outcome than Celtic into the next stage.

  9. Buddy Morrissey


    Many of the personnel are the same but I’d say that Tierney, Brown, Rogic, Dembele, McGregor and Forrest have all massively improved in the last 2 years. There is no doubt that BR develops players and we are lucky to have him.



  10. Bada Bing & AndyR53 .


    Thanks for the replies from last night.


    The difference in tact is so obvious. HH .



    I hate being rather relaxed about Europe.


    I much prefer anxiety. That way disappointment is easier to overcome.


    Hard earned on 2-1 the hoops.



  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Celtic bars are currently updating their list so should be sorted in next couple of days



    I’m sure many on here have holidayed in Alcudia so should be able to assist

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Right here we go, my attempt at second guessing Brendan for tonight is as follows…



    Cragie G.



    Gamboa Ajer Hendry and wee KT.



    Ollie n Broonie.



    Jamsie, Tom R and Cal Mac.



    With fast Eddie up front.




    Imho Gamboa deserves to keep his Jersey for tonight after last weeks performance. And I would like to see Tom get an hour under his belt tonight also. Then bring on Sinky to Streach them late on.



    Whilst I’m confident of going through, I know enough about Celtic to still be a little worried and I’m usually a glass half full type of guy, So to big Jack at the back, keep it simple mate and give the baw to the fitba players in yellow and black. :-)..



    H.H and destroy the Borg…

  13. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST AUGUST 2018 12:23 PM


    I would play Kouassi and Brown in front of a back 4, no need to chase the game and leave ourselves wide open, soak them up and hit them on the break






    What this gentleman said ??✔️


    HH ??

  14. Midfield that protects the defence – yes please.



    Hit them on the break and grab a goal – yes please.



    90 mins of nail-biting and hiding behind the sofa – no thanks!



    Anyone know of a bar in Edinburgh that might be showing it? I looked at McSorley’s website but nothing listed..


    We will not sit or play anything other than “our” game. Inviting Rosenborg forward as we did in the last 10 at Celtic park, will allow them the same chances.

  16. Draw Half Time.. Celtic 2 – 1 Full Time.. Ntcham to score Anytime.



    Drinks all round when it comes up.. HH, COYBIG.

  17. pintaguinness on

    In Bristol. If anyone knows 4 sure that Foresters arms showing game please let me know

  18. AlbertKiddCSC on

    Re-post from previous article…



    Looking for recommendations for a bar to watch the game tonight in Manchester City Centre please Bhoys…?



    NATKNOW – The Roseburn Bar is showing the game tonight.




  19. The Star above The Crest on




    Malones in Edinburgh are advertising the game on their website.



    3 nil to the Bhoys tonight. Jamesie and French Eddie to score ???

  20. mullet and co 2 on

    There are 139 pages dedicated to John McGinn signing on the Talk Celtic forum and probably not 1 mention of another player we are almost over the line with.


    Why does McGinn raise folks hackles more than any other player?


    I watched him closely at Easter Road at the end of the season and he had the legs on Scott Brown and a good range of passing. He has strength and would cope well and develop at Celtic. Picture him going through the same physical transformation as Tierney, McGregor and Forrest. Those lads have put on about 4 stone in muscle between them over the last 2 seasons. McGinn looks able to cope with the intensity of our training and Rodgers would get more out of him. He may not be a direct replacement for Armstrong but would fit well with our requirements further back in the midfield. Armstrong played 27 League games last season and we need a replacement. Armstrong may have played in a left central midfield role or as a 10 at times but we have Callum to play there and Rogic as a first choice 10. We certainly don’t have cover for Brown or at least a player who could come in and do part of what Brown does and integrate with other players to be effective alongside him.

  21. AlbertKiddCSC on 1st August 2018 1:21 pm



    NATKNOW – The Roseburn Bar is showing the game tonight.




    The Star above The Crest on 1st August 2018 1:22 pm






    Malones in Edinburgh are advertising the game on their website.





    Cheers guys – much appreciated!

  22. Afternoon all, re. today’s transfer speculation, imagine we had a tongue-twisting centre-back pairing of Ajer and Denayer.

  23. pintaguinness on




    They dont have phone plugged in. Honest!


    Sportsman ok if on sky


    Lots of disappointed Tims at last match

  24. The Token Tim on

    Afetrnoon all!



    First post in a while.



    I dont think we can ever feel comfortable for a Celtic Euro away tie. But today I feel as close to “comfortable” as I have done in a long time with regards the game tonight.


    After the game last week, I am utterly convinced that we will score tonight and that alone will be enough to see us through.


    Yes Rosenborg threatened us, but once Brendan reverted to the formation with Jamesie and CalMac in their usual positions, we were by far the better team. And I can’t see Rosenborg scoring 3 past us into the bargain.



    Bring it on and here’s to (hopefully!) AEK next week!






  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    I watched the first round away match in ‘The Smugglers’ in Alcudia. It was the only one I could find because it was on Premier Sports.



    €2.90 for a pint of cold San Miguel :-)

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