The tens of millions Rangers denied SPL clubs


Last year we attempted to quantify the money other SPL clubs were denied by Rangers improperly registering football players – on the assumption that being found guilty of improperly registering football players was actually worthy of punishment.

Below is an excerpt of the article and figures:

Some of the losses were easier to calculate than others.  For example, it was easy to calculate that when Rangers won the title in 2009 with improperly registered players, earning automatic qualification to the Champions League group stage, they denied Celtic £15m European earnings, plus £340k SPL prize money. Other losses are less clear, specifically when a club was denied a place in a qualifying round for the Champions League or Uefa Cup, which they may or may not have progressed from.

We have established three figures for each club in the SPL during the season just finished, to cover the period from 2000 to 2012:

Minimum loss:
The absolute minimum each club was denied from European and SPL prize money as a result of Rangers finishing above them with ineligible players.

Weighted loss:
The figure based on Scottish clubs gaining entry to Champions League/Europa League (Uefa Cup) group stages from 20% of their qualifying campaigns (which is slightly less than trend).

Maximum loss:
The maximum a club could have achieved if it qualified for the European group stage it was denied entry to.

Out estimates take no account of the subsequent effect money has on future years.  For example, If Celtic earned an additional £15m from entering the Champions League group stage in 2009-10 their league challenge for that season would have been £15m stronger, and Rangers £15m weaker, potentially resulting in consequences in future years.

This multiplier effect would have benefited Celtic but it would be likely to have a greater effect on other clubs, some of whom would be denied the enormous percentage increase in budget automatic qualification to European group stages would have brought.

Hearts finished immediately behind Celtic and Rangers more often than any other club over the period and suffer the greatest potential losses, even more so than Celtic.  Hibernian, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell also suffered significant losses.

Several clubs got nowhere near European football over the period, and some of the 11 spent only a few years in the SPL but each club lost over £1m.

Figures for each club are:

Maximum: £72.3m
Weighted: £16.3m
Minimum: £6.2m

Maximum: £46.7m
Weighted: £21.9m
Minimum: £17.4m

Maximum: £34.8m
Weighted: £8.4m
Minimum: £3.6m

Maximum: £21.1m
Weighted: £5.5m
Minimum: £2.7m

Dundee United
Maximum: £20.8m
Weighted: £5.2m
Minimum: £2.4m

Maximum: £16.7m
Weighted: £4.4m
Minimum: £2.1m

Maximum: £5.1m
Weighted: £1.9m
Minimum: £1.3m

Maximum: £3.4m
Weighted: £1.8m
Minimum: £1.5m

Maximum: £1.3m
Weighted: £1.3m
Minimum: £1.3m

St Johnstone
Maximum: £1.1m
Weighted: £1.1m
Minimum: £1.1m

St Mirren
Maximum: £1.1m
Weighted: £1.1m
Minimum: £1.1m

In the event Rangers fielded ineligible players during the period under consideration, which everyone apart from Neil Doncaster knows, and even he will be unable to deny next week, we know the following:

Rangers received a minimum of £40.9m which should have gone to the 11 other clubs, assuming each club lost all their European group stage qualifying campaigns.  This calculation does not include earnings from clubs now in the Scottish Football League, such as Hamilton Accies or [then]Dundee.

If Scottish clubs progressed to the group stages of European competition on only 20% of their qualifying campaigns the loss would be £69.0m.

The figure for total potential losses if clubs successfully progressed to every European group stage is, as the figure for 100% failure, more illustrative than likely, but the maximum cost to the 11 SPL clubs is £224.6m.

You can read our calculations here. European income figures were sources from Uefa data.

The people who really matter in this entire debacle are those who buy tickets for Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Easter Road, Tynecastle, Tannadice, Fir Park and elsewhere. It is patently clear that the game in Scotland is failing fans and clubs alike. It is time for fans of SPL clubs to unite and move beyond the busted grip of the SFA.

Only SPL fans, working together, can ensure each of clubs has a viable future.

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  1. Still deducted a point more than cheating rangers…



    ‘Salisbury have been docked a point and fined £100 by the Conference for fielding an ineligible player.



    The papers for Elliot Frear’s loan from Exeter were not received and processed prior to the player being fielded against AFC Hornchurch on 12 January.



    It means the Whites drop to second in the Blue Square Bet South – level on points with Welling, who have a better goal difference.



    Salisbury have confirmed they will not contest the decision’

  2. I thought the zombies were announcing some Mega sponsorship deal today or is that another empty promise from Chuck?

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Mr Bryson is only the face of a systemically corrupt and dishonest instituion.



    It is the institution we should have issue with, not the individual.



    It takes only one bam to send this guy an abusive e-mail/tweet/text and we will be portrayed as no different to the dog whistlers of Mordor.

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    time for change



    12:32 on 1 March, 2013



    I will only be going to home games from now on, and will not be attending ANY stadium where the corrupt ones are permeating their stench ……..and ‘you can take that to the bank’…!!



    I’m really enjoying watching my team in a ‘sporting integrity’ environment, and want that to continue…..

  5. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Sick to my stomach – corruption, pure and simple.



    The outcome of the main component of the judgement, and therefore the severity of the punishment, hinged on a ‘unique’ interpretation of registration rules by an SFA employee who reports to the man who was in part responsible for operating to the dual contract policy in the first place. You could not make it up.







  6. whit????




    i thought they were innocent.



    the scottish presspack are telling us they are in the clear…



    the manager and CEO of rangers are wanting appologies.

  7. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    I Think LNS teed the ball up for hector! Whether Hector can score remains to be seen..



    Mercifully I m calm again after yday. I m too sentimental about honesty and integrity!



    Mon the hoops..



    Where do I sign for my season tickets?



    Faithful thru n thru and Oldco DID die. Ignore the spin.



    Minty cleverly placed a man in every conceivable place of influence.. Lets hope there are none at HMRC




  8. RANGERS Football Club today announced a new five-year kit deal with leading SportsLifestyle brand PUMA who will become the official supplier and licensee of replica merchandise for the club.




    Must check my wardrobe for Puma gear and throw out.

  9. CQN: Celtic Quick News



        CQN Annual – The Juve Issue – Coming Soon!



    What say you now, Mr Bryson?



    01st March 2013118Scottish Football Association.Articles of Association.Powers of the Board of the SFA.56, (8).“It [the Board] shall have power to enquire into all and any financial arrangements between recognised football bodies, clubs and players and to cancel any agreement between clubs and players contrary to the Articles and to publish in the public press or otherwise the findings of the Board in this regard and the substance of any and all evidence tendered in such enquiries.”“It shall have the power“to enquire into all and any financial arrangements“between recognised football bodies, clubs and players“and to cancel any agreement between clubs and players contrary to the Articles”.While the prolonged HMRC inquiry into Rangers played out in public, the Scottish Football Association had the power to enquire into what was going on and rule accordingly.  They chose not to.Mr Bryson is the executive charged with this responsibility.  He did nothing.  Then his evidence to the Commission determined the outcome and effectively cleared his earlier inaction. In SFA parlance, this is “heavily conflicted”.What say you now, Mr Bryson?It was always rather curious that the SPL convened the Commission, not the SFA, which is the registration body.  Had it been the SFA, the first route of appeal would be to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).  CAS ruled against Mr Bryson’s interpretation of proper registration when the Swiss FA registered Sion players, in line with the documentation submitted, but improperly.If the SPL takes the matter to CAS it will win.Celtic, and Celtic fans, cannot do anything alone.  We need to stand with other SPL clubs, or to be more specific, we need to stand with the fans of other SPL clubs in the first instance.  An SPL Fan Group is needed.  More on this later.« Cadete scandal casts shadowThe tens of millions Rangers denied SPL clubs »



    118 thoughts on “What say you now, Mr Bryson?”



    «     Prev123






    13:14 on1 March, 2013Ntassoolla12:13 on 1 March, 2013When I played school football there were Protestant and Catholic schools in the league.A teacher from one school or other refereed the game. The subs ran the line. Honesty was the watchword. We even lent each other players in the case where a full complement did not turn up.A player of ours, lent to the opposition, and furious at being sub, took this honesty to new levels and scored a hat-trick for them. Just to get back at the teacher in charge.Somewhere that has been lost and it has to be rediscovered.=============================================You went to school with Maurice Johnston?






    13:15 on1 March, 2013FassreifenFeckin 2yrs!






    13:15 on1 March, 2013Senor Pablo Diablo13:05 on 1 March, 2013I would think that direct contact by fans with their clubs Boards in advance of the SPL Board meeting to discuss the LNS decision would be more appropriate than boycotts – 50 letters arriving with the Chairman is a lot more noticeable than 50 fans not turning upVertWolf



    summa of sammi….



    13:16 on1 March, 2013.KK..Alanis Morriset Must post on CQN..Cause Isn’t it Ironic.. Don’tcha think..That the Very People that Say they Want The Rangers Gone And to Never Meet them again..Talk about Them All the Time..:-(((Summa of LetThePeepulGoCSC






    13:17 on1 March, 2013Can someone clarify/confirm that the outcome from the LNS enquiry was merely a “recommendation” to the SPL? (as I believe it is). As I understand it, this means that these “recommendations” are discussed by the SPL board, where amongst others Celtic are represented. I think this may have some way to go yet.



    mighty tim



    13:19 on1 March, 2013macanbheatha They will sort it no problem mate. I have had them for years they were originally Losec. After 1-2 weeks at the start I now only take them when required normally after Guinness, Rum and curry.But always carry some with you mate just in case or if going on a night out take a couple about an hour before and party on.HH






    13:20 on1 March, 2013GhuysWill the Celtic board vote against / reject the findings, when it goes to the SPL board?Is there any wriggle room in the rules or the will to challenge this absurdity?HH






    13:20 on1 March, 2013macanbheatha, if you’re on them for a great length of time, request a gastroscopy as something else may be up. But doctors here in Germany prescribe Omep freely, seems it’s necessary to counteract the effects of modern processed food. Not an ideal solution, of course.






    13:22 on1 March, 2013This might seem a bit odd.But the more I think about it the decision yesterday wasnt really about Rangers.Rangers are dead.All the guilty verdicts and mountains of punishments would have done what exactly.Whats the point in hanging a corpse.However a guilty verdict would have one very serious outcome.People would ask how could such a state of affairs have arisen.And people might actually investigate how such a state of affairs had arisen.Would you investigate the dead or might you take a wee iook at the living.I think a big bright spotlight would have focused directly onto the SFA.The bizarre logic needed and the selective interpretation of evidence to arrive at





    It’s near two in the afternoon,not the morning!

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Oscar Season-On The Blue Carpet- Best Supporting Liar Category-


    And The Oscar goes to-


    Sandy Bryson in the role of Jack Ruby…



  12. Paul67,



    I asked earlier, do the SPL not have the power to remove the tainted titles anyway? I’m sure they would welcome a day in court if Oldco were to challenge them on this.

  13. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;-


    After the judgement, there are not many options. The ways it could pan out are:-



    1 As Paulus LXVII seems to advocate, a uniting of all the interested (Cheated?) parties with a view to a fundemental reform of the way the game is run and administered in this country.



    2 Accept the judgement and move on.



    Those in charge of Celtic should hold a referendum of shareholders and season ticket holders only, with a maximum of 2 votes per person ie 1 vote for shareholdings and one vote for season ticket holding, therefore if you have a season ticket but no shares you get one vote only and vice versa if you are a shareholder but not a season ticket holder.



    The motion to be voted on is “Do Celtic FC PLC continue as they do presently or do they cease trading and finish with football altogether” ?






    Celtica locuta est. Causa finita est

  14. Neil Lennon seems unhappy at #Rangers commission verdict. More to follow #BBCSport @BBCchrismclaug

  15. googybhoy ♥ Celtic


    13:42 on


    1 March, 2013


    RANGERS Football Club today announced a new five-year kit deal with leading SportsLifestyle brand PUMA who will become the official supplier and licensee of replica merchandise for the club.


    Must check my wardrobe for Puma gear and throw out.




    Blackthorn Cider their new shirt sponsor. Cider wars in Glasgow?

  16. thecarfintim on

    Aberdeen mad football forums:



    Posted 01 Mar 2013 12:28re: HUNbelievable



    Rangers are not in the SPL because they went bust and are in liquadation.



    That has nothing to do with EBTs and wrongly registered players and everything to do with spending far more money than they had for too long.



    Sevco have been admitted to the SFL D3 and even if they are “Rangers” thats where any new entrant has to go.






    The Sun like the rest of the media was desperate for this result so they could tell us all how wrong we were.



    They dont appear to care the club went bust of its own accord.



    The game is utterly rotten.



    We need a game run by people that can be elected so they are responsible to the fans. It has to be based outside of Glasgow and probably have nothing to do with the Old Firm and their media bitches.



    Lets ditch SFA sanctioned football and start again without the SFL, SPL & SFA. Im sure plenty of clubs would be up for that.

  17. Might as well drop them a line and ask them for an opinion on the Millions we are owed.



    Sport Resolutions is the independent not-for-profit dispute resolution service for sport in the United Kingdom. We offer hearing and meeting rooms for hire, access to a prestigious panel of sport specialist arbitrators and mediators and a full range of dispute resolution services.



    020 7036 1966



  18. BOBBY






    off in2 bed then. :D



    The Celtic support is very clever and this will galvanise us “once again”.



    We are in a bigoted Country that wants nothing but our demise. It was amazing seeing UTLR saying he would be renewing his ST and his kids ASAP.



    Thats my kind of Man.



    Online is just online, I’m not bemoaning it but that Green Brigade earned that SPL trophy being planted in front of them just as much as the players on the field.



  19. Reiperman



    Yes the SPL own the titles , which they then award. In this way, titles can be removed for cheating and also it makes a nonsense of buying titles head no club is in a position to sell something which does not belong to them in the first place.




  20. Ntassoolla



    13:00 on 1 March, 2013



    Big Nan @12:51 do you think we should stick that whole shower in a rowing boat and point them in the direction of Sweden?





    Rubber dinghy wasn’t it?




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