The trouble football people have with contracts


You have to wonder about football people sometimes when they appear to not know the difference between a contract and something which is not a contract.  A contract is a signed document committing one or more parties to do something.  For example, Lassad Noiuoiu and Celtic signed a contract committing the player to perform the duties of a footballer and committing Celtic to provide pay and conditions.

Employers can also contractually agree to pay employees money for fulfilling their job, over and above their Contract of Employment, by simply writing the terms down, signing the document and handing it over to the employee.  For a football player, this type of additional contract would need to be registered with the relevant Football Association and tax would be due on it, or else the Karma Police will come round and leave you in tears.

Speaking about his attempts to sign Noiuoiu, Levante’s president said, “During 30 hours of negotiations we closed the transfer with faxes and documents between the two parties”.

“Two parties”, “faxes and documents”?  Let’s be specific, the two parties would need to be Levante and Lassad Noiuoiu and the documents would need to be a Contract of Employment, otherwise it appears that Levante have been the victim of an agent trying to make a deal happen when he was not in control of events.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Levante, who appear to have acted with good faith throughout, but as Celtic fans have long known, a new signing is not a new signing until he is running around a football field.

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  1. 38 Sporting have enjoyed the


    greater possession, but so far Celtic


    have been solid at the back as


    Fraser cuts out another attacking



  2. Thanks David Faulds so a couple of thousand @ Firhill tonight


    well I hope it’s not too cold there and the Young ones get a good


    positive result tonight come on the young Hoops

  3. saltires en sevilla on




    Eurosport coverage starts next wk -don’t think our games being shown tho’

  4. 41 Another superb stop from Fasan


    as he blocks Guedes’ goalbound


    flick, before bravely diving for the


    rebound at the feet of Medeiros.

  5. 44 Chalmers sparks a swift and


    incisive counter attack, and after the


    ball is worked to the right, Fisher’s


    cross is just too strong.

  6. That’s another tricky Group the Young Hoops are in


    Last Season they had Barcelona/Man City/& Marsielle


    the French side this Season they are playing


    Sporting Lisbon/PSV/& Aston Villa well it’s all good


    experience for said Young Bhoys

  7. oh p1sh!



    45 Sporting level right on the stroke


    of half time. Medeiros stays cool in


    the box to evade a challenge before


    stroking the ball past Fasan.

  8. HT Celtic 1-1 Sporting. Both sides


    are level at the break after


    Medeiros cancels out Johnstone’s


    opener for the Bhoys.

  9. Must be half time soon, don’t worry Stevie Frail & John Kennedy will


    have them better organised for the Second Half


    Must be Half Time around now? Yes.

  10. Good evening friends.



    Champions League tickets bought for me and mini. That was a no brainer. But equaly important in the big scheme of things, League Cup tickets bought too. After the stance taken by the Raith Rovers chairman in the summer it would be goiod to reward his club with a share from a decent gate. Got to choose any of the available seats and so we’ll be sitting right above the mouth of the tunnel – woo-hoo!




  11. Right Fellow Tims I’m off to grab some scan I’ll speak with you all later.


    Saltires en sevilla your a brave man eating Firhill pies there not as good


    as Dunfermlines & Kilmarnock pies but hopefully they are not too bad


    I hope your Young Team wins tonight good luck to the Young Bhoys


    Later’s fellow Tims

  12. Conceding so late in the half will be


    disappointing for the youths after a


    first half when they defended so


    well and attacked with purpose.



    But they will be aiming to restore


    their advantage in the second half,


    in front of a terrific turnout of


    supporters here at Firhill

  13. Very good game at Firhill.


    Fantastic finish by the SL no.11.


    We’re holding our own against a very fast and skillful team.


    I don’t think they can keep that pace up.


    Impressed by a few of our team.


    They’re not scared to take on their players. Passing is good as well.




  14. Stevie Frail is the coach of the Development squad, alongside Danny McGrain.



    The youth side is coached by John Kennedy and Tommy McIntyre who is also the manager of the professional academy (under 17s/20s).




  15. 47 Positive start to the half from the


    young Celts. Twardizk sends an


    excellent cross into the box from


    the byline, just beyond Johnstone.

  16. 50 Johnstone’s shot is blocked wide


    for a corner. Twardzik takes it and


    Fraser meets the cross but can’t


    divert the header on target.

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Jobo Baldie


    20:25 on


    6 September, 2012


    Good evening friends.



    Champions League tickets bought for me and mini. That was a no brainer. But equaly important in the big scheme of things, League Cup tickets bought too




    I think it would be a point of principle to buy the LC tickets when you consider what Raith have done, well done, my ones come auto thro’ the ticket system.

  18. I think only the lower tier of Parkhead is going to be open for the Raith Rovers game, bit disappointing.

  19. Posted a newspapers article earlier. Raith only gave one home game in October and were facing a financial meltdown. Celtic game is like a gift from heaven. Karma looking after its own…

  20. 54 Lewis Kidd cuts inside and


    manufactures space for a shot but


    it’s blocked by inadvertantly by


    Herron who is flagged for offside.

  21. saltires en sevilla on

    D F



    LOOK the macaroon guy …gie him a shout



    haw jim…. over here …..HAW JIM …here!!








    ach the deef bassa !!

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