The trouble football people have with contracts


You have to wonder about football people sometimes when they appear to not know the difference between a contract and something which is not a contract.  A contract is a signed document committing one or more parties to do something.  For example, Lassad Noiuoiu and Celtic signed a contract committing the player to perform the duties of a footballer and committing Celtic to provide pay and conditions.

Employers can also contractually agree to pay employees money for fulfilling their job, over and above their Contract of Employment, by simply writing the terms down, signing the document and handing it over to the employee.  For a football player, this type of additional contract would need to be registered with the relevant Football Association and tax would be due on it, or else the Karma Police will come round and leave you in tears.

Speaking about his attempts to sign Noiuoiu, Levante’s president said, “During 30 hours of negotiations we closed the transfer with faxes and documents between the two parties”.

“Two parties”, “faxes and documents”?  Let’s be specific, the two parties would need to be Levante and Lassad Noiuoiu and the documents would need to be a Contract of Employment, otherwise it appears that Levante have been the victim of an agent trying to make a deal happen when he was not in control of events.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Levante, who appear to have acted with good faith throughout, but as Celtic fans have long known, a new signing is not a new signing until he is running around a football field.

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  1. Oor Philvis Is Sooo Rich….




    That Even His Dugs Drink Kestrel….




    Rather Than The Mineral Waters Of The Stretton Hills….




    Which Are Only Good For ‘Washing The Flimsies’….




    Down Cholmondley Whitney Way…..





    Good Grief !! What Would The


    Neighbours Say….?




    T’Were Different….?







  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee


    15:34 on


    6 September, 2012





    BT is yer Larkhall expert




    Not a very good reference.









    Yeah, what a way to do it though, the writers’ attention to detail is excellent.


    When Skyler removes the sheet as well the appropriate reaction is *jaw hits floor*



    I got told the other day the name of the last episode is “Jessie… Calm Down”


    I’ll let you think on that for a while. Frankly I get impatient talking about it.



    The title might not be that but it seemed to be an interview where someone said the build-up to the final episode and that “Jessie Calm down” is incredible, not 100% though.



    One thing is certain, its gna be an agonising wait.





    On the new players…


    How many are on international duty at present? I’d rather they were training with the team and getting used to teh new surroundings.



    Also hope Lenny is taking this time to drill and instruct the younger players on their midfield roles, hopefully have them more prepared when they are next called on.



    Son Of



  4. Cool Auldheid


    About time too, the quicker we get out of the hammer throwers and dodgy


    Refs no money League the better.


    Also, there will be different media reporting than the rubbish that we have


    witnessed in this Country roll on the good times and good riddance to


    the corrupt setup singing off of the same nonsense cheat/sheet a backward


    set up with nae money and nae real progressive future to look forward too


    I’m afraid that’s what’s scottish football is really all about


    I hope that this is a true fact about a European League and not being let


    down and being disappointed from past experiences


    Also, said League set up would boost Home Attendance Numbers as



  5. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside on




    15:03 on


    6 September, 2012



    This subject is both fascinating and infuriating. It continually raises more questions than it answers. A lot of this is due to the authorities’, and indeed commentators’, stonewalling approach in regards to it.



    I agree that the true scale of the scandal still has to see the light of day, and question whether this will ever be allowed to occur. The details of Ogilvie’s dual role for much of this will, I would suggest, be suppressed. His is the smoking gun which could change sfa ignorance into contrivance. I contend that this is the real reason why regan didn’t put him out to pasture. In fact if this was a robert ludlum book, campbell would have been pushing up the daisies long ago.

  6. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    from last thread, just a wee point of info


    “They’ve accepted their “ban” from European competition for three years ”



    there is no ban, they dont qualify



  7. voguepunter/shady



    A few running battles along the Main Street like the Cup Final of 1989. That was some day…

  8. thebhoywithmcgraininhisside15:43 on 6 September, 2012:




    Get yersel’ “Homicide: Life on The Streets”…….same writers. Even one of the characters makes a guest appearance in The Wire as a Baltimore bar owner.


    Amazon has the whole thing in one handy boxset.


    Classic stuff. Made The Wire possible.



  9. saltires en sevilla on



    15:02 on


    6 September, 2012






    I watched Kayal getting totally whacked at Ross County -a very late tackle on his ankle when making a wide pass right side …nothing was done about it -he did play the first half at Helsingborgs but withdrew at half-time



    The damage was inflicted at Ross County!



    I suppose we all see different things however, the level of physical abuse our players take in SPL games has a cumulative impact on fitness



    the above is only one example




  10. ASonOfDan


    15:47 on


    6 September, 2012





    A few running battles along the Main Street like the Cup Final of 1989. That was some day…




    I was away on my hols.


    castironalibi C.S.C

  11. ASonOfDan-15:47 on 6 September, 2012



    Happily for me I’m an immigrant to these parts so cannot be held in any way responsible for the events of that day – though the Main Street looks like it’s still in recovery.




  12. You know, what with his car being 16 years old and seemingly struggling to pay off his wife or pay to repair his own leaky roof, I’m starting to think Craig Whyte might not be a billionaire after all. (thumbsup)




    Do we know he was in fact born in Motherwell? Maybe his real name is Carig Blanco and comes from Bugeye, Crapland?

  13. matt f in oz



    14:50 on 6 September, 2012



    Am in the country oz – western Australia actually . But originally linthouse




    Linthouse? Too ashamed to say Govan? Rightly so.

  14. Right gentlemen and ladies,how do you get your hands on Breaking Bad series 5 I got season 3 and 4 from Amazon Germany but need to see season 5 Help Help Help

  15. Gogo



    15:29 on 6 September, 2012



    Gents, looking for a little help here.



    I have a “poker night” in Larkhall area on saturday night and was hoping that someone on here may be able to direct me to a pub where we can catch a few beers without being subject to any acts of hunnery!



    I dont think there will be a “Celtic Friendly” bar but is there anywhere a little less hunnish that could be recommended?



    Hail Hail





    Are you kidding pal? Get yourself along to The Machan Vaults; as Tim friendly a pub as you will find………… Loud and proud……..Believe me!


    Will be back the following week for a wee Larkhall CSC do at the same venue…..


    Don’t believe all that is said………


    Enjoy the experience and spread the word………



    Regards & Hail Hail



  16. TSOAL – Thanks i will check in again later.



    Vogue Punter – Thanks, maybe i wont check in later ha ha



    Hail Hail

  17. I agree saltires en sevilla


    the refs in this country are a joke how many challenges do they normally


    turn a blind eye or give a warning before they eventually start flashing


    cards yet as soon as a hoops player makes a miss-timed challenge


    it’s a card straight away even if it’s his first foul in said match and they


    say we are paranoid or Internet bampots what a shower of numpties

  18. Len Brennan



    14:23 on 6 September, 2012



    Nice to see the last signing of the window in the hoops!




    Len thanks for the link , as I posted earlier I had the good luck to be there and then you post a link which includes a photo of me welcoming him to the hoops , feel like a wee wean at xmas think i’ll get his name on my top




  19. UEFA technical director Andy Roxburgh is to step down after almost two decades in the job.



    The 69-year-old, who was Scotland’s manager at the 1990 World Cup and Euro ’92, took over the European governing body role in 1994 and will leave at the end of September.



    UEFA is not expected to appoint a replacement as technical director but will maintain the department that Roxburgh has led.



    Roxburgh said his last main duty will be presenting the Euro 2012 technical analysis to a conference of national team coaches in Warsaw, Poland, on 24th-26th September.



    The 69-year-old said: “It’s just a natural process. My contract comes to an end. I don’t intend to hang up my coaching boots.



    “We will try to find some life in the old boots.



    “We have a national coaches’ conference in Warsaw and that will be the last big event I will lead at UEFA.”



    Roxburgh cited Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson and Republic of Ireland head coach Giovanni Trapattoni as inspirations – both are still in management in their 70s.

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    BRTH has just pointed out the new ‘mind blowing’ £1 Million crossbar challenge launched by Sevco today.



    It’s dead easy: Just text the right answer to a question (yet to be revealed) to enter the draw, the lucky winner will then be drawn to take a crack at the cross bar challenge.



    Hit the bar and hit the jackpot.



    No other catches or conditions.



    Oh, to scoop the dough the plucky challengers need only hit the crossbar with a shot from the centre spot, a mere 57.5 yards away…

  21. Gogo…………16:01 on 6 September, 2012



    You are very welcome, would have been good to meet up with you and your pals there; timing is everything but hey really it’s a great wee pub…………


    And, funnily enough they run a poker night in there midweek………….


    Tim shop for sure and populated with really good and genuine punters who have had to put up with so much shegite over the years……..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  22. Boab1888,


    Series 5 is currently showing in the states on a Sunday night. So I download from places that do that stuff. Ep 8 of 16 was shown on Sunday 2nd 9 last sunday) and now I believe there is going to be a mid season break, they’ll probably show the last 8 in January 2013. Watching episode 8 tonite.

  23. A hoops minded pub in Larkhall that must be a first considering the said place


    was breaking traffic lights go signal because the colour was green in-fact


    they had to put barb wire around said lights to prevent further replacement


    I hope said pub has our Irish Celtic Folk music blaring out for all the locals


    to hear some fine tunes turn the music up

  24. saltires en sevilla on



    15:27 on


    6 September, 2012




    mebbes aye on the new views of cross-border leagues being tested in wimmin’s fitba



    the Norse/Benelux/Scot market at c 50m could provide a platform for Celts..but when?!



    my concern – it is taking far too long for anything to happen. This is not a new problem. When I complain about our board lacking imagination- it is the bliddy torpor I refer to



    The guys who built the current Celtic Park -moved from the graveyard to Paradise -they had passion and vision – Jock Stein hailed them as such and I paraphrase: ‘who would build a stadium that size when crowds were only 20k? etc’



    Then Fergus -energy, vision and he made it happen -put us back on the pathway



    Apart from prudent fiscal management (and I do appreciate winning leagues in those circumstances is a wonderful achievement …)



    what have they done to re-shape the market?



    Are they doing enough?



    Are they actually doing anything?



    Apart from consulting… each other?



    Wee Fergus consulted the fans -he wrote directly to me and you and asked us what we thought. We told him and he made his plans and took action and delivered …



    Next Phase /Next Steps:







    Atlantic League?



    The membership scheme? -not enough bandwidth-Aye Right!



    No imagination -not enough passion …Lack of vision…



    Jeeezo I was actually enjoying this season …lol- I still am



    but our leaders are not really leaders in the way we need them to be leaders!




  25. The Battered Bunnet on

    For any budding Bear Millionaires out there, I calculate that if you strike the football such that it leaves your foot at 87.4 miles per hour, at an angle of 63.7 degress, and impart negligible side spin on it, the ball should carry sufficiently far to be 8 feet off the ground +/- 3 inches, at the goal line. Provided there’s no wind.



    BTW, such a shot would rank in the top 10 hardest shots ever hit.

  26. I remember years ago when I use to do this wee part time job entitled


    Market Research and I was sent to Larkhall to carry out research


    I thought to myself this market research mob are having a laugh


    they knew I have a typical Irish catholic surname and they send me


    to said area to carry out some research I later find out that they


    had sent other researchers into the Area and they knew the script


    as regards to the time length of some interviews I mean BT’s


    Interviews took up to one hour and people nowadays don’t have


    that amount of spare time to give up however I managed to get


    an Interview or two so it was not a complete waist of time although


    the Area they sent me into was full of Union Jacks everywhere


    on display

  27. AKBW1888



    16:10 on 6 September, 2012



    A hoops minded pub in Larkhall that must be a first considering the said place


    was breaking traffic lights go signal because the colour was green in-fact


    they had to put barb wire around said lights to prevent further replacement


    I hope said pub has our Irish Celtic Folk music blaring out for all the locals


    to hear some fine tunes turn the music up………………



    Really get fed up with all of this uniformed comment re……


    No, not a first. There used to be two pub pick up points but the Berry’s closed a while back…………



    Believe it or not, for all the ratio per (about 12/1), there are more CSC buses from Larkhall going to home games than………………… Aye, really……….


    There are two CSC buses leave for every home game. The wee bus and the big bus…


    Go into the aforementioned pub and hear tell of how may of the old regulars were in Lisbon, Milan, etc………..



    Not necessarily unconnected, try attending mass at St., Mary’s for the vigil on a Saturday or observe the same venue fully booked on the Sunday morning……



    I for one am looking forward to a pint in the Machan, Wednesday or Thursday, flight times permitting………….



    Regards & Hail Hail



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