The trouble football people have with contracts


You have to wonder about football people sometimes when they appear to not know the difference between a contract and something which is not a contract.  A contract is a signed document committing one or more parties to do something.  For example, Lassad Noiuoiu and Celtic signed a contract committing the player to perform the duties of a footballer and committing Celtic to provide pay and conditions.

Employers can also contractually agree to pay employees money for fulfilling their job, over and above their Contract of Employment, by simply writing the terms down, signing the document and handing it over to the employee.  For a football player, this type of additional contract would need to be registered with the relevant Football Association and tax would be due on it, or else the Karma Police will come round and leave you in tears.

Speaking about his attempts to sign Noiuoiu, Levante’s president said, “During 30 hours of negotiations we closed the transfer with faxes and documents between the two parties”.

“Two parties”, “faxes and documents”?  Let’s be specific, the two parties would need to be Levante and Lassad Noiuoiu and the documents would need to be a Contract of Employment, otherwise it appears that Levante have been the victim of an agent trying to make a deal happen when he was not in control of events.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Levante, who appear to have acted with good faith throughout, but as Celtic fans have long known, a new signing is not a new signing until he is running around a football field.

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  1. philvisreturns


    17:13 on


    6 September, 2012


    AKBW1888 – Is your name Dee Dee? (thumbsup)



    No philvisreturns. (thumbsup)

  2. Hitting the X-Bar,



    At my Primary School there was a boy who used to place the fitba’ on the 18 yard line, then run-up, plant his right foot to the immediate left of the ball, bring his left foot round the planted foot and kick the ball straight against the cross-bar.



    Did it time and time again.



    Very talented wee Footballer, I think his son might play in the EPL and for Scotland.



    Just saying like.

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    just noticed, but if I missed it, lurkers will ignore it, stop being so subtle :o)



  4. The Moon Bhoys – wonder how big Billy feels about him now, pretty sure though he wont hate him either.



    I bet Billy rarely if ever thinks of him at all.



    Judas is a tragic figure. He could have been remembered as a Celtic legend, welcome everywhere that Celtic supporters are to be found.



    You wouldn’t want to be him.



    We would probably have gone into relative decline anyway, the old board was not up to the job and the huns were at the start of their Viv Nicholson phase. MoJo was a decent player but it wasn’t as if we had lost a Kenny Dalglish. (thumbsup)

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    crossbar challenge is a good training exercise, but it’s generally done from the 18 yard line.



    Most professional footballers would struggle to hit the ball over the bar from a dead ball on the centre circle.



    Goalkeepers would probably have the best chance, given the practice they put in to bye kicks, but it’s a hell of a belt, Tommy Gemmell level of power.

  6. Is it true that Charles Green is the son of Mo Green,the massage parlour shooting victim from The Godfather?

  7. Blindlemonchitlin on




    No, but he is eerily similar to Hymen Hoth, who mentored Mo. They MUST be related…..

  8. The Moon Bhoys


    17:15 on


    6 September, 2012


    philvisreturns @ 17.00



    I don’t hate him now Phil, but at the time……just knew it would send us in to a downward spiral and it surely did, we never really recovered until Wim Jansen showed albeit Tommy done the best he could, wonder how big Billy feels about him now, pretty sure though he wont hate him either.



    The Moon Bhoys what’s done is done after all @ that particular time Judas was


    a bit of a playboy back then involved with some bad addiction which had the


    same name as what one would call a soft drink but with an entirely different


    outcome but I would not point the finger just @ him for our demise back then


    the old Board did not help matters either back then


    I remember having a difference of opinion conversation with a fellow I knew


    down in England ‘Ex’ Mrs She claimed to be related to CW and she was


    under the impression that said relative was a caretaker back then which


    was way off the mark

  9. Miki67



    All is good – tickets are purchased and it’s section 108 – nice and close to the GB.




  10. The Battered Bunnet on




    From the Green prospectus issued to interested investors:



    “I’m going to take a nap. When I wake up, if the money is on the table, I’ll know I have a partner. If it isn’t, I’ll know I don’t.”

  11. The Moon Bhoys – Philvis is always going to keep up the good work, like MacGyver or the Man From Atlantis.



    Or, to a lesser extent, Manimal. (thumbsup)

  12. TBB,



    I’d think it was next to impossible, more luck than judgement.



    I thought you were on the wind-up.



    Though didn’t Lubo have a similar trick? Not from half way mnd you.



    Hail! Hal!

  13. Shady, so we will be doing the Huddle in the CL Group Stages


    Good luck to the Hoops


    I’m over in the Front Main Stand not to far from our Dug Out


    for the three Home Matches

  14. Blindlemonchitlin – No, but he is eerily similar to Hymen Hoth



    Did he live on Endor? (thumbsup)



    17:34 on


    6 September, 2012


    Evening bhoys, still hot, but hun free as ever.



    Dearie, dearie me, Ricky Foster called up to the scotland squad.



    The Exiled Tim, how’s the weather where you are?


    Over here it’s back to strong winds and cold weather.


    As for Coldland’s chances, if they don’t pick up maximum


    points from those two up and coming home fixtures


    then I’m afraid it will be adios to Brazil 2014

  16. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Maurice Johnson was never the brightest. He was never accepted by the Huns (especially those inside the dressing room) and he couldn’t get away from them quick enough.



    I was heading down towards Central Station one Sunday night a few hours after we played the Huns when we rented Hampden for the season – I think we lost the game 3-1. Anyway there were some Huns coming up from the Station and some Celtic supporters coming along St Vincent Street and I was waiting at the pelican crossing.



    Next thing Paul Elliott and Johnston step out of the Drum & Monkey and into the view of all parties. Celtic fans start chanting “One Paul Elliott – there’s only one Paul Elliott” and a few of them shake hands with the big fulla. I cross the road towards them and past the Huns coming in my direction. Everyone ignored Johnson.



    The guy is a total outcast.

  17. Yes the Exiled Tim they do the Crossbar Challenge on Soccer AM


    from the half way line and the last time the Hoops players tried it


    the only player who managed to hit the bar was Daryl Murphy


    would you believe is he out on loan or did the Hoops manage to


    off load him because maybe he could hit the bar but he was


    not very good @ hitting the Net.

  18. shady17:30 on6 September, 2012:




    sounds excellent. will be in touch as soon as Paul67 is.



  19. AKBW1888



    Still hot, it’s been unatuarly hot this year, maybe a cold winter, we will see, still not anticipating lighting the fire till november.



    Scotland have no chance of qualification, I will be amazed if they are in contention for


    3rd spot.



    Belgium will win the group, Serbia on their day are a good strong team, just depends which team turns up, same can be said for Croatia.



    Wales and Macedonia will take points off us.



    So IMO, no chance of going to Brasil

  20. j77


    14:57 on


    6 September, 2012



    When will the ‘download’ option be available for the mag? It’s an invaluable tool to read on the phone.



    Download for CQN Magazine is available already – click on the link on home page and download from the button at top right hand corner, second one in from the right. There are other buttons up there to enhance the reading experience. ie Third in from the right is VIEW FULL SCREEN.


    Print version is available from and you can get a FREE download for iPad on there too, which is really cool. Means you can download and read whenever without being online.


    Hope you are enjoying this issue of the magazine.


    Guys, please don’t try to read the mag on the mini version

  21. Steinreignedsupreme



    I know Judas sold his sole for thirty pieces of silver he was the so


    called first catholic to sign for them because they where instructed


    by UEFA to clean up there act they would even not play players


    before then if they where married to a catholic Sir AF knows all about


    that. That’s how bitter they where back then even before the Judas


    signing. Judas made a very big mistake and basically cut himself


    off from society by his own doing and for greed which was sad

  22. AKBW1888 – I know Judas sold his sole



    That’s why they call him:



    The Fishmonger. (thumbsup)

  23. On behalf of HT & Wee Oscar 4 Life



    **QUIZ NIGHT**



    As many of you will be aware the weeoscar4life campaign team have recently been involved in raising the profile of a wee 3 year old boy from Belfast called Oscar. Many of you have kindly supported this initiative by purchasing CQN badges and wee Oscar wristbands and taking part in the “Small Change for US, Big Change for Oscar campaign” ,with the money raised all going towards getting Oscar the treatment that he so desperately needs.



    You see, Oscar has Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer. This illness has greatly weakened his immune system and only specialist treatment in Germany or America can help to regenerate it and allow his wee body to fight off infections.



    Several of you also joined our ‘Lorryload of Volunteers’ to hand out leaflets to highlight the campaign before the recent game against Hibs at Celtic Park and even more of you will be supporting this wee boy by participating in the bucket collection prior to the game against Dundee on 22nd September.



    The next event that we have organised to help raise the £250,000 required for Oscar’s treatment is a quiz night. This will take place on the 29th September in The Phoenix (Previously Eastenders) on the Gallowgate with a 7pm start.



    The quiz will be made up of a variety of questions, 50% Celtic related and 50% general knowledge. There will be raffle prizes and we also hope to have some live music after the quiz has finished.



    Tickets are priced at £5 and you can buy as many as you wish for friends and family so long as they are over 18. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to make up a team of 4/5 as we will arrange you into teams before the event. We hope to be able to offer a ‘print at home’ ticket service so that you would be able to simply bring your tickets on the night.



    Until then if you can contact me at then I can begin to allocate spaces to those who have expressed an interest.



    Thank you once again for your continued support.

  24. saltires en sevilla



    Putting right some of the issues you identify costs money and that quite rightly has all gone on the footballing side of the business.



    The opportunity to change that is now presenting itself. As the FFP article by Swiss Rambler shows, clubs are looking at ways to increase their income and that means branching more into the commercial world.



    The Commonwealth Games should leave a much different environment around CP including a bigger population with some disposable income. That makes some ideas that cannot pay at present because match days are the only days the population rises to commercial levels more likely to produce a return.



    Celtic are emerging from a stormy period in charge of the ship and can now begin to chose which way to sail. In that respect the tide for playing elsewhere is more with them than it ever was before. The trick is catching it.

  25. The Battered Bunnet on




    No, it’s gen up. £1 Milion up for grabs if you text back the correct answer to enter the draw, then win the draw to get the chance, then hit the million to one shot – the crossbar from the halfway line.



    Texts cost only £1.50, so I suppose it’s reasonably priced given the odds…

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    AKBW1888 17:56 on 6 September, 2012



    Aye. He was too stupid to make up his own mind and was clearly easily swayed by the likes of McMungral and Sue Ness. By the time he worked out what he had done he was already persona non grata by both sides.



    To be honest I never hated Johnson. I don’t actually have any emotion towards him.



    17:54 on


    6 September, 2012





    Still hot, it’s been unatuarly hot this year, maybe a cold winter, we will see, still not anticipating lighting the fire till november.



    Scotland have no chance of qualification, I will be amazed if they are in contention for


    3rd spot.



    Belgium will win the group, Serbia on their day are a good strong team, just depends which team turns up, same can be said for Croatia.



    Wales and Macedonia will take points off us.



    So IMO, no chance of going to Brasil



    Your right The Exile Tim I’m afraid it’s curtains for Coldland even before a ball has


    been kicked I can’t wait to see BBC Coldland’s RM & TLT’s expression on there


    mushes after said fixtures it’s alright winning friendlies but friendlies don’t count


    it’s the competitive matches are the ones that really count and matter let’s


    see how many points they manage to pick up in said Group


    I would imagine not many we will see

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