The truth about St Johnstone and Inverness


St Johnstone have been a managerial proving ground in recent seasons.  Owen Coyle did a great deal of good work without achieving promotion to the SPL, but his two years there managed to sufficiently impress Burnley that they tempted him south.  The people of Burnley were probably as surprised as the rest of us when Own led them to the FA Premier League but five months into the season he jumped ship to Bolton Wanderers.

Coyle kept Bolton up in 2010 and again in 2011 but they slipped from the league last summer.  Poor form in the Championship soon turned sentiment against the manger and he was relieved of his duties in October.

Derek McInnes followed Coyle at St Johnstone and brought them into the SPL in his first full season but 15 months ago, after being touted for several jobs in England, he left for Bristol City, who, bottom of the Championship, sacked him today.

Steve Lomas is St Johnstone’s current manager and the latest to impress clubs south of the border offering larger pay-packets.  He would be foolish to accept a job from a struggling club who have sacked their manager mid-season.  As we have said several times before, managers receive a great deal of credit or blame but the success of a football club is infinitely more dependent on the entire structure of the club.

St Johnstone’s structure is just fine.  The same is true of Inverness, where Terry Butcher decided to stay this week, as well as Ross County and Motherwell.  The city clubs, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Dundee United and Dundee all churn through seasons as compulsive underachievers.  If they were able to do something about this fact our league would be the envy of most.

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  1. channelislandcelt on

    Evening Bhoys



    Just read back quickly seen last nights quiz being touched upon.


    Embdy know if I got it in the stewards room ?




  2. Henrik Larrson………Those 2 goals in Seville are burned into my brain……..magical memories although it was a dissapointment in the end .



    Henrik Larsson is the king of kings……………

  3. Ulysses



    In general terms very good.



    I have the flu at present, so a wee bit under the weather.



    I trust that you are well yourself?



  4. Sipsini, Butcher appears too smart for the Sevco job. Also, they don’t appear smart enough to employ a decent manager. Can’t see it.

  5. Weefra



    Someones son …. Very sad






    Might play that on yt now .. Good tune






    Think it was indeed 4-0 … We played great stuff…. Mixed emotions on way home with the tragedy in the stands and those scumbags mocking him

  6. Dont know whats up with my computer but when I hit the green live word it brought me to a survey.


    adverts and surveys are really getting on my nerves now


    Haste ye back football and save me from my rantings




  7. Dena


    You got a virus, run something like maleware bytes anti malware and it should get rid of it.



    How life otherwise sis?

  8. interesting stat on daughters facebook 5 arrests in 40 days of protest ,47 arrests during one day in the holy lands area during St Patricks day what do ya know



  9. no, I’M Neil Lennon “i’ll never walk alone” (fourstonecoppi )




    20:28 on 12 January, 2013




    The Raven


    20:26 on


    12 January, 2013


    Henrik Larrson………Those 2 goals in Seville are burned into my brain



    agree….but for me, the left peg against boa vista….wooft!






    ma daughter still slags me bout that one , saw her ol da crying ! ! !

  10. Owen hail hail bro I’l get B to do that you know me internet bampot in name only. Everything tickety boo here. How your own Boo




  11. The Boy Jinky


    Did the Bhoy not make a full recovery thanks to the paramedics that night,

  12. Raymac, 19:28


    You are right about St Matthews but I would add that McKee brought out the guns the day before on the Springfield Road. I was at my granny’s in Cavendish Street and could hear the lambegs grow ever closer as we headed down the Falls to go back to N Belfast.


    The streets were literally black with people, out breaking flags and kerbstones and arming themselves with whatever they could to defend their homes.


    The difference is that the white-wagons of the New RUC were facing away from them and not advancing with the fleg wavers.


    But we all know that if the roles were reversed we wouldn’t have had 5 weeks of this nonsense

  13. Seville Experience = A Trinity of emotions = Painful Wonderful Pride ! 10 years ago ooofffttt ! Still fresh in that fantastic memory bank ! Time for a WEMBEEELLLLEEEEE !!!!

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