The ultimate box office manager


Roma finished the season sixth in Serie A, a point behind Roman rivals Lazio, but defended their early goal against Feyenoord last night to win the inaugural Uefa Conference League. Jose Mourinho is hard to love, but that’s his fifth European trophy at four different clubs. There’s a lot of amore for him this morning in the Eternal City.

He is intemperate, a year in Rome has brought multiple censures for behaviour towards referees, including outright accusing one of being sent by Juventus (stranger things have happened). His longest stint at a club has been three years, achieved in his first spell at Chelsea and at Real Madrid. Either his patience, or those of his employers, runs out by that mark. A notorious incident with the Chelsea club doctor in 2015 quite publicly marked him as someone you don’t really want as a neighbour.

You and I got to know the man and his methods before most of Europe. We were unimpressed. But still, he has talent. When Roma have had enough of his antics next year, or in 2024, there will be plenty of offers. He is the ultimate box office manager.

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast



    Last Friday on the Late Late they were celebrating 100 years of the FAI.



    Michael D Higgins made an impassioned plea for people to support the Irish league (the show was mostly about the international teams)



    I liked that

  2. TIMBHOY163 on 26TH MAY 2022 12:44 PM


    Why is Sevco ahead of us ,all things Training Ground were the built a mini stand for about 500 hundred Supporters to watch reserves and ladies football team ,all full size indoor pitch,a ticket office,a newly built Musuem etc .What has happened to the Hotel ,Ticket Office , Musuem Barrowfield etc








    New Edminston House is going to be a year late.



    Issue include, cash flow, material shortages, design failures and changes to construction materials, new building warrants have to be applied for because of this.



    Took me 5 minutes to find that out.



    Current state –



  3. By Andrew Smith



    Wednesday, 25th May 2022,



    It is believed that the moves to sign permanent deals for last season’s successful loanees centre-back Cameron Carter-Vickers and winger Jota are now firmly gathering pace. Assuming these are successfully concluded, they will commit Celtic to an outlay of £16m – Carter-Vickers cost from Tottenham Hotspur placed at £6m plus a further £4m on add-ons, while the purchase clause previously agreed with Benfica for Jota is understood to be £6.5m. Coupled with this week’s activation of the £2m loan-to-buy option that covered Daizen Maeda’s January switch from Yokahama F Marinos, it could be that, merely by the end of this month, Celtic will have essentially invested £18m in preparation for the forthcoming campaign. As a starting point.



    The fiscal comforts that allow Celtic to plan in such fashion highlight the wriggle-room provided by two factors: direct entry to the Champions League and the player trading model that has been a cornerstone of the club’s operations for the best part of two decades. An often grumbled-about cornerstone for the board-bashers among the Celtic support, it must be acknowledged. Perhaps they will have cause to reflect on such exasperations when considering how the policy could underpin almost £42m worth of transfer fees paid out since Ange Postecoglou was appointed 11 months ago – the figure that would be reached with the various elements of the permanent deals for Carter-Vickers and Jota.




    Even with such considerable forking out on transfer fees, Celtic would not require to dip into their £20m bank reserve for a straightforward reason. Since last April, when Patryk Klimala was moved on to New York Red Bulls in a deal worth £3m, Celtic have raked in £41.5m in transfer fees courtesy of the sale of Odsonne Edouard to Crystal Palace, Brentford’s purchase of Kristoffer Ajer and Ryan Christie’s switch to Bournemouth last summer. These three departures are believed to be worth £14m, £13.5m and £3.5m respectively.




    The upshot is that only further squad strengthening in this close season by Postecoglou would come from the revenues projected in the coming 12 months – links to £3m Hammarby left back Mohanad Jeahze and £4.5m Japanese centre-back Ko Itakura not precluding a further £10m being made available to invest in a ball-winner midfielder and right winger/attacker, according to sources close to the club. On this front, an illustration of the extent to which the near-£40m Chamions League lolly that has been guaranteed through snaring the title could be game-changing came with figures published this week by blogger Swiss Ramble.




    These covered Rangers’ income from their run to the Europa League final or, to put it another way, just about the best money you can make without jousting among the global elite in club football’s most lucrative cross-boder competition. The Ibrox side earned in the region of £18m, before taking into account matchday revenue. Using the same measure, that isn’t even half of what Celtic will rake in for participation in the Champions League. Moreover, what this does for Celtic’s revenue streams is astronomical. In 2017-18, courtesy of contesting the Champions Leage group stages, the club’s revenue tipped beyond £100m for the first, and only time. By a whole £1m, to settle at £101m.



    The figure was underpinned by matchday income in the region of £43m, and a Champions League bounty of £32.5m. With the club announcing a 5% increase in season ticket prices for the season ahead, and a lengthy waiting list, it can be expected that there will be at least a £2m uptick in this figure. And, when it comes to earnings from the Champions League, as already stated, these are set to be around £7m more than banked by the Scottish champions four years ago. Another revenue stream sure to be bolstered takes the form of the three-game packages for the club’s first Champions League games proper in four years. It is a safe bet these will sell out. It is an equally safe bet the cost of them will be greater than was the case in 2018. All of which suggests Celtic’s revenue can push towards the £110m mark. That would be new ground for a Scottish club.



    The fiscal responsibility central to Celtic’s governance model, meanwhile, ensures that not all the number-crunching associated with the club’s operations is inflationary. In 2018-19, the club’s wage bill was £53m. The most recent accounts published put that total at £50m. The intention is to ship out a raft of players who are surplus to requirements in the form of Vasilis Barkas, Albian Ajeti, Boli Bolingoli and Ismaila Soro. If they are moved on, even in just loan deals, this could amount to budgetary savings in the region of £3m. Granted, this may be largely offset by the salary demands required to be met to seal permanent deals for Carter-Vickers and Jota. However, even allowing for that, Celtic’s wages to turnover ratio would remain comfortably within the 60% bracket considered crucial to football clubs operating in self-sustaining fashion.



    Not that Celtic have ever had real problems on that score. The accounts for last season look like they will see the club post an £18m profit – up from the £5.9m loss they registered when the previous season was halted two months early because of the Covid-19 lockdown. With the earnings of last season, Celtic will have been in the black for eight of the past 10 seasons. The most recent campaign is the ninth of these 10 seasons when profitability hasn’t precluded pre-eminence in top flight terms. Celtic, a mere year on from their spectacular fall from grace, certainly appear in the pink once again.

  4. MM



    You cannot make a loan club play our loanees unless they are too good to be dropped.



    We also cannot make the Lowland League bow to our influence. They hold all the aces- we have to pay them to be allowed to play at that level. They set the conditions.



    Hence, the terrible look of us teaming up with Sevco and the Minis to threaten them, without any back-up plan that I know of, is an example of how not to use influence and power.

  5. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Likeable person Michael D and has an attachment to Galway United,don’t have a reason not to support his call.

  6. quadrophenian on



    🎶 Mmaee Mmaee


    The sun shines east,


    The sun shines west


    But in Glasgow Celtic


    The sun shines best 🎶



    Al Jolson was my auld man’s fave singer. It triggers many memories of my Dad belting out Asa’s favourite toons or hamming up his Larry Parkes antics from ‘The Jolson Story’. Looks antique by today’s standards but shee, what a voice.



    🎶I’m looking over a four-leaf clover, I overlooked before.🎶




    Mourinho has none of the authentic charm of oor Ange btw. Different cloth entirely.

  7. There are, I think, 8 tiers to Scottish Football. If we had funded a part time outfit of talented Celtic fans, three years ago, we could already have won the Loland League and be able to get up to League Two and One and beyond legitimately, without favour.



    Clubs in Spain, Germany and Portugal are able to field B teams in the top divisions (but not their top league). This gives them player development advantages that we don’t have. In Scotland, the presence of Celtic and Sevco in the Lowland is resented as having been “bought” and queue jumping. The latest move by our club in combining with Hearts and Sevco to threaten back is , I think, misjudged, counter-effective and does not have a safety net position that I am aware of.

  8. I would be asking how Sevco acquired M̶u̶r̶r̶a̶y̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶k̶,̶ ̶H̶u̶m̶m̶e̶l̶ ̶T̶r̶a̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶G̶r̶o̶u̶n̶d̶ ̶,̶ ̶A̶u̶c̶h̶e̶n̶h̶o̶w̶i̶e̶ ̶ without paying for it.

  9. “CELTIC40ME on 26TH MAY 2022 11:44 AM


    HOT SMOKED on 26TH MAY 2022 11:31 AM


    I want to get better at getting better.”



    ” Better at what?


    How do we do that?”



    I wasn’t serious. I was mocking the MSSM account re some Sevco offer referred to by Slainte.

  10. SFTB @ 2.02



    Either the LL is playing hardball for a bigger fee than the current £25K amount they are charging us / TFOD2.1 or they are cutting off their nose to spite their face in a typical Scottish social club manner.



    I am going for the former even though the latter is all too typical of Scottish football.



    If Hertz want to put in a team then then should be encouraged to do so — they will be of a much higher footballing standard than the happy hoofers of Gretna / Vale of Leithen.



    It says a lot about current attitudes / political sensibilities that we cannot be seen to be agreeing with the TFOD2.1 on anything no matter how trivial or common sense. Hertz B into the Lowland League would help Scottish football / Lowland football / us — so why not try and make it happen.?

  11. “SLÁINTE ANGE on 26TH MAY 2022 12:07 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 26TH MAY 2022 11:29 AM


    Article was in the Times, if that helps





    Thanks but it matters little . For me, The Times, now, is just the Sun with longer words .

  12. BSR @ 2.02



    AS is a poor journalist when it comes to trying to explain numbers.


    Flannel / padding / tortured analysis — it is all in there in spades.

  13. ernie lynch on 26th May 2022 1:28 pm



    TURKEYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 12:10 PM



    ‘Ah,Ernie,you never fail.Not a word about the behaviour of Boris’




    It’s obviously front page news in Turkey, the country where you chose to live.


    I don’t recall the GB, or Celtic fans, or any Scottish football fans having anything to say about Johnson last season.


    Not so in England where Leeds fans chanted ‘Boris Johnson he’s a ladies front bottom’ or word to that effect.


    So, following your reasoning Celtic fans (and all Scottish football fans) must be supporters of Boris Johnson.





    OMG talk about twisted reasoning – we should have a penalty shoot out before the game or Celtic supporters going to the game v Raith was helping give money to a rapist?!



    Thought control CSC

  14. Indoor training facilities — the gory details.


    Google Earth Q+D analysis.



    TFOD2.1 = 3000m2 facility @ 60M x 50M.



    Us @ L/town = 1200m2 facility @ 40M x 30M.



    Consequently we have work to do.


    However help is at hand.





    The Sunderland facility is where we need to be — it has a clearspan of 82m so a full sized indoor pitch to match the dimensions of P/head — 105M x 68M from memory — would be possible plus space for some seats down the touchline.



    5 rows / 1000 seats in total would be pretty straightforward with 2K possible with a bit of effort if required.



    News reports would suggest that buildings of this type are affordable — £3mill plus has been quoted — so we should be aiming for one at B/field and another at L/town.



    B/field would appear to be in motion — the only issue is that the graphics associated with the building would seem to suggest that we are not putting much effort into the colour scheme or the quality of the walls / gables.



    The Sunderland example shows the quality that can be included in this respect.



    Underwear model 1 — second rate / lazy property bean counter 0


    Surely not …

  15. MM @ 2.26



    I think he’s more pro Celtic which is like s*ite from a rocking horse in SMSM. He’s using Celtic supporter Swiss Ramble’s figures, just like a lot on the internet to formulate budgets, myself included.



    No idea about the balance sheet and it wasn’t Andrew Smith’s forte when he was at Celtic, but no matter what way you slice it, Celtic won the League and the biggest CL direct entry pot money on record.



    I’ve posted it before but I’d expect when the ‘give aways’ have gone we’ll need to spend north of £30M (including making CCV and Jota permanent.)



    We’ll learn over the short summer months how serious the club is about European Football following our neat moves and wise spend to get our title back, back of fag packet stuff, but £40M should generate a further 4 or 5 top players using anybody’s logic.

  16. Football and politics — interesting to see what happens next season in the EPL if the anti BoJo chanting idea catches on.



    L/pool and the national anthem pushback shows how feelings are developing.



    I wonder if it will ever catch on in the SPL.


    The BBC news reports of the 88 CF were a case study in news management.

  17. We all know what a chancer Mourinho is. His behaviour with the female doctor at Chelsea was disgusting. He is regularly found out in his lies by his players usually in a 2 year cycle. By end of next season he will have disgruntled players who won’t perform and the result will be the sack. I can’t wait till he is gone.

  18. Apart from what they will bring to us on the field signing Jota & CCV makes huge economic sense,


    We moved when no one wanted them, they had a brilliant year, they loved it, we had options look like they want to stay, happiness all round.


    I reckon if we didn’t have options the selling Clubs would be looking for double the amounts they are now getting,


    They are unlikely to be lifers like James or CalMac but if they kick on from here they will be worth multiples of what we paid for them.


    I’ll say no more until the Official Announcements are made, I’m uncomfortable in assuming anything when it comes to signing or selling Football Players.

  19. SCULLYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 2:34 PM




    Any further thoughts on the scouse thing?



    The more I think of it, and the more I look into it, the more specious it seems.

  20. SAINT STIVS on 26TH MAY 2022 3:03 PM


    why do we need an indoor full size pitch for the first team ?






    Scottish weather.

  21. Mourinho has proven himself to be one of the great students of the game. Players go the extra mile for him. In many cases with the big clubs, and Mourinho is indeed a mega club manager, the fans of these clubs want teams to win and couldn’t care less about the aesthetics. At Man U or Tottenham thankfully, aesthetics are still important and long may they be important at Parkhead. Mourinho would never subscribe to “We don’t care if we win, lose or draw”

  22. SAINT STIVS on 26TH MAY 2022 3:09 PM



    I think you mean why rather than how, and dissolve rather than melt.

  23. CC @ 2.58



    All the numbers being quoted for CCV would suggest that we are paying top dollar for a middling footballing talent — his lack of pace is particularly worrying.



    Good defender but £6mill going on £10mill is a bit steep for his potential.


    Our EuL defensive stats would suggest that we need to work very hard on this area.



    Paying a lot of money for more of the same is not where we need to be.

  24. “ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH MAY 2022 3:15 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 26TH MAY 2022 3:09 PM


    I think you mean why rather than how”



    Not if he is from Glasgow he didn`t.

  25. True story.


    My brother`s Spanish friend learned his English in Glasgow. On being told that he wasn`t being appointed by a Spanish/English bilingual news programme, said friend asked: How no` ?

  26. SS



    “potato tomato,”





    That reminds me of an old Fry and Laurie joke.




    They were reading the lyrics of the Cole Porter song off the page…….



    “You say potato and I say potato


    You say tomato and I say tomato



    Potato Potato


    Tomato Tomato…….



    Let’s call the whole thing off???????



    Why would they do that?- I see nothing wrong with this relationship!😀

  27. TB@12:23pm



    Beach mate could be right…….we are CCV seventh loan club i think.



    Our League is poor but don’t need told from the English,they probably thought the same when we won the big Cup and pumped Leeds a few years later.

  28. TB



    Guy on etims asked the same question to a Stoke fan and got the same answer.

  29. BSR @ 2.44



    AS and his wages numbers.



    £50mill total would suggest £40mill for the first team squad.


    Our issue is that we seen to pay average players too much and baulk at paying £60K / £80K / £100K per week for our signature players / top talent.



    NB’s wages — £18K pw has been suggested — are far too high for a player of his talent.


    And he is not the only one — we seem to collect squad players at £20K pw.



    An ability / desire to pay £60K plus means better players on the park.


    It means another 2/3 years to the CFC career of VVD / MD.


    Or keeping VW till he is 30 plus.



    Lots of deadwood / no hopers / timewasters to move on.


    AP has shown he can deliver value — hopefully more and better to come.



    Would a £10K win bonus in the SPL energise the squad.


    Looking at a cost of £4mill per season / £6mill with a 50% uplift if we win the SPL.


    Not sure what the numbers are now — in fact we might be already doing this.



    Anyway — looking forward to our summer’s effort to improve the squad.


    I wonder what our merchandising figures are for Japan and Aus over the past 12 months?

  30. IniquitousIV on




    “What happened to the Celtic Museum money?”




    Coffee spluttered over keyboard when I read that.🤣. You need to give readers some warning!



    Swiss Ramble tends to publish projected order of magnitude figures with dependable levels of accuracy.



    Pound to a penny, the scrofulous hillbillies ( to borrow a phrase ) will be basing their projections and spending on the gamble that they qualify for the CL, and reach Pot 4. Nay, I would not be a whit surprised if the Orcs assume that Benfica will not qualify, giving the Orcs bottom spot in Pot 3, based on their co-efficient.

  31. Not quite getting the Platinum Jubilee luv for Queenie.


    Apart from the fact that a lot of people can’t count.



    She has only truly been on the throne since 1972 when uncle Eddy popped his clogs.


    Consequently it should be Gold not Platinum.



    Eddy and his bint = carnage.


    Charlie and his bint = twenty years of trying to get her normalised / loved by the populace.



    How they can work public opinion through the media.


    Eddy should just have played their game.



    Or the establishment / SB just wanted rid of him because he wasn’t playing the game regarding Germany — the establishment had totally mucked it up and knew bad things were coming.



    Surely it would have been easier / better to arm the Spanish government and ignored Eddy’s political ramblings.

  32. Paul 67,



    The treatment of Eva Carneiro apart, Jose Mourniho has been box office.



    Clubs appoint him in the short term as there is a better than average chance he will win a trophy.



    He has praised us and our fans to the highest heavens. I wonder if he would he brought us European success in our past life ???




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