The ultimate box office manager


Roma finished the season sixth in Serie A, a point behind Roman rivals Lazio, but defended their early goal against Feyenoord last night to win the inaugural Uefa Conference League. Jose Mourinho is hard to love, but that’s his fifth European trophy at four different clubs. There’s a lot of amore for him this morning in the Eternal City.

He is intemperate, a year in Rome has brought multiple censures for behaviour towards referees, including outright accusing one of being sent by Juventus (stranger things have happened). His longest stint at a club has been three years, achieved in his first spell at Chelsea and at Real Madrid. Either his patience, or those of his employers, runs out by that mark. A notorious incident with the Chelsea club doctor in 2015 quite publicly marked him as someone you don’t really want as a neighbour.

You and I got to know the man and his methods before most of Europe. We were unimpressed. But still, he has talent. When Roma have had enough of his antics next year, or in 2024, there will be plenty of offers. He is the ultimate box office manager.

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  1. ERNIE LYNCH 26TH MAY 2022 1.28PM….


    2 I dont recall the GB, or Celtic fans or any Scottish Football Fans having anything to to say about Boris Johnston last season “.





    That statement by you is simply NOT TRUE.


    I am a CELTIC FAN, and during LAST SEASON and this recent season just passed, I HAVE ASKED on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS on here to the Unionists….”


    ” WHERE is the £350 MILLION per WEEK that Boris Johnson and his Brexit Pals PROMISED the UK Public, would be available to the NHS, once the UK had left The EU” ?



    It was PLASTERED ALL OVER the Big Red Bus by Boris and his fellow Tory/Unionists LIARS..

  2. glendalystonsils on

    GREENPINATA on 26TH MAY 2022 4:50 PM



    I wonder if he would he brought us European success in our past life ???





    Possibly . The trade off would have been our players rolling around feigning injury , trying to get opponents sent off by whatever means and time wasting . All of the un-Celtic like traits of Mourhino teams .


    I don’t dislike the man , but he ain’t no Jock Stein or Ange either as a man or a manager .

  3. Thinking of all the teams jOSE has managed, did any of them repeat the Porto antics really ?



    A quick search says he has won 26 trophies.

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Always had a soft spot for Jose, he’s good for the game, football needs as many characters like that to keep the game interesting,



    Was in Seville in 2003 – at the final whistle after the cup had been presented all the Porto players were dancing and singing in front of their own fans. We were all still there in mass singing our heads off in defiance / support for the bhoys. Then Jose stepped in and told all the his players to go to the Celtic end and show their appreciation. They slowly trudged towards us clearly not happy, when they arrived we all stopped singing and started booing. We booed for a long time.



    Yeah we got beat but it was great day out.

  5. RIP Ray Liotta



    Just heard on the news……think he died in his sleep,either way too young.

  6. Paul67 et al



    Sans checking does anyone ever remember one of Ray Liotta’s greatest performances…….


    As Charlie Metcalf?

  7. BJ @ slow lane thinking



    In Scotland it is not what is written on the side of a bus that matters it is who is or isn’t inside the meat wagon leaving the courtroom that is important.



    BoJo is at best a Home Counties nationalist.



    He is a one man political party — point man to the financial / media establishment.


    He will say anything to get to and stay at the top of the greasy pole.


    Fat pudding boy who only answers to his ambition.



    He wanted Brexit because it offered a route to No.10.


    He is not a unionist in any way / shape / form.


    He is just a life support system to an ego.



    £350mill is just numbers on a bus — two ferries if you are lucky up here in NatLand.



    We as a nation have the cross to bear that is AS / Wee Eck.


    To him — Just say no — was not an anti drugs slogan it was the start of the evening’s proceedings.

  8. does the old firm only receive fines from Uefa , what was the punishment for the bottle throwing incidents at the last Glasgow derby at thems park .

  9. Good evening folks.



    Anyone looking for a good wee watch, you tube Celtic – Story of 2021/22 Double season.



    Also for all the fire stick bhoys if you want an Aussie watch try Mr Inbetween.



    Or Bosch legacy on prime.



    D :)

  10. ernie lynch on 26th May 2022 3:01 pm



    SCULLYBHOY on 26TH MAY 2022 2:34 PM


    Any further thoughts on the scouse thing?


    The more I think of it, and the more I look into it, the more specious it seems.





    Never address your own goals. Change the subject and hope people will forget.



    I didn’t suggest the origin of scouse was DEFINITELY in the soup kitchens for the poor Irish immigrants (some journalist did) – but it sounds plausible – but I don’t actually give a feck. Funnily, the self-appointed INTELLECTUAL MODERATOR had to jump on it from a height.



    Now let me get back to the penalty shoot out because the game follows shortly.



    Mind Control Earnest CSC

  11. Big Jimmy on 26th May 2022 5:27 pm



    RIP Ray Liotta.





    A very talented actor.





    Yip = sad.

  12. “MADMITCH on 26TH MAY 2022 6:20 PM



    He is just a life support system to an ego.”



    Did you make that up? If so, I am glad I accidentally read one of your posts :-))



    RIP Ray Liotta. 67 is far too young. One of my favourite actors.





    Sad to hear that. One of the truly great characters in the brilliant Goodfellas.

  14. CardboardCSC on

    Lot of sad deaths.


    The poor husband of one of the teachers killed in Texas died today of a heart attack.


    Tragic 😔

  15. I’ve never watched the Seville final again. My recollection is that Porto were slightly the better team. I remember seeing Mourinho for the first time ever in the week or so before the game. He was really impressive and was going on about all the Celtic players, in detail. That was a really good Porto team, who of course won the CL the following season. Mourinho is probably well past his peak but is still very capable. Ange is probably quite the opposite of Jose and I wouldn’t swap him for the world.

  16. Sláinte Ange on

    Ray Liotta always assumed he was mostly Italian — the movies did too. But later in life while searching for his birth parents, he discovered he’s actually Scottish.



  17. The perpetrator of the obscenity in Texas,seemingly Mexican himself.No previous crimes,no mental health problems.


    It is beyond any logical thinking,just what was going through that mind.


    Sorry,just watched a programme about it.

  18. IniquitousIV on

    Seethin’ G just signed muscular man mountain and Brazilian internationalist Diego Carlos from Seville for £26M. It doesn’t rule it out, but seems to make it less likely he is about to bid for Calvin Bassey, as broadcast by BBC Sport Scotland.



    Slippy has not been slow off the mark – that’s 3 signings in 2 days ( Coutinho and Kamara )

  19. turkeybhoy



    You just turn eighteen you walk into the store….


    And you buy an automatic weapon



    That’s mental health problems right there

  20. IniquitousIV on




    And go back the next day and buy another one, plus modify one to illegally increase its capacity.

  21. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 26TH MAY 2022 9:42 PM


    ” As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”



    opening scene of which movie ?



    Sim0les :- Married to the mob.or Sone like it hot. :)



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