The unfortunate shredding of documents


The report on Rangers on tonight’s Channel 4 News by Alex Thomson put meat on the bones of what has been going on at Rangers over the last decade or more.  Former chief executive, Martin Bain, was revealed to have written to then-chairman, John McClelland, in late 2003 asking that his pay rise is paid through the club’s Employee Benefit Trust, which is not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance.

Bain goes on to make a sinister note to McClelland, “at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred.”

Shredding documents?  Oh dear.

Bain declined to answer questions from Channel 4 but yesterday offered to drop his contractual claim against the club, suggesting his issue was with Rangers new owner, Craig Whyte.  It was the most self-serving drivel I have read in a while.

If this was how he behaved as Rangers chief executive Whyte was right to suspend him last year.  How Bain had the front to pursue Rangers for over £1m knowing the consequences of his letters to John McClelland beggars belief.

I wonder how HMRC view instructions to shred documents that could inform a view on a tax claim?  These documents prove Rangers directors knew how EBTs worked, understood what they were doing and the consequences.

Paul Baxendale-Walker walked straight out of a Carry On movie to give a great cameo performance. In a couple of years some poor casting director is going to have to try to find actors to play Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals?

I’d be interested in your suggestions. Zsa Zsa for Sir David is a given.

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  1. TFPLG being interviewed at HT



    Reporter: What about Aluko’s booking for diving?



    TFPLG: I would need to see the incident on television again.I thought i heard the contact from here. But he never dived. No way



    What a muppet

  2. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    Fat Sally…



    “I heard the foul on Aluko”


    “He certainly didn’t dive”


    “I’ll need to see it again”


    “Maybe the ref got it right”




  3. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    My get some stick for this but I really think the big man Higdon would be a good addition to our squad. I can imagine our strikers and midfield playing off him on certain pitches etc. Plus we need someone that can get on the end of crosses.

  4. Snake Plissken on

    I can smell McCoist’s answers from over in central Europe if he can hear a penalty that never was.

  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Elbows gets hit on his toe and he rubbs his head vigorously. Must have had one of those shooting pains that goes to the first available space!!

  6. Top Corner 11.29


    Liked this response to the hurting Orcs on tour link.


    2nd Yellow, A football blog focussed on the ugly side of the world’s most popular sport.Collapse





    A couple of thoughts at this point: judging by the comments from Rangers fans here, too many are happy to dismiss this entire story as Celtic propaganda. This despite it being reported, with accompanying documented evidence, by the chief correspondent no less of an English mainstream media organisation.



    HMRC did not investigate Rangers because they overheard some Celtic propaganda. Rather, any Celtic propaganda in circulation (and I’m not so stupid as


    to think it doesn’t exist) is as a result of that investigation.



    If I were a Rangers fan, I would wondering what if this is all true? And then asking a lot more questions. This may be happening – and if you are a Rangers fan doing this, feel free to enlighten us – but for those who prefer to stick with the Celtic conspiracy theories, I would urge this:



    Think. Consider the possible ramifications if this is true – it would mean that for years the Rangers board abused a tax scheme. For years the directors of your club will have put its future in jeopardy with their cavalier approach to finances and tax.



    Whilst it may be far more comfortable to assume this is just a smear campaign by people with axes to grind, you would do well to be asking difficult questions of the people responsible. If it turns out to be all lies, you’ll have lost nothing as a result. But if you don’t and it turns out to be true, you’ll realise you missed your chance to collectively have done something about it before it was too late.



    And that would be just about the saddest element to the entire story.

  7. Margaret McGill on

    miki67 on 31 March, 2012 at 00:09 said:


    Brillaint post!


    My sentiments exactly!