The unfortunate shredding of documents


The report on Rangers on tonight’s Channel 4 News by Alex Thomson put meat on the bones of what has been going on at Rangers over the last decade or more.  Former chief executive, Martin Bain, was revealed to have written to then-chairman, John McClelland, in late 2003 asking that his pay rise is paid through the club’s Employee Benefit Trust, which is not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance.

Bain goes on to make a sinister note to McClelland, “at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred.”

Shredding documents?  Oh dear.

Bain declined to answer questions from Channel 4 but yesterday offered to drop his contractual claim against the club, suggesting his issue was with Rangers new owner, Craig Whyte.  It was the most self-serving drivel I have read in a while.

If this was how he behaved as Rangers chief executive Whyte was right to suspend him last year.  How Bain had the front to pursue Rangers for over £1m knowing the consequences of his letters to John McClelland beggars belief.

I wonder how HMRC view instructions to shred documents that could inform a view on a tax claim?  These documents prove Rangers directors knew how EBTs worked, understood what they were doing and the consequences.

Paul Baxendale-Walker walked straight out of a Carry On movie to give a great cameo performance. In a couple of years some poor casting director is going to have to try to find actors to play Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals?

I’d be interested in your suggestions. Zsa Zsa for Sir David is a given.

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  1. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    philvisreturns on 30 March, 2012 at 22:39 said:



    I believe Stan has a fight on his hands, but as you say he is young, fit, and will receive the best of medical attention. let’s hope he beats this.

  2. Paul 67



    “Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals? ”



    We have the parts filled



    Craig Whyte :- Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin)



    Baldy Bain:- Kevin Spacey



    Sir David- Chick Young (he’s half way inside the body already)



    Baxendale- Walker- Bernie Winters



    Paul Murray- Christina Hendricks (DBBIA says it is a contractual deal breaker)



    ready for my close up csc

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on 30 March, 2012 at 22:30 said:



    petec on 30 March, 2012 at 22:00:



    Regan has an unenviable task on his hands. He is surrounded by duplicitous characters, who are no doubt trying to halt any progressive thinking.



    I have no doubt the SFA just assumed they had hired another ‘yes man’ but I believe Regan will stick at it. I’m sure Regan has been truly shocked at the levels of corruption inside the SFA, but he has to tread carefully to make any progress at all.






    I agree with you there, Peter Lawwell being reserved in his comments means, IMO he still has faith in SR to run the game in Scotland in a correct manner.



    I don’t see any way back for Rangers at all from where they are now, in any form.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    midfield maestro on 30 March, 2012 at 22:41 said:



    1980 was the last time I did the “no drink for lent” thing, never again because you go on a three day a pish up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Ally McCoist- Hattie Jaques


    Martin Bain- Leslie Phillips


    Craig Whyte- Charles Hawtrey


    John McLelland- Bernard Bresslaw


    John Greig- Jack Douglas

  6. West Wales Celt on

    Hey Philvis:


    A Tim returns to parliament (thumbsup)



    All the very best Stan…

  7. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    On the casting of Paul Baxendale-Walker, if only Kenneth Williams was still with us…

  8. philvisreturns on 30 March, 2012 at 22:39



    Stan was a Legend, it’s the trials and tribulations you don’t know about at the time that makes things oh so special when you find out about them.



    That Bhoys perfomances were brilliant as well, especially playing against Europes finest.



    All our prayers allied with, like you say, excellent health and his indefatigability will see him beat this.



    Stan will be uppermost in every Celts mind on Sunday, more than anything else.




  9. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    prestonpans bhoys on 30 March, 2012 at 22:35 said:




    Yup EBTS are first recorded in Ranger’s accounts in 2000.



    The wee case relates to another discounted Options Scheme that Rangers accepted was dodgy (but later appealed the penalty to obsfuscate on the UEFA licence).



    I’m hazy on how the DOS worked but RTC covers it here






    So Smith might have benefitted but not from an EBT.

  10. Be under no illusion there has been a closing of the ranks.


    Last Sunday is just an example of the power they still have.


    They have not a shred of decency only utter desperation.

  11. philvisreturns on

    The Prince of Goalkeepers @ 22:42 – So say we all. (thumbsup)



    West Wales Celt – I wouldn’t have voted for him, but congratulations to the man. The three main parties in the England and four in Scotland are absolutely unfit for purpose, so hopefully Mr Galloway’s success is a sign of things to come. (thumbsup)



    Re: Paul Baxendale-Walker. Could we recast his character as a foxy female lawyer played by 90’s Helen Baxendale? (thumbsup)

  12. The man who knew too much..



    A comedy about Campbell Ogilvie.



    Starring Rodney Dangerfield.

  13. Not ready to blog about Stan at the moment. Just don’t know what to say. Maybe tomorrow.



    Philvisreturns, cheers. I’ve hardly been on the blog this week. Needed to get some real work done.



    Petec, go for it.



    Auldheid, breakfast is for wimps.



    Steinreignedsupreme, not camp enough.



    By a mile.



    SFTB, I’ll give you Sir David but you’ll need to try harder for the rest.

  14. philvisreturns on

    petec – Spot on, my friend in Celtic. Positivity and prayer can beat anything. (thumbsup)

  15. Paul67



    Did the smoking gun fire a fatal shot tonight and how does this impact on the SPL/SFA enquiry?




  16. Paul67 – am i right in saying that Duff and Duffer have to notify creditors of their intentions for the club by April 10th, whilst sending them a document outlining the financial situation at the club, then hold a meeting with all creditors by April 24th at the latest?



    Going to be an interesting month……

  17. p.s. shocked and saddened to hear about Stan having Leukemia. Given our current situation I have come to know a lot of little kids with it, i hadnt actually realised adults could even get it.



    Hope he makes a full recovery, and in time to continue with his career. Poor guy!



    Used to love it when he was hittin the free kicks from 25-30 yards. There was a phase when you were almost expecting him to score!




  18. Revenge of the Tax Case.






    Peter Lorrie as Whytey: the asset stripping swamp monster.

  19. philvisreturns on 30 March, 2012 at 22:58 said:



    Without doubt your most perceptive post ever!

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Paul Baxendale Walker – played by Ron Jeremy… An “actor” of sorts..



    I ve “heard” his name in movies when people have been talking …




  21. Enrico Dandolo nicked my Crusade on

    The Artist formerly known as Prince – Martin Bain


    Tim Curry – Craig Whyte


    Tom Cruise – Paul B-Walker


    Jack Nicholson – The Mint


    Michael Palin and Terry Jones – The Administrators

  22. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    To refocus and prioritise -can I wish Stan and all people fighting illness strength and support..

  23. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Phil Mac and Paul (can decide among themselves who’s who). Deep Throat as RTC.



    John Belushi as James Traynor

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