The unfortunate shredding of documents


The report on Rangers on tonight’s Channel 4 News by Alex Thomson put meat on the bones of what has been going on at Rangers over the last decade or more.  Former chief executive, Martin Bain, was revealed to have written to then-chairman, John McClelland, in late 2003 asking that his pay rise is paid through the club’s Employee Benefit Trust, which is not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance.

Bain goes on to make a sinister note to McClelland, “at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred.”

Shredding documents?  Oh dear.

Bain declined to answer questions from Channel 4 but yesterday offered to drop his contractual claim against the club, suggesting his issue was with Rangers new owner, Craig Whyte.  It was the most self-serving drivel I have read in a while.

If this was how he behaved as Rangers chief executive Whyte was right to suspend him last year.  How Bain had the front to pursue Rangers for over £1m knowing the consequences of his letters to John McClelland beggars belief.

I wonder how HMRC view instructions to shred documents that could inform a view on a tax claim?  These documents prove Rangers directors knew how EBTs worked, understood what they were doing and the consequences.

Paul Baxendale-Walker walked straight out of a Carry On movie to give a great cameo performance. In a couple of years some poor casting director is going to have to try to find actors to play Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals?

I’d be interested in your suggestions. Zsa Zsa for Sir David is a given.

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  1. Day2 of my wonderful wifes 40th celebrations…



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  4. TET,prefer the version i posted at top of page,goosebumps


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  5. tarrant on 31 March, 2012 at 00:44 said:



    I’ll probably be castigated, skewered and deboweled for this this but your post is why I only have one hun mate. Even the ‘mild’ ones have an intrinsic lack of understanding, it defies logic.



    I’d rather talk to Tom Cruise and the psycho-oligists :-)

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  8. Now wouldn’t it be nice that if the shredding officer (possibly the hardest working employee on the books) had made & kept a discretionary copy of every single document and that they somehow managed to turn up on a rubbish tip somewhere and accidentally be discovered by a C4 journo….

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    I know. I can’t be arsed wiht them to be honest, but they’re her family so what do you do. I could’ve predicted the conversation. Of course, none of them wopld watch C4, and if they did they wouldn’t believe it.



    I don;t actually care how they feel or how confused they are when the temple crashes…as long as it crashes.

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    The ONLY question Phil has to answer in the Vmhans opinion is ……


    Whit team does Phil support? I already ken the answer :>)


    onwards to victory!

  13. philvisreturns on

    Kojo – I find it difficult to disagree with your thoughtful post at 00:44



    Thank God the United States of America is still a beacon of liberty in this weary world:



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    I love how you come on here and ask people to join and put money to charaties when your son Oscar is going through this…



    I really do hold you up as the greatest man on CQN… god bless you..



    even though I know you are not religous..


    you are my hero mate…god bless


    I think about Oscar daily….

  16. Everything’s Ruined



    I am going to dance on their grave.



    This week I have been emailed or had posted on my FB page all manner of snidey comments about the game on Sunday, or the league cup, and NLs treatment by the SFA – I make an effort not to inflict my football on my FB friends, some of whom are small-h huns, some of whom don’t care…but do I get that tolerance in return?Nah it’;s only banter.



    Revenge, sweet, cold.