The unhelpful winter break


Nine days without a game is technically not a winter break but it is double the normal interval Celtic players have between games.  Ironically, it arrives when they found a formation that resolved the performance problems that plagued the club until December.

I would have preferred a midweek game than a break, with three games to make up we have applied pressure to our spring programme, although I’m sure Celtic did not anticipate the turnaround in form when these matters were settled.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rock Tree Bhoy, Squire D, The Battered bunnet ….



    Thank you for responses.



    Tongue in cheek stuff merely intended to raise a titter.



    Speaking of laughable, Police Scotland looking for a guy who allegedly committed a crime two days ago while standing 2 metres from an on duty policeman?



    Even Mack Sennett would have rejected that as a skit for the Keystone Cops.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. The Bhoys out in Dubai when they could have been ice skating in Queens Park!


    What were they thinking?

  3. Celtic have been accused of not setting “a particularly great example” by flying to Dubai on a training camp by Deputy First Minister John Swinney.



    And the Scottish government has threatened to remove travel exemptions for elite sport “if we feel they are being abused”.



    Celtic travelled to the United Arab Emirates on Saturday just hours after their Old Firm defeat.



    “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Mr Swinney told BBC Radio Scotland.



    Travellers returning from the UAE are exempt from self-isolation protocols in Scotland, with elite athletes in Scotland permitted to travel abroad to compete.



    However, with mainland Scotland in Tier 4 – the highest level of restrictions – since Boxing Day, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ordering members of the public to stay at home throughout January on Monday, Mr Swinney says there is a duty to “demonstrate leadership”.



    Elite Scottish sport unaffected by new Covid-19 rules for now


    “I don’t think it’s a particularly great example to set,” he told BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime.



    “When we are asking members of the public to take on very, very significant restrictions on the way in which they live their lives, I think we have all got to demonstrate leadership on this particular question.”



    When approached for comment by BBC Scotland, Celtic defended their trip, insisting it had been approved by the Scottish government.



    However, that is at odds with a government statement, who say elite sport athletes in Scotland are allowed to travel abroad to participate in a competition.



    “We would expect the SFA to look into Celtic’s trip further,” it read.



    “While there are travel exemptions in place for elite sports which are designed to facilitate international and European competition, if we feel they are being abused, we won’t hesitate to remove this privilege.”



    In November, Celtic requested their fixture with Hibernian, originally scheduled for this weekend, be moved to Monday, 11 January to accommodate the trip, with the SPFL granting the change.



    A Celtic spokesman told BBC Scotland: “The training camp was arranged a number of months ago and approved by all relevant footballing authorities and the Scottish government through the Joint Response Group on 12th November 2020.



    “The team travelled prior to any new lockdown being in place, to a location exempt from travel restrictions. The camp, the same one as we have undertaken for a number of years has been fully risk assessed.”If the club had not received Scottish Government approval then we would not have travelled.”

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH JANUARY 2021 7:22 PM


    AD- stupid idea to go to Dubai, but should defend ourselves as was all agreed, given their actions previously, commending the huns for breaking the law, is Jabba working for Sturgeon now?






    I think the SNP response to covid has been equally as bad as Downing Street’s but they’ve handled the media better and shaped perceptions accordingly.



    Hoolyrood criticism of a trip they gave the go ahead for is entirely in keeping with their covid response to date.



    However, when the club take a decision to send under performing millionaires on a holiday 24 hrs after losing the league then we should do a Mowbray in terms of the criticism.

  5. ST TAMS



    Why would I be jealous of a big mouth blogger who canny manage on his own?



    You really make me laugh.



    And your cheap comment about a CQN Legend AN TEARMANN says more about you than you realise.



    No insults from me, just a polite end to this discourse.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Didn’t want to mix serious with trivial so here goes.



    Had Celtic won on Saturday I fully expected the “curtail the season” movement to go in to overdrive.



    That they have already started with Sevco having such a commanding lead is interesting.





    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH JANUARY 2021 7:27 PM



    If they are then I would suggest they are wasting their time. Know a lot of Huns and yet to find one who would vote for them!

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    so swinney has piped up about our dubai trip



    a trip that his governmemt agreed to



    and to a location that his government doesnt have on the quarantine list



    from a location that is on everyone quarantine list



    yet he has nothing to say about the racist and sectarian abuse shouted at celtic players and officials outside the stadium on saturday



    or the racist grafitti scrawled under the bridge?



    is there an election soon?

  9. fourstonecoppi on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH JANUARY 2021 7:27 PM


    Anyone still going to dispute that the SNP are targeting the hun vote?



    TBH they’re not really ‘setting a good example’. As for targeting the hun vote, ( is that rangers fans)…..please!. The hun vote is the hun vote and always will be..unionist. I, like others, have family and friends who are not of my faith, support rangers and are very good people who want independence.


    Personally i dont give a monkeys what conduit is used to get independence from the westmonster gangsters.

  10. In ither news…………………



    scoddland, bear-faced bigotry……… aye………………



    Oh aye.




  11. if the season is curtailed will they not just give the huns the title?






    Neil Lennon has done that already.





    Anyone remember a guy called Jimmy Reid?



    Aka The Hun in the Sun?



    Short memories these nats.

  13. Our Club does not have the luxury of good PR cover in scoddland.


    The only variable is managing how disadvantageous it is……………………….



    There is little mileage in good news Tim stories.




    Compare and contrast with the guff spouted on behalf of the nations favourite……………….aye..

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 4TH JANUARY 2021 7:51 PM



    My reply to your comment was I didn’t know of any Huns I know who would support the SNP. That’s a personal fact, nor did I suggest to you I was, using your term, a nat!

  15. Hi Bhoys



    When the last indie vote came around I voted yes.



    I now consider that to be the dumbest thing I ever did.



    When you look at the way our club is treated and followers of the Roman Catholic religion are treated in this country. It fills me with a sense of foreboding of what could lie ahead for me and mine. I am to old to uproot and leave this country and consider myself savvy enough to know my way around the block so to speak. But I do actively encourage my son to take himself and his family to foreign shores.



    So I thank my lucky stars that we are not an independent Scotland. I also apoligise for my rush of blood to the heid vote in the past.




  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    As much as I disagree with the current jolly our response was well constructed, see below



    “The training camp was arranged a number of months ago and approved by all relevant footballing authorities and Scottish Government through the Joint Response Group on 12th November 2020.



    “The team travelled prior to any new lockdown being in place, to a location exempt from travel restrictions. The camp, the same one as we have undertaken for a number of years has been fully risk assessed.



    “If the club had not received Scottish Government approval then we would not have travelled

  17. “ Cops are on the hunt for supporters who shouted at the Parkhead club’s players as they left the team bus before the clash with Rangers.”



    They were standing right in front of you. Stupid feckers.

  18. John Ramsay Swinney.



    Don’t think he’ll be a friend of anything related to Celtic.




  19. PHILBHOY on 4TH JANUARY 2021 8:02 PM




    I believe his wife is Catholic. Swinney strikes me as a comparatively normal and decent human being, for a nat politician.

  20. Call_of_Juarez on

    It’s a comfort to know we can blame the Scottish Govt. for Celtic being shite on and off the park.



    This trip to Dubai is a joke. We have become Hubris FC.

  21. St tams



    Aye,the player will be long remembered!



    The shite swipin,pish panting,outrage at everythin,non attending chap who calls into question Neil lennons integrity.


    Not on.


    Keep girnin,your good at that.we always have a healthy band of girners.and not a prob with that.calling into question a mans integrity and that man is neil lennon is a dif ball game for a nobody.

  22. ernie @ 8:12pm


    I suppose it depends with whom you are comparing him and pause dots after `human being`would have added to the humour.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Does anyone remember if , when playing for us, did big FF have any difficulties with playing with the ball at his feet?

  24. CELTIC MAC on 4TH JANUARY 2021 4:55 PM





    I made the point on here a couple of weeks back, and assuming my reading of the reports over 7-8 years is correct that the most recent BDO Case Update 10 December 2020;



    RFC 2012 PLC (formerly The Rangers Football Club PLC) – In Liquidation shows (page 3) that not only has the “Small tax claim” been “admitted” it is still outstanding nearly ten years on. Now at less than £3.1 million it represents only a fraction of the overall HMRC claim, but the main point being that the new club RIFC is not liable for that tax claim or any other claim made by Creditors apropos ‘The Rangers Football Club’.



    That the Small tax claim alone remains unpaid, tells us all we need to know, and no version of the 5WA can alter that fact, regardless of the Parties who signed it.




    Can you point me to the BDO report in question please?



    There is a chap of Rangers persuasion who bedevils SFM using semantics to justify whatever he wants to justify and he has stated the wtc bill has been paid.



    My reading is CW undertook to pay it and a sum of money was lodged somewhere for that purpose, Collymore Bristow ? (sp) comes to mind and BDO obtained it by a court procedure.



    Now whether it has been handed over to HMRC in total rather than kept as part of a growing pot to spread amongst creditors I am unsure and I would like to know what makes you say it is still outstanding. Not that I doubt you, but I’d love to read the report and ram it where the son don’t shine on this charlatan.



    Thank you.




    To hand out a title, I think a certain amount of the competition has to be played.



    Problem is, after last season’s controversy, it would appear that a plan hasn’t been put in place for this season. Seems ridiculous.



    PHILBHOY on 4TH JANUARY 2021 6:23 PM



    So you are advocating censorship then?



    Let’s only post stuff I/we agree with





    Not at all one censorship here.


    If you want to read his stuff do so


    He comes on gets questioned


    End of



    I will not having someone of no integrity calling out someone who has



    Always lookin at the stage but never on it.


    Thats james



    Hope you have a good year my friend



  27. I see comments on Resolution 12 but as the subject seems to be a verboten one after challenging mistruths from the CST posted here, I am reluctant to post on the subject, however.



    On a site that is more open there is a constant theme from good match going supporters who have STs about the dilemma they face in renewing as result of the truths Res12 has uncovered. That has obviously risen as a result of the poor showings this season, not so much against Rangers but teams we normally blew away and there has been lots of comments on the reasons that heighten the dilemma.



    That dilemma has itself caused a division between what I’d call an informed support and a support who face a dilemma as result of information being presented.



    In the spirit of balance I offered this to those supporters facing that dilemma, that unease, that facts have caused, v loyalty to an ideal they might now be beginning to realise, like myself, is not the current Celtic. Far from it. So here was my suggestion:



    ” Folks who are struggling with not going to the football to support Celtic.



    Here is a thought.



    You haven’t been able to go for NINE months, yet here you are along with others who cannot go, or choose not to go and feelings for our ideal of Celtic are still there.



    The idea of not attending is difficult to contemplate if it thinks it is forever, but after nine months and counting what would say 4 weeks delaying renewal cost you in terms of attending? Probably none until we are virus free anyway.



    So why not make renewing conditional on any of the factors that are troubling you?



    Be it removal of PL and long standing Board members who have presided over and accepted/ even complicit in 10 years of lies



    Be it Celtic’s unwillingness to either support or reject the UEFA letter of June 2016 setting out UEFA’s position on the status of the NEW club/company that is the club as defined in Art12b of UEFA FFP that applied for a UEFA licence since 2016 after 3 years wait as new members of the SFA, as UEFA see them .




    Unwillingness to go to LNS himself with the evidence kept from him, the additional evidence of SDM at CW trial and testimony to FTT and ask him if his Decision still stands.



    In short if Rangers want to be the same club with the same history, let them and the world see what that history is and not let them pick and choose the parts that suit.






    Demand Celtic meet their undertaking to shareholders at last AGM to pursue the SFA on the abandonment of their rules, an offshoot of which is match changing decisions by referees who when the chips are down and the game is even, make it uneven.



    All it takes is a e mail to the SLO setting out your understandable misgivings that make you ill at ease and the diminishing of your level of support and if enough do it, you are taking responsibility for your unease or even guilt away from yourselves and putting it on those causing it.



    There is no need to apologise to fellow supporters for you feelings, no two have them in equal measure but don’t think you are helpless.



    You are only helpless if you think you are.



    Change your thinking and Celtic will change theirs because the next cause of anger will be if “Rangers” do win the title it will be their 55th. It is either their first or 50th if the titles won be ebt cheating are rightfully discounted.



    Start letting Celtic know how acceptance of that is a cause of unease if in fact is. There is a menu to choose from.



    Get e mailing. Transfer the guilt.



    Celtic depend on you carrying it.



    Put the cause where it belongs.”