The unhelpful winter break


Nine days without a game is technically not a winter break but it is double the normal interval Celtic players have between games.  Ironically, it arrives when they found a formation that resolved the performance problems that plagued the club until December.

I would have preferred a midweek game than a break, with three games to make up we have applied pressure to our spring programme, although I’m sure Celtic did not anticipate the turnaround in form when these matters were settled.

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  1. SQUIRE DANAHER on 4TH JANUARY 2021 10:00 PM





    ‘However, in my experience, the Huns are predominantly rabidly anti-SNP.’






    ‘In my experience’…….’predomiantly’.




    So even in your experience there are huns who are not rabidly anti SNP.



    And those will be the ones the SNP are targeting.

  2. squire danaher on




    “I have no data on it but I would guess that there are as many SNP supporting Sevcoites as there are Labour Party supporting sevcoites.”






    I don’t have empirical data to hand but vividly recall that before the 2019 UK General Election that Follow Follow encouraged their readers to indulge in pro-Unionist/anti-Nationalist tactical voting throughout Scotland and went to the trouble of breaking this down by constituency.



    They ran thread after thread on this at the time, generally full of contributors swearing undying loyalty to their Precious Union and The Crown etc etc and Death To All Nationalist Rebel Scum – type drivel.



    I don’t necessarily judge the entire Hun support on the above but they didn’t impress as types willing to listen to a political argument.



    There may be similar number of SNP/Scottish Labour voters at present among the Hun support but based on current trends we are not talking significant numbers. I would say the Rooth The Mooth and M Fraser have mobilised them to Save Our Precious Union and effectively brought the return of the Orange Card to Scottish politics.

  3. squire danaher on







    I know one or two Yes-minded Huns.



    They do not need their Yes leanings to be reinforced by the SNP attacking Celtic FC.

  4. Forster had one save to make on the 75min and that was a sclaffed shot.


    Defence did his work for him as a defence is supposed to do.

  5. Big FF, easily our best ever goalie, with a clean sheet tonight against Liverpool.



    Just like O’Neill needed Larsson to be a success, NL needed FF.



    For those not football minded…


    FF faces less shots in EVERY game because opposition players don’t fancy their chances as much.



    Anyway he’s gone now and i wish him well.

  6. SQUIRE DANAHER on 4TH JANUARY 2021 10:10 PM




    ‘I don’t necessarily judge the entire Hun support on the above’







    That’s exactly what you’ve done.

  7. Laxalt



    Brendan Rodgers pat his shants from Slippy.




    Did he aye!



    Why didn’t I think off that, makes much more sense than quadrupling your wages, managing in the richest league in the world and escaping an interfering CEO.



    Unless of course you have said pants in your possession 😃

  8. IMO,Celtic going to Dubai in January and quoting an exchange made in November (?) is not a solid defence.


    On the other hand, had this been Sevco, I doubt very much if the Government would have said anything.


    Also, had we beaten Sevco, I doubt very much if it would have been considered worthy of comment on here.



  9. SQUIRE DANAHER on 4TH JANUARY 2021 10:14 PM




    FFS. Try to engage your brain.



    The SNP are trying to win over more huns, not the ones already in the bag.



    Not the stick twirlers and lambeg thumpers, but the soft underbelly. The ones who might vote Labour, might vote Tory, but are open to persuasion.



    They did it with the Celtic support, they can do it with the huns.

  10. Craig Gordon faced 8 shots against PSG and failed to save 7 of them… A joke of a keeper.


    Gordon also faced 10 shots against Celtic in the SCF and let in 7.


    Hazard was 6 from 11.



    FF faced 16 shots against Barca and saved 15 of them.



    3 international goalies and none fit for purpose.



    That’s on NL.

  11. ernie


    Nice to see a wee bit of emotion from such a normally pragmatic,dispassionate chap as yourself :-))

  12. Laxalt



    You posted.



    Lastly, James Forest- if we want to read your anti-Celtic diatribe we’ll go to your own site….



    Can I ask who the we is?



    Do you speak for other posters?

  13. Sid


    We agree with your comment :-)).


    In truth, it does annoy me a little when posters use the `we` to aid a point. Happens often and suggests a lack of certainty in the point being made.

  14. Squire D



    We are not in disagreement then.



    There are SNP supporters amongst their support and the SNP fancy getting a few more- nothing wrong with that- all parties want votes.



    The SNP will maybe risk that they have ebough of the Celtic support’s votes locked up to risk having a wee go at us.



    One letter of commendation to the Hun support mght be an accident.



    One letter of commendation added to two kick-outs at Celtic begins to look like a pattern.

  15. squire danaher on

    Ernie 10:15



    No, I picked up on SFTB suggesting that he believed there were likely floating voters among the Hun support and that some would therefore potentially vote SNP/Labour.



    I would say that based on current opinion poll numbers where the Tory vote for 2021 Holyrood election is estimated in the region of 20-24% the likelihood is that – this number having increased from 10-12% after Davidson first became leader – many of the Hun support have and will vote Tory as a means of supporting the Union and will do so by voting Labour (or LD) where best placed to beat the SNP.

  16. LUCKY CODY-I watched the whole game.Liverpool were shite.


    FF decided against coming back to Celtic

  17. SQUIRE DANAHER on 4TH JANUARY 2021 10:29 PM



    It’s the referendum votes they’re looking for more than election votes.

  18. squire danaher on

    SFTB – Considered and civil response noted.



    Ernie – Response noted.



    I hear what you both say but am less pessimistic or suspicious as to the motives involved than you both are.



    I still think you both overestimate the potential for even moderate Huns to overcome in significant numbers their Unionist sympathies and bite the SNP bullet.

  19. A T @8.16



    yes N l will be well remembered nobody will remember st tams unless its for


    his girnning repetitive shit about someone who’s done something in life

  20. Just catching up on things.



    I see The Jolly boys outing to Dubai during the 2nd wave of a pandemic has caused a stir with Scottish Government.



    Who would have thought that Eh…



    Another PR disaster from our custodians



    So far out of touch with public perception its incredible



    D :)

  21. Sid… Tierney, Boyatta, Dembele and Armstrong all wanted away when BR was in charge.


    Maybe they all seen through the fake teeth, fake tan and fake speech.


    He didn’t have to leave when he did…. A fraud 100pc.

  22. Laxalt



    Players wanting to leave Celtic for massive wages will continue no matter who the manager is.



    We have a bigger list under Lenny.



    Leicester were prepared to pay 9M for instant access to his services, yes he wanted to go, I can see why, our club accepted the money no gun was put to either B R head or Peter Lawell, I think the term is a deal.

  23. Ernie


    We know that you are not a fan of the Scot Nats. And from your moniker,not the Tories either.


    You have told us that you don’t belong to any party although you do seem to give Labour a bit of a free ride.


    So what is your opinion on Keir Starmer. Would you wear the stab vest on your chest or your back

  24. Sid… Totally right… I should only speak for myself… But if you want to read his immature pish ( i think you do) then crack on b

  25. Laxalt, that is your opinion, that without the ad hominem I would defend to the hilt.



    However I would also defend James right to his opinion.



    We and that’s me and you lol both have a choice whether we read or not.

  26. Paul



    You can be critically accurate, when criticising those outside of Celtic park. You often name individuals.



    When being critical of those indoors, you oft times use the word ‘they’ or ‘Celtic’



    Interestingly disappointing

  27. GERRY123


    You do not know me or anything about me.



    So I would appreciate if you didn’t comment on me personally thanks.

  28. Sid1888



    The best way to contact me is to ask Paul67 to forward your e mail address to me and I’ll get back to you.



    I am grateful for the offer to help pay for legal advice on the Boards behaviour towards shareholders (not that supporters are excluded but Res12 was pursued via the AGM open to shareholders only) but until or unless this suggestion made to the CST is taken up I would not want to seek a penny from anyone in pursuit of a case that would bear no positive fruit. This is what was put to the CST



    ” May I suggest that such discussions include the 100 plus shareholders who are willing to pledge sufficient funds to seek legal advice and also take in the Celtic Board’s AGM response to Res11/12 for reasons I mentioned at the meeting and set out later.



    Such a discussion on the legal approach can be done by Zoom where the merits, risks, desired outcomes and practicalities can be examined to see if the sums pledged would be money well spent or just another waste of time dealing with a Celtic Board who following today’s meeting obviously live in a different bubble of denial.”



    The CST Board made a decision not to do this for reasons I challenged and until such time as the discussion on merits etc is taken up by the support under the only apt representative body with the locus to pursue, it is just too formidable a task and responsibility for a very few individuals to shoulder.



    In pursuit of Res12 I had to find £11,266 to fund lawyers bills thinking Celtic and the requistioners were on the same path. In the event that turned out not to be so and never again will I seek money from anyone under what has turned out to be a false pretence. The small number of funders bar the many on CQN who contributed via crowd funding know were the blame lies.



    The money already pledged mentioned above was to seek legal advice on shareholders rights and director responsibilities based on a narrative supported by documentation which would be a useful tool in the CST armoury when dealing with Celtic for evermore.



    An example would be what are the rights and responsibilities of both parties if shareholders provide the Directors with hard evidence that the UEFA Licence in 2011 was obtained under false pretence (which was the opinion based on the evidence presented to him of a shareholding lawyer with long experience in criminal law) . What should the shareholders expect of the Directors in such circumstances?



    Now it might be that taking all the factors into consideration The Directors decision that is was not in the Company’s interest to act as expected was right, but does that excuse the Directors from any responsibility to set out why it wasnt in the Company’s interests to pursue?


    Armed with such advice the CST would not be taking a banana to a gunfight.



    There are more of instances where during the course of pursuing Res12 that kind of information would have been invaluable, particularly as the Celtic representative was the Company lawyer who used the law to counter points that could not be argued with in the absence of legal backing, but the CST decided against the suggestion.



    The way to change the CST minds is not to argue the toss with them now, for there are a number of issues to be addressed but for all supporters to join (you do not have to be a shareholder to join the CST, subscription rates are low ) and at the next AGM that should only be a few months away put the case to the members as a whole, not just the CST Executive, debate the pros and cons and vote on the use of funds (£20k already pledged ) with more from crowd funding if needed for that specific purpose.



    There is no doubt we need one body to represent the feelings of supporters to The Board and given constraints on the CSA, the CST look the best bet, but falling back on my experience as a capacity builder, the capacity to do what needs to be done simply does not exist at the moment but it can be built.



    In that respect here are my thoughts put to the CST early December that in my opinion would create the capacity that would enable the CST to become a powerful voice representing the support as a whole and by the very dint of numbers (I’m talking at least 20,000 ) would not be directed down cul de sacs by Directors ,whilst giving the impression they were motoring along the same highway to the same destination as the shareholders.




    The Future of the CST. Thoughts.



    The following are some thoughts for CST to consider to help make Celtic more accountable to their support based on experience of pursuing Resolution 12.



    1. Suggest CST change name from CST to the Registered Name: Celtic Supporters’ Society Limited Company Number: IP29147R so that it is clear CST is open to supporters and shareholders alike.


    2. Give supporters without shares a reason to join more than buying shares to enable CST to speak for them . Make use of technology and harness social media to identify representational issues, seeks views and act on them after gaining consensus.


    3. Revisit the CST Constitution to see if it needs changing to reflect what in effect would be a re branding and whatever aims , objectives and roles the rebranded organisation take on.


    4. Expand the new organisation to cover many thousands of Celtic supporters, ST Holders, Celtic TV subscribers, etc to give them added authority when raising issues with The Board.


    5. Give each member a membership card with a membership number.


    6. Be prepared to use the financial investment supporters make in Celtic to challenge what is in the Company’s interest where resistance is being met by The Board with no good reason.


    7. Make the Celtic Board more accountable and transparent as a result.


    8. Use subscriptions to fund share purchases, set up a legal cost fund (you need lawyers to argue your case with Celtic/SPFL/SFA Lawyers) and pay someone to administer /manage the expanded membership.


    9. Reshape web site to capture emerging issues, keep track of them and keep membership up to date on issues


    10. Invite contributions from Celtic supporters that align with organisations aims for publishing on the web site.


    11. Allow for a much expanded AGM and look at how it might be set up, perhaps using same technology as the Open Meeting on Zoom.


    12. Encourage volunteers with specific expertise to join sub committees to cover separate issues where particular knowledge is needed.


    13. Set agendas and invite Celtic to attend rather than be invited to meetings in small groups and encourage two way dialogue with Celtic as a prerequisite for restoring trust.


    14. Disabuse The Celtic Board of any notion the Celtic support are not capable of rational engagement.



    Res 12 Lessons.


    1. Much bigger support baseline needed.


    2. Celtic use the lack of such to ignore pursuing issues


    3. Legal fund absolute necessary to establish shareholder rights and Director responsibilities and challenge legal reasons used to obstruct progress.


    4. Media are under Celtic’s thumb, many journalists briefed on Res12 evidence, none followed up because it is not in their interests, so a respected presence on Social Media required to get any message out.


    5. Make a connection between business issues being pursued and results on the park so that there is a greater understanding of the importance of having a Board that is accountable as symptoms of poor business practice manifest themselves on the field of play.


    6. A lot of hard work involved but easier if spread over a larger organisation with a wider resource base to call on..




    If you want to make the above happen, join the CST and make it their policy if the points have enough value to become so after debate.



    What I’m suggesting is forget any misgivings in respect of CST as they currently stand, join them and be part of an entirely different future.