The vandals, the violent and the vile


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called what happened in Glasgow on Saturday “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  No holding back from Newco’s often-reluctant combatant.

On Friday, I suggested those who believe in Scottish or Glaswegian superiority should reappraise themselves on the streets on the city the following day.  Our society’s underbelly was as clear as it was predictable.  I could argue it is uglier than most places I know.

With George Square filled exclusively with illegally-assembled Newco fans, the combatants turned on each other; reliving the violence earlier generations of Oldco fans brought to cities across Britain and beyond.  There is no peer-control, no one cares enough about this particular reputation, certainly not the club that asked, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  When “If possible” statements are permitted, you know what you are dealing with.

Some of us are mere football fans, not trying to compensate for a whole range of inadequacies.  If possible, let them wait another decade before they have another trophy to celebrate.

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  1. squire danaher on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH MAY 2021 11:53 AM



    AN TEARMANN on 17TH MAY 2021 11:42 AM



    Surely the point about anti Irish Catholic bigotry/racism in Scotland is that it is not a party issue, it’s a cultural issue?



    So not only will it still be there if Scotland ever leaves the UK, but it will be louder and more powerful because it will be reverberating in a smaller space.






    Your point is only valid if it can be shown the wider space had a positive effect in deterring/addressing the problem.



    Basically you are projecting.



    You will be a long time waiting for K Starmer or B Johnson making a statement condemning Hun behaviour in Glasgow.

  2. Paul 67


    The worry being , is that won’t be another 10 years before the cave dwellers get another chance at a dignified riot . No thanks to the ongoing shambles at our club.

  3. Maybe a few more games behind closed doors might be a suitable sanction for Saturday’s riot?

  4. To the Government, the SFA and the Police, The Hun have


    challenged your authority AGAIN.


    Talk is cheap, what are you going to do about it?

  5. Back to Basics




    Wolves – early 60s.












    barcelona 72



    birmingham v villa



    turin v juvetus °



    barca- not welcome back.



    ° after this game my mate was in tending to business with Hugh Adams.The security head came in shaking his was mid 90s and he had complaints from hun bigots as to why those papish tallies had changed their phones since they arrived in italy



    The cause was their uk provider changin to an italian the majority it was Telecom Italia Mobilia, T.I.M :-))





    This is the level of thick hillbillyism we are dealing with.


    hope yir good mate





  6. After the weekend’s disgusting scenes , wonder what PL & DD think of the 5WA, assisting sevco and blue pound now ? Shame on our board they are as bad as them, can’t wait for Lie-well and the rest of them to get out of our club !!!

  7. SAINT STIVS on 17TH MAY 2021 12:35 PM


    On Rangers fans





    “On the Rangers terracing on Saturday there was congregated a gang, thousands strong, including the dregs and scourings of filthy slumdom, unwashed yahoos, jailbirds nighthawks, won’t works, burro-barnacles and pavement pirates, all, or nearly all, in the scarecrow stage of verminous trampdom. This ragged army of insanitary pests was lavishly provided with orange and blue remnants…. Practically without cessation, the vagabond scum kept up a strident howl of the “Boyne Water” chorus. Nothing so bestially ignorant has ever been witnessed, even in the wildest exhibitions of Glasgow Orange bigotry……”







    The reporter went on to describe the assembled throng of Celtic fans.





    “These complaints do not apply to the Celtic brake-clubs (supporters’ clubs) whose members, reasonable sentient human beings, are models of decorum and possess official testimonials to their blameless behaviour…..They are fond of singing, and to this no-one can reasonably object. On Saturday, the boys sang to their heart’s content. They gave us so many rousing choruses. “Hail Glorious St. Patrick”, “God Save Ireland”, “Slievenamon” “The Soldier’s Song”…. When Cassidy’s goal made victory sure, it was fine to hear the massed thousands at the western end of the Ibrox oval chanting thunderously “On Erin’s Green Valleys’..”





    ‘Man in the Know’ from the 1920’s Glasgow Observer in one of his reports relating to an Old Firm game in 1924

  8. BIG JIMMY on 17TH MAY 2021 11:11 AM









    I will need to wait until Wednesday, and then get some idea of what the Weathers gonna be like on Friday, if its okay to go to a Pub beer garden ? Theres little point in trying to book somewhere and also IF the Weather is not dry at least ? I will let you know about weather and IF Im well enough to go out ?





    I HAD PLANNED on defo going out today but I am a bit unwell, and I cant go out.





    Scunnered doesnt cover it.







    HH Mate.

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Ha! Like it.



    We have the great misfortune of having the worst club/ fan base in the world as our principal rival.

  10. I see big CH,Mamadou Sahko is out of contract shortly.PSG,Liverpool,C.Palace.Loads of experience.31,years old.A big beast.

  11. At least the flies are taking the good advice of Sports World Barcelona.



    Stay at home , piss in your own garden.






    Dear Rangers supporters, don’t come back to Barcelona. And not because you’re team are a bunch of cloggers, which they are. It’s not that: the Camp Nou often has weak, boring teams that only defend, run and foul, teams that have no place in the top tier competitions. But Rangers defend, run and foul badly. Their defenders are butchers, the midfielders have three feet and the forwards are wardrobes.



    But most of all, it would be preferable that Rangers never come to Barcelona again because every time they do they wreck it. You (Huns) destroyed the Camp Nou seats 35 years ago and this time we’ve had 48 hours of thuggery, provocation, fighting and low-life drunkards all over the city, which you’ve made a mess of at your whim.



    Stay and vomit in your own home, urinate in the corner of your own sitting room, fight with your own neighbours Celtic (who deserve a medal for putting up with you) and foul the streets of Glasgow. Don’t come back to Barcelona, you’re an embarrassment. And while we’re at it, don’t play in the Champions League. You’re not up to scratch, either on a sporting or human level.





    There are noisy supports who, even though they drink large quantities of beer, make friends. Not you lot, because you turn everywhere you go into dumps. You are undesirables.



    And so too are those who sell on their tickets. These people swindle Barcelona because they are selling their tickets illegally. And it makes other (Barcelona) supporters angry. If you’re not going to the match, give your ticket to a family member or a friend, or like many others, use the ‘Seient Lliure’ service. (SJR I think this is a scheme where you can re-sell unwanted tickets through the club)



    It is the club and UEFA who decide who tickets should be sold to. If only you, in a moment of sanity, decided not to travel without one. As that is impossible, it is necessary to crack down on those who sell them illegally. But best of all would be never being drawn against Rangers ever again.





    Original (from El Mundo Deportivo)


    Por favor, no vuelvan nunca más


    08/11/2007 03:00

  12. Talk about living in denial. Rangers FC statement saying the scum pervented then celebrating their 55th league win




  13. Dublin 84



    he worst of the violence happened at half-time when rival fans clashed on the pitch and the terraces.



    Five members of the Gardaí and 12 supporters were injured. Over 3,000 Rangers fans had travelled from Scotland with many more coming from Northern Ireland.



    There was further violence in Phibsboro near the ground following the game and local youths in Dundalk and Louth attacked the convoy of Rangers fans travelling back across the border.



    Glasgow Rangers manager Jock Wallace said,



    I was appalled be the behaviour of some of our followers. One can tolerate a certain amount of boisterous enthusiasm but what we saw here tonight was a disgrace to football and a sad reflection on Rangers club.



    This ‘Today Tonight’ report looks at events at Dalymount Park from precautions put in place before the match to prevent violence to the escalation of tension between fans as the game was played. Despite steel fences and a strong Gardaí presence, the actual football was relegated to a side issue as casualties mounted on the terraces.



    The result of the match was Bohemians 3 Rangers 2



    ‘Today Tonight’ broadcast on 20 September 1984.

  14. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Just a wee nugget. Told by a senior medic this morning that:



    1. The off-rota doctors were called in to the Royal Infirmary on Saturday. This is literally without precedent. Not after major RTAs, terrorist attacks. Never happened before.



    2. The police requested that the NHS establish a ‘field hospital/ triage centre’ in George Square on Saturday night. Politely declined by senior NHS management who refused to expose their staff to that toxic threat.



    That’s where wee Nicola’s appeasement got us. Meanwhile it’s still impossible to evaluate the COVID transmission consequences in postcodes where it was already spreading aggressively….

  15. timmy7_noted on

    Our board hiding behind the behaviour of the hun. The great big dead cat of the horribles right on q for an inept bunch who can’t even defend their own property when it suits them.


    A number of individuals and organisations have come out critical of the huns today but our board as ever quietly getting on with doing absolutely nothing.



  16. CaddingtonCommon on

    Good leader Paul, although I fear the damage is done.



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  17. st stivs



    man in know.


    have you read his report on ‘the dregs and burroo barnacles ‘ great wee read haha, totally unbiased.:-)




  18. The Class of 67 on

    Statement from Sevco includes “These so called ‘fans’ should reflect upon the values and ethos of our club“ – well that’s exactly what they were doing.



    This mob are a cancer which should be cut out of Scottish Football. Leicester City win the first FA cup in their history – didn’t hear any reports of “celebrating” by rampaging and causing carnage through their city. This wasn’t a celebration, it was a goading and an anti-Catholic hate-fest.

  19. SQUIRE DANAHER on 17TH MAY 2021 12:17 PM



    So not only will it still be there if Scotland ever leaves the UK, but it will be louder and more powerful because it will be reverberating in a smaller space.








    Not only, “louder & more powerful, but also, our advisories will be much bigger fish in a smaller & less scrutinised pool.



    They will also look to enter the political arena in order to have a distinctive & ‘legitimate’ voice for their culture of entitlement.



    They already control the narrative. Their statement that “a minority besmirched our name” is carried unchallenged by all areas of the media. The estimate of 20k belies this latest piece of propaganda – the figure equates to 45% of their season-ticket base.



    The Ulster angle & terminology of Unionist & Nationalist introduced by Salmond pre-2014 on order to con & convert the Catholic/Irish Labour vote, has been swallowed ‘hook, line & sinker’ by many on our side. A few strategically selected constituencies with Catholic/Irish candidates was the final part of the sting.



    There is no interest in us by the SNPcult – a movement that has always looked to purge Irish immigration.



    Not so long ago our triple-treble street parade very easily & quickly quashed by Police Scotland because “people are spilling off the pavements on to the road”

  20. lynott 67



    forgot bout them playing Bohs.tho i recall some huns here a bit cold as not a window was left in them




  21. timmy7_noted on

    Oh here we go again it’s been a while since we had the ethnic cleansing lies. Calendar reminder in operation.

  22. Paul 67,



    What happened on Saturday was beyond football. The ramifications will be reaching. Eg. Will players and managers want to come to a bigoted backwater ?



    A few things are patently obvious.



    The huns think it will be business as usual. They know we have a gutless government and an inept opposition.



    Is rioting now accepted by Police Scotland. Have they been instructed to abdicate intervention policing. Let the carnage playout, pick up a few stragglers and rely on CCTV after the event. No matter the reputational damage it does to our city and our country.


    Is there just not enough front line police anymore, unless it’s something like a first communion breaching Covid rules.



    We are kidding ourselves if we persist with the notion it is a minority.



    There is very little remorse, Tik Tok and other video streaming sites seem to glorify it.



    Why is this bigotry getting worse? . Possibly those living outside the central belt are unaware of the situation.



    Have the SNP unwittingly let the genie out the bottle. Increasingly I fear that the possible road to an ” independent ” country will be violent with no acceptable end game.



    Saturday raises many questions.



    HH to all.

  23. JHB,



    you should try reading some of them their Rangers bloggers,



    apparently Nicola is in league with the Pope who gave her instructions when he visited, and the City Council should be better organised to clean up after them, but they are lazy f b’s.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I wonder what Kamara’s lawyer thinks of his client’s ,F the Pope singalong

  25. squire danaher on

    JHB on 17TH MAY 2021 12:58 PM



    You’re misquoting me



    I was responding to Ernie Lynch.



    My point remains that being in the UK has not saved Glasgow and Scotland from exposure to Hun toxicity. Westminster has no interest in making comment or acting upon Huns being Huns. So it’s frankly unprovable today that UK rule has a positive effect on Hun toxicity.



    The Mike and Bernie Winters supposition that this would be worse in an independent Scotland is just that, supposition.

  26. timmy7_noted on

    Can you imagine how embarrassed you would feel this morning having been on the same side of the argument as those animals in the city at the weekend?

  27. Civic Scotland allows it to happen, so unless there is a change in policy from top to bottom and a reform of an institutionally biased Police force, then this will continue to happen be it football or Orange Parades.


    SNP have the powers to do so, but have chosen not to for over a decade. As such, they are complicit in the extreme( just as Labour were before and every Local Authority too). Polite Protestant Scotland needs to firstly admit there is a problem and then own it and look to cure it without victim blaming. Scotland’s Shame indeed.

  28. Go tell the Spartim on




    It’s not restricted to the central belt in my experience. Apologies if I’ve picked you up incorrectly

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