The vandals, the violent and the vile


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called what happened in Glasgow on Saturday “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  No holding back from Newco’s often-reluctant combatant.

On Friday, I suggested those who believe in Scottish or Glaswegian superiority should reappraise themselves on the streets on the city the following day.  Our society’s underbelly was as clear as it was predictable.  I could argue it is uglier than most places I know.

With George Square filled exclusively with illegally-assembled Newco fans, the combatants turned on each other; reliving the violence earlier generations of Oldco fans brought to cities across Britain and beyond.  There is no peer-control, no one cares enough about this particular reputation, certainly not the club that asked, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  When “If possible” statements are permitted, you know what you are dealing with.

Some of us are mere football fans, not trying to compensate for a whole range of inadequacies.  If possible, let them wait another decade before they have another trophy to celebrate.

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  1. I Emailed the First Ministers Office this morning in relation to the Hun fans, the Polis, Sevco FC and their STAFF Drinking INSIDE etc, and future ” Walks” by the Mankie Scum Mob.


    I also reminded wee Nicola of how she very quickly Punished Celtic after the Dubai trip, and asked WHAT is her office is gonna do about Sevco FC STAFF Breaking Covid Rules on Saturday ?


    Anti Catholic/Racist behaviour etc.



    As I dont live in her Post Code, I had to Email her office in Edinburgh, and provide YOUR Post code etc.



    I would urge as many as possible to Email her office….will it do any good …Probably not ?



  2. San Luis:



    “. Polite Protestant Scotland needs to firstly admit there is a problem and then own it and look to cure it …”



    That seems reasonable to me.

  3. For the last 300 years it has been generally accepted that the first duty of the state is to protect its citizens.


    For whatever reason, the Scottish Government has failed in that duty not once but twice in a matter of days.


    It must be obvious to even the most cretinous of their fan-base that they – because they are ‘they’ – can now breach the laws of the land with complete impunity. This is 2021.

  4. I am not holding my breath in expectation of a proportionate response to this demonstration of thuggery and bigotry.


    The bar is being raised by these actions.


    If this is not dealt with severely it will escalate.


    The police and government must know this.

  5. To any Young Posters/Lurkers on here….


    Now you know WHY the OLDER Celtic Supporters have called them…” The ANIMALS” for many, many years…IF you didnt know before ?


    HH Bhoys and Ghirls.

  6. timmy7_noted on

    San Luis on 17th May 2021 1:21 pm



    Excellent factual post totally void of propaganda.


    We need more of this and less of the hyperbolic scaremongering nonsense.

  7. quadrophenian on

    Make me think of the Zombie creatures from ‘I Am Legend’ when I see the celebrations:




    Sickened to watch how this mob rule endorses the worldview that Glasgow remains a lawless, violent city.



    Paul, you claim there is no peer control – a couple of the clips I saw show some attempts from within their ranks to placate the more extreme ‘infecteds’ – Sadly, that is mibby the minority referenced in meeja reports.



    GREENPINATA raises a good point: You’re Eddie Howe and tossing coins between that and Selhurst Park…



    Peter will be keeping JK on speed-dial for sure. HH

  8. If the Scottish Government has any intention of tackling groups of bigots on the streets of Scotland they need to address their own Police Force, Police Scotland who in my opinion and from the ones I have met are instituitionally biased at a minimum and worse in some cases, equality means nothing to these folk, and that is from very senior ranks to plod on the beat. they laugh at it as they know they get away with it unchallenged.

  9. Greenpinata



    Bigotry getting worse ?



    is it?


    i dont agree mate.


    it is is a slow societal process.


    but equality is always being worked on regardless the party.


    i just note the changes say in my lifetime



    business cant go by the knuckle.the brithers failure system is told to gtf as companies look for the best man(skills) for the job.



    The 7 local fascist OO bands marched up my main st with 16,000 others the week before the 12th……pre covid



    2 bands!!


    .2 to many i hear you say?


    40 years of sowing internecine armageddon by suggesting ‘ big Geordie is more loyal than you :-)).worked



    economic reality and intermarraige means change too.




  10. Gotta say, I’m pleased Celtic have refrained from comment. What happened in George Sq has nothing at all to with Celtic, why get involved?




  11. timmy7_noted on

    An Tearmann on 17th May 2021 1:41 pm



    Another balanced excellent post.



    I grew up in Lanarkshire in the 60s and 70s, from my perspective bigotry is no where near as bad now as it was then. My kids have never directly suffered from it and they find it strange that I get angry about it now, they see it as something from the past that raises its ugly head occasionally. I on the other hand saw and felt it pretty much every week growing up.

  12. timmy7_noted on

    Schummi on 17th May 2021 1:49 pm



    Problem is that is the way they approach everything, the only public communication of late is to criticise their own supporters.

  13. The cynicism involved in drawing up a statement decrying loutish behaviour when for the second time in a matter of weeks your own employees are involved in sectarian chants is quite staggering.



    They get away with it because Scotland has no journalists worthy of the name in media.

  14. Andy Patons Mullet on

    Within their DNA the huns see Scotland as their protestant country, governed by a protestant queen. Hence their backward approach to other creeds – we are deemed beneath them. This will never change sadly.



    The ongoing line of minority is an irrelevance and mute point imo – the KKK was a minority but it not stop the impact on numerous black americans with their violence against them and social disorder. This mob are no different and until any political party or leader calls them out correctly and the courts take their criminality seriously then their superiority complex will continue until either the monarchy vanishes (I live in hope) or hell freezes over.



    Last point – as a club Celtic should refuse to allow any tickets to go to them – the are racists full stop and the club should treat them as such. Their behaviour is criminal and we should not tolerate a single one of them.

  15. Celtic response to this is easy, Celtic or its support is not responsible for the gatherings at Ibrox and the scences in George Square and various streets thereafter, those responsible are those who were there , they were responsible.



    Celtic as a club must have nothing to do with them in any shape or form, no partnerships no joint anythings. Nothing and nothing ever.

  16. An Tearmann, Timmy 7 noted.



    I agree, compared to the 70’s the bigotry is not as bad. Institutionally at least.



    However and I make no political point here, I feel the bigotry has got progressively worse since 2013. The constitution issue has breathed life into sectarian organisations that were really dying. This allied to the huns with a misguided grievance factor and we see the results.



    Bada Bing:



    Yes it was Kamara’ lawyer who was talking about no longer tolerating tokenistic punishment for racist behaviour. If the videos prove categorically that the players indulged in this behaviour then an apology and explanation should be required. Sanctions should also be appropriate.




  17. The world has moved on, they are left behind, SNP, or any politics, Police Scotland, SFA, and society in general are still behind a world, where even UEFA ban them.



    When Scotland begins to acknowledge the unique Rangers problem only then can they begin to catch up with the rest of us.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An T – cheers.



    Revised Roll of Shame ….



    – Barcelona


    – Wolverhampton


    – Valencia


    – Chesterfield


    – Birmingham (England, not Alabama ! )


    – Newcastle


    – Leeds


    – Turin


    – Manchester


    – Glasgow



    Nice one Pablo particularly the last sentence.



    One to file away for May 2022.



    “While our primary objective is to win trophies for our club we have always taken our wider responsibilities to this fine city – whose name means Dear Green Place – extremely seriously.



    As such, following the disgraceful scenes last year, we were further motivated to achieve success this year and enjoy watching our supporters celebrate peacefully in public, thus


    going some way to restoring the city’s reputation so wantonly damaged by others.



    A victory for Glasgow, peace and inclusion”

  19. Dessybhoy @ 1:54



    Exactly this!


    One time when I’m happy for Celtic to do and say nothing.


    This is no more our concern than it is Alloa’s

  20. AN TEARMANN on 17TH MAY 2021 1:41 PM









    Bigotry getting worse ?







    is it?





    i dont agree mate.





    it is is a slow societal process.







    And such change in structural bigotry as there has been is largely due to outside influences like Westminster legislation and UK wide and multinational employers imposing their own recruitment standards.



    And in relation to the huns specifically the three main factors leading to their collapse were UK /English based ie the raid by City of London Police, the control of their banking shifting from Scotland to England and HMRC pursuing them to the death. I’d suggest it would have been an entirely different story if matters had been under Scottish control.

  21. They are a Newclub not a Newco.



    Referring to them by the wrong name is something that has caused enough problems already.

  22. SD @ 12.17



    Are you suggesting that the TFOD2.1 mad squad / zombie nation — young team / mentalists / zoomers / FTP Brigade / female street power-washers / yahoos / slappers / slapped-about’ers / rockets — only behave in this manner because we are part of the UK?



    Is that your point — they only behave like this because we are not independent?



    Now that is projection and then some if you are.


    My thoughts are that independence will make it worse.




    mate..i think as many folk and groups as possible should be condemning these morons and that includes Celtic.they are bringing shame to every walk of life including football and sport.


    we all suffer from some form of hatred from these supremist, bigoted and racist morons.

  24. UNCLE JIMMY on 17TH MAY 2021 2:21 PM


    Dessybhoy @ 1:54







    Exactly this!





    One time when I’m happy for Celtic to do and say nothing.





    This is no more our concern than it is Alloa’s







    But lets not forget that Celtic have helped to enable this by failing to challenge the same club narrative.

  25. Rolling_Stone on

    @ANDY PATONS MULLET on 17TH MAY 2021 1:53 PM



    “…their superiority complex will continue until either the monarchy vanishes (I live in hope) or hell freezes over.”



    I’m sorry, but this has zero to do with the monarchy. Anglicans do not hate catholics. The Queen is not espousing or propagating anti catholic rhetoric.



    The BBC in England lead with the Pope’s Christmas Mass ahead of the Anglican Mass. The London Eye lights up green to celebrate St Patrick’s day. Can you imagine that happening in Scotland (independent or otherwise)?



    The anti catholic/Irish hatred that we see in Scotland is firmly grounded in, and stems from, Scotland. The bigotry in the North of Ireland is perpetrated by those of Scottish heritage.



    It’s unbelievable that people think monarchy is the progenitor of this hatred. It’s a Scottish issue. Born, bred and continually accepted here in the greatest, bigoted, litte country the world has to offer.

  26. I happened to be in the company of what we might call polite Protestant Scotland members yesterday. To a man they were disapproving of what happened on Saturday. However, the alternative to that is us swaggering around the city every year and that is even more unpalatable to them.

  27. My wife called them Pigs,a bit unfair to the Pig family. No words can describe that shower.

  28. That them there rioting stats, surely Glasgow X 6



    2021 vs Glasgow City polis and themselves.


    2016 vs Hibees.


    1980 vs us and the horses.


    1969 vs the polis and the press men got punched


    1966 vs us at League Cup final


    1963 vs us.

  29. squire danaher on

    MADMITCH on 17TH MAY 2021 2:40 PM






    The point I’m making is that being part of the UK does not stop them.



    So how can it be argued that the problem is better than if we were independent.



    To say it would is a projection.

  30. 1969 courtesy of the celtic wiki.



    Rangers so confident they had arranged a post match party at Ibrox with accordian bands….it was cancelled afterwards. (i wonder if it was jimmy shands band or some other form of bandsmen ?)



    Newspapers report that 200 arrested during and after the match after Rangers fans tried to invade the park at 4-0.



    Celtic fans were criticised in the press for booing during the pre match national anthem (God save the Queen) and waving Irish flags throughout it’s duration. (the good old they wiz waving tri-colours excuse, whit dae you think i should day)



    At the end of the game the jubilant Celtic players ‘presented’ goalkeeper John Fallon to the supporters in view of his tremendous performance in goals.



    In the 1971 film, Dulcima, John Mills, for no plot reason, sits watching the goals from this game on the tv news. The Director must have been a Celtic man !



    No lap of honour was allowed at the end but when captain McNeill was presented with the cup instead of taking it down the steps he passed it back to each Celtic player who was then given their own personal rousing roar from 60,000 plus delirious Celtic fans in the stadium. This set a precedent which continued for years afterwards.



    This was one of Jock Stein’s greatest days as Celtic manager….and there were plenty of them.



    In later years Bertie Auld was to comment that he had seen this game twice. The first was on the Celtic tactics board at Parkhead as Stein explained to the team in advance what would happen and the second was on the pitch at Hampden on the day.







    1 John Fallon



    2 Jim Craig


    5 Billy McNeill


    6 Jim Brogan


    3 Tommy Gemmell



    7 George Connelly


    8 Bobby Murdoch


    11 Bertie Auld


    10 Bobby Lennox



    9 Stevie Chalmers


    8 Willie Wallace





    Billy McNeill 3′


    Bobby Lennox 44′


    George Connelly 45′


    Stevie Chalmers 76′



    sore losers, riotous winners.





    Evening Times 28 April 1969


    After being fined £5 at Glasgow Marine Court today Celtic fan Michael McGhee asked the magistrate – ‘Can I have my horn back ?’


    The horn was confiscated by police when McGhee was arrested after the cup final on Saturday. McGhee, 22, of 39 Closeburn Street Possil admitted a breach of the peace in Keppochill Road.



    Mr Kevin Breslin, the Fiscal, said McGhee was shouting ‘Celtic are the F*****g champions’ and ‘we are the people’.


    He was making the noise from a horn, the type found on motor vehicles.


    Baillie Thomas McLaren asked McGhee,’ Do you want it for next year ?’


    He then told the court officer ‘Give him his horn back. Judging by Saturday’s result it looks as if he will be playing it for some time to come’.



    Love this group, love how Mr McGrory is part of it all. Nae glesses on who is between Brogan and Gemmell



  31. So Big Billy passing the cup to the other players was a first ……….. I never knew that/