The vandals, the violent and the vile


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called what happened in Glasgow on Saturday “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  No holding back from Newco’s often-reluctant combatant.

On Friday, I suggested those who believe in Scottish or Glaswegian superiority should reappraise themselves on the streets on the city the following day.  Our society’s underbelly was as clear as it was predictable.  I could argue it is uglier than most places I know.

With George Square filled exclusively with illegally-assembled Newco fans, the combatants turned on each other; reliving the violence earlier generations of Oldco fans brought to cities across Britain and beyond.  There is no peer-control, no one cares enough about this particular reputation, certainly not the club that asked, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  When “If possible” statements are permitted, you know what you are dealing with.

Some of us are mere football fans, not trying to compensate for a whole range of inadequacies.  If possible, let them wait another decade before they have another trophy to celebrate.

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  1. Police can trace phone specific equivalent ip address (phone has a different name for this)



    Specialist system can ping a phone to within 5 yrds range (at best) to give current location ..

  2. garygillespieshamstring on

    I wonder if the “balance of probability” argument applies to sweet Carolinegate.



    After all, they have previous form for this.


    As had the old club.



    I would say that on the balance of probability, they are guilty.

  3. Their rolling out some amount of predictable deflectors



    * Governments fault, simple to open Ibrox (that would have seen 15,000 become 50,000).



    * Councils fault – they knew we were coming (wft).




    For Criminal obvs it’s beyond reasonable doubt like 80 % sure. Police could properly investigate to corroborate evidence which they might need to convict. Only takes 1 to crack at interview.



    Balance of probability only 51% Needed is Civil Court. Think sfa base their system on this.

  5. I’d guess now any hope DD had of entering the English set up as part of a double act have just been blown out of the water.


    If only he’d……….

  6. Big Jimmy on 17th May 2021 11:11 am







    I will need top wait until Wednesday, and then get some idea of what the Weathers gonna be like on Friday, if its okay to go to a Pub beer garden ? Theres little point in trying to book somewhere and also IF the Weather is not dry at least ? I will let you know about weather and IF Im well enough to go out ?


    I HAD PLANNED on defo going out today but I am a bit unwell, and I cant go out.


    Scunnered doesnt cover it.



    HH Mate.









    No problem big yin if your up for it just let me know if not another time.




  7. garygillespieshamstring on






    I was just being naughty, remembering the Tonev case and how quick the media were to find the Slavia player guilty.

  8. setting free the bears




    What has happened to George? is he left with a choice of limbo,or posting on cqn lol


    Brian Wilson, respinning brilliantly the harris tweed industry whilst being the kpi board of our club.


    not seen anti catholic in any by a leaders response in past.that is a progressive change in language tho agree when we did not act needs to be learned from.



  9. SAINT STIVS on 17TH MAY 2021 7:09 PM



    They should have lifted en masse last time around.



    And all had visits.



    They could also film them like they do with us where ever we go…









    Yes the media convict on balance of how much it will help the huns. 🤣😂

  11. sftb


    rosanna the republican.i just deem her very quiet,in a ssshy no commenty sort of way.she was at ob time if i recall




  12. SAINT STIVS on 17TH MAY 2021 7:09 PM



    Their rolling out some amount of predictable deflectors



    * Governments fault, simple to open Ibrox (that would have seen 15,000 become 50,000).




    * Councils fault – they knew we were coming (wft).





    the doctored video is a good yin




  13. While I knew not a word of condemnation would come from within Celtic park , I did expect to hear the voice of our church leaders . The jimtim,s , the Paul 67 etc carry no weight but our church hierarchy making a statement should make a few of the scum currently working how to get this swept under the carpet sweat a bit . If no action is taken by the Scottish government , uefa , the police, the courts . Then it’s the back of the bus for us right enough . I didn’t mention the HQ of Scottish football as they never take any action unless it’s against us . I did mention the helping hand given to that govan mob by the Lanarkshire referee association to stop the ten , even although we helped them more than the refs . Wait till you see the assistance awarded when 40 million is at stake .

  14. Tiny Trot @ 4.59



    Socialist Vanguard circa 92/93 — were you their Glesga delegate?


    The WIC Trots in the Tax Office complained vociferously that they gave them some of their own medicine. Shouting betrayal at anyone who tried to deal with the real world — oh the irony.



    As for AS — he made comments pushing for the HMRC to make some sort of accommodation with TFOD over the Big Tax Case.



    He offered his thoughts regarding the HMRC taking what they could but leaving TFOD intact / on life support so that someone could nurse them back to health.



    Matter of public record — grey moment for me regarding the exact date / specific circumstances.



    If he had been their boss — it would have been a direction and not a suggestion.


    The joys of Independence await — well not as long as Not-Jacinda is in charge.


    To cushy — shouting the odds if you can get someone else to pay for it.

  15. 31003



    Not forgotten about the offer of a game, our course has had a lot of cold weather, night frosts until very recently, so the grass on the greens is reluctant to grow at the moment, rest assured i will get you and the others up as soon as the course is at its best, shouldnt be too long now.

  16. Turkish football channel doing a spot on Aaron Boupendza.Sensational season,finishing top scorer.Big thing is he has done it with nobodies.Caught my attention,that they mentioned Celtic,and Arsenal interested.

  17. Racism and anti religious chanting at football should be reported to the referee, a warning over the PA that if this continues the match will be abandoned and the points/tie awarded to the opposition of those doing the chanting, very easy with segregation. Needs a back bone though of the Football authorities and of the players.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Need to keep an eye on this



    Yousaf said: “Strict liability has to be considered, no ifs no buts. It’s clearly a matter that has to be discussed and considered.

  19. maditch



    socialist- whit ?? 😂😂


    aw diddums your inventing little boxes for me in your head. Alas i am not there..bit vacuous



    alec put his plea in,so did many labour and tory politician and gregory all did not matter a jot.HMRC done them.that is also on the record.


    minty is a tax evader,


    you take it easy itchy rest up and maybe the frequency of yir grey moment might go down.


    doubt it tho

  20. Tiny Trot @ 8.41



    HMRC vs TFOD — you got this wrong.



    AS did get involved — he made comments in support of an agreement to keep the TFOD alive.


    You said he didn’t — and guess what — your viewpoint was wrong.



    At some point you are going to have to get used to the reality that you are not as smart as you think you are.



    So please less of the frontier gibberish and more humility.


    It would help everyone on here including yourself.

  21. jhb



    In no particular new order….



    “Our Folk”


    “Our Kind”


    “Our People”




  22. I have to say, my opinion of Jeanette Findlay has just gone up a huge way. Very impressed by her performance on The Nine. The BBC interviewer had to try the old whataboutery of the IRA to deflect from the unpalatable home truths she was giving to Scotland.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yeah Jeanette Findlay was not having any of this whataboutery , even pointed out to him this was the cause of racism in this country, to try and deflect the issue

  24. how do you stop this sectarian culture and disease from Glasgow rangers? Its nothing new, every city they visit has been trashed and the locals subjected to their vile behavior. The usual sounbytes from the “authorities” is merely a slap on the wrist.



    IT NEEDS SEVERE PUNISHMENT – not another warning!!



    ban all away support, ban them from Europe , deduct points – needs to be something that really hurts the football club.



    Only then, will the football club actually do everything they can to try to eradicate it!



    Its a society failing to move on because the the worst case of behavior is accepted – marching season is an absolute embarrassment

  25. One of the reasons why Sevco have been getting away with riots COVID Party’s incidentally the Birthday player Arfield wasn’t at the Party believe that if you like and many other things,for which they went unpunished,Lawell and his cronies kept there mouths shut ,which they Sevco exploited and knew fine well they would get away with all there shenanigans,So there we have it our board was being run with a bunch of cowards who are as much to blame for the Sevco Rioters,Next Season we need real Celtic Men at the helm who are not prepared to take decisions lying down be it Sevco or any other Football Club.

  26. Just seen about the 100th video from Saturday. This one on a train which was particularly stomach churning. Drunken yobs of a Sevco persuassion knocking lumps out of each other in the confined space of a carriage. My concern wasn’t for them but for innocent passengers who looked – understandably – absolutely petrified. No doubt that kind of incident would have been repeated many times on Saturday as they all made their way home on public transport with their hatred taken to new levels by dint of the drink.



    They most certainly weren’t sitting quietly having a measured discussion about Everyone Anyone or whatever the blazes it’s called. Totally shameful behaviour.

  27. Listened to shortbread discussing the zombie fest earlier. Not exactly cerebral debate or nuanced commentary. Let me be honest it was the kind of drivel I could hear by sitting in a bar listening to drunk guys pontificating. Utter dross. Never mind the defelction and all the rest, they just aren’t very bright people.



    I was thinking about the sevco custodians and why they indulge their support base. Three things. 1. They are still connected to their support in a way most other clubs boards are not. In their case this is a really bad thing. Their board are slightly more respectable versions of what turned up in George Square. 2. It isn’t about the blue pound and not offending them. See 1. And 3. They have no eye on the longer term, the bigger prize or any moral compass with regards to it all. See 1.

  28. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Read Helen Martin today in the Scotsman ‘no punches pulled article.She will have to be careful mind you…that hard hitting piece certainly hit home.

  29. This is the same club who recently with the aid of the 4th estate were up in arms about been victims of abhorrent racism


    It’s as surreal as a Peter Cook sketch



  30. ‘Glasgow Live’ going with this tonight…




    Shay Logan has taken one final dig at Celtic after his Aberdeen exit was confirmed on Monday.



    The defender leaves Pittodrie after seven years at the club and he had plenty of run ins with Celtic players and fans during his Dons career.



    And he couldn’t resist having one more pop at the Celtic Park faithful during his farewell statement to Aberdeen fans on Instagram on Monday evening.



    He posted a lengthy goodbye to the club and described himself as ‘living rent free’ inside Celtic fan’s heads as part of it.



    Logan was the victim when Aleksandar Tonev was banned for seven games for racial abuse back in 2014 after an incident during a game between Aberdeen and Celtic.



    Whataboutery, shameless swines.