The vandals, the violent and the vile


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called what happened in Glasgow on Saturday “violence and vandalism and vile anti-Catholic prejudice”.  No holding back from Newco’s often-reluctant combatant.

On Friday, I suggested those who believe in Scottish or Glaswegian superiority should reappraise themselves on the streets on the city the following day.  Our society’s underbelly was as clear as it was predictable.  I could argue it is uglier than most places I know.

With George Square filled exclusively with illegally-assembled Newco fans, the combatants turned on each other; reliving the violence earlier generations of Oldco fans brought to cities across Britain and beyond.  There is no peer-control, no one cares enough about this particular reputation, certainly not the club that asked, “If possible, please celebrate within your own community.”  When “If possible” statements are permitted, you know what you are dealing with.

Some of us are mere football fans, not trying to compensate for a whole range of inadequacies.  If possible, let them wait another decade before they have another trophy to celebrate.

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    Would anyone be surprised if the outcome of all this is an updated version of the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act?

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Looking at the carnage at George Square that’s twice this year.



    When did it become the norm for celebrating fans to march from their stadium to the square. Forget covid rules, when were the police given this discretion to allow marches without council approval!?!

  3. Don’t wish to start a party political debate, though I’d be keen to see all political parties come out and unequivocally condemn the scenes and bigotry of the weekend.


    I think only SNP and the Greens have so far? Unsure if any others yet.


    What a powerful show of unity that would be

  4. ernie


    I was wondering why the MSSM were being, by their standards, fairly critical of Sevco and their supporters. A `new` OBAFaTC could well be the reason. I hope not.

  5. McPhail Bhoy on

    The fight back begins…. no not against vile racist and sectarian mentality and actions. No ‘Operation It’s Not That Bad’ got up a head of steam after a tricky few days of condemnation from most observers to the Hun Fest.


    ‘A small minority of so called fans’


    ‘Drunken behaviour got out of hand’


    ‘Could have been handled better by Police, Council, Scottish Government ‘


    ‘Video clearly falsified to attack Rangers*’


    And the winner? Step forward Charlie Nicholas who after a couple of days, ‘sitting here thinking ‘ decided that after the Hun hordes reverted to type somehow THEIR behaviour is the reason ‘the Old Firm won’t be invited to play in England ‘.


    There you have it, misunderstood, young boys who can’t handle their drink while letting of some ‘justifiable steam’ are let down by the authorities and the players of the mighty Glasgow Rangers *’ have their good name besmirched and at the end of the day everyone knows that uppity Fenians educated in Kafflic skools are to blame so they ur!

  6. McPhail Bhoy on 18th May 2021 8:58 am





    Excellent post.




  7. Big Jimmy


    I went to the pub yesterday and it felt like they had never been shut. I am not trying to make you jealous but suggesting that you wait until they open indoors in Glasgow before making your return. You have managed seven months or more and the recent exension of beer gardens only would have been a blow but I am sure you can manage it. Hope whatever is troubling you at the moment soon improves.


    Time for a rather wet bike ride.


    Cheerio for now.

  8. Beware of equivalence, it will be everywhere trying to rope the Celtic support in, this was a hate fest that contained alot of criminality from those attending, anti Catholicism was very evident, those there did it, they own it.


    The Police, the Scottish Government, Councils,need to change rapidly this is not going away they are empowered, Sevco and the individuals concerned need to have the strongest punishments and deterents applied.

  9. TFOD players and the “party” songs — giving it laldy.


    Two things stood out for me.



    GS — face like fizz / not enjoying it at all.


    Any surprise then that he high tailed it back down south at the first opportunity?



    RG — in the thick of it / turning the volume up to 11.


    Didn’t take him long to get up to speed.



    Long walk to Govan …


    From Stockholm via Jo’burg.



    I’m waiting for someone to claim that the footage was doctored.

  10. McPB @ 8.58



    They are deluding themselves.


    No wonder Scotland is a spectator to the modern world.

  11. Sleekit message-management aided and abetted by Laptop Loyal in Shortie………



    Rainjurz “guid name”????? Besmirched????? Whit?



    What good name??? Thur neanderthals are famous for this, and so too are thur stewards in the boardroom…………………



    Thur fan behaviour merely supports thur toxic obnoxious values and further evidences what this range of Klub’s is aw aboooot.



    The MSMs view allows the roots of all this to be put at arms length and conveniently obscures the cause of Scotlands shame….

  12. Media types starting the ” Naughty Old Firm ” bollocks.


    Not half of anything but the board will sit quietly and


    anticipate next seasons blue pounds.

  13. I’d also counsel caution on us pursuing the Video…………



    Thurs ample evidence elsewhere of thur bigoted behaviour……………….



    If theres any dubiety here its an excellent out ball for hundom and to rubbish Social Media activism.



    They are being allowed to dictate the agenda.



    Where’s Hampden in aw this???



    Aye, I know……………..




    Fix fitba: Empty Hampden.

  14. we’ve won the league the last 9 year withooooot trashin’ , riotin’ , defekatin’ etc etc …….




  15. ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH MAY 2021 8:04 AM





    Would anyone be surprised if the outcome of all this is an updated version of the SNP’s Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act?




    I fear you are spot on.

  16. quadrophenian on

    EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 18TH MAY 2021 9:35 AM



    Cheers fella. The line in the Hootsman’s article that stunned me wiz:



    ‘…because all parts of civil society, our highest authorities and, in no small part, we in the media have all been enablers in allowing a corrosive sense of entitlement to be brewed with a cocktail of anti-Catholic/anti-Irish bigotry.’




  17. QUADROPHENIAN on 18TH MAY 2021 10:23 AM



    Wow, a step in the right direction.

  18. Charlie Nicholas, very good player for a very short time. Complete halfwit for a very long time. Morons like him should not be given a platform.

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