The Vanhaezebrouck miracle, too late for legal advice


Anderlecht have appointed Hein Vanhaezebrouck manager. I like this guy. He took Gent to one of the most unlikely league wins in 2015. For many, this was a one-off, but Vanhaezebrouck
wasn’t finished. He steered Gent from pot 4 in the Champions League group stage, to the knock-out round, eliminating Valencia and Lyon from the competition in the process.

All of this was achieved with Rami Gershon in central defence, so it wasn’t as though he inherited a squad of undiscovered brilliance. Anderlecht will be vastly more effective when they visit Glasgow in December. We will still have enough to take care of them, but the Belgian’s home game to Bayern Munich on 22 November will not be a stroll for the visitors.

I’m in despair at Newco ‘taking legal advice’ after their friendly in Canada was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. I know there’s a clue in the used name (“Newco”) but have these people no real-world experience?

The time to take legal advice is when you contract to an undertaking, especially if you are asking fans to book flights. If the event organiser can put your money in escrow or put sufficient guarantor in place, sign the contract. If you, you know the game may never happen.


Kevin Graham is back with a new CQN Podcast from Saturday. He talks to supporters on the bus on the way to Parkhead, interviews John Paul Taylor outside the ground and captures the atmosphere and action inside the ground before getting some more supporters’ views on the bus home after an eventful afternoon at Celtic Park.

Apologies for a few sweary words in this podcast near the end.


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  1. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    Heading off to Benalmadena again for the international break, having a few beers in the Costa’s best Celtic bar, John Lemon, and hopefully catch up with ‘Cabeza Vieja’ for an update / review of Res 12 and related matters !



    Hope our players get used sparingly by GS over the two games, except CalMac of course – he could do with the game time. Hopefully Kouassi and Sviatchenko will be back fit and available for the demanding run in to the winter break.



    An interesting November on and off the park with Champions League, AGM and JR update?

  2. Good article Paul, I think the idea that the Anderlecht game in Glasgow will be a gimme shouldn’t enter our thinking and I’m sure it won’t with the players and coaches..




    We’ve seen too many teams break up the park and score against us over the years not to take them seriously!




  3. “I’m in despair at Newco ‘taking legal advice’ after their friendly in Canada was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales”



    They only sold 100 million of the possible 500 million, so why the surprise people???

  4. glendalystonsils on




    Reports from his international camp saying he arrived with a hamstring tear.

  5. ` ” Brendan Rodgers insists the 2-2 draw with Hibernian which preserved their unbeaten domestic run “was arguably our result of the season”. `



    Coming just days after our 0-3 in Anderlecht , I am not sure that I agree with Brendan ( apart from the `arguably` part !) but I can certainly see his point. The game immediately following an Away fixture in Europe is invariably a tricky proposition. After Hibs went 1-2, I felt they were more likely to add to their total than were we to equalise.


    Cal Mac has special skills and reaL belief. That combination was a major factor in the rescuing of a point and maintaining our incredible record.




  6. Bada


    I see it as a bit like Formula One cars being more likely to experience problems than a run of the mill road car.




  7. Good afternoon CQN


    Sin City Bhoy glad to you and your family are okay



    Thoughts and prayers to all in that great City


    God bless you all



    Mountblow tim

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    A friendly, Paul??? The MSM have been referring to this game as a “prestigious tournament”.


    Although I can’t say I had ever heard of it!


    Maybe something to do with the Dallas Cowboys tie-up?

  9. Simunovic injury is a blow.


    I think his wholehearted and robust approach leaves him vulnerable to such.


    One thing that has disappointed me is our lack of integrating Ajer into squad with lack of playing time since Astana away.


    He was far less culpable than his partner that night but the repercussions a poor defensive display have seen him shouldering the blame.


    I understand he is young but the recent league games should have seen him have some game time to get him up to speed.


    Particularly when Jozo has a track record of injury which management have shown awareness of resting him in some games.


    Not a huge fan of Erik so i hope an experienced centre half is prioritised in next transfer window.

  10. It used to take me a while to read back on here.



    Not so now.



    Is it because it’s the international break, or are less posters posting?

  11. Philboy,


    maybe you were just a slow reader, and have speeded up :-)


    I think both, ( international break and less posting. ) and, the number of comments is down generally i suspect but watch the difference if we get a bad result…….

  12. Simunovic is a decent player but unfortunately a sicknote, someone who will never be able to play regularly throughout his career.



    Has he been fit for more than a few consecutive games since he joined Celtic?



    I would sell him at the first opportunity and buy another centre half.

  13. Robinbhoy, without checking back, I am sure he played a large percentage of games last season and also been regular this campaign.



    First class defender and still very young.








    The nightshift seems to be defunct now,and the early shift is struggling.



    It’s a shame. But we could fill a thousand pages wi the shite we talk to each other when we get together. Pity we don’t do it so much on here.



    So,11/11 it is,put the world to rights and hen I get jealous at your taxi home!





    I noticed you’ve booked in for 11/11. Magic. Mail me nearer the date,we can ko in The Horsehoe or The BV,your call. I got dragged away from you and your better half last time,and that wasn’t my intention.




  16. Hi Paul67,



    Thanks for the heads up on the new Anderlecht Manager, taking nothing away from our performance, which I thought was excellent, I did think Anderlecht were poor at home.



    Always expected a tuffer test @ Celtic Park so was really pleased to see Sinky’s late strike go in…



    If we take anything from the next two encounters with Bayern, they will be more focused on getting a result in Belgium – big stakes now.



    Interesting observation on Newco…



    You’ll have noticed they have certain connections to Rangers.



    They play on the same ground, they “inherited” many of Rangers Fans and try to emulate Rangers in other ways.



    Rangers were a Club that did not seem to want to take responsibility for their own actions. They seemed forever to be looking for an additional hand and if things didn’t work out extraneous culpabilities to blame.



    During Craig Whyte’s trial we heard professionals from their Bank, MIH Executives, Accountants, Lawyers etc etc highlight a complete lack of commitment or understanding of their obligations the Rangers Executives and Management had towards their roles and responsibilities.



    That Institution was on the go for 140 Years without learning those fundamental lessons.



    We should not be expecting it’s five year old mini-me, that has the same ethos and in many cases the same faces to behave in a responsibile and steadfast manner.



    It will always be somone else’s fault.



    Hail Hail

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    From end of previous article…a big thanks :-)




    ***** MUNICH UPDATE *****






    Just back from Celtic Park, and delighted to report that, after a nerve-wracking few weeks, I now have in my carefully buttoned jacket pocket, three FC Bayern Munchen versus Celtic FC tickets in the Celtic End.



    I have updated Wee BGFC via text message – he is currently in school. I quote his responses verbatum below:



    “Yer kiddin !!!!!!!!”



    “OH MY JINGS !!!!!!!!!”



    “I’m freakin out !!!!!!!”










    I believe he had to go back into class at that juncture – I doubt whether they will get his absolute and full attention for the remainder of the day :-))



    Can we just say a big thanks to everyone who made efforts on our behalf – as always, it is very much appreciate. Honorable mentions specifically to:



    – Delaneys Dunkey



    – HamiltonTim



    – Favourite Uncle



    – WicklowBhoy in Bavaria




    and to anyone else who was looking out for us (especially also the wife of one of our posters who was checking out the Garmisch Partenkirtchen Bayern Munich Supporters Club on our behalf).



    We are in Garmisch for four days before heading up to Munich for the game, so will give the GaPa BM boys a preview of the Celtic atmosphere they can expect at the game.



    So – me, Wee BGFC and Mrs BGFC can now relax for a couple of days – I am knackered with the pressure !!!



    Hail Hail, and thanks again to fellow-Tims for keeping us in their minds.








    PS – Anyone got any spares for Aberdeen away :-))

  18. PHILBHOY on 3RD OCTOBER 2017 1:55 PM




    ‘or are less posters posting?’






    Fewer posters, posting less often.



    I reckon they’ll all come flocking back when the poppy debate starts.





    That’s amazing-yer teenage son disnae swear!!!!!



    Absolutely delighted for you,the better half,and your lad.




  20. Thanks for your replies re how quiet the blog appears to be.






    Really looking forward to it!

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