The Vanhaezebrouck miracle, too late for legal advice


Anderlecht have appointed Hein Vanhaezebrouck manager. I like this guy. He took Gent to one of the most unlikely league wins in 2015. For many, this was a one-off, but Vanhaezebrouck
wasn’t finished. He steered Gent from pot 4 in the Champions League group stage, to the knock-out round, eliminating Valencia and Lyon from the competition in the process.

All of this was achieved with Rami Gershon in central defence, so it wasn’t as though he inherited a squad of undiscovered brilliance. Anderlecht will be vastly more effective when they visit Glasgow in December. We will still have enough to take care of them, but the Belgian’s home game to Bayern Munich on 22 November will not be a stroll for the visitors.

I’m in despair at Newco ‘taking legal advice’ after their friendly in Canada was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. I know there’s a clue in the used name (“Newco”) but have these people no real-world experience?

The time to take legal advice is when you contract to an undertaking, especially if you are asking fans to book flights. If the event organiser can put your money in escrow or put sufficient guarantor in place, sign the contract. If you, you know the game may never happen.


Kevin Graham is back with a new CQN Podcast from Saturday. He talks to supporters on the bus on the way to Parkhead, interviews John Paul Taylor outside the ground and captures the atmosphere and action inside the ground before getting some more supporters’ views on the bus home after an eventful afternoon at Celtic Park.

Apologies for a few sweary words in this podcast near the end.


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  1. Just back from a few days of drunken debauchery,first look at the headlines,and wish I was still blootered.Big Jozo,dear God,how unlucky can some players be.Just when we thought he and Dedryck would be filling our CH roles brilliantly.Cue the,sick note brigade,just itching to get it in there.


    Surely Eric must be about fit?.Not as good,but at least he IS a CH.Once again we are left in the dark about Eboue.Supposed to have been back in October,but nothing from Celtic as yet.Big surprise.


    Anyway,carry on,you are all doing wonderfully.







    Eboue was injured against Killie in the Betfred Cup on 8th August.



    The club said he would out for about 2 months.



    So hopefully he is not far away from making a return.

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hi Bobby – indeed he does not – he does find the swearing from others at the football hilarious, though.



    He will have been buzzing all day today. We have been in at CP about 5 times in the past week (I’ve sloped off work for an hour every morning since last Thursday, as well as Fri and yesterday afternoon after work). We’ve been on the website constantly, phoned loads of times, etc. – I think they just got fed up with us :-)



    Actually – the remaining tickets went on sale at 09:30 this morning, and were all gone by 10:30 – I got ours about 09:50 – so t’was a close shave !!!



    HH pal



  4. Feel sorry for Big Jozo, he’ll be taking wee Shaun’s mantle if he’s no’ careful……….



    Get well soon Big Man.

  5. BMCUW


    I think ernie was just trying to show the difference between `fewer` and ` less`.




  6. I am travelling back from Spain over Christmas and NY to visit family. I had a wee dream of taking my 5-year-old son and my 77-year-old dad to a game for the first time together. Since my son was born, it has been a question of waiting until the boy he old enough but not waiting too long in case my dad wasn’t up to it . . .


    It so happens there are home games against Aberdeen and Sevco over that period, both of which will be complete sell outs no doubt.


    I was surprised and delighted therefore to go on to the Celtic FC ticket office site this afternoon and get three tickets in the family enclosure (area 115) for the Aberdeen game. Thrilled to bits.


    No idea if I have been very lucky today or whether there are usually seats on the go for that section? Also, for future reference, does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of adult tickets you can get for the family section when taking a young child in? I assume there must be some kind of rules on this?

  7. Hundebirds…………….



    It would seem apt, unfortunately….at least the wee barra is on hand to give him expert recovery advice.

  8. Deniabhoy


    I am pleased that you managed to get those tickets. I am sure they will all sell out before the game.


    I couldn`t find the information re Adult numbers but I am sure this man could help:




  9. Superscoreboard‏






    Scottish FA’s compliance officer won’t be taking any action against Rangers’ Carlos Peña for alleged elbow v Hamilton Accies.

  10. Lefty


    Is that a confident prediction or a piece of information? Indeed, in Scotia where Sevco are concerned, is there any difference?




  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I always wondered if Maloney trained correctly. I think it is a possibility that, in order to negate his diminutive stature, he “bulked up” too much, creating excessive stress on joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle.



    Just a theory.

  12. “Scottish FA’s compliance officer won’t be taking any action against Rangers’ Carlos Peña for alleged elbow v Hamilton Accies.”




  13. DeniaBhoy


    have a wonderful time here and at the games.


    Been envious looking at the many great chefs who were at the recent DNA festival


    though have been lucky to eat with a couple of them


    hope you managed to get some good scran

  14. “Scottish FA’s compliance officer won’t be taking any action against Rangers’ Carlos Peña for alleged elbow v Hamilton Accies.”



    The M25 is a busy Motorway.

  15. I see VVD is talking about moving on in January. I watched the highlights on Saturday of their match v Stoke and even from that you could tell he was going through the motions. It was bizarre that Southampton decided to keep him. Anyway, i can’t see him going for the 60/70 million now.

  16. Hello , just catching up with the blog and I see an article about Liverpool fans liking Celtic songs , ive got to say its a real kick in the teeth reading that we need a song for James Forrest on CQN when ive posted my ideas on the site already , I started posting song ideas after WINNING CAPTAINS asked for posters for song ideas for Tom Rogic , so I posted mine and have continued with songs for others with little or no response , fair enough but if Paul 67 and Winning Captains don’t support or encourage CQN as a resource for song ideas I think its a bit hypocritical to have Pages on Liverpool fans opinions on our songs , Why wouldn’t CQN support the idea of songs originating from CQN we have music lovers aplenty , clever and witty posters and even the odd legal mind surly between us we can create songs ideas for the terraces on here , what a buzz that would be to hear songs at the games that originated on CQN , I know this will probably come across as attention seeking , but I want to emphasize its not my ideas but CQN ideas I would like to see , HAIL HAIL .

  17. NEW PADDY SONG (Bankrobber – The Clash ) Young Paddy was at Man City , but he really missed his buddy , cos he’s got Celtic in his veins and you can’t buy that with money , some Celts are rich and some are poor but the Huns in liquidation , so every time young Paddy scores we join in celebration .

  18. Not surprising the injury toll at Celtic is starting to pile up. The team has already played 8 games in the Champions League alone in addition to domestic competitions and International demands after a very shortened close season, players become injury prone. Jozo unfortunately is a case in particular.



    Erik Sviatchenko was a star player in Denmark at various grades and did very well for his club in a great run in the Europa so the opportunity is there for him to stake his claim and win his place in the Hoops now that Jozo looks to be out again for some time.

  19. Thanks Hot Smoked.


    WhiteDogHunch – the area for the food festival was aboslutely mobbed, they were turning people away. It was the first time in a decade I have seen heavily armed police in the area as well as armed patrol boats on the beach. Obviously they were worried some idiot might try to do something stupid like drive a car into the crowd.

  20. Just seen ACC Higgins on the news, talking about the OBaf act, “Old Firm” supporters mentioned, no obvious challenge to who the Old Firm is from the people listening how do they know who he is talking about?Seems he is quite narrow in who this effects.


    One reply from Paul Quigley who said this act has caused a breakdown in the relationship between fans and the Police

  21. PHILBHOY 3rd October 2017 1:55 pm


    Think a lot of posters been chased off for having the AUDACITY to have a different opinion

  22. DeniaBhoy


    yeah saw fotos of the beach chocca


    hope you get that quality of of cooks at next one

  23. on a lighter note my wife said to me today you havent bought me a new dress in years. i said no wonder. the last dress i bought you. you tripped over the veil.




    Mibbe the Blog is also over policed.



    I had a post deleted for calling Andy Walker a wan*er.



    Was I talkin’ rubbish?

  25. allright cmon bhoys whos missing and why ill start. the green man .weefrathetim .corkcelt. awenaw philvis. lurgan 57 .mcjay. kojo or maybe not kojo lets debate why.

  26. What is the Stars on

    Wicklow bhoy in Bavaria


    Just saw your post. Would love to take tickets and should be able to help out with home game ticket

  27. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Philbhoy, A Walker is a winker. He looks a very angry and unhappy person with the permascowl look on his coupon.



    I was driving earlier and my son turned on SSB . They were discussing Pena getting away with the elbow on Accies player, Greg Docherty. The presenter, Roger Hannah and Gordon Dalziel were all incredulous that Pena got away with it but St Johnstone’s Richard Foster is getting done for kicking the door of the ref’s room.



    They were questioning the role of the SFA’s compliance officer and his reasoning why no action was taken aainst players who were caught bang to rights.



    Some paranoid sevs , who don’t rate Pena, may think its another SFA comspiracy against them so Pena can play in their next league game.

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