The Vanhaezebrouck miracle, too late for legal advice


Anderlecht have appointed Hein Vanhaezebrouck manager. I like this guy. He took Gent to one of the most unlikely league wins in 2015. For many, this was a one-off, but Vanhaezebrouck
wasn’t finished. He steered Gent from pot 4 in the Champions League group stage, to the knock-out round, eliminating Valencia and Lyon from the competition in the process.

All of this was achieved with Rami Gershon in central defence, so it wasn’t as though he inherited a squad of undiscovered brilliance. Anderlecht will be vastly more effective when they visit Glasgow in December. We will still have enough to take care of them, but the Belgian’s home game to Bayern Munich on 22 November will not be a stroll for the visitors.

I’m in despair at Newco ‘taking legal advice’ after their friendly in Canada was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. I know there’s a clue in the used name (“Newco”) but have these people no real-world experience?

The time to take legal advice is when you contract to an undertaking, especially if you are asking fans to book flights. If the event organiser can put your money in escrow or put sufficient guarantor in place, sign the contract. If you, you know the game may never happen.


Kevin Graham is back with a new CQN Podcast from Saturday. He talks to supporters on the bus on the way to Parkhead, interviews John Paul Taylor outside the ground and captures the atmosphere and action inside the ground before getting some more supporters’ views on the bus home after an eventful afternoon at Celtic Park.

Apologies for a few sweary words in this podcast near the end.


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  1. Anyone listen to the hunfest on shortbread for the last two hours?



    Morris Ross, manging in the fareos .. Ambitious enough to manage in the English championship in the next ten years ..




    Celtic, is a sweary word!

  2. Jonathon Watson, going on about rangers losing to a financially doped Marseille team as his biggest heartbreak in football ..




  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Emerald Bee at 7.45 , thank you.



    The sevs may also believe justice has been done follwing Broonie not being punished for ‘elbowing’ Morelos.



    That’s Morelos ( in the Thistle game ) and Pena last Friday not being punished for red card offences by the compliance officer.



    PHILBHOY 3rd October 2017 1:55 pm



    Think a lot of posters been chased off for having the AUDACITY to have a different opinion





    Totally agree with that .






    We all know what Andy walker is, but we all know what the blog rules are, ( very few i may add ).


    So yes you were wrong, there is more suitable terminology that will not contravene the blog rules.


    But of course you already know that.



    HH to all. But especially to the missing posters. haste ye back.

  5. Hi Bhoys



    Can anyone tell me if the compliance officer issues a reason for the decision he makes or does he just say “you done it 2 game ban or naw ye never done it”.




  6. Congrats to all those lucky enought to bag a ticket for the Bayern awaygame in the FCFS lottery this morning Despite the best part of 1 hour on hold to the ticket office it was not to be my lucky day. Ive bought a couple of extra Euro lottery tickets for tonights draw as i believe the odds of sucsess are better. Seriously thouh if anyone cam help me out id be forever in your debt. I can be found wandering around the Allianz arena with a desperate look on my face from Monday the16th Oct onwards. I’m keeping the faith and ticket or not i will be there .. “as there’s going to be a show”.

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tonyrome, the pundits on SSB tonight were asking the same question.



    Honesty , application of the rules and openess are things the SFA know hee haw about.



    Cheers , usually starts with one disagreeing then the usual gang pounce. Surprised the likes of the green man big Jimmy chucking it as they could more than hold their own also Tony Donnelly posting less another who could debate with anyone all in all in my humble opinion it’s a poorer blog without these guys . Suppose we good all come on sat nights when the cider has been downed and the fireworks begin !

  9. Thanks Phil and Garry for the injury updates.Thats a bit better.Big Eric was a good player for us before.Maybe a run of games will get him up to speed.Really good news on Eboue.Brendan really needs to start letting this boy loose.


    Happy for all the guys who got Bayern tickets.I used to hardly ever miss an away Euro game.Great memories.Too much hassle now from here,when the summer flights finish.


    Great news regards Pena.Means he will be in the team to play St Johnstone.If he had been suspended,they could have replaced him.Now they really will be playing a man short.

  10. Regarding why the blog is so quiet? It could be that there is not enough football talk, too many filling posts with discussions about previous away game highlights, new recipes for lunch and gym experiences. Oh shit, now I understand .


    Think I’ll go back into exile. Enjoy, everyone and take care.


    International breaks can do that to football fans.

  11. Evening all



    You cannot all be watching a rerun of the Persuaders ( avec Susan George) can you?



    Aff in!







    I’m disappointed too. I wrote a song, 2 verses about wee Jamie, but, to date it’s not been picked up by the GB……..I can’t find it now either cos I was pissed when I writed it…..did post it on here though a week or so ago……

  13. What is the Stars on



    I was tempted to watch that but ended up on BBC 4 watching Sex Chips and Poetry ,50 years of the Mersey Sound.


    Surprisingly good..but no sex or chips so far

  14. North Cyprus (back in Baku) Bhoy on

    31003 on 3RD OCTOBER 2017 9:25 PM






    I’m disappointed too. I wrote a song, 2 verses about wee Jamie, but, to date it’s not been picked up by the GB……..I can’t find it now either cos I was pissed when I writed it…..did post it on here though a week or so ago……




    Had tears running down my cheeks when I read your effort!!



    Can’t remember all the lines, but it went something like:



    Who looks young and awfy cute?


    Who’s got power in his right boot?


    Who stauns in the pub, wi’ his baws hingin’ oot?


    Wee Jamesie!



    That’s me banned, I suppose!







    Lol…….I think that was verse 2………just need verse 1 now……cheers

  16. Goooood Evening CQN


    Can’t believe Reagan, Bryson & Dickson, still in positions at FtSFA


    Oh and there are others




    I despise these International breaks, ( had to be careful with my choice of words there)


    Good news on Erik and hopefully Eboue ??



    Hail Hail

  17. Good evening, friends.



    Had a wee bit of time on my hands so was looking ahead to the next round of league fixtures and I have to say it’s a very interesting set of fixtures. The stand out games (apart from us hosting Dundee) being 4th v 3rd on the Friday night (St Johnstone v Rangers*), 6th v 2nd (Hibs v Aberdeen), a Lanarkshire Derby (9th placed Hamilton v 5th placed Motherwell).



    Wins for St Johnstone, Hibs and Motherwell – could be a good wee treble there – would leave you know who in 6th place and only 2 points clear of Hearts, with a trip to Murrayfield being their next fixture.



    The Last Man Standing picks for week 3 could be a challenge ;-)

  18. Just watched the Sheriff in charge of the Las Vegas shootings, front up a press conference, there’s a man who needs a rest, he spoke remarkably well.

  19. 31003 Cheers mate love that , I think mine lack that bit of humour , please repost yours if you can find it , maybe we could encourage Paul67 to have a songs only post once a mouth or something :)

  20. Whatever happened to awe the bampots


    The internet bampots


    They watched their Rome burn


    No more bampots any more


    No more bampots any more


    Just a bunch of bandwagon pensioners who bore




    Careful what you wish for, we have a few rivers to cross. Let the rest of them indulge in the bun fight to be eliminated in the Europa qualifiers.


    Eye on the prize…

  22. Let’s all spout off about Trump and get banned?



    Better keeping they thoughts to yourself!

  23. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    JMCCORMICK on 3RD OCTOBER 2017 10:03 PM



    I couldn’t agree more.



    This season I think will be harder than last.



    We’re aiming at success in Europe, which I think is Brendan’s benchmark.



    That makes it harder at home.

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