There is a team in this squad but defending for buttons


Of all the football nonsense, I hate scapegoating most.  So Ryan, I’m sorry, but what on earth were you doing?  We were 0-2 ahead and had created several other very good chances.  Milan were nowhere, they had not mustered a cohesive attack. That foul was conceded in the perfect spot for a free kick taker; you could read the script on how momentum would switch the moment it was awarded.

Attackers are primarily there to exploit opponents weaknesses, Tom Rogic, Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie combined to do this and put Celtic two ahead in the San Siro.  Tom came close on another occasion, Callum McGregor had a gilt-edged chance and having got himself into the perfect position, Jeremie Frimpong froze with Milan at his mercy.  We could have been out of sight.

There is a team in this squad.  The formation looked right.  Frimpong seemed liberated from his normal wide anchor, Rogic worried defenders before tiring; in particular, I was impressed by the way the ball was accurately bulleted across the field.

Oh, and we cannot defend for buttons.  I was chastised by a 16-year-old after the game for talking up the relative merits of this performance compared to Ross County.  Apparently there is a rulebook for defending two goal leads away to tier one teams, you defend like Ross County and close the game out.  But we don’t know how to defend like Ross County.  Imagine that!

What I will say is, they fought for their manager last night, Commando Christie in particular.

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  1. DanDan


    Can I offer my heartfelt sympathy to you and your Family


    Thoughts and Prayers are with you and the full family



    That was a heartbreaking read


    But hugely uplifting the joy Daniel and you have had



    Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Daniel




    May you Rest In Peace



    If I may I will light a candle to burn brightly fo Daniel, at the Sacred Heart Cowie on Sunday



  2. GARCIA LORCA @ 6:53 PM,



    What a great place to live, I used to work at Lancaster Gate and often got off at Marble Arch or Bond Street, we did a lot of work for the Hedge Funds around the area.



    Must be huge changes to Bond Street Station.



    That’s a great photo Gordon dug out, yes, you can clearly see the white collars. It’s an odd one. Maybe an older version.



    St Stivs…



    Thanks for posting the photo, I’ve tried to find that link saying the shamrock strips were destroyed.



    I remember now it was FB, I’m a member of a couple Celtic sites there. My cousin and I had a discussion about it at the time, so know it was July. He said it looks very like an old Ireland International top (he lives in Ireland), so I’m not sure if the “political” thing comes from that.



    Great strip though.



    Hail Hail

  3. SAINT STIVS on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 12:55 PM



    Rovers players training at Cliftonhill in 1948. I’ve put this one up before but this time identifying the players with the help of my old man in the hope that a relative might see it. There’s only one player who remains a mystery Face with monocle #arfc #oldroverspics



    *One of those players used tae come off the pitch at the end of a game and say “how did the boys get on”, not the bhoys I hasten tae add, and it’s not the one labelled sam english, in fact I believe that’s a mistake as no one of that name seems tae have played for them.



    Also with all this controversy over Neil Lennon doing a Joe Strummer “should I stay or should I go”, remember the words of a true Celtic legend who was also forced out the door although at the time he proposed his replacement just like MON did his:



    “We all end up yesterday’s men in this business. You’re very quickly forgotten.”

  4. Dandan… No words… I’ve two daughters… Honestly I just can’t imagine your pain… It really puts all squabbles into perspective….. My sincere and deepest condolences to you and your family.




    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful young man.



    May Daniel rest in peace.



    I will remember your family in my prayers.




  6. Dandan:



    Feel your pain brother, you expressed it beautifully.



    Hold onto your good memories, but we both know he wouldn’t want you to miss the thing you loved doing with him most. He would have wanted you to go every week, to think of him in the good times and the bad, he would have wanted you to raise a glass for him during the celebrations and tip one in sorrow and reflection during the bad. Go to Parkhead, but don’t ever think he is not there with you because he is.



    Love is the one thing in this world that endures. It outlasts everything.



    All the best to you and yours brother.

  7. Dan Dan- what a sad but brave post. We squabble on here about the stupid game of football. Life is so much more. Prayers will be said.

  8. DAN DAN


    I rarely post these day, mainly lurk.


    That was a beautiful post so uplifting.


    We are neighbours, I too sit in 105.


    May God Bless Daniel’s Soul.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  9. of course dundee utd have covid before Huns game. N o idea whoi decides who needs to isolate..apart from postive cases.

  10. glad st mirren and killie got done for not playing especially St mirren they had 3 players missing and said theu only had 8 players available!

  11. DANDAN…



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.


    Heartbreaking to read and must have broke your heart whilst typing. 🍀🍀

  12. DANDAN



    My sincerest condolence on the passing of Daniel, you’ve given him a beautiful and fitting tribute. May perpetual light shine upon you Daniel, I promise to keep your family in my prayers. God Bless.

  13. GARCIA LORCA on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 7:11 PM





    If you look up Celtic Wiki. Scroll to The Photographic Library Select Team Line Ups Select 1963-64


    Scroll through a few pics Bingo- squad photo and Tommy Gemmell is in back row with his Irish/Shamrock top and white collar



    *The only other layer that I noticed was a lhad called John Brankin signed that season from Coatbridge St Pats and respelled at the end of it, all others have the green collar.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thanks Ernie.



    There’s no simple solution.



    I wasn’t in favour of Neil Lennon’s appointment and I’ve said numerous times over the past few months that he should be replaced.



    I have never once mentioned PL, DD or the running of the club, for I have proposal for what is ‘better’.



    I understand all the ranting and raving, but unless you can propose a better owner/ownership structure it’s mob rule.



    Not my bag.

  15. DANDAN



    May Daniel rest in peace.A beautiful tribute.


    God bless and support your family at this sad time.



  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Jeez, just read back.



    So, so sorry Dan, I can’t begin to comprehend what your going through but my tears and thoughts are with you.



    God bless x

  17. DanDan: that was a beautiful heartfelt post about your son, Daniel. I cannot imagine your loss but he was clearly an inspiring young lhad. You and yours will be in my thoughts.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.

  18. Dardanelles


    Haven’t posted on here in a while. May your family find the strength to get you through this.


    God bless and grant eternal rest to Daniel. Tends to put all the other stuff into perspective. God bless.

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