There is a team in this squad but defending for buttons


Of all the football nonsense, I hate scapegoating most.  So Ryan, I’m sorry, but what on earth were you doing?  We were 0-2 ahead and had created several other very good chances.  Milan were nowhere, they had not mustered a cohesive attack. That foul was conceded in the perfect spot for a free kick taker; you could read the script on how momentum would switch the moment it was awarded.

Attackers are primarily there to exploit opponents weaknesses, Tom Rogic, Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie combined to do this and put Celtic two ahead in the San Siro.  Tom came close on another occasion, Callum McGregor had a gilt-edged chance and having got himself into the perfect position, Jeremie Frimpong froze with Milan at his mercy.  We could have been out of sight.

There is a team in this squad.  The formation looked right.  Frimpong seemed liberated from his normal wide anchor, Rogic worried defenders before tiring; in particular, I was impressed by the way the ball was accurately bulleted across the field.

Oh, and we cannot defend for buttons.  I was chastised by a 16-year-old after the game for talking up the relative merits of this performance compared to Ross County.  Apparently there is a rulebook for defending two goal leads away to tier one teams, you defend like Ross County and close the game out.  But we don’t know how to defend like Ross County.  Imagine that!

What I will say is, they fought for their manager last night, Commando Christie in particular.

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  1. PHILBHOY on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:47 PM


    No you haven’t and see my earlier post to Big Jimmy, Big Packy1 has been red carded from here!

  2. Hazard



    Ralston Welsh Julien Taylor



    Bitton Soro Ajer



    Frimpong Griff Edouard




    Julien only because Duff y is worse.



    :), who’d have thunked it, Moderator 2 moderated by themself:)




    Ahh you guys have the toughest job on the internet at this moment :)



    And Facebook’s staff are having nervous breakdowns … how the Hell are you handling it? :)

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Get all that and as with most of your posts – no argument from me



    I have long since held the view that with NL sadly our season is over


    Our only chance to salvage the league is to change the manager


    I also cannot believe that some think all will be well



    But here is the thing


    DD and PL !!!!!!!


    Are they so fu–ing stupid that they cannot see how poorly we perform against anyone


    Do they really think NL can turn this around


    I think they can see the damage


    So this is what I believe (because if this is not true then we are being led by idiots)



    Something “Big” is happening at the end of the year or early January


    I do not know what – but it’s big enough to allow Celtic to get battered every week until the “Big” thing happens



    When I say “Big” think ……….


    DD is selling up – no idea to who perhaps the ruler of Dubai


    PL has had enough and is moving out – (no rejoicing at the back)


    Pochettino has agreed to come but cannot join until January – (existing contract with tottenham)



    Dream up your own scenario – Let your imagination run …………..



    But it has to be “Big”






    Gives us something to do, keeps us out of mischief:)

  7. FAIRHILL BHOY @ 12:48pm






    Just IGNORE IT! I too had a similar call from an 0207 London number, that I immediately blocked. The voice was female, but computerised. HMRC would NEVER call you about something so important. Banks and reputable businesses will work similarly. Also, you could call HMRC to ask about your status and they will highly likely tell you there is nothing to worry about.



    The call I had was something along the lines of legal action being taken for unpaid tax etc. I know my tax affairs are in order and up-to date so I could ignore this (and in fact told them to ‘F*ck Off!’ and hung up before the call completed) . Annoyingly though the number was to my mobile. I have disconnected my land-line as I only ever get scam calls on there, but I need to keep it for my broadband. 🙄. I have had my mobile number for many years now, but I am thinking now of changing it and rotating my number every few years to help counteract this annoying modern trend of scam calls. I may change my email address too for the same reason.



    Take Care, Keep Safe, God Bless and Hail Hail,



    Yours in Celtic,




  8. Big Jimmy – Great to have you back Amigo, in your absence Celtic have won every game possible, reached the EL final on course to win the 10…….. Oh wait you were only Red Carded, no on the moon. :)



    Melbourne Mick – good to have you back – i feel you, Jimmy and wee Rocky are going to bring the good times back to the good ship Celtica.



    Moderator – – Paul 67 – Thanks



    D :)

  9. Fairhill Bhoy, Prestonpans Bhoys and Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom –


    HMRC will NEVER cold call any taxpayer (or non-taxpayer) with any threatening action. neither will they cold call about an alleged tax rebates. All such calls are from scammers. Please believe me ;-) Or have a read here (but apologies for the very, very long hyperlink!)




    HI- the voice was male but computerised. It was to my mobile also so I will block the number. I know my tax is all up to date but it still gave me a bit of a fright to begin with.Thankyou for easing my mind .

  11. Pleased big Jimmy is posting again… Makes me chuckle…… CBC past sexual abuse shouldn’t be touched with a bargepole on a football blog… Tho I’m sure Paul has mentioned that whatever happens celtic football club were insured……. Just let the courts decide….



    Yeah, there’s a team in there but this manager is incapable of finding it.


    I recommend every fan spends half an hour of their time watching this terrific analysis.


    That includes Lawwell, supposing he is a fan.


    This is a story of self-harm and misplaced loyalty that will result in Sevco winning a treble this season.


    Desmond is placing his loyalty to Lawwell above his loyalty to the club.


    Lawwell is placing his loyalty to Lennon above his loyalty to the club.


    Lennon is placing his loyalty to Brown above his loyalty to the club.


    If you attach higher value to personal loyalties than to club interests you shouldn’t be in these positions.


    And it will see Sevco lift a treble this season.


    A final observation, the club continues to look so old fashioned in its attempts to distract the narrative away from its collective failure. Aside for fooling literally no-one, it just shows how out of time these guys are.


    They are the Kellys and Whites of their era



    Unfortunately Peter Latchford’s Belly, you are damn tooting, with your assessment about PL, & our present


    Board, history repeats its self so it seams.


    PL & DD a self confessed Man Utd Supporter, should step aside, & let people in, including ourselves, that


    can take the Club forward, not back the way, & treating our Club like a goose who sometimes lays the Golden Egg, talk about no Business Acumen, Forward & Strategic Planning & Being Not Active instead


    of being Pro-Active, sad however also true.

  13. Case for the defence . Scape-goat 1 Taylor – scape-goat 2 Duffy – scape-goat 3 Barkas – scape-goat 4 Bain -scapegoat 5 Fringpong – scapegoat 6 Barkas again -scape-goat 7 El Hamed – verging on scapegoats Biton and Ajer. Mid-field scapegoats that have given away goals -Brown – MacGregor – Christie – Ntcham. Coaching scapegoats Lennon -Kennedy-Strachan.



  14. AKBW1888- thanks for reply, I have no issues with Bhoys backing Neil to stay,it’s not my place to tell guys how to ‘vote’.We all want the same thing, IMO the rot has set in,and the malaise about the team needs an electric shock, that a new manager could bring. As ive posted on a few occasions, this is nowhere near the worst squad ive seen at CP,a new coach could sort a defence out quickly. Not a popular choice but I think a Mick McCarthy or a Steve Clarke could do the above. HH

  15. Truth_ Beauty_&_Freedom, the Indian Phone Scammers are looking for a big pay-day from you Bud.


    Just inform them I see a Run-Box on my PC Screen what do I type? Inform them Jim Browning is


    looking for them, along with Scammer Revolt, Scammer Payback, & DeeVaar.


    & Have they any dodgy PC Hard Drives for Sale? & Where is there Files?

  16. CELTIC40ME on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:40 PM



    That was 8 year ago. Whatever ability there was to organise has subsequently left the building.



    Also,people forget that FF saved our arse in that home game,putting in a world class performance and being bestowed title of the ‘yellow wall’ by the Spanish press.



    No other keep of the last 20 years (save for maybe Artur on his day) would have got us that result.



    Neil should be commended for the signing but it doesn’t detract from the fact that FF has been (in the main) responsible for a great deal of Neil’s big game scalps.

  17. don’t think another coach could improve our group of midfielders who we select to play in a back 3/4 play better in defensive positions.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    These scam calls target the elderly because they are more likely to panic and give them what they want , which ultimately is probably confidential bank details . Some auld biddy hearing the words ‘legal action’ might just fall for it. (Not that I’m suggesting Fairhill bhoy is an auld biddy!) -))





    Glad they’ve set you free !-)) I’m sure the animal loving philanthropist was on here after your ban.

  19. Apologies ghuys…



    Dodn’t mean to post that comment.



    Philbhoy not posting, my posting on automatic!!



    Java Script Off.



    Just want to say thank you AN TEARMANN and GARCIA LORCA for your considered replies and it’s good to know you and yours are doing well, likewise down here.



    GARCIA LORCA, that photo I posted, I believe that’s the reserves from the early sixties, as you can see, it looks like they have a green collar.



    Hail Hail

  20. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 2:19 PM


    AKBW1888- thanks for reply, I have no issues with Bhoys backing Neil to stay,it’s not my place to tell guys how to ‘vote’.We all want the same thing, IMO the rot has set in,and the malaise about the team needs an electric shock, that a new manager could bring. As ive posted on a few occasions, this is nowhere near the worst squad ive seen at CP,a new coach could sort a defence out quickly. Not a popular choice but I think a Mick McCarthy or a Steve Clarke could do the above. HH



    You are welcome !!Bada Bing!!


    Yeah not so sure about an ‘ex-player’ Mowbray was a disaster.


    Steve Clarke, too Defensive Minded.


    Nah Ralf Ran the German, would take our Club where we want to be, quickly not slowly.

  21. MODERATOR 2 on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:35 PM


    BIG JIMMY on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:29 PM





    If you mean Big Packy1, he’s been red carded. If not email P67 at







    A Big Packy ” FREE ZONE”…Thats even more great news ?



  22. 67 European Cup Winners on




    9 FFS its only the start of December- they could get 20




  23. Two interesting comments were posted here recently by two different posters.



    Before the Ross County game Neil apparently said about his team selection something like “It will be interesting to see how Ajeti and Edouard play together”. This was his reason for playing two strikers. Does this sound like a manager who knows what he is doing?



    In another post someone said that during Thursday’s game the Milan manager continually talked to his assistants, whereas there was no communication of any kind between Neil and his assistants. If this is true, then it’s another reason why Neil should go.



    As a rule I never answer my mobile to unknown numbers.Just in case it’s a con at play. The voicemail they left could maybe upset an older person definitely.Im still a pup of 50:-))

  25. Desmond and Lawell have stolen Celtic from the fans. Neil Lennon has called for there to be no protest on Sunday. That he even has to ask, tells it’s own story. Barricades put up to keep fans away from the players and the stadium they paid/are paying for. They all need to GTF. NOT A PENNY MORE!

  26. Right Folks, we can debate our Club until the Cows come home, & go back out again, & then come back home & so on & so on. We all know, that we will have to make very positive changes soon, or it will be more of the same, same as/same as mode, as regards to our present performances are in, which is in a rut @ present.


    How long is a piece of string/rope? As long as the Board wants it to be. If the Board is under the impression, that things will work out fine, then their heads/brains are in cloud cuckoo Land/Planet.


    Hope which is a very small word, alothough it has a very big over all picture/meaning.


    Hopefully our Club affairs, will change better in the near future, instead of rotting away & getting worse.


    Time will tell on that matter, that’s for sure. I will communicate with you all, in the near future.


    All The Best & God Bless, Sincerely All, AKBW1888.

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