There is a team in this squad but defending for buttons


Of all the football nonsense, I hate scapegoating most.  So Ryan, I’m sorry, but what on earth were you doing?  We were 0-2 ahead and had created several other very good chances.  Milan were nowhere, they had not mustered a cohesive attack. That foul was conceded in the perfect spot for a free kick taker; you could read the script on how momentum would switch the moment it was awarded.

Attackers are primarily there to exploit opponents weaknesses, Tom Rogic, Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie combined to do this and put Celtic two ahead in the San Siro.  Tom came close on another occasion, Callum McGregor had a gilt-edged chance and having got himself into the perfect position, Jeremie Frimpong froze with Milan at his mercy.  We could have been out of sight.

There is a team in this squad.  The formation looked right.  Frimpong seemed liberated from his normal wide anchor, Rogic worried defenders before tiring; in particular, I was impressed by the way the ball was accurately bulleted across the field.

Oh, and we cannot defend for buttons.  I was chastised by a 16-year-old after the game for talking up the relative merits of this performance compared to Ross County.  Apparently there is a rulebook for defending two goal leads away to tier one teams, you defend like Ross County and close the game out.  But we don’t know how to defend like Ross County.  Imagine that!

What I will say is, they fought for their manager last night, Commando Christie in particular.

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  1. I think the ole ‘are you a hun? ‘ welcome is a tad passe, what aboot ‘are you a kev j ? ‘ :O)

  2. NORRIEM on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 12:28 PM


    First goal, Ryan’s rash challenge, all due to Calum losing out twice inside 2 seconds.





    So you spotted that too. I always look for the origin of danger. not last man left holding the grenade.



    McGregor is good at what he is good at but its not defending.

  3. Cheers Big Jimmy.


    No Bull in China Shop, people have Feelings, no triggering now.


    Anyway Big Man & fellow Timaloy, enjoy & welcome back.


    Go-On-Hoops, get it in there.

  4. FB


    We receive the same calls here and Visa as well, i just ignore but a lot of people get caught in the scam.



    On a lighter note new season of Blue Bloods starts tonight in Canada.

  5. What is that the time already, time is like a Jet Plane says Bob Dylan, it moves too fast.


    Yeah time is like a Space Rocket in warp speed. Good Weekend Folks, Laters.

  6. Apparently the fences are to guide children round to see Santa – or maybe it’s just the Grinch protecting himself.

  7. I know there’s probably nobody “in the know” enough to really know but it’d be interesting to see people’s opinions.



    Why do you think Neil Lennon is still in the job –



    a) The board have looked at his past record and genuinely believe in their hearts he can turn it around



    b) There’s no suitable replacement that leaps out at them



    c) Haggling over a pay-off/hoping he quits to avoid pay-off



    d) Desmond does genuinely want to “get back” at the protesters

  8. No, its not.



    Celtic family tearing itself apart to the utter delight and amusement of our bitter enemies.



    Very very sad.

  9. GEEBEE1978



    All things considered, there isn’t a viable alternative that can improve things at this time.

  10. Never been so shocked/amazed by the Ross County result since the 70’s cup final defeat by Patrick Thistle. I still can’t comprehend what happened that day. Ross County was similar. Everbodies had the gnashing of teeth and bumping of gums so we’ll leave it there.


    Last night , never saw the game, but some shoots of green with defensive frailties as reported on the net. Never looked at the SMSM I guess usual negatives about us.


    NFL saying we played well in certain areas but weak in others. Some people wanting ” our defence was feqqing s***e” AH! He’s thrown players under the bus, he’s lost the dressing room” Can he win?


    Beat St Johnstone and Jam Tarts our season still alive, maybe not the best but it’s were we are at the moment. Can Neil Lennon continue ( or want to continue) as our manager after cup final against Hearts,? who knows.


    Other guys want to sack Manager and CEO. Easy but expensive. Get rid of Desmond?


    Sorry, but with Christmas coming up need to give that a miss. If you know some one keen to take over a football club (nevermind during s pandemic) I’m sure Desmond will give it some thought






    Glad to have you back on board. Can’t wait till I get back to Scotland, a pint in the Tollbooth and I can enthral you with true stories about my wee dugs :-))))

  11. Weird that one year on from a superb Europa League Group stage, with largely the same squad, we appear now to be unable to defend/get results



    A v Rennes 19/09/2019 Forster, Bolingoli, Ajer, Jullien, Elhamed, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi, Edouard Result 1-1


    H v Cluj 03/10/2019 Forster, Bolingoli, Ajer, Jullien, Elhamed, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi, Edouard Result 2-0


    H v Lazio 24/10/2019 Forster, Bolingoli, Ajer, Jullien, Elhamed, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi, Edouard Result 2-1


    A v Lazio 07/11/2019 Forster, Hayes, Ajer, Jullien, Elhamed, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi, Edouard Result 2-1


    H v Rennes 28/11/2019 Forster, Taylor, Ajer, Jullien, Bauer, Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Ntcham, Morgan Result 3-1


    A v Cluj 12/12/2019 Gordon, Bolingoli, Bitton, Jullien, Bauer, Ntcham, Robertson, Sinclair, Johnston, Morgan, Griffiths Result 0-2 (included for completeness, where we rested players and had already secured first place)

  12. Chairbhoy


    Re the Shamrock/Irish strip. I am on a train heading to London Kings X and only using my iPhone.


    My wee/ young brother ( Gordon) has the coloured photo of the whole squad and some have white collars never seen by him, me or our wider connected group. Nether had any of us spotted that detail down the years.


    I will try and get that squad picture posted on here..


    It certainly makes for a good talking point and a necessary distraction from our intense debate about solving our problems.

  13. AKBW1888 on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 3:06 PM



    “Ralf Ragnick is a pipe dream.”



    No it’s not, he is out of work @ present, Young Timaloy29.






    First of all, Allegri and Pochettino are out of work. But I think we could agree neither will be coming to Parkhead.



    Secondly, Ragnick at 62 is by all accounts in no rush to get back into football. He was very close to being Milan manager before Pioli did such an amazing job as caretaker the decided to keep him on.



    He’s been linked with big jobs in Germany such as Schalke. I don’t think we have the budget or project that would interest Ragnick.



    Other than wishful thinking I can’t see any way we can attract a manager who’s held in high regard in the top 5 European leagues. I think it’s more likely you will see him turn up at Old Trafford than Parkhead.



    Even Eddie Howe may be considered a bit ambitious. Howe has supposedly been sounded out by WBA to take on that job. I think he’d take that over Celtic.

  14. TIMALOY29 on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 4:41 PM



    “Howe has supposedly been sounded out by WBA to take on that job. I think he’d take that over Celtic”



    Which would leave Bilic free? 🧐

  15. GEEBEE1978 on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 4:44 PM



    “Howe has supposedly been sounded out by WBA to take on that job. I think he’d take that over Celtic”



    Which would leave Bilic free? 🧐






    So it would seem yes. Bilic publicly criticised the WBA board when they sold a player from under him.



    So if results don’t pick up you might see him available.

  16. My friends in Celtic,



    What exactly is the motive for Sunday’s protest ?



    This is not 1993, when Celts for change was vital and pivitol.


    We do not have a biscuit tin mentality having just spent £38.5 m and holding on to our most ” valued” players.


    This is not in the middle of Barron years as we hope to make more history with a quadruple treble.



    Change is inevitable and desirable with Neil Lennon departing. We are all disappointed with recent results, but let’s give Neil his chance to dress up with a flower in his lapel.



    One thing is for sure there will be no plaque at Parkheid required for this protest.



    Only my thoughts.



    HH to all.

  17. Firstly Moderator


    Can you take down that post at 4.53


    The Trust requested this not be shared so they did not have strangers dial in



    Big Jimmy, welcome back big Fhella, stayed out of the spat, as a few did, we could all have got banned 👍



    AWKB – are you sure Ralf is out of work ???


    Thought he moved to head of football operations at his club, will need to look at that

  18. The leadership of the club has a duty of care to players and staff. That’s what the fences are about.



    It’s unfortunate.

  19. MOD2 – Can you please delete Auldheid’s post at 4,53 please. I’ve messaged Auldheid toi explain the situation. Thanks in advance.

  20. Thanks Mod 2


    Hang around you may be kept busy 🤔😂😂😂



    PS, where is that Red Bibby Fhella


    Good to see you hanging in there Michael 👍

  21. The Green Brigade/Angry Brigade don’t do irony


    I guess it is handy to have a fence to hang the banners on




  22. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    BIG JIMMY on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:05 PM



    Lock Up Yer Grannies….



    I am Back !






    Good to hear Jimmy, you’ve been missed.

  23. onenightinlisbon on




    Every interview with him is a car crash.



    Lawwell and the board have hung him out to dry.

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    If I didn’t know any better I would assume we have complete idiots running our club, wondering into the shower room half cut to anoint Neil, all one big giant wheeze right? We have sleep walked into this disaster thanks to the guys running our club, it looks very much like they want a yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir in charge of football matter. Brendan Rodgers must have given them an almighty fright – could you not have taken them with you to Leicester Brendan – you would still be a legend if you had accomplished that!



    Meantime, while Rome burns to the ground, Nero is still fiddling about.

  25. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Note to the Blog



    Couldn’t get logged in – think we have all experienced that at some time,



    shutdown CHROME, opened up SAFARI



    logged straight back in no problem

  26. prestonpans bhoys on




    Totally agree,don’t know any supporter who was not disappointed when it was announced, not a single one😵

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