There is a team in this squad but defending for buttons


Of all the football nonsense, I hate scapegoating most.  So Ryan, I’m sorry, but what on earth were you doing?  We were 0-2 ahead and had created several other very good chances.  Milan were nowhere, they had not mustered a cohesive attack. That foul was conceded in the perfect spot for a free kick taker; you could read the script on how momentum would switch the moment it was awarded.

Attackers are primarily there to exploit opponents weaknesses, Tom Rogic, Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie combined to do this and put Celtic two ahead in the San Siro.  Tom came close on another occasion, Callum McGregor had a gilt-edged chance and having got himself into the perfect position, Jeremie Frimpong froze with Milan at his mercy.  We could have been out of sight.

There is a team in this squad.  The formation looked right.  Frimpong seemed liberated from his normal wide anchor, Rogic worried defenders before tiring; in particular, I was impressed by the way the ball was accurately bulleted across the field.

Oh, and we cannot defend for buttons.  I was chastised by a 16-year-old after the game for talking up the relative merits of this performance compared to Ross County.  Apparently there is a rulebook for defending two goal leads away to tier one teams, you defend like Ross County and close the game out.  But we don’t know how to defend like Ross County.  Imagine that!

What I will say is, they fought for their manager last night, Commando Christie in particular.

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  1. my good lady wife was smitten when she went to a charity dog home. one in particular caught her eye, only problem was that it had no legs.


    It’s ok though, I take it for a drag every day







    ‘Who are ‘the fans’ Ernie?’







    I’ve got a list here but it would take too long for me to type all the names.

  3. VP- terrible times all round, the mother of all parties, when we can get back to the real world.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Very good, Ernie.



    Give me a solution.



    Who’s making the decisions?



    You? You have very strong opinions on how the club is run.



    Would you take the job?



    What would you do differently?

  5. the next owners dream team will be jim kerr , kenny dal, wille haughey and michael kelly.


    back to the future

  6. Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot by erecting fences? Our Public Relations performance is either non-existent or abysmal. Is it based on the result the Board anticipate on Sunday?




    I love the pics you post on here. I use them a lot on Celtic Zoom quizzes. Check out the Celtic defence at Cathkin in May 1895. They look well organized with 4 defenders tight together in a straight line in front of the keeper playing a Hun forward offside.


    I played one game at Cathkin as a schoolboy in the early 60s, so that photo was special for me. Look how good the tenements look!

  7. Whats the problem with Soro, is he mingin’? Could he work in a refreshed midfield with Turnbull? Im not expecting an answer as im not juiced in here, thinking about it tho…save me thinking about the defence :(

  8. Evening


    My last post was on Monday night circa 8.30pm when I discussed my dear boy Daniel who was critically ill with a brain tumour.


    It is with deep regret that my lad passed away later on that evening.


    His suffering ended and he fell into a deep sleep with his family by his side.


    His funeral is a week today in Newton Mearns.


    I was very touched by a number of fellow CQN posters commenting on our plight and sending prayers and their good wishes to Daniel and my family.


    I was prompted to post this by viewing a clip on twitter tonight watching the Scott Brown last minute winner against Hamilton a year ago today.


    I was with my boys watching that game and the sheer joy and celebration we enjoyed watching the late goal was immense.


    It was a pivotal moment in our season and I will never forget hugging Daniel in the only way a 16 year old would let you ( by virtue of an important Celtic goal).


    We also had the joy of all 3 of us and my Brother being at the Bet Fred Cup Final , all sitting together , loving the victory against Rangers.


    I obviously never thought at the time but all of us together for that game will never be forgotten


    It was very special.


    My son was born 6 hours after the Final whistle went after the UEFA cup final in 2003.


    I always joked with him that I would never forgive him for his ill timed arrival into the word as I had to give my precious ticket away to my friend.


    His birthday ( May 22) always fell on some memorable


    Celtic games ( good and bad),


    Cup Final 2004 , The Fir Park disaster 2005 and the League Winning game V Dundee Utd in 2008.


    I was at all of those games .. somehow my wife letting me go with her blessing.


    Celtic have lost a great supporter and I my family and I have lost the most amazing son who was genuinely loved by so many.


    He had a Hollywood smile and a personality that was so endearing to so many.


    He was popular with the girls and was always organising parties and get togethers.


    His social life was unquestionably a big priority!!


    I will have an empty seat in section 105 and I genuinely don’t know if I can return to watch my beloved team without my Daniel by my side.


    Only time will tell.


    I love you Daniel.



  9. prestonpans bhoys on




    If we do have a PR department they need fired😱😵

  10. Ashamed that a 6 ft tall fence has been erected around Celtic Park to prevent our own fans from registering their frustration. Locking out your own customers because they’re unhappy is never a great look.


    The images of it will haunt us for years. Not even in the darkest days of our history has this been done.


    The club were completely unprepared for events on Sunday & in fact were so sure of a victory that would sooth fans’ nerves that they bought live coverage of the game for all season ticket holders.


    Losing was not remotely considered & so the likely consequences of a loss were overlooked completely.



    The complacency at board level meant the club had no Plan B for on the pitch OR for outside the stadium after the match. Those who gathered at the ground after the game wanted to vent their frustrations & to find some reassurance that they were being heard. An appearance by a respected emissary to at least hear them out might never even have been considered by the club’s hierarchy for all sorts of liability & contractual reasons, but when it was clear that no one was coming to at least listen to their grievances – they made sure that the club heard them anyway. The police & the crowd control fences just added to their frustration & became the main focus of their ire.



    Embarrassingly, Celtic had their planning meetings for Sunday night on the following day, Monday. Their statement to fans on Tuesday contained some of the sentiments that should have been at the forefront of their minds 2 nights before, but by Tuesday it was far too late.



    All of these events expose the amateur & reactive nature of how Celtic are managed & underline again how unprofessional is their whole approach to running the business of Celtic FC.



    The club’s Safety Certificate will contain contingency plans for crowd disorder outside the stadium, but clearly not for disorder from a gang of frustrated Celtic fans. The conditions of the Safety Certificate apply to ALL inside & immediately outside the stadium, but collective planning failures within the club & the Safety Team meant that on Sunday, the club failed to meet the standard required & personal safety was compromised. They had insufficient stewards to handle the situation & had to call Police Scotland to bail them out.



    Complacency at so many levels haunts our club, but to see the real life fortress mentality applied against our own fans is the biggest indictment of the shambles that passes for corporate professional management of the club.






    NFL is the least of our problems – in fact he’s almost as much a victim.

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    God rest Daniel , thoughts and prayers to you and your family 🙏🙏

  12. squire danaher on




    A lovely tribute to your Bhoy



    God rest him and may you and your family find comfort in the memories you have of him.



    From one proud Celtic Da to another.

  13. DanDan – So sorry to hear about young Daniel. May he rest in piece.



    That must have taken a lot of courage to write that post.



    I can only say that you will all be in my prayers tonight.🙏



    D :(




    I think it would be better if the club was owned by one individual outright.



    Preferably someone who is not a fan.



    Even better if they lived as a tax exile half way across the world.



    That’s my ideal ownership model.



    What’s yours?

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Oh come off it moderator.



    Don’t know about others but ….. when I see a post that says “Moderator, can you delete that post of 16:53” first thing I do is …. (you can guess the rest).



    Imagine my disappointment when I got to page 4 of comments.






    I remember going to a schoolboy final between Holyrood and St Mungo in the early 60s at Cathkin

  17. I should have mentioned that when I use one of SAINT STIVS 19th century photos as the subject of a Zoom Quiz question for my CSC, the inevitable response is “FFS!! Is there any danger of a question on a Celtic game less than a 100 years old?!!”

  18. SAINT STIVS on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 1:10 PM



    Photo From: Official Match programme, Celtic vs Morton – 1981



    (Morton squad, 1981/82)



    *one player in that squad IMHO if signed could have helped stop the souness juggernaut and I don’t mean Andy Ritchie.

  19. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    I’m very sorry that you lost your son, Daniel. Wishing you and your family strength.



    We lost our first son at birth some years ago. Different circumstances but heartbreaking all the same. A few weeks later my wife & I flew over to watch Celtic in Europe. Tears ran down our faces during YNWA. I’ll never forget the sense of loneliness at that moment.



    Take care of each other.

  20. DANDAN on 4TH DECEMBER 2020 8:11 PM



    OMG, I really feel for you.


    May God bless you and all the family.

  21. DanDan



    Sincere condolences to you & your family on the loss of your beloved son.


    Parents grieving a child is against the natural order of things.


    Those great memories you mentioned will help sustain you.


    Take Care

  22. Dan Dan


    Please accept my condolences for your sad loss.


    I will.remember him in my prayers



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