There is worse to come


Neil Lennon said we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1, as we dominated large parts of the game against a team who have lost their last four games (not against Celtic), conceding 14 goals in the process.  But oh, Neil, we absolutely deserved to lose by at least that margin.

Our disorganisation is a marvel.  Scott managing to start his jump goal-side of a dropping ball and ending up wrong side.  Callum playing three onside.  Kris A. not committing to block the cross (forgiven, trying to cover two positions), Chris J. attempting to intercept with the wrong foot (forgiven, fitness).  Hatem reliving his Ferencvaros highlights.  Full backs who are never back and produce few assists; there is no defensive midfield, unless you count the goalkeeper who feels the need to leave his box and play that position, just a midfield of nomads.

The team is a collection of individuals unencumbered by a workable strategy.  Opposition managers have their game plan written: defend deep, play on the counter and put numbers forward at set-pieces.  If we could defend counter-attacks and corner kicks, we would be having a legendary season, but we can’t, so everyone looks awful.

In sport, if you have evident fatal flaws and persistently fail to resolve them, you deserve every setback that comes your way.  It is hard to recall a Celtic team that deserved to lose more.  Let me give you a cheery prediction, you will soon forget about last night, as there is worse to come.

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  1. We were arguing that Shane Duffy was tossed out of Brighton as a dinosaur not fit for the modern football that Brighton were playing.



    But two of the centre backs that were chucked out of Brighton while they were holding on to Duffy were Connor Goldson & Leon Balogun.



    I think big money signings will be fewer and less costly in the post Covid austeity period. Sevco are not going to earn much for players, even in a fire sale.



    And, apart from Eddy, neither will we- which means Ajer and Christie and others going cheaply

  2. SID1888 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:31 AM


    Some great posts on here over the last 36 hours or so.



    I do believe there has been collusion between Celtic, oldco/newco, SFA and SPFL but I think it has been about keeping the Huns alive rather than necessarily allowing them to win anything.




    I think there is less danger of events in 2011 and 2012 recurring now in that the price of keeping our rivals alive then was covering up why they shouldn’t be given a second chance and as long as 2 clubs get a chance to qualify, if one lies it does not affect the other in financial terms.



    Put it this way, if you had a card school and you discovered one of the players was an incorrigible cheat, would you invite him back after discovery?



    Make no doubt about it, Rangers as was put the rest of Scottish football in an impossible position the minute they signed the first ebt side letter and embarked on their debt propelled policy to get CL money to pay off the debt, particularly in 2008, when with HMRC letters demanding payment for tax relating to ebts were arriving at Ibrox they spent £10net to reinforce Walter Smith’s 3 title winning side from 2009.



    I have every sympathy with the Celtic Board in the sense that they became the victims of Rangers criminal behaviour. Where I lose sympathy is in the handling of it which has caused so much pain amongst many supporters who sought football justice but particularly our own.



    What I would like to see is The Board come out with a statement to that effect but I’ve been told it would never happen.



    Celtic have been urged to come clean as it would give the support a chance to forgive them and one has to wonder why not as its pretty obvious by now events since 2012 have created one big illusion of competitiveness in which Celtic have been knowing partners.



    Perhaps such a “confession” might not be met with forgiveness but the mistrust is a boil that needs lancing.



    Of course if those involved in the 5 Way Agreement were to step down, “never” may no longer apply.



    I’m going to respond to GreenPinta next on “moving on” to provide information on Res11 that might just see how that is happening and ties in with the coming clean and forgiveness notion.



    It is in the form of two blogs on Celtic Star that I urge all to read before the AGM as it will help understanding of where matters stand.

  3. Adi – 😂



    In general I mean. Forget the party but we are to believe that they have had no covid/self isolating instances at all.



    D :)

  4. Wish I could do the copy and paste link thingy on here.



    Anyone seen the “life is life” video of Diego.






    D :)

  5. just posted this on sentinel celts, another true story ,scroll by if you want to ,hh,,OK another true story from the archives, might have told it before but sol kitts told me he did not know about this abomination😎 sol did i spell that right😎 its the day after we won the big cup,going home from school st augustines in coatbridge we are all singng the celtic song, glen daly esque,,nothing sectarian, well to be honest i did not know what secterian meant in those days😎 as we got to glenboig, the bus driver stops outside the police station and goes in, next thing PC PLOD size 12 shoes comes on the bus the driver has just told me you have been singing secterian songs, the driver was probably a hun ,look he says anymore of it and we will take you in to the police station and you can take that as RED, tommy mcginty who was in the next year up from me, FFS tommy will be 69 now. god bless you tommy where ever you are says, i hate red only like green, with that and a storm of laughter pc plod fecks off ,another true story,👍

  6. PHILBHOY-we doing good mate.Out playing golf today and it was brilliant.


    Weather was magic for the last days in November.


    You opened a wee red yet 🍷




    Glad you are doing good and sounds like the golf was brill! Where did you play? Summer greens?



    M & S Rioja, no bad.



    Large Laphroig coming up!

  8. GREENPINATA on 28TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:48 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:10 AM








    Do you think the board have been disingenuous about the 5 way agreement and the way they dealt with Res 12?




    I have had many cordial conversations with Auldheid on here. My admiration for the gang of four is on record.



    However imo, we must move on. Rightly or wrongly, That particular boat has now drifted away.



    We had our opportunity, collectively we didn’t seize it.



    We move on and get our act right on the park.



    Maybe not the reply you were looking for, but possibly expecting anyway.




    Green Pinta.



    The latest on Res 12 is covered by Res11 in the AGM Notice in the form of a statement from shareholders that replaced a resolution that could not be accepted because legal advice to Celtic was it was defamatory.



    In the short time available, when earlier notice could have provided enough time to lodge a revised printed and signed Res, a delay that Celtic did acknowledge and offered the statement route that has produced what is now Res11, Shareholders agreed the statement that was published in the AGM Notice which was part a key part in moving on.



    However the wording of The Boards response in AGM language has led to a misunderstanding amongst some of how matters now stand.



    There was an excellent blog on Celtic Star that cottoned on to the moving on opportunity but as you read down it started from a misunderstanding of what Res11 meant,



    I suggest you and anyone wishing to understand reporting after the AGM read this first.






    and then my well received correction by the author of the above blog to help understanding of the opportunity Res11, if Celtic can be trusted to do what they say they will in The Board’s response, can be read at






    I have to say if Celtic can be trusted because of their past record and therein lies the real barrier to moving on, but it is also an opportunity to restore integrity to Scottish football via SFA reform if Celtic mean what it says on the tin with a bit more clarity than expressed in the Board’s response.



    There are some significant lessons for our support at large to learn from the Res 12 experience that I’m promising myself I will set out what they are and what is needs to be done after the AGM. Then I’m done whether the mistrust boil is lanced or not on the basis that no one cares enough about being lied to to do anything about it until the symptoms appear on the park.



    Thanks for providing me the opportunity to bring everyone interested up to date.

  9. PHILBHOY-we play at dalziel park.only one winter green.


    Watching Joe cocker on sky arts






    Keep swingin’!



    Just demolishing a carry out from my local Indian restaurant.






    Telly aff at the moment but usual Saturday shite tv about to start!

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    by what loophole in the covid laws in england allows gareth southgate to attend the everton leeds game?

  12. auldheid



    Thanks for your response during the wee wee hours.


    Just one thing though, “Party to” is not a synonym for “privy to”. They do not have the same meaning. You are not the first and will not be the last to confuse the two but given that we are talking about an (enforceable) contract here (and one which appears in some way to have stymied your own efforts re Res 12) I would hope you would agree it is important to make that distinction.


    There were two Old Firm entities who were Party to the 5WA


    Celtic FC wasn’t one of them.

  13. PHILBHOY-We all love Lenny,but it’s time up.


    That doesn’t make me a hater


    Nobody hates our manager


    Fellow fans coming on and saying different are all





    by what loophole in the covid laws in england allows gareth southgate to attend the everton leeds game?



    he livesd in cheshire maybe ?