There is worse to come


Neil Lennon said we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1, as we dominated large parts of the game against a team who have lost their last four games (not against Celtic), conceding 14 goals in the process.  But oh, Neil, we absolutely deserved to lose by at least that margin.

Our disorganisation is a marvel.  Scott managing to start his jump goal-side of a dropping ball and ending up wrong side.  Callum playing three onside.  Kris A. not committing to block the cross (forgiven, trying to cover two positions), Chris J. attempting to intercept with the wrong foot (forgiven, fitness).  Hatem reliving his Ferencvaros highlights.  Full backs who are never back and produce few assists; there is no defensive midfield, unless you count the goalkeeper who feels the need to leave his box and play that position, just a midfield of nomads.

The team is a collection of individuals unencumbered by a workable strategy.  Opposition managers have their game plan written: defend deep, play on the counter and put numbers forward at set-pieces.  If we could defend counter-attacks and corner kicks, we would be having a legendary season, but we can’t, so everyone looks awful.

In sport, if you have evident fatal flaws and persistently fail to resolve them, you deserve every setback that comes your way.  It is hard to recall a Celtic team that deserved to lose more.  Let me give you a cheery prediction, you will soon forget about last night, as there is worse to come.

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  1. Thought Lenny did very well at Presser.



    The hound pack wasn’t really yelping, seems they’d like him to stay….. which probably tells its own story.



    On Sunday we go for 36, an incredible feat lost in the maelstrom.




  2. Silence deafening from Lawwell.




    6,000 adult season tickets need to be sold at Celtic to cover his last annual loot of £3.5M incl LTIP.




    What has he done to deserve this.




    – helped SFA on Res 12 —- as they screw us over still ; what would have Fergus have done.




    – Aided and abetted RFC2 with 5WA as he reflected on the missing 10 mil ; bonus guaranteed decision




    – Shower appointment ignoring all CVS ; so he had a puppet to control




    – As a CEO of a PLC sat silent as manager was subject to horrendous racial abuse and attacks ; shameful




    – hides as the manager who has mental health issues is used as a punchbag. ; coward




    Lawwell has made Celtic toxic. A change of manager will change nothing —- that’s maybe why he puts the manager through the daily torture. It’s criminal what he is doing.




    Well Mr Lawwell we all know what you are doing ; the longer you hide it shows your depths of cowardice.




    Dermot has to step in and if necessary let Mr Toxic do the managers job as well



    One man has destroyed Celtic and one man has allowed it. Neither of them are Neil Lennon.



    Lennon should come out and say he is in a difficult personal space and needs help. That should allow an honourable exit so he can have his payoff. For Mr Toxic there are FTSE 100 players who are NEDs who would take Celtic job for remainder of season. Dermot knows a couple of them.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’ll be renewing my season tickets next season.



    Celtic is my team.



    Always has been.



    Always will be.



    Twa Bairns now self-isolating, zombies clearly immune from sevcovid



    Every team they play is weakened, meanwhile they remain the only team in World football not to have had a Covid case……….meanwhile Aribo is out this week with ‘ an illness ‘.




    I’ll be renewing my season tickets next season.



    Celtic is my team.



    Always has been.



    Always will be.






    And that is precisely why the board will keep on taking advantage of Celtic supporters.

  6. Schummi on 27th November 2020 5:24 pm



    Meant to say. Huns have very few players as good or better in their squad, I can only think of maybe two, but, they are a team and as much as we hate their success, they are organised. As I say, player for player we have a massive advantage, who’da thunk it, EH




    Your posts don’t really makes sense.



    If Lenny doesn’t have full control in bringing in the players and the club have fostered on him better players than the huns, why are we so far behind them in the league?

  7. Schummi on 27th November 2020 5:24 pm



    If you were Slippy right now, what Celtic players would you take?

  8. I see many posts having a go at our coaching staff, John Kennedy in particular, this is the same JK that many players have publicly said is a top coach, the same JK who has been part of Brendan Rodgers invincible season as was Stevie Woods, I have no idea if he is any good or not, but he was at the forefront in BR’s team.


    Everything falls on the managers shoulders, everything, the coaches will do as they are told, the training, the fitness regimes, the motivation, everything is down to the manager, just like the manager does from his boss our CEO, then you will hear that Pedro does what he is told, I don’t buy that, not for a minute, he will have a remit and he will have free rein within that remit, the likes of DD couldn’t give a monkeys in the day to day running of the club, that is Pedro’s domain, as long as the club are banking money, that’s all that matters, end of.


    Worse to come, for sure Paul there is gonna be worse to come, but could it be in the plan ?


    Must keep the OF bandwagon on the rails, this is the overriding factor as euro football is a sideshow, that is painfully obvious, sadly.


    Another sad thing is that it’s getting to the stage that I actually couldn’t give a eff any more, no more shouting at the TV, no more getting worked up, at least I won’t be having a stroke due to the crap football I am watching….hopefully :>}

  9. THE EXILED TIM on 27th November 2020 6:28 pm



    Another sad thing is that it’s getting to the stage that I actually couldn’t give a eff any more, no more shouting at the TV, no more getting worked up, at least I won’t be having a stroke due to the crap football I am watching….hopefully :>}




    Yep I’m the same :O)



    I gave up on the league a while ago now, it dulls the pain of each and every game since.



    Onto next season now.

  10. The huddle


    The league is not over – we need to back Neil – the board has faith – so should we.

  11. THE EXILED TIM, I asked last night about losing your e-mail address ,if you dont want to give it out on here im sure you have mine, no problem cus if not,H.H.

  12. Gene on 27th November 2020 6:47 pm



    The league is not over – we need to back Neil – the board has faith – so should we.




    It is always fascinated seeing some of the posts on here, for years it was always that the board don’t back the manager, and now that they do everyone calls for the manager to go, no pleasing us

  13. The_Huddle


    It’s quite sad that I feel this way, I am astonished that I do, but it’s the truth, also I kinda expect not to win any more, that’s even worse, trust me :>}











  14. winningemmell on 27th November 2020 6:51 pm



    How long ago ?




    How long ago I gave up on the league?



    I never wanted Lenny as our boss, and wasn’t impressed with us last season. This preseason and everything before a real ball was kicked had my alarm bells ringing.



    I’ve never really thought we’ve played well once this season. I gave up on the league after the hun defeat.

  15. Lenny and the team need our support now more than ever. It’s easy supporting a winning side – it’s time to step up.


    Faithful through and through.

  16. THE HUDDLE AND GEEBEE From earlier


    Huddle, good point and GB , most of them methinks




    Cheers the noo


    Still think we CAN do it though




  17. Gene- I want to sign up….but I think we need a change now,I fear Neil is damaging his legacy by hanging on…..HH

  18. garygillespieshamstring on




    Still got a firm grip on my towel.



    Takes me bank to the days of strachan gtf before tommy burns Thursday

  19. SCHUMMI on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:05 PM



    Not so sure. Who? Any of our midfield plodders over Kent? Ajeti over Roofe? Our goalkeeper?



    I’ve always said we have better players but that position gets harder to defend with each match that passes….

  20. …as there is worse to come, Possibly the most worrying words (for me) that I have read from Paul67 in the 13 or 14 years I have been reading CQN.



    Could you spell out what you are alluding to, Paul67?



    Please Celtic, let our manager go with his head held high. He deserves that at the very least. If things continue going downhill, there will be more crass behaviour like the Green Brigade’s banner.

  21. GGH


    Where I sat there was belief in that season that “we were gonna win the League” it was often sung momentum grew and grew ,players responded, they choked and buckled , they blame Europe and too many games in a short space of time but the league was extended hence the Thursday finish.


    The contrast today could not be more stark, you need more than words to believe, it takes effort, evidence of improvement, organisation and community.

  22. There is no doubt that the Board did not want the old Rangers to go out of existence.



    Neither did I – there were better alternatives- ones where they were prosecuted for and learned from their wrongdoing.



    Our fans, and those of other clubs, through expressing our righteous outrage, at the secret deal aiming to keep them in the Premiership felt that pressure needed to be applied and with that The Continuity RFC were placed into the tender ministrations of Jim Ballantyne et al in the old SFL.



    I argued and will argue that we had more chance of pronouncing an appropriate verdict on them whilst they remained in the SPL. As a Private club, the SPL could have kept anyone they wanted in and anyone they did not want out, but all the Directors of all the clubs panicked and they went on their soap opera “Journey” through the lower leagues.



    I cannot be sure that they would have been appropriately punished for their years of cheating but at least the SPL had talked about punishments. All such talk ended when the SFL did not want anything to harm their cash cow.



    I may be naive in that they could have been just as powerfully protected within the SPL setting as the 5 way agreement had already been mooted, prepared and signed. The fiction that Peter Lawwell peddled of not being privy to it and of hinting that he may actually have opposed it if he knew, has long been seen as a fiction.



    The 5 way agreement was there to be challenged and they failed to do so. They did fear losing the Blue Pound more than they valued Sporting integrity. I believe I had more confidence in the Rangers fans thatn they had. Even if Rangers’ liquidation had been confirmed and publisicised by the ruling bodies, there would have been an immediate resurrection of a Club devoted to inheriting that club’s supporters. The official records might have deemed it a new club but their supporters would have still claimed their old trophies, in their heads, as we would have if positions had been reversed.



    But, even though I believe that “our” Board wanted them to continue to exist and wanted all their fans still cntributing to Scottish Football, I don’t think it fully explains why we are in danger of losing the bid for 10. The idea that we can dictate when they are good enough to win the title or even dictate when we are bad enough to win the title does not satnd up to any close examination. Yes, they could be careless in their stewardship and fail to respond to a threat but that’s a difference between a careless own goal and a deliberate own goal.



    If our Board wanted them to survve so much that we’d be prepared to throw a league- why wait till we had won 9iar. It just looks obviously more complicit and corrupt to do it then; to spit in the face of your own support when the 10 is within your grasp. They would have got less backlash if w had lost title 5 or 6 or even 7. How does recruiting Brendan Rodgers fit into this narrative of being desperate to gift them a league?



    If it don’t make sense then it don’t make sense.



    Why would you capitulate to a Hun threat to liquidate themselves through overspending? It’s a ploy right up there with Sherrif Bart holding the gun to his own head in Blazing Saddles. If you capitulate to that threat then what’s to stop them continuing to make it? If they always overspend, risking another liquidation and asking Celtic to bail them out by letting them win the league, how do you stop that process?



    And finally, why should our Board fear them going out of business? We have already seen that a liquidation did not kill them. They were allowed to keep their history and the oficial bodies all colluded in seeing them as the same, even though they were reluctant to spell it out.



    If they went bust again, do we seriously believe that would be the end of Rangers? What’s to stop the Rinse & Repeat cycle of going bust and re-emerging with debt dropped but titles protected? Is official Scotland going to be any more serious about bringing Real Legal Procedures to bear on the Establishment Club?



    So, there’s three reasons why it isn’t a conspiracy



    1)- If they were going to throw them one they would have done it by now


    2)- There’s no sense in capitulating to a threat of “Give us a Title or else we’ll go bust!”


    3) If they go bust, it’s just rinse & repeat in Bonnie Scoddland anyway.



    I beleive in the cock up over the conspiracy.



    If they win a title, they win it on merit by being better than us over the course of a season. They don’t win it because our Board gifted it to them and hampered our squad and management to make that inevitable. They do win it because they are hungry and we are playing poorly.



    Now lots of things could and perhaps should have been done to make that less likely. That is our cock up. We could have bought a better CB than Duffy. We could have got Laxalt earlier. We could ahve got a better keeper than Barkas (though I think his faults are much over-rated)



    I don’t buy that DD and PL want them to win the title this year. I beleive they are as surprised and as baffled as to why we are so bad and why they are so much better.



    Yes they want Sevco to survive but No- they dont want them winning anything

  23. Bada


    like you I want to see a change but while he’s there we should give Lenny ‘the man’ our support.


    Think of it the other way – not supporting is signing out.

  24. The plc all week and today’s press conference have been trying to control the narrative. We are being treated as gullible. It is total PR fit up.They have completely misread this. It will come back to bite them. Growing number of Celtic fans are beginning to see them in their true colours. Sack the board.

  25. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I’m absolutely scunnered by NL’s presser today. Statistically his worst game since coming back and apparently the worst stats since mid Ronny era.



    Instead we hear whole host of bizarre excuses from NL. I can only assume that PL/DD/NL are too out of touch with the support and upon the modern game in general.



    But how on earth are they so out of touch with both?

  26. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS @ 4:24 PM,



    Yes, we are certainly not in a position that we can’t recover from.



    It is a big ask though, t’uther day I suggested that we would need to win the three remaining Glasgow Derbies… the logic of course is, if we don’t take points off Rangers who will? And we will need to reverse at least a five point deficit.



    We are certainly not going to do that with the status quo, also if we are hoping to be in good shape at the end of the January transfer window it may be too little, too late.



    We must act soon, we must act decisively.



    Hail Hail

  27. Gene- I should have said while he’s the manager, I will support him and the team,……without going through all the current issues, if he can manage to take a step back, he might see what a lot of guys are seeing.

  28. Gene



    The manager being given the Celtic version of the Chairman’s Monday morning support after a string of poor results is a testament to how bad things are. Reminding us all how united they are, how determined they are to turn this around is only worth one single punt. If the manager has to keep saying that same thing while the ship continues to sink then your crew will quite reasonably start to question his judgement and grip on events.


    We are part of the crew & many no longer believe that this captain will save the ship.



    I admire your repeated assertions of faith & loyalty, but my loyalty is to the club NOT an individual, no matter how much of a hero he may be/have been. It’s precisely why I see supporting the club differently than it appears you do: NOT to voice concerns or seek answers would be to fail on my support for the club.




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