There is worse to come


Neil Lennon said we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1, as we dominated large parts of the game against a team who have lost their last four games (not against Celtic), conceding 14 goals in the process.  But oh, Neil, we absolutely deserved to lose by at least that margin.

Our disorganisation is a marvel.  Scott managing to start his jump goal-side of a dropping ball and ending up wrong side.  Callum playing three onside.  Kris A. not committing to block the cross (forgiven, trying to cover two positions), Chris J. attempting to intercept with the wrong foot (forgiven, fitness).  Hatem reliving his Ferencvaros highlights.  Full backs who are never back and produce few assists; there is no defensive midfield, unless you count the goalkeeper who feels the need to leave his box and play that position, just a midfield of nomads.

The team is a collection of individuals unencumbered by a workable strategy.  Opposition managers have their game plan written: defend deep, play on the counter and put numbers forward at set-pieces.  If we could defend counter-attacks and corner kicks, we would be having a legendary season, but we can’t, so everyone looks awful.

In sport, if you have evident fatal flaws and persistently fail to resolve them, you deserve every setback that comes your way.  It is hard to recall a Celtic team that deserved to lose more.  Let me give you a cheery prediction, you will soon forget about last night, as there is worse to come.

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  1. Hot Smoked – just saw your 9.45 post just now so I’m afraid your votes weren’t included. Fortunately they wouldn’t have changed the outcome or placings.


    I’ll let you into a wee secret but don’t tell anybody else on here. Generally I have the emails counted and my wee message written by around 9.15. I tend to then be away watching TV or whatever and around 9.55 I have a quick check of the Inbox for any last minute votes, adjust the message as necessary, copy and paste the message onto “the CQN Blog, the CQN Facebook page and any other cliquey wee sites or groups that I may or may not be a member of!” and then, when the clock strikes 10, the results are out.


    Hopefully you’ll get your email back up and running soon. And hopefully more folk will be in a better frame of mind for voting after the Ross County game.


    2 more sleeps ;-)

  2. Remember fellow Celtic fans/supporters.We wake up tomorrow Celtic fans/supporters.


    And this season according to some is still enjoyable.

  3. HOT SMOKED @ 10:14 PM,



    Just over a year and a half ago, a CQN lead had a rarity, someone other than Paul67 doing a lead article.



    It was headlined…



    The Problem Of Relative Poverty






    My take, this was to assuage those who were concerned by the downsizing at the time. It suggested that anytime it looked like Rangers were going to get close to us we could simply out muscle them financially. Buy more and better players and become much better than Rangers again.



    For me this was a risky strategy if you wanted to keep winning trebles or unbroken championships, yes you have a lot of money to play with but you have one chance of getting it right.



    Rangers improved greatly last season, which many had been predicted, they also had a great European run (by their standards), which was less predictable.



    So they had a better team and more money.



    So the Board sanctioned the splurge in this summer’s transfer window, put a block on player sales, to ensure we use our financial muscle to stay ahead of Rangers.



    Hasn’t worked out so well so far…



    Hail Hail

  4. David17 Bravo.



    Paul67 will tell you otherwise at behest of his master.



    Lawwell briefed against our manger against our manager to Chris McLaughlin. Paul67 followed orders and put the boot in. The narrative was built and the Rat term was coined. Job well done.



    There is a snake at Celtic we all know who it is, Paul67 serves him and any interviews etc are to be seen through the lens of helping his master. He doesn’t speak for Celtic fans ; he is Lawwells mouthpiece.



    Paul67 is ridiculed on other Celtic websites. I come on here to shine a light on the charlatan as he damages Celtic in his own small way. Anybody who damages the club is not a Celtic fan. I put Paul67 in that category—damaging the club from within for self serving purposes.

  5. CHAIRBHOY-I think EL has already hit the nail on the head.


    Celtic need the old firm


    Simples really

  6. Anybody looking to escape the madness try sneaky Pete on Amazon, it’s quite good, watch for the Celtic link

  7. Fairhill Bhoy…



    Thanks for the heads up, had missed that post.



    Strong argument – no doubts



    Hail Hail





    ‘Why respond to their thrreats of suicide- because if we give in to the balackmail- they will just keep on deploying this approach?’






    It’s not blackmail. This isn’t being done at the request or behest of the huns. It’s being done proactively by Celtic, in Celtic’s interests (as the Board sees it). That it benefits the huns is an unfortunate consequence of a necessary action.







    ‘And, ultimately, what IS the “threat” involved in their going bust?’



    If history were to repeat itself and there was an insolvency, that would be it. The bubble would be burst. You can stretch credibility only so far. The continuity myth would be dead in the water.






    ‘the one thing they haven’t done, and cannot do, is present the title to Sevco by collusion.’



    Where do you get the idea of collusion from? That it would suit Celtic’s long term aims for the huns to survive, and their survival as a realistically competitive entity requires them to win the league this year, means that the Celtic board would not be unduly upset if that were to happen, does not require any form of collusion or conspiracy.

  9. that was some read back,



    i used to pick up the follow follow fanzine at st enochs in the 90s. hid it in my levis denim jaiket.


    I would also do the same for the jambo bridesmaid magazine,



    you know, know your enemies and all that,



    fast forward 30 years,

  10. Lucky Cody, are yo not lucky that Paul gives you the platform to insult him.


    Take your light & shine it elsewhere.


    Very few on the blog tend to agree with Paul lately so if this site is a great set up between Pedro & Paul to dupe Celtic fans, it has failed miserably.


    Of late I am rarely supportive of what Paul posts but he is entitled as you and I to post what he likes.


    Disagree by all means but keep it civil, your last post says a lot more about you than about Paul.


    Jobo keep the ol’ Competition going, we are going through hard times now but older fans have been through much harder, and we came out the other side.


    FFS Currently on 11 successive Trophies, hopefully 12 on 10th December and we are spitting fire because we may not win this year.

  11. David66 just at the end of season 2 can’t wait to see how he gets out of this, been waiting 3 days, but not allowed to watch it without the Mrs 😳

  12. Depressing article but I think it’s right. Our “generation of domination” looks to be over – we’ll have cocked up the 10 and come the summer (PPA even starting in January) we’re likely to lose a host of the squad – most of whom seem to want to leave. Having tried for the 10, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Forrest and MacGregor head off for a big payday. Brown is out of contract and may retire or look to an adventure in Oz or the US (or China/Middle East). Hazard, Ralston and Young Dembele is out of contract and looking to go by all accounts. Laxalt, Duffy and Moi will head back to their parent clubs. That’s 9 gone before we even get started!



    As well as those, Ajer, Julien, Bitton, Ntcham, Christie, Rogic and Eddy are looking to leave. Our loanees – Hendry, Bolingoli, Shved, and Bayo will also go – either new loans or paid off/released. So 20 players out the door before we even start!



    That leaves us with the following collection of players:



    Goalkeepers: Bain and Barkas;


    Full backs: Frimpong, Taylor;


    Centre backs: Welsh; El Hamed;


    Central midfield: Soro; Turnbull;


    Wing/wide attack: Johnstone;


    Centre Forward: Griffiths; Ajeti; Kilmala.

  13. Much as I admire him, I think Lenny has to go, for 2 reasons. Firstly, I think he’s too far gone to recover now and it would be better for everyone to call it sooner rather than later. And secondly because given the rebuild likely to be needed next year, I think we need a management team to take the opportunity to create a Celtic identity and ethos and mould the squad in that image. I don’t think Lenny is the man for that job.


    I don’t know who we’d get, but we need to be ready for a big window in summer – so we should bring that person in soon to plan accordingly and set the wheels in motion – or at least have a DoF in to do that role, with a head coach who is of a similar mind.

  14. Corkcelt,



    Subservient nonsense —- not in tune with the Rebel county, No time for yes men that cannot think for themselves.



    Difference between you and Paul67 is that he is a smart guy and can think for himself. However he is beholden to his master and promotes his messages. As long as he does this I will call him out and would do it in person without hesitation as he damages Celtic.



    Unfortunately Corkcelt you follow blindly and do not think for yourself. Take time out and think ; I am being sincere — in today’s modern world we don’t take time to think, analyse , learn —- NFL has this problem. Carving out this time is crucial and I find it a challenge too. Hope I haven’t offended you.

  15. SFTB



    I have to put my hand up and say I naturally tend to watch for the good in what is there or, worse, expect good to emerge from the bad. ..



    It is a helluva affliction when many look for what they perceive is missing and don’t expect anything good to come from the lack they perceive.



    So when I heard NL’s view of the performance I thought shit, I’m in trouble, but I’ll state what I saw as good anyway and hope that what is not so good will cause change.



    On bringing a new manager in, unless he is from the top rank with his top assistants like BR was (and we know that didn’t last) then there is a risk that the turn around job will be beyond a coach from the strata Celtic would be limited to considering.



    I know the next 5 games all come under winnable against Scottish clubs and I would be going for less churn not more. The back 5 of last night should, unless because of injuries play in the next 5 games although if Duffy could be trusted I would take Ajer out and play him as the defensive midfielder,



    I’d play Christie midfield because of his energy and his goals and assists record is good, after that I’d make room for Rogic and the remaining place would probably go to McGregor or Brown.



    If Ajer stays in back four that would let both start but Brown’s not the rock he was.



    Up front Eddy and LG or any from Ajeti, Elyanousii,Klimala if LG injured.



    In training play the same players as much as possible, explain to the the likes of Frimpong , Turnbull and Soro it is necessary to establish a settled team but promise each a run out if the game allows it or requires it.



    We play like an unsettled side because we are an unsettled side since the season began, some reasons have been outwith NL’s control .



    That is the pitch I would be making to DD and PL, who knowing the odds on hiring a game change manager might see it as the best option in the prevailing circumstances.



    I’m not dismissing we need a better coach arguments I don’t know enough about coaching to comment, but I did get a brand new team up 3 Divisions on the trot playing good players in the best positions in spite of Bournesouprecipe leaving the fold!.



    As I watched Tony Mowbrays team fail to improve I was reaching the “he has to go” point that I haven’t yet arrived at with NL. Close but if he does turn things around that is what Big Billy meant when he said there is a fairy tale about the club (or was it magic?) and Ive explained why in my “hands up”.



    Early January is the time to decide if NL is worth retaining after we play Rangers, but even if he does wave a magic wand I think an overhaul is needed from the very top for next season to break free from a toxic cycle that stops Celtic really being more than a club in totality.

  16. saint stivs



    You couldn’t make some of it up.


    You don’t have to….




  17. Lucky Cody – why are you on here, spouting this vitriol… seriously question. Paul is not a Celtic fan ? get a grip

  18. Auldheid, I definitely think a change is needed immediately, and needs to be high-calibre, even if only for this season – can this be afforded ? good question; but the consequences of no action look dire I fear

  19. CQN! Seriously does anyone want Neil Lennon to fail! Doubt it ! Do any of us want Neil to succeed!! All of us?? But!! Everyone wants Celtic to succeed!! So IMHO, he has To Go !! ps remember!! Until Neil stops winning Trophies 😂😂ach we know the rest !! Got a a funny feeling 😂Neil Lennon equal trophy won’t be true in the near future , whoever he reacts the call HH

  20. Just back in after a walk with the dug,Christmas lights up everywhere, a bit early but most people are really fed up with this COVID scheidt.



    Last Sunday we had 20 cms of snow, tonight quite balmy. Was thinking about Paul’s header and I remembered a saying Mrs TT’s oul auntie used tae say “be careful for what you wish for”,



    Mibbees, just mibbees that’s what Paul was alluding tae.

  21. In 2016, Celtic supporter’s in their thousand’s, paid for Old Firm ticket’s which cemented the old, and new Ibrox club’s as being the same club.


    That was betrayal.


    Or was it a mugging, with the Brendan Rodgers arrival being used to cloud the fact’s pertaining to those ticket’s?


    If it was a mugging, and it certainly looks like a shifty pricing arrangement, will Celtic supporter’s finally empty those who mugged them?


    If the supporter’s don’t exact retribution against their mugger’s, then what gives them the right to assume that ‘THEY’ should be entitled to sit in judgement of a man, Neil Lennon, who was the only person within the entire structure of the club, including a former warmongering, cabinet minister, Dr John Reid, who provided his own lie, when he said “Those day’s are gone now” regarding the establishment cheating of all things Celtic, when if the truth be told, the cheating got WORSE, after he said that, with Neil Lennon, the only person who fought that cheating, he was helped by QC Paul McBride, and he ‘suddenly’ died, and NL was on his own, it was THEN, that Celtic supporter’s should’ve taken action against the obviously conflicted executive level of the club, but supporter’s did NOTHING, apart from prop up an executive that stood aside, and let NL take the rap for the entire ‘shame game’ fiasco. There have been numerous other open goal’s, LNS whitewash, and many other’s, yet the people with the REAL power, continued to, turn up, put their season ticket money down, then sat on their hands, and let the Res:12 group fight the cause. What good is that? Res:12 in principal, was the only show in town, because season ticket holder’s chose to hide behind Res:12, whilst sitting on their hands.


    If that isn’t the definition of lazy b’s then what is? 53,000 season ticket holder’s, and 51,000 of them constitute a LIBRARY within Celtic Park, apart from European, and hun games, the ego trip game’s.


    Celtic supporter’s who now judge Neil Lennon, and they are forming a lengthy queue, them in the queue are the REAL failure’s, that’s correct, THEY who are now conducting themselves like, the witch finders baying mob, in year’s gone past.


    But the truth is, that 53,000 cowardly season ticket holder’s, who’ve FAILED our club by their refusal to remove the WORST hierarchy in our history, not one single season ticket holder, is capable, or has the INTEGRITY, which would permit them, to throw the first stone at, NEIL FRANCIS LENNON. NOT ONE!


    If I was in control of Celtic, I would put YOU’RE name’s at suitable area’s of the stadium, to remind the new, REBELLIOUS, season ticket holder’s, that these are the coward’s who chose the weakest target to attack, and that target of these, 53,000 coward’s, MR NEIL FRANCIS LENNON, put his LIFE on the line, on Glasgow’s, Irish immigrant hating, blood stained street’s, HIS life, HIS FAMILIES lives, bomb’s, bullet’s, kicking’s, all because HE refused to sacrifice the principle’s of the CELTIC FC, that he was born into, he refused to bow, to ANY, of our countless enemies, and then he watched on in HORROR in 2016, as thousand’s of Celtic supporter’s, queued up to sell the very entity that, GRAINNE held so dear, the INTEGRITY, of her beloved, Glasgow Celtic.


    And now, these soulless FAKES, want serve sentence, on NEIL FRANCIS LENNON.


    Out of the entire staff, and supporter’s, thee ONLY ONE, who refused to bow, NEIL FRANCIS LENNON will now be judged by those who have not a FIBRE, NOT A SINGLE FIBRE, of INTEGRITY, in their entire being.


    Celtic FC, is now, NOTHING, but a disgusting concept.

  22. SFTB



    On the 5 Way Agreement and the SFL solution preventing deterrent measures being implemented that got me thinking then remembering what I had read or researched.



    As a new member of the SFL, Sevco automatically became a REGISTERED MEMBER of the SFA with 14 days to apply for ASSOCIATE SFA Membership as a new club, moving on to FULL SFA Membership on application after 5 years good behaviour.



    What did happen was Green wasn’t having that, he bargained for FULL SFA Membership from the off because it helped the continuity myth which was good for sales (I saved our history lads, fill my pockets) but also a seat at the SFA Top Tables.



    Getting that membership transfer was a bargaining chip used by Green to meet SFA demands like paying clubs what RFC owed them.



    Transfer of Full SFA Membership was prohibited under Art 14 of SFA rules but the same article gave the SFA Board discretionary powers to allow it, which of course they did.



    So the same club myth had its genesis in the 5 Way Agreement not just because it was a bargaining chip but because the construction of the 5 Way described Rangers as a company which they were on the records but a club and company fused as one historically. Doncaster (probably) used a rule introduced in 2005 to let SFA sanction Romanov as company owner of Hearts to draft into the 5 Way a definition of Rangers as a company and not the club that they always were before and after the new definition introduced in 2005.



    I’ll digress here and say that from July 2012 a formal company operating a club construction did come into being when RIFC a new company with its own company number was formed to operate (the new) The Rangers Football Club Ltd with its own new company number .



    Prior to 2012 old Rangers Football Club were named as the applicant for a UEFA Licence see



    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6uWzxhblAt9VnptRTJBR01RTEE/view with same company number from becoming corporate in 18??



    but from 2013 the company i.e. RIFC (Rangers International Football Club) was the applicant for a UEFA Licence, submitting accounts under RIFC company name but with accounts containing the transactions of The Rangers Football Club Ltd. All above board under Article 12 of UEFA FFP.



    That club/company construction from 2013 explains why Traverso Head of UEFA Club Licensing in 2016 described the then applicant for a UEFA licence from Ibrox as a NEW club/company falling back on the terminology of Article 12 of UEFA FFP ie a new company operating a new club was the applicant for a UEFA Licence since 2013. It had to be thus as Rangers oldco had stopped producing the accounts to get a licence in 2012.



    Digression done but it illustrates the lengths gone to hide the truth for commercial benefit and at great expense of the feelings of the Celtic support who saw football justice denied and titles dishonestly won kept..



    How that happened is the 5 Way Agreement although concentrating on Craig Whyte misdeeds did recognise that ebt usage preceded Craig Whyte and the rush to get it signed was to set up the LNS Commission lest Sevco as an SFL club claimed SPL had no jurisdiction over them. The same Agreement also gave Sevco (to be Rangers) a waiver against being charged with misdemeanours caused by Rangers (oldco) which is understandable as long as Sevco don’t claim to be Rangers Oldco.



    It cannot be said Celtic were at fault at this point in accepting the Agreement as it did cover ebt usage by Oldco.



    However the LNS Commission then legitimised the use of ebts on the grounds that they were lawfully used until the law ruled otherwise and there was no question of dishonesty at play, a legitimatisation only made possible by ignoring that DOS EBTS were unlawfully used at the time of the Commission and Rangers accepted the £2.8m liability because HMRC had proof of dishonesty that allowed them to go beyond the normal six year limit to pursue arrears .



    The evidence that would have made the LNS Decision untenable may not have been provided to SPL Lawyers as requested in 2012 by Rangers Administrators but it was later provided to The SPL Board of Directors including Eric Riley in 2014, but for some reason never was used to overturn the LNS Decision that legitimised the titles won by Rangers from 2000 to 2011.



    I started off just meaning to say the SFL were mainly bystanders as the SFA and SPL Lawyers were the main architects of the 5 Way Agreement, but someone gave them directions of what was wanted.



    You can all see if you have read so far why The 5Way Agreement has been secret.

  23. ernie lynch



    “That it would suit Celtic’s long term aims for the huns to survive, and their survival as a realistically competitive entity requires them to win the league this year, means that the Celtic board would not be unduly upset if that were to happen, does not require any form of collusion or conspiracy.”





    In your first reply to point 1 in my argument- you suggested that it was this year it had to happen because they would not have gone bust by losing the title in any year before.



    Now, in repy to points 2 & 3 that I made, you are stating that it suits Celtic for them to be competitive and that means winning a league now and then.



    So, we are back in the circular argument as to why now? Why is the Board content to gift them the 2020/21 title when it so blatantly jars with our 10iar aspirations.



    They could have been happy or contrived to drop a title after we had won 5iar or 7iar and the backlash would not have been as great.



    If, as you now concede, they are not going bust if they don’t get this year’s title, why do they “require to win the league this year”? Why would we not be happy to let them win one after we have won 10iar or 11iar or 12iar? They are not going bust and they are likey t repeat the threat if we give into it.



    I can accept the argument that having a rivalry is important for keeping interest in Scottish football but their fans would have been happy to settle for a LC or a SC sometime in the past or next couple of years, as evidence they were nearing the end of their “journey”. They wanted but did not need a league this year.



    The more obvious explanation, for the current situation, is that they have improved faster than we thought possible and we have imploded over the past two months to an extent that few forecast. Some recognised a trend earlier than others, certainly earlier than I did, but no-one predicted in August that they would be procaiming a lost league in early November.



    It took until the end of December 2019 for that prediction to be made falsely and, though it was made in previous years to last year too, it was done mosty as a prescient warning than a realistic prediction that the Breadman or Pedro would take our titles.



    As a sportsman, I have to say that if Sevco take this title, they will have earned it, through their efforts and our failings. If you’ve played sport, you’ll know how futile and unconvincing it is toblame it on luck or bias or collusion. Unlike the Mowbray years, there has been no consistent ref cheating as evidenced in the McCurry era (please note tha I an not saying there are no bent refs).



    I am not in the business of looking for scapegoats to sacrifice for the failure to achieve 10. Mostly because I don’t accept that it is gone, but also because it does no good to sacrifice Neil for an as-yet unidentified successor, who might also get sacked if he fails to reverse the current trend.



    And as for getting rid of PL and DD, that can only be done via a financial boycott which would further harm any financial advantage we have and affect us by making our recovery take longer. The Celts for Change movement won because the custodians they rebelled against had taken the club to the brink of bankruptcy and to 5th place in a league.



    The curent custodians have presided over 9iar and a possible quadruple treble. The circumstances could not be more different.



    I am ill-disposed to a pitchfork riot with the aim of getting them to buy us an expensive centre forward or a coach with a filofax and a foreign name.



    That is, if protest alone , could even get rid of the men who control our finances.



    It’s rock and a hard place time.



    I am not naive, I know there will be great anger when or if the 10 is lost. All other titles and trophies won won’t even be considered far less weighed in the balance, but I won’t be shedding a tear or joining in with exultation if a manager is sacked or a CEO is removed or even if DD sells to someone else. Our stars won’t change a bit with any of these events.



    We will still be run at the behest of a businessman.



    Our Executive Operations will still be run with one and a half eyes on the balance sheet and only half an eye on the team.



    And the new manager will still be trying to make a competitive European team out of a big club that plies its trade in a modern backwater, one step up from the League of Ireland.



    It’s been a long time since the 60s and 70s.



    I regret our European level of relevance but I take more comfort than most in the fact that I saw 9iar again. We are a privileged group and demographic. Not only were we not tested by having to fight in a World War, we only had two periods of relative footbal success drought to suffer, the late50s & early 60s, and then, again in the 90s. To compensate for that we had 1965-74 and all of the 21st century to lord it over Scottish football.



    It has been a great time and I don’t think it’s ended yet, even if we do suffer a rare league defeat. I’ve suffered them before and I know I can get over them. I will always regret it if we lose but I’ll thole it and there will be no towel throwing.

  24. TIMHORTON on 28TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:13 AM


    Why would we conspire to loose the league when top two go through t CL





    I’m glad you mentioned that, I meant to say so in my reply to STFB’s not a conspiracy post and its probably in the unposted word ether forest looking for a way out which you have provided.



    It was thinking the position was the same as in 2011 when for the first time only one club qualified that got me worried it was back to the future, but it isn’t the case now and the RFC debt propulsion model is their way, that come hell or high water, they will get UEFA money to reduce their debt. It is the other clubs that should be shouting for domestic FFP to give them some chance at a qualifying place.



    So too will Celtic likely qualify, so what is at stake is 10iar not falling behind financially . The one club only qualifying was toxic to our game and Rangers swallowed the poison in 2011. Lets hope we never fall back to one club only qualifying.

  25. Everyone gets something right but no one gets everything right and that is because there are certain things that apparently can’t be said. I’ve just read the report on Si Ferry’s take – he makes some good points but he like NL seems to think it’s down to motivation of individual players as if getting Ncham motivated things would have turned out differently in most games. NL never mentions it, Big Chris never mentions it, Kris Commons never mentions it, Paul never mentions it only the fans mention it – it’s the coaching. I think the burning question is what’s happening with players and coaches. Towards the end of BR tenure it was obvious that the players he had couldn’t play the way he wanted them to against good opposition or against teams that did a high press and prevented them from taking the ball out from the back. BR couldn’t apparently change things and I think he would be having trouble with this version of rangers, Hibs and Aberdeen. NL’s defenses have been awful since the beginning with good goalkeeping keeping it hidden to a certain extent. Now that our GKs are average the lack of defensive cohesion and nous really shows. So what is the relationship between coaches and players? The players don’t seem to be learning. Why? Are the coaches not good enough? Putting in its the rawest form: why would players with ambition be motivated by coaches (Kennedy and Strachan) that have achieved nothing? NL too in the grand scheme of things has had no great success outwith Celtic unless you want to count getting Hibs promoted to Premier league. If there are no changes in the coaching department I can’t see a turnaround.

  26. martin fallon



    No, Celtic FC, as in Celtic Football Club, will never be a “disgusting concept”.


    Not now. Not ever.

  27. CHAIRBHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:48 PM


    SFtBs @ 9:26 PM,



    Well, as TET says, define a conspiracy is not straight forward.



    Also overall, we are talking about a decade of Scottish Football where there were some very odd goings on and certainly conspiring.



    But the TEN no, I don’t think we conspired to loose a league.



    May be my reply to Hot Smoked below, might illumiate where I think it went wrong, at least in part.



    Hail Hail




    Three at one time.



    On this year yes no conspiracy, but past behaviour tends to influence thinking.



    I think the possibility of a conspiracy to keep Rangers alive in 2011 cannot be ruled out. It is question of did Rangers act alone, if so no conspiracy .



    Did they act with SFA knowledge of an overdue tax? An SFA with Ogilvie in post and Bain on Committees and Andrew Dickson on the Licensing Committee? What are the chances the SFA knew nothing, Manuel style?


    The Regan e mail to Rangers in December 2011 that tried to justify the grant of the licence that produced the comment from Ibrox that his statement might draw in the SFA , then the meal at Hotel du Vin to avoid any response?



    Not solid proof but enough to suggest a conspiracy between SFA and Rangers.



    Did Celtic know about the overdue tax? No proof but why their resistance to even establishing if the rules were breached, and no statement since 2013 to confirm or deny that they were.


    Highly suspicious not to mention deflection from key date at last AGM when evidence presented in 2018 suggested the licence was obtained by false pretence. to justify not involving UEFA?



    On LNS, as I stated earlier there was nothing in the 5 Way that excluded an investigation of ebts, but when later evidence not considered/seen by LNS was provided to Celtic in 2014 , not a word.



    The worst bit for me is the pretence that Celtic were annoyed with the LNS outcome, their letters sent to \SFA and publicised that had no effect, the effective suggestions made using what Res12 had uncovered ignored and left to shareholders to pursue at a cost just over £11k, the appearance of acting or excuses for not acting.



    I wouldn’t call that a conspiracy, I’d call it Celtic ripping the piss out of shareholders and supporters.



    Then again that does not seem to concern as many as imagined



    So why bother trying to tell the story all set out at http://www.res12.uk (with more to come on Res11 2020) .



    Wish I’d come across The Plato’s Cave story a lot sooner.

  28. auldheid



    I have made this point on here offtimes before.


    Celtic FC are not and were not Party to the 5WA.


    We may or not be party to it, but that is a whole different matter altogether as you well know.


    And to this day, neither you or I are quite sure which 5WA, the Parties are Party to.


    But we, as in Celtic FC, are not Party to any of them.

  29. Breaking my duck here, post 1. No, not a h*n. 😊


    There is great concern around the club at this time.


    Our great warrior, Mr Lennon, needs more warrior’s of like mind around him.


    Martin O’Neill as director of football, and do away with CEO, money creates a spirit that flies in the face of our founding ethos.


    Mr Lennon is a warrior who is under siege from, weak spirit’s, or weak supporter’s.


    Mr Lennon has faced down, far more formidable opponent’s, than our weak supporter’s have done. Their weakness’s when faced with corporate oppression, are all too true.


    The weak link, is 53k thick, thick but also weak.


    The 53k link, is weak against their financially powerful, PLC master’s.


    The 53k link, is volubly powerful against the great warrior, who’s bravery tower’s above the 53k weak link, which gnaws at the back of the napper’s, of the 53k weak link.


    Eleven trophies in succession, and the 53k weak link are committing a cardinal error in judgement, the same judgement that had the 53k jumping through hoop’s for Ronny’s plastic roar!


    Holt, is a warrior, ask the persecuted Luigi, who was sacrificed to keep a team of loser’s in Fergus’s dressing room.


    Peace to all the Diaspora. ✌ 🌵 🐎

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