There will be no end to it Celtic – unless you put an end to it


I bought my first tranche of Celtic shares in 1994 but when Fergus offered his shares to the fans (1999?) I was not in a position take up the offer.  Few of us did, as a consequence, Fergus sold most of his holding to Dermot Desmond.

It was a pity, as I liked the democratic feel of wider share ownership.  Subsequently, when the club needed money in 2001 and 2005, share offers were not taken up widely by the support, so perhaps share concentration was always likely.  When the club itself was in jeopardy the support dug deep, Fergus famously commenting on how those queuing up in 1994 to pay money for Celtic shares, clearly had little income.  The subsequent share issues were about rebuilding the squad and training complex, less emotive topics.

Still, it is important to me to be a shareholder, I know many of us feel the same.  We can call the executive to account and, as there are many thousands of us, we represent with wider support, immune from fads.

The Trust yesterday proposed shares are issued instead of refunds to season ticket holders, who were unable to attend in person this season.  In case it needs said, while we received rights to view games online, many families earned no incremental benefit for additional season tickets held in the same household.  Some families, including mine, paid for several tickets to get the exactly same service as a family with one ticket.  And on top of everything else, there was the football……

Unlike others, Celtic chose to offer a partial refund on tickets for last season to compensate for games not played.  That is not going to happen this season for a variety of reasons.  For a start, if the season completed, a refund (optional or otherwise) would not be due.  Most significantly, they spent the money.  Our ticket revenue is not just to maintain access to the stadium, it pays for Odsonne and his pals.  I doubt a single club in Europe will offer refunds – and if I’m being brutally honest with you, the only money I want to see leaving the club is for a new manager and players.

I suspect the Trust feel the same, which is no doubt why they proposed a share issue.  It is a question worth asking – and it keeps wider share ownership on the agenda.  I can also imagine the next shareholders meeting if shares were issued on a voluntary basis!  Anyway, if you can afford it, buy shares, own a piece of Celtic (that will forever unlikely be diluted to compensate for poor value from the season ticket).

The Scottish Government is the recipient of an angry letter from Newco on social distancing measures, or the lack thereof.  “When you swim with the sharks”, springs to mind.  They are a social and health risk to the country.  Put them back in their box at the first opportunity, Celtic.  It was correct the club Tweeted last night that they are not half of anything, in reference to their bus supplier’s “half of the Old Firm” comment.  A whole lot more clarity on this and related matters would be appreciated.  If the bus suppliers gets away with dragging our name into social unrest elsewhere, what damage could the sanitaryware company do?  A line has been crossed.  There will be no end to it Celtic – unless you put an end to it……

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  1. Keep paying your money and be quiet, in fact the quieter the better.







  2. Maybe we will change our PR approach, although i think they love us to engage and respond to their nonsense, it comforts them with the myth of continuity.

  3. Put an end to the bus suppliers contract should be the first action, bloody ludicrous that we have that arrangment.



    what is the sanitary wear reference, that went over my head.

  4. I think the least of the boards concern right now is refunds for last season. The season ahead should be giving them sleepless nights. However based upon todays article it sounds like they are deaf to anything coming from the support as usual.



    Charge of the light brigade.

  5. Parks buses, every consumer buying a car can chose not to use a Parks franchise they are everywhere so you need to be careful.

  6. On the subject of the Old Firm copyright. I don’t see why we need to be a party to that. Let them have. They only folk who would buy merchandise with that phrase is them. No self respecting Celtic supporter would buy it.



    Unless there is a suspicion that there’s money to be made by suing those who breach the law…

  7. SQUIRE DANAHER on 10TH MARCH 2021 12:02 PM


    The club may well put ST renewals out before the DoF and Manager are announced as they need the financial commitment. If I can use your words, the fly in the ointment is that the take up of renewals is most likely to be low. Who the appointments are will determine if the uptake remains low. In my opinion the appointments are key to how many will renew. I include myself in my prediction.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  8. Comment now Celtic or risk getting dragged under.



    They are setting us up for 1 almighty fall on the 21st.



    D :)

  9. I bought my new car from Drive the Deal. Parks in Ayr wouldn’t match the price, even if they had I wouldn’t have bought it from them. Horrible man.



    Stop using their buses NOW Celtic!

  10. Which requires 2 things minimum:



    1. End the bus deal even if it’s free and we pay for someone else.


    2. Refuse to play the next game against them until their secret masonic COVID verifying unit in Belfast is independently audited and verified. We don’t want our players exposed to a virus risk



    However, that takes cajones which the Chairman, Board and CEO have been lacking since original appointment to there roles…



    Also, if we’re not half of anything how come we’ve pandered to that nothing consistently and refused to take it head on (Res 12/11)?

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good one Pablo.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything.

  12. Woke up this morning feeling really good about being a Celtic supporter. That tweet gladdened my heart.



    Keep up the good whorl Celtic. We are with you all the way.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    As I have disagreed with Paul67 on just about everything over the last few weeks – it’s only fair I shout




    What a good idea




  14. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I don’t have any criticism for those involved, including DD, for the current concentration of shareholder power. We ended up here due to their efforts to support the club. It’s just not a healthy state of affairs as we’ve seen this season. A recalibration of the power balance within the club is in order.



    Re the last part of the article I think it’s fair to say the fans were insufficiently motivated to force the club to address the widespread rigging of our game in favour of the huns so long as we were winning and they were being routinely humiliated.



    It’s another ask entirely to expect us to continue to turn the other cheek as they – yet again – flout FFP rules to win the league and then wallow in the predictable sewer of triumphalism. Aided and abetted by that wee shitebag in Bute House.



    Above all it’s this appeasement and active enablement of this hun revival that I hold Lawwell and his crony Board accountable for. They’ve run out of road. If the club don’t change tack on this once the fat cat has left the building it will be the undoing of our club, not the huns, due to the enduring resentment it will bring. Ironic of course, but then there’s no justice in a hun-run Scotland if you’re willing to take your place at the back of the bus.

  15. MARTIM1980



    Agree..they needed us when they were down and out..they just wanted to be associsted with the big time ..have nothing to do with them..break all commercial the lot.


    Iv always thought we only kept them going and didnt finish them off when we could have was that the only route down to the English league was for it to be the O** F*** package.To hell with that now..we should never associate ourselves with that mob including using bloody Parks coaches

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “the only money I want to see leaving the club is for a new manager….”




    That would make a nice change!


    £9m and the only outlay was for a waterproof pen!




    “It was correct the club Tweeted last night that they are not half of anything, in reference to their bus supplier’s “half of the Old Firm” comment.”




    Well of course actions speak louder than words. We have had so many opportunities to distance ourselves from both versions of the club and have never done it so that tells you all you need to know.


    Be interesting to know what this guy thinks about it:



    Yeah – real distance……

  17. Think it long time over due that we dis associate ourselves with the bus company,A club of our stature should have their own anyway and ive no doubt that business could and would be created in hiring it out when not in club use.This should go out to the supporters clubs who also hire their bus from this firm,yes they have nice coaches and some of their drivers are personal friends but there are other reputable companies out there

  18. The Old Firm trademark is being protected so it can be used again in future if there’s money to be made from it.



    Anyone who doesn’t realise that shouldn’t be allowed out on their own.

  19. TIMMY 7 NOTED,


    Or don’t buy your ticket.Choices are always available.Oh,and stay as noisy as you like.

  20. Paul67



    “ Let them eat cake / shares “



    That old chestnut, thousands of those bits of paper still lying about on top the wardrobes, in that wee cupboard under the stairs, or buried in the attic since 1994.



    Not a dent would they make on Dermot’s lot nor those with the second or third or fourth, biggest lot even if they were gathered up an bought outright, it’s meaningless in how a PLC is run. But then yo know that.



    Buy shares and be allowed to ask a question at the AGM about the hiring of Parks buses –



    Oh wait. CSC



    FWIW. Celtic quietly dropped ‘the old firm’ tag from any club merchandise or literature years before Rainjurz went under, well done for buying and burying the copyright, we wouldn’t want it in the hands of anybody else would we?



    When have you ever seen Celtic sell any merchandise,ever,with the words O– F— on it.

  22. The old firm trademark was registered in 2001 and the other owners are recordered as being The Rangers Football Club who didn’t exist in 2001.


    Why give away half of your ownership of a phrase associated with yourself and a liquidated club to a new club. Surely it would better to charge a usage fee?

  23. Buy our own bus( buses) & employ drivers. Cover it in appropriate livery – One club since 1888 who pay their way.



    & put out a general statement that we are not the old firm but congrats on their first trophy.







  24. what supporters clubs use Parks as their busses ? anyone ?



    the trademark, who gives a rats ass ? what on earth has it got to do with anything ?

  25. My wife got me my first ever shares for my birthday last august. I knew the score about block voting at the AGM. But nothing quite prepares you for just how impotent your shares are until you get to the first vote, then the second, then the third, etc



    Talk is cheap


    Tweets are free


    Hiring a bus from another company is vanishingly inexpensive for a multi£M entity like Celtic.



    ‘Let’s be hearing you’…or – still better – be seeing actual actions






    HH JG

  26. Turkeybhoy on 10th March 2021 1:12 pm



    Unless there are significant changes before the renewal deadline I have no intention to renew.


    I’ve been a season ticket holder since around 82/83.

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