There’s a good vibe about this club


As Salzburg dropped two points against (still) bottom of the table Admira, Celtic were irresistible on Saturday.  The Austrians visit Glasgow on Thursday before their two-month winter break kicks in after Sunday’s league game against third placed St Polten.  Brendan Rodgers will be quietly confident at the start of an important week.

It must be 20 years since Celtic beat their nearest title rivals 5-1.  The demolition of Kilmarnock knocked the Ayrshire side off top spot (they now sit third on goal difference).  Add to the fact that Celtic twice hit the woodwork and you get a sense of the chasm between the champions and the rest.  It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday, despite dropping two points.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection on Saturday and especially those who volunteered to carry a bucket.  The rain before kick-off was torrential and while some managed to do their collecting undercover, those who would not be persuaded to shelter from the elements deserve our gratitude.  They will still be trying to dry out.

I heard from one volunteer, “There’s a good vibe about this club”.  And how.

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  1. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday”





    No it doesn’t



    And certainly doesn’t justify resting so many

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Quick, crisp passing. Excellent off-the-ball movement, clinical finishing and (especially first half) a real ruthlessness about the team.


    Don’t see us being shifted from the top position for the rest of the season. After sticking five goals past the league leaders for the second time this season I’m not sure anyone else would fancy that role anyway!


    Need to carry the momentum forward to Thursday. Really difficult game, although we can definitely get a result if we are at our best.


    Will be Callum McGregor’s last European game for us as he is apparently off to Bournemouth in January!

  3. Looking forward to the big game this week – I think Sincy is about to reward us all with a renewed top-drawer performance.



    I know nowt about fitba’ tho!



    HH Here’s hopin’ CSC

  4. I think the current first 11 are irresistible, at home particularly and strong generally. The trouble is when we move away from that 11, and particularly away from home. We probably have 13/14 players who are trusted and the rest make up the numbers. When we make changes we generally drop points and vice versa.



    The dressing room is actually spilt but not in the way Kris Boyd had suggested. There is a gulf in quality between the trusted and the rest. In hindsight it was perhaps a mistake by Brendan to chuck the squad players under the bus after the St Johnstone game as when they take to the field now they look disengaged. Let’s hope we don’t have to rely on them between now and January.

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    This may have been mentioned before.



    I tuned in on Sunday to watch the start of the match in Dundee.


    I was surprised to see the home team wearing what turned out to be their third strip and the visitors wearing their usual replica shirts.



    However, all was explained by Crocker, who stated that Dundee were wearing that top in honour of their Forces Day (?), with their favourite regiment in attendance!



    No, me neither.



    Surely they didn’t just nominate a day when the hordes were in town to arrange a bucket collection for the “lads”.

  6. TTT



    It wasnt forces day as such as the CEO/Owner (I think) was on RS and explained they support some specific forces charity and have done for ages. Apparently strip on sale (limited edition) with 10% profits to the charity.



    Anyway still strange they did it yesterday (or maybe not )

  7. If you’ve seen the front page of the DR,you will see that’s why we should ban them sine die.

  8. Celtic put on the most Scintillating display of passing football on Saturday that I have seen for years, the teams passing knitted together,especially in that first half, It could be the best game that I have ever seen, and I’m talking about all games the the bhoys have played in, including the European Cup final, I was dazzled by Celtic on Saturday, I hope that they can continue in that vein.



    Only drawback is that the whole team will be wanted by the big illegal money spending clubs who will leave us short of players, but rolling in cash. ( joke)

  9. Yes. That’s right. I forgot to mention the Forrest fire.



    The moment in the game when Jamesie cleared the ball from just outside our penalty box and was on hand in their penalty box to clip a shot off the post.



    That would have been even goal of the season contender. Shame.

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    AdI Dassler,



    Thanks for the fuller explanation, which was obviously beyond Crocker’s comprehension, although he did say Forces Day.

  11. ” LETS ALL DO THE HUDDLE ? on 10TH DECEMBER 2018 12:27 PM


    “It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday”




    No it doesn’t


    And certainly doesn’t justify resting so many ”




    I am in partial agreement with you.


    IF the resting of players caused ut to drop two points, then I would be in full agreement with you. I don`t think that was the case for a couple of reasons:


    a) A perfectly good goal disallowed;


    b) A penalty missed.


    Had the ref not made a blunder and had Griff converted the penalt, we would have been three up. Game over.


    Re SEVEN changes. Five of those are regulars. For me, we only made TWO real changes : Gamboa for Lustig and Hayes for Forrest.








    If he goes to boringintheextrememouth it will be his last ever game in EUROPE.

  13. The PFA said it will stand ‘shoulder to shoulder ‘ with Raheem Sterling, re racist abuse,I’m sure Wishart and Co will do the same with Scott Sinclair………only not in as many words…… fact no words actually…..

  14. HS- Trying to tie Torbett and his like to the Club,point scoring of the lowest order,meanwhile in sure the intrepid Laptop Loyal,will investigate the claims by The Lying King that there are criminal shareholders….no laughing at the back…

  15. TTT




    “he Dark Blues will wear it for the first time when they play Rangers at Dens on Sunday.



    SSAFA is the United Kingdom’s oldest military charity which provides lifelong support those currently serving, veterans and their families at the time of need.



    It provides financial, practical and emotional support to the Armed Forces community through its network of volunteers across the UK, including the local Dundee and Angus SSAFA branch.



    The shirt includes the cap badge of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and will go on sale in the club shop next week.



    Over 10% of jersey sales will be added to the eventual total the club is raising throughout the year for SSAFA”





  16. Bada,




    Possibly the worst aspect in both those matters is that we are not at all surprised…..angered but not surprised. Very sad. Will Scotland EVER become a country lacking in anti – Celtic sensationalism?


    The beauty of physical Scotland is in direct opposition to the ugliness of societal Scotland. It would be some country if the latter mirrored the former.


    Not everything is bad, though. As the leader says:



    “There’s a good vibe about this club”.




  17. TOSB


    Is he talking of European nights? I THINK the capacity is reduced for those games .






    PS Even if it is as I said I KNOW that is not the reason Lindsay would be downsizing .

  18. Hot Smoked



    Regarding your question – “Will Scotland EVER become a country lacking in anti – Celtic sensationalism?”



    There is a significant anti-Irish and anti-Catholic undercurrent in Scotland. It may have decreased from the days (less than 100 years ago) when the Church of Scotland were calling for the Irish to be re-patriated (they published a document called The Menace of the Irish Race to Our Scottish Nationality) – but the undercurrent is still very much there.



    Celtic Football Club with our origins are naturally associated with Ireland and Catholicism and are a perennial target for this undercurrent. The level of hatred for Celtic within Scotland surpasses any comparison with big clubs in other leagues – it is clearly more than a “football thing”.



    I believe it increases with Celtic success.



    None of this is news to your average well-read CQNer but it remains the reason why any adverse news involving Celtic – such as today’s DR front page or previous front pages such as “Thugs & Thieves” will most assuredly appeal to many on the Undercurrent Spectrum and more importantly for the owners of such media outlets….will sell.



    The day that Scotland starts lacking in anti-Celtic sensationalism will be the day after it confronts and addresses it’s racist & sectarian mind-set.



    I do not think this will happen overly soon but I hope & pray for it’s eradication.

  19. Top podium Oldtim67 :-)



    That first half was something else eh.qualitu.crisp passing,good movement from the players,they worked brilliantly together in that first 45.good variation in scorers,would have loved sinki to not hit bar..


    Calum playing well and Ryan is inhaling confidence by the breath.


    Magic.thanks Brendan and Celtic





    Bada 1.17.phasers at malky,and on tap to play their part for traynors meejah lies.front page,shows an increase in just how sinister our so called ‘popular’ meejah can be,(and there will be more of this as they decline in time.makes me think too,of Note1 line1 of their most recent accounts( haha) may come into play in january- that of “material uncertainty relating to going concern”


    Hope your good mate




  20. traditionalist88 on

    Forrest, Rogic and Edouard were on fire on Saturday, let them loose, get the job done and then rest whoever you want.



    Don’t let the Motherwells of this world off the hook.



    Don’t pick your team based on FEAR of injuries, pick the best footballers.



    They’re itching to play and the fans deserve the best team on the park.



    Lets get the league won and not give our opponents any encouragement.




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