There’s a good vibe about this club


As Salzburg dropped two points against (still) bottom of the table Admira, Celtic were irresistible on Saturday.  The Austrians visit Glasgow on Thursday before their two-month winter break kicks in after Sunday’s league game against third placed St Polten.  Brendan Rodgers will be quietly confident at the start of an important week.

It must be 20 years since Celtic beat their nearest title rivals 5-1.  The demolition of Kilmarnock knocked the Ayrshire side off top spot (they now sit third on goal difference).  Add to the fact that Celtic twice hit the woodwork and you get a sense of the chasm between the champions and the rest.  It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday, despite dropping two points.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection on Saturday and especially those who volunteered to carry a bucket.  The rain before kick-off was torrential and while some managed to do their collecting undercover, those who would not be persuaded to shelter from the elements deserve our gratitude.  They will still be trying to dry out.

I heard from one volunteer, “There’s a good vibe about this club”.  And how.

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  1. Tully 57


    Agreed. The fact that it is an `undercurrent` is a big factor in getting people to accept that it is a reality.Here in Arbroath, they talk of it as a ` West Coat ( ie Glasgow) ` issue. It is not easy to show them otherwise.



  2. The level of anti-Celtic feeling is being ramped up amongst the hordes because they are in full scale panic mode because they see their ‘most successful club in the world’ boast coming under extreme threat from Celtic.



    League Titles Scottish Cups League Cups



    Rangers 54. 33 27


    Celtic. 49. 38 18



    They are now only 9 trophies ahead of us and by the end of this season that could be reduced to 7. At the rate Brendan is harvesting trophies it might only take another few years for us to overtake them. They are worried that we’ll get 10 in a row and beat them to 55 (I know, I know). The stuff of nightmares. :-))

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Penarol are homing in on taking RIL’s record, as long someone does I’m not bothered who

  4. mike in toronto on




    I agree when you say that there remains a “significant anti-Irish and anti-Catholic undercurrent in Scotland” and that “Celtic Football Club with our origins are naturally associated with Ireland and Catholicism and are a perennial target for this undercurrent.”



    But that association can go both ways. While bad social influences can impact on football, does it not make sense that perhaps football could positively impact the community at large (we say that their children will be Celtic fans… but there is some broader more important truth in that).. Perhaps, by forcing the footballing community to come to terms with its racism, this could in time have broader implications for society at large.



    Not saying it would be easy or 100% successful, but I think it as a reasonable assumption that, in the long run, standing up to the cheating in Scottish football would help not only Scottish football, but would even in a small way help make the world a better place for our children (or their children).



    that is why it is all the more important Celtic man up and address the cheating sooner rather than later. Celtic can see their present situation as a problem, or an opportuntiy to really stand up for something and maybe make a real difference.

  5. AT- All good here thanks, the Club needs to ban these clowns once and for all,i heard the rags editors were warned about reporting of the trial, all change now….HH

  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I saw Spurs legend and FA Cup Winner Garth Crooks on TV this morning. He looks like he ate the other ten members of Tottingham’s 1981 FA Cup winning team.



  7. MiT


    Teaching a receptive, open-minded audience offers an excellent chance of success.


    Scotland is far from the above but if we keep chipping away,we might get somewhere.


    The inevitability of gradualism is my hope so Celtic making SOME noises would be most welcome.



  8. 50 shades of green on

    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH DECEMBER 2018 4:28 PM


    Sat Jan 19- Celtic v Airdrie 5.15 ko WTF..






    Ffs that is torture and I only live in EK.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    That gives us 4 home games in a row over a 2 week period, ach well price of success I suppose.

  10. TOSB



    The level of anti-Celtic feeling is being ramped up amongst the hordes because they are in full scale panic mode because they see their ‘most successful club in the world’ boast coming under extreme threat from Celtic.



    Totally and this was seeded in 2012 even although they were a new club, Scotland decided to pretend and play along that they weren’t.



    Sevco think that it was Celtic that killed them ( to a certain extent it was in fairness ) and the anti feeling permeates SMSM and sections of society in general with ‘old firmism ‘ – ones as bad as the other – yada yada.



    When you add Sevco into the mix of dead Rainjurz and their need to continue as if they hadn’t let their club die, anti Celticness has a brand new edge ,of grievance.



    You are right, at present the self entitlement of Rainjurz whilst not acknowledging that they are Sevco is not only in panic mode its close to hysteria, everything is pinned on Seethen Gerrard’s Rainjurz and the backdrop of a multi million pound gap they know cannot be filled.



    If Celtic win eight in a row Sevco could self combust an awful lot quicker than the original Rainjurz.

  11. The fans sold down the river yet again , for a TV company, who shafted clubs for millions a few years ago.

  12. Seethen Gerrard P32 ——— W16 ——— D11——— L5——— Win rate 50% (stats taken from all games in charge)



    Pedro Caixinha P26 ——— W14——— D5——— L8——— Win rate 52% (stats taken from all games in charge)



    Mark Warburton P32——— W18——- D7——— L7 ——— Win rate 56% (stats taken from his first season in Premier league)



    Graeme Murty P35——— W21——— D3——— L11 ——— Win rate 60% (stats taken from all his games in charge)

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I noticed the Green Brigade are appealing for Supporters to turn up early on Thursday night to greet the team on arrival, and really pump up the atmosphere to help us get a favourable result. Great idea and I hope that it is a success.


    It got me thinking (yooz probably heard the gears grinding) that if the club do the right thing (I know!) and refuse to handle any briefs (oooooh Matron) for our support at Iborcs, that it would be great if as many supporters as could make it, were to rally somewhere to let the team know that we are with them in spirit, if not in person.


    If the team bus left Celtic Park, with thousands of supporters cheering them off, but not attending Iborcs, it would highlight, to the rest of the World, the ridiculous scenario that exists, that means it is unsafe for Celtic’s Supporters to attend a football match in Glasgow in the year 2018, due to Sevco’s feral support, and authorities that cannot, or will not, control them. The team would also know that the Celtic Support is lined up right behind them as they enter the Berz pit.



  14. Only empty seats, accompanied by a warning-shot-banner by the Green Brigade, get respect. 30,000 empty seats recruited Brendan!



    The banner read…..



    “Lawwell and Desmond’s legacy…


    Empty Jersey’s


    Empty Heart’s


    Empty Stand’s!”



    Compliant apathy is the alternative to, empty seats.




  15. Hunderbirds- i suggested a beamback at CP, watch the bus leave then pay a fiver for Marys Meals to watch the game ??

  16. I’m too young to remember the Callaghan government tumbling under a no confidence vote but it surely can’t have been much more besieged than this current cluster.



    I hate the condition of UK politics just now. The bleak spectre of the far right grows daily it seems and they are holding the strings in this particular show.



    Personally, the brexit shambles has moved me from an emphatic to voter to an confirmed yes voter in the event of a second Scottish indendence debate. Lesser of two evils.



    We’ve got about 5 years of brexit negotiations head of us yet. Oooft.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just read that DR article.



    My take – it is uncomfortable to see Celtic being linked to this. It is, however, clear why the lawyer is going down this road – she simply seeks to maximise compensation for her client (and her law practice). That’s her job – fair enough.



    You can also argue the extent of the links between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club. That there were some ‘links’ is hard to deny, albeit they appear to be informal – whether those ‘links’ extends to a duty of care is probably what the lawyer will be arguing, although arguing a case through the press is, I would have thought…odd.



    The thing that is worrying here is that the DR attests that this was done ‘on Celtic’s watch’ – the clear implication being that Celtic failed in their accepted duty to keep ‘watch’.



    I’m certainly not making any excuses for anyone who could or should have done better to protect the boys who became the victims, but it certainly appears that the DR have gone beyond reasonable comment into the land of finding the club ‘guilty in the court of public opinion’.



    I see Celtic have yet to comment – I think that is probably wise at this point.



    As ever – prayers / thoughts are for the victims of these horrible crimes.






  18. DAVID66, bit early for weather reports??, but it is drizzly rain down here, and yes bring them on.hh.

  19. Bada Bing. On Saturday as I was leaving Celtic Park, I said to two lhads that sit in front of me, “I wonder what the press will come up with after that performance and the disillusionment about what Killie were about to do to Celtic.” This morning I opened my Kindle and clicked on to BBC News, As usual, I looked at What the Papers Say, and there it was a replica of the front page of the DR. There in all its bitterness and vile, an attempt to vilify Celtic. Now is the time to sever all connections with this lot. Perhaps those who purchase this rag might cease to do so immediately and all of us should let the Board know how we feel about the constant stream of anti-Celtic abuse that issues from this attempt at being a newspaper.

  20. Big G- The Club issued a statement after the case,obviously sympathizing with the victims, but said there was never an official link to the Club. If it’s proved that there is,i would expect the Club to front it up. I know editors were warned over the reporting during the trial.I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this,re the DR front page HH

  21. Hot Smoked / MIT



    Thanks for replies lads.



    Hot Smoked – Agree it is a problem in non-West of Scotland areas. I live in Edinburgh where there has always been a myopic viewpoint on the subject – almost total denial despite Protestant Action still holding council seats up to the late 50s / early 60s.



    MIT – Doing more to highlight the cheating in football would obviously be welcome but I do think the root cause of the is within Scottish society and that’s where the solution lies as well.

  22. Question on the chase…. What football club has a stand named the Lisbon Lions….



    New TV sets ordered for half of Glasgow me thinks.



    D. :)

  23. Chelsea give swift punishment to Sterling’s abuser’s.


    All banned.


    Meanwhile the two sevco fans who racially abused Sinclair at Ibrox last season have been given a draconian sentence of lifetime season tickets to watch utter shite for life.


    Even their plausible defense of blaming Chelsea ventriloquist’s failed.

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    Big George



    There’s a story on the bbc about another vile child abuse perpetrator will they go chasing the employers for those poor victims I think not

  25. prestonpans bhoys on

    Good grief Scottish Cup at 5:15 on a Saturday night, I’m on the HTS so my bank account will get hit anyway but no danger am I coming all the way down the M8 for that kickoff. Celtic would save cash by shutting down the top tier cause hardly anyone will be there. No happy?

  26. mike in toronto on




    I dont disagree that the real problem lies within the league, and in society generally.



    But, my point has always been



    (i) we were cheated, but that has never really even been recognized, let alone redressed, Questions have to be asked about why not.



    (ii) we cant expect the bad guys to wake up one day and decide to be good guys… they are going to have to be forced (at least, initially) to abide by the Rules, and if we dont attempt to kickstart the process, who will? , and



    (iii) at some point, if we dont become part of the solution, we become part of the problem (which, I think, is what has happened with our PLC)… and will happen to our fans, if we dont force the issue with our Board and, in turn, the league.



    and before some get all upset…. that is NOT saying we are the same as them …. by analogy, accessory to murder after the fact is not the same, or even as serious, as murder itself… but it is still a crime. Ignoring the issues has, to my mind, possibly made us accessories after the fact. I expect better from Celtic.

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