There’s a good vibe about this club


As Salzburg dropped two points against (still) bottom of the table Admira, Celtic were irresistible on Saturday.  The Austrians visit Glasgow on Thursday before their two-month winter break kicks in after Sunday’s league game against third placed St Polten.  Brendan Rodgers will be quietly confident at the start of an important week.

It must be 20 years since Celtic beat their nearest title rivals 5-1.  The demolition of Kilmarnock knocked the Ayrshire side off top spot (they now sit third on goal difference).  Add to the fact that Celtic twice hit the woodwork and you get a sense of the chasm between the champions and the rest.  It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday, despite dropping two points.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection on Saturday and especially those who volunteered to carry a bucket.  The rain before kick-off was torrential and while some managed to do their collecting undercover, those who would not be persuaded to shelter from the elements deserve our gratitude.  They will still be trying to dry out.

I heard from one volunteer, “There’s a good vibe about this club”.  And how.

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    Big George







    There’s a story on the bbc about another vile child abuse perpetrator will they go chasing the employers for those poor victims I think not







    Did Torbett’s victims believe there was a connection between the Boy’s Club and CFC? (I’m inclined to believe they did.)



    Should CFC have been aware that Torbett’s victims believed there was a link between the Boys Club and CFC? (I think they should have been so aware).



    Were CFC aware that Torbett was a predatory paedophile? (I believe they were).



    Was it the supposed connection between the Boys Club and CFC that afforded Torbett access to, and influence over, his victims? (I believe it did.)



    Should CFC have been alert to whatTorbett was doing? (I believe they should have been.)



    Did CFC owe a duty of care to Torbett’s intended victims? You decide.

  2. Go tell the Spartim on



    I have no idea what they think and they have all my sympathy and support for however they get some closure or at least, and I think it’s a difficult word to use, reparations for the heinous crimes inflicted on them where that closure or money comes from I care not a jot my thoughts are solely with them.

  3. Reporting Scotland doing its best to boost Scottish referees in this season of Honest Mistakes. Getting their defence in early, especially by getting Dallas and Clark to comment. No other voice, dissenting or otherwise, given air-time.

  4. Last night despite denial from Theresa May it was suggested she was going to cancel tomorrow’s vote today. So what happens? The vote is cancelle. There is obviously a mole in the nest of vipers that is the Tory Cabinet. My money is on that sleekit bassa Michael Gove.


    In other news BBC Scotland does a report on present day referees being abused by fans, we know who you are, but can’t resist showing that bigot Dallas from 20 years ago being hit by a coin at CP

  5. Brexit- – – what a yawn it is turning out. We all know we were not fully informed at the time of the referendum, but nonethe less, whether you are for or against, the people have voted and, in huge numbers. If that majority is shafted, which, mark my words they will be, there will be a second referendum. This is a total insult, a total insult.


    The politicians are supposed to be our elected representatives and should carry out the will of the people, but will they, not a chance.


    Big Teresa blew it big time when she got in bed with the bigots of NornIron.


    If there is a government in the world , less competent than this mob, then my name is Gonga Din


    Come the revolution.


    The French population woould not put up with this shit, sorry, merde



    Bring back Lord Sutch and the Monster loonies, oh wait a minute, they are here already





  6. KINGLUBO,,sadly lord sutch has gone on to greater things, but know where you are coming from, its the back stop, the back stop, what the feck is the back stop, please explain.hh.

  7. If celtic had a legal connection with the boys club, it would already have acted. The fact it has not speaks for itself.



    I am sure Celtic and others at the boys club knew nothing about what was happening.



    celtic never hired or sacked someone at the boys club as it did not employ anyone from there.



    Young boys played for Celtic boys club cause it was successful team that often led to the best players getting s-forms from celtic and others.



    The name celtic was used to attract boys, even now there are boys club called celtic. Those clubs will hope to attract the best players and will sell a dream.



    Celtic shoulder no blame for the actions of individuals in an organisation it did not in any way manage.



    The individual who abused those kids is to blame and should be hammered for what he dont.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    After an almost twenty years career at Liverpool, many of those as captain, It is reasonable to assume that clubs in England would have recognised Gerrard’s leadership qualities.



    Ignoring the fact that the club never won a league title during his career, there must have been some signs of his football acumen, that would have led to offers to begin his management career somewhere on the 92 club ladder in England.



    An U18 youth coach position at his own club would rate him slightly above Cone Shifter status.



    Was it merely to shift season books and counterfeit merchandise that lured one of the biggest names in football to Govan?



    I refuse to speculate further.



    I saw Spurs legend and FA Cup Winner Garth Crooks on TV this morning. He looks like he ate the other ten members of Tottingham’s 1981 FA Cup winning team.






    Just seen John Barnes on telly he looks like he has eaten Garth Crooks.



    I can talk ??




  10. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just about sober enough to make a post after a wonderful


    weekend with the peninsula hoops.


    A beautiful sunny day and a massive turnout of Celtic fans from


    all over helped to make it one of our best christmas barbie’s




    Our world cup tourny was won by a fine Argentina side and i’ll


    never get tired of seeing a young hoopy up on his fathers


    shoulders holding another trophy aloft.


    Unfortunately the United Ireland side got dumped out in the


    first round mainly due to their captain spending most of the game


    looking for his false teeth after a nasty hunlike tackle from wee


    Maria after he made a lung bursting 3 yard sprint down the wing.


    PADDYMAC’s team Trinidad and Tobago were also soundly thrashed


    by a finely tuned Scotland team who contested the final with the




    Thanks to everyone who donated food, drink, cooked on the bbq or


    just turned up to help our sick kids christmas appeal it was a great


    success and big shout out to QUADROPHENIAN and his lovely


    partner for traveling all the way down from the city,


    But the best for last, our Celtic Santa’s bag will be bursting at the


    seams with the extra donations and he’s ready to go and cheer up


    those poor kids and parents, oh! and the nurses.


    The Celtic family eh… well i’ll say it again, wha’s like us?


    H.H Mick

  11. One sure fire way to halt brexit in it’s tracks, the remainers should make it known, in a sleekit kinda way, that brexit will slash benefits by at least 30%, then watch the carnage :-)

  12. STEPHBHOY on 10TH DECEMBER 2018 7:22 PM





    ‘I am sure Celtic and others at the boys club knew nothing about what was happening.’






    Celtic knew Torbett ran the Boys Club.



    Celtic knew Torbett was a predatory paedophile.



    If you are not aware of those facts you need to do some more research.

  13. Another offside goal in Everton v Watford.


    Linesman acting like a Scottish official when seeing a blue jersey offside by keeping flag down despite being right in line with play.

  14. TET


    A bunch of guys in my local were dismissing the `layabouts` on our streets, then , moments later, extolling the virtues of Our Boys in the Forces.I mentioned that I had read that quite a large percentage of those `layabouts` were ex-soldiers. A genuinely quiet few moments ensued :-))




  15. ernie



    ` Celtic knew Torbett was a predatory paedophile.`



    How do you know that Celtic knew this?



  16. Ernie Lynch – good points, I think you are spot on.


    STEPHBHOY – Sorry, certain people at Celtic knew plenty about Jim Torbett including the allegations against him. Torbett was very close to Kevin Kelly, he was in business with him at various times and actually employed Kelly and Jack McGinn as directors in his Trophy Centre business. Kevin Kelly, at that time of the allegations, was honorary president of the boys’ club.


    Remember, Jock intervened and ousted Torbett in 1972 amid allegations of abuse yet in 1986 he returns as a fundraiser for the Boys Club at a time when Kelly is vice chairman. Over the next few years Kevin Kelly became a director in CENTENARY SCOTCH WHISKY LIMITED along with Torbett and became a director in The TROPHY CENTRE LIMITED Company, set up by Torbett.


    In 1991, the year Kevin Kelly became Celtic Chairman, he also became a director in PLANROLE LIMITED along with Torbett.



    So, at the very least, I think there is a very strong case that the Celtic Chairman at the time turned a blind eye to what Torbett was up to, and focused instead on making money with his associate/good friend.


    Whether that then means Celtic FC are liable to pay out compensation is one for the lawyers. But our Club could have handled this much better at the time and, in my opinion, should come to a fair settlement with the victims and allow them to move on with their lives.


    I don’t know what, if anything, Kelly has ever said about it. But as a measure of the man, he worked for Torbett’s company until 2005. A full seven years after Torbett was found guilty in 1998.

  17. Pog and TET


    In the article I read , one ex-serviceman ( now running a help centre for folk like himself) said that they `trained us to kill but they don`t train us to fit back into society`. Use and abuse right enough.



  18. Is Dallas out of work, all of a sudden he appears on TV, I wouldn’t be surprised,the referees in this country are unaccountable and make mistakes from which they never seem to learn from or have any sanction applied, unless, one club speaks out, football is poorly served by the SFA refereeing department and its close knit community, for which clubs pay a fortune to have them spoil games. They are also well paid I believe £800 for a SPFL premiership game , that will be more than some of the players.

  19. Pog- I was in Belfast 2 weeks ago,couldn’t see any money spent from last time i was there 30 years ago,Titanic attraction and the docks apart.

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Could he work as an assistant coach whilst studying for his badges.


    Is Mc.Allister the official head coach at Ibrox?


    I still think that if he should managerial potential, there would be plenty of clubs in the English pyramid who would have welcomed a former Liverpool and England captain to their fold.

  21. JAMES FORREST on 10TH DECEMBER 2018 9:07 PM



    Celtic SLO mentioned the netting idea weeks ago at a private meeting. Only 18 days till the game tomorrow, a decision must be imminent either way.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Nets to protect our fans at the bigotdome , doesn’t surprise me. I would love to see how the Police intend to partition the fans outside the ground. It would make more sense to house our bhoys where the Union Bears assemble not that other corner. Using the UB bit allows them to isolate us allowing exclusive access down past the round about. Or do they intend us to just past by the mob in the Broomloan stand?

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