There’s a good vibe about this club


As Salzburg dropped two points against (still) bottom of the table Admira, Celtic were irresistible on Saturday.  The Austrians visit Glasgow on Thursday before their two-month winter break kicks in after Sunday’s league game against third placed St Polten.  Brendan Rodgers will be quietly confident at the start of an important week.

It must be 20 years since Celtic beat their nearest title rivals 5-1.  The demolition of Kilmarnock knocked the Ayrshire side off top spot (they now sit third on goal difference).  Add to the fact that Celtic twice hit the woodwork and you get a sense of the chasm between the champions and the rest.  It also illustrates why Brendan Rodgers was right to rest players at Fir Park on Wednesday, despite dropping two points.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Celtic FC Foundation Bucket Collection on Saturday and especially those who volunteered to carry a bucket.  The rain before kick-off was torrential and while some managed to do their collecting undercover, those who would not be persuaded to shelter from the elements deserve our gratitude.  They will still be trying to dry out.

I heard from one volunteer, “There’s a good vibe about this club”.  And how.

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  1. ‘GG, Didn’t realise you hadn’t been well. Wondered where you were a couple of times.



    Take care and best wishes.

  2. david17



    “if you asked the same 800 supporters to vote on other issues related to the Club i think it’s safe to say they wouldn’t share the same views as the Board or with many other supporters. If you asked them if they would like two flares and a case of beer with the ticket how do you think they would they vote?”



    I am sure the majority would vote as BGFC said- there really is not a majority in favour of flares but that won’t stop those that use them.




    Thomthethim & David



    The club may have a duty of care but they also owe a responsibility to those who have supported the club regularly in all venues across Scotland and Europe. A significant proportion of these have close to 100% attendance records and are willing to face the risks.



    If, for example, we draw Ajax in European competition again, would we refuse tickets?






    And yet, matchday attendants in Amsterdam have faced higher risks than those going to Ibrox.


    Netting and cages are strong measures to take but, if those going, most of whom are sober and capable adults, decide they can face those risks, then others should not stop them. We are anticipating trouble at a venue which has been relatively safe to attend for these past 20 years. I know this is the smallest crowd we will have sent there but so do the police and club know this, so arrangements for routes and entry and exit will be tightened up.



    As I said, there will be more violence and attacks visited upon Celtic fans not in attendance at Ibrox. If our concerns are for our fans’ safety , we should close the pubs.



    Anybody want to advance that proposal as it may involve a little element of self-sacrifice {although thomthethim should be safe in Donegal from that threat :-) }

  3. SFTB



    The fans who are going regardless or the fans that think they are going regardless?



    Easily we’ll have 800 who want to go in a show of defiance etc etc etc but that doesn’t make them right when the club with the emphasis on the word club think that members of said club shouldn’t be given tickets on any grounds, let alone safety.



    At this late stage I doubt very much that Celtic have been sufficiently satisfied by whomsoever that our security concerns first raised after the original Sevco announcement have been fully met.



    Since then Celtic were backed into reducing Sevco’s allocation and it nearly ended in another disaster, due to filtering.



    I hope Celtic tell them to shove their tickets.

  4. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    This season alone has shown that visiting fans from other clubs have not been safe attending Ibrox.



    IF Celtic refused to handle tickets, they would not be stopping anyone from attending, assuming that they could get tickets from the home club.



    I am pretty confident that I would be safe in Sharkey’s.


    We have one Sevco supporter in the parish, but when this game is on, he gets kettled in a corner of the bar.

  5. I’m off to my bed now but my final word is….




    The club are entitled to take a stance and refuse tickets if they are not satisfied with safety.



    However- be prepared for 2 things-



    1) if the club’s supporters who were going to attend, disagree with the decision or feel their voices were not consulted or considered, we could be guilty of Bankier-like high-handedness



    2) The reception of this decision by fans of other clubs, who took up their allocation and faced the risks, will be to call out Celtic as cowards rather than to side with them.



    The vast majority of recent Ibrox trips have passed without incident for the fans attending. The risks are higher for the next fixture because of Dave King’s decision but they are not insurmountable, and Celtic fans NOT going to Ibrox will be at more risk than those going, IMO.



    But now- Thursday’s game looms larger than a game we face in 5 matches time.



    Good night!

  6. Talk of being ‘netted in’ or some such other antediluvian measures are well wide of the mark.



    The honourable members of the Ibrox club have not only gone to unheralded lengths to ensure Celtic supporter safety but have offered each and every one a personal comfortable and secure viewing zone.





    Hail Hail




  7. I think it’s a given, that there’ll be those that disagree with a Celtic ‘board’ decision, some of them even before they even know the decision.



    The question of safety applies to the home support for this game, as mirrored in the Celtic Park fixture



    There has never been a situation like this before other than the game at Celtic Park, where crowd control measures were at best questionable, and still the subject of an inquiry.

  8. Is it only me that thinks the media will portray the netting as there to safeguard the Sevco fans from brutish Celtic thugs? Engage with your fanbase Celtic!

  9. On one hand I say no to the ticket allocation but on the other let Der Hun fork out the cash for all the extra security needed. My answer, give the 800 ticket allocation to the Green Brigade. Sevco is strapped for cash, let’s keep both feet on their squirming throat.


    Ave Ave

  10. JTT53. Thnk you


    Just popped in before I’m tucked in for the night.


    Big day tomorrow. Apart from doctor and hospital visits, I’m making my first outing in over a month.


    My grand daughter’s school Christmas recital takes place tomorrow evening and I wouldn’t miss it, except maybe for a Celtic game.


    She’s arranged a visit to her favorite restaurant for a late late lunch before going to the recital. Afterwards she’s taking me for ice cream.


    Her aunt will be driving us there and back so no strain for me.


    Raul Malo and the Mavericks Havana Midnight



    Goodnight and God bless

  11. Good morning CQN from a chilly Garngad



    I am sure the good honest, God fearing, citizens of sevconia can be trusted to behave themselves on the 29th, this is a great opportunity for them to prove us wrong…… Aye right they are feckin animals…



    Tell them where to Ram there tickets..



    Win on Thursday then Sunday and then tell sevco to Ram the tickets, let’s not take our eye off the task in hand, winning a few tricky games over the next week.


    Celtic fc you know it makes sense.






    D. :)

  12. fergusslayedtheblues on

    DAVID66 on 11TH DECEMBER 2018 6:17 AM



    Spot on .


    If we take the tickets and are winning or win that match ,can anyone be surprised if major trouble kicked off over there .



    I have heard that they have recruited mostly volunteer stewards ,like this guy





    would anyone be confident guys like him would intervene if it all kicked off ,hell he would probably join in




  13. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims…



    Fergus…that guy looks more likely to start the trouble than join in, I mean what sanctions would he have got for that, yir sacked…from a voluntary job aye right.



    I said weeks ago take the tickets and dont pass them on 2 us fans, give the huns the money for them on the last possible day, or better still give the money to the tax man and tell him its a down payment for monies owed.



    The well being of our fans is a doubt here, lead the way Celtic and tell the world why, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the home section of fans cant behave themselves.



    Our lives are not for gambling with, the police even told UEFA that they couldn’t guarantee the safety of visiting fans from Moscow and Vienna.



    C’mon Celtic you know it makes sense.




  14. Re the briefs for Dec 29:


    Recent disturbances ,highlighted by police and media,by those identified as being closely linked to the home side we have,decided that our fans well being is paramount.We therefore have decided not to take the 800 tickets for the game dated as above.




    We will be taking the number 800 tickets for the game on Dec 29 /2018.We are happy with the arrangements in place by the host club that the fans safety to and from Govan will not be compromised.


    Food for thought CSC


    ________________________________. __________________________________ ___________________

  15. Latest leaks suggest that the the tickets for Ibrox not only will be taken, but PL and his horde will be capitalising on the sales with some special accompanying offers.



    Keep your eyes open for the latest offers from the Celtic superstore ‘Ibrox Special’ promotions.



    Limited edition …only 800 made.





    Hail Hail




  16. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “Latest leaks suggest that the the tickets for Ibrox not only will be taken, but PL and his horde will be capitalising on the sales with some special accompanying offers”








    i suspect you might be right



    i can see celtic doing some serious ticket touting here as they like to do



    something along the lines of you can only get a ticket if you sign up for some hospitality deal at celtic park for a couple of hundred quid before being bussed to ibrox

  17. Good Morning Bhoys from a dry (just now) ML5.



    My two Bob on the ticket thing, I wouldn’t take a ticket for govan if you paid me 2k, stick it as I don’t trust the SFA or police Scotland to come to the right decision either way with regards to doing the right or safe thing, neither establishment could spell impartial.



    Had a scan at the rags, traynor in full fib mode, no talk of having to sell as the well is dry but they are looking at singing 3 players to bolster their title challenging squad , while poor Celtic have to sell players and bring in young players from the states as we continue to downsize in a quest to wrestle our 8th title from steethen high fliers. Got to admit they have some imagination.



    Alternate reality.CSC



    Have a giggle and enjoy your day ladies and gents.




  18. Haven’t been to the bigot dome since Tommy Burns was the manager. The day that he dropped Pierre van Hooijdonk for whatever misdeeds he had done that week. We got jumped 3-0 as I recall.



    Celtic fans, if they attend this game WILL be pelted from above with everything the Huns can throw at them, including, no doubt, human waste. I wouldn’t take a ticket for love or money.



    That will need protection from the missiles from above for sure. We should refuse tickets for this game, no one can guarantee the fans safety.

  19. BSR`s prediction @ 12:44:



    “I think it’s a given, that there’ll be those that disagree with a Celtic ‘board’ decision, some of them even before they even know the decision.”


    Let`s all do the huddle @ 8:46



    ” i can see celtic doing some serious ticket touting here as they like to do”

  20. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Hot Smoked on 11th December 2018 9:32 am





    BSR`s prediction @ 12:44:



    “I think it’s a given, that there’ll be those that disagree with a Celtic ‘board’ decision, some of them even before they even know the decision.”



    Let`s all do the huddle @ 8:46



    ”i can see celtic doing some serious ticket touting here as they like to do”






    if that was you using my comment to back up BSRs comment about some disagreeing with the boards decision before they even know it then you have a made a leap of logic in my comment that isnt there



    nowhere in my comment does it say what my opinion is as to whether we take tickets or not – and my comment doesnt even say whether i agree or disagree with any hospitality ticket touting if it were to happen, i just said its a possibility that it might happen

  21. Huddle


    Fair enough. I read ` as they like to do` as a general condemnation of The Board which is what I thought BSR was alluding to.


    Anyway, reasonable enough day here ( Angus) so a cycle ride beckons.


    Cheerio for now.




  22. The netting and corralling of Tims at the dilapidated Edwardian toilet facade will portray us as the dangerous animals – who for the guid o’ scoddish foo’ball can’t be allowed free movement along The Queen’s Highway……..



    A plea to all Tims who might consider going to support Our Great Club……please don’t.



    Take one for the team, sit this one out in the comfort of your favourite armchair or boozer.



    Send out a message to the civilized world and score an important goal against hun scoddland.




  23. First things first:-



    A magnificent occasion awaits the sell out crowd at our crucial European game on Thursday.



    A result against Salzburg under the lights at Paradise will reverberate around Europe.


    This will be Paradise at it’s best and could even show a certain Mrs May how to get a European result.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  24. So either



    Celtic take the allocation and allocate them to the fans in the usual way






    Celtic take the allocation and just hold on to them






    Celtic refuse the allocation and the huns sell them direct to Celtic fans.



    I’d prefer the second option,but I can’t see it happening.

  25. POGMATHONYAHUN @12 12 am



    I’ve just seen John Major on Italian tele berating the ideologically driven Brexit zealots re their astonishing ignorance re the history of Ireland and pointing out that ,yet again , sections of the Tory Party are prepared to use Ireland as a means to an ideologically driven end.



    That was followed by Juncker opining that he no longer knows who has the power to represent GB and N I and reiterating that Ireland will not be left alone

  26. No one is talking about the players safety at Ibrox.



    Huns have came out the govan stand and got close enough to broon Griff and sinky to lay hands on them and if they wanted could have done something serious. Although they all bottle it when they get up close particularly to broon.



    Batteries. Golf balls. Coins. Bovril. Coke’s. Chips. Even a Huns flag launched at celebrating Celtic fans. Was there also a drumstick or was that another game.



    Celtic players warming up routinely pelted with whatever is a hand when they run past the enclosure. This will be tenfold is they have to go past the onion bears.



    The Celtic bus arriving. The directors safety. Our staff.



    All of that worries me as much as the 800.



    Their websites are rabid about this. There are crazies wanting to do something like linfield v Belfast caltic.



    When they get beat this time they cannot and will not take it.

  27. 50 shades of green on

    Instead of netting cant they make it something that ain’t see through so we dont have to look at the ugly gits for 60 mins.




  28. ” Celtic cause ticket row ”



    ” Celtic fans to dodge tital clash ”



    ” Rainjurz set to appeal to SFA ”



    ” Gers fans set for ticket windfall ”



    ” Celtic must take tickets or face massive fine ”



    Take your pick CSC

  29. Old Joe Goebbels could have learned a thing or two from Jabba and his third estate propaganda machine. This netting the Celtic fans will keep the rabid sevco zombies occupied for a while taking their minds off what is happening at Ayebrokes and the last two results. If you’re in the shit vilify Timmy that’ll keep the hordes at bay for a while.


    IMHO I don’t think any type of personal injury to even one Celtic fan is worth taking the tickets by the Board but at the end of the day we are talking about consenting adults (I pray) that are willing to take a personal risk. Happens every day in life all over the planet.

  30. If anyone wants to take a ticket for the bigot dome, it’s their choice.


    I must admit that I would have thought that the club would have been a tad more vocal on the subject, it’s a perfect opportunity to show they are a stand alone club and not Old Firm, they could tell us for sure if glibby was indeed right when he said that the reason they got their safety cert was on the condition that we got the whole of the Broomloan stand, if he was and we don’t take tickets we are bailing them out, not what a stand alone club would do is it.

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