There’s only one John Guidetti


I’m beginning to believe some of the ‘Unseen..’ paranoia that goes around town myself.  Absolutely delighted, and a bit surprised, Fifa ratified John Guidetti’s transfer to Celtic.  He’s a player we have tried to buy for three consecutive summer transfer windows; this guy has been watched, courted and pursued by Celtic, Feyenoord, Ajax and no doubt a whole lot more.

Since his marquee season in Rotterdam he’s come through debilitating illness but is now healthy, if in need of some match sharpness.

He is ineligible for the Europa League group stage but will be available for the round of 32 through to the final in Warsaw.

There was a real meeting of minds between player and club on Monday; he liked the way we went about our business and people at the club were impress with his personality.  Apparently, he’s another “strong character” to add to the others who have arrived at the club over the last week.

If only we had a song for him….

Guidetti as a teenager in Holland:

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  1. Delighted with the signing of Guidetti although I’m critical of the fact that we left it until day 93 of a 93 day transfer window to recruit a player/s in a position that was so obviously needed.



    Ronny’s been given additional tools, by God were they needed, it’s now time for him to forge a successful Celtic team.



    Good luck.

  2. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on




    I agree but how will he work with two forwards in his formations of either 4231 or 433

  3. blantyretim is praying for the knox family



    21:35 on 4 September, 2014




    home and oot ma tree…..






    Open goal :-)

  4. cowiebhoy,



    Good to see your more upbeat tonight, like yourself I wasn’t aware of the first come, first serve, unless you’re on the cup allocation.



    I’ll go up to the ticket office and see where is available tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be nightshift anyway, so I will probably just get my bhoy a package. HH

  5. Prestonpansbhoy



    Who knows maybe, just maybe, he’ll change or adapt his philosophy and go two up front. That’s what I’d prefer to see.

  6. Dallas, Dallas…



    Knightswood was a course like no other. There were flags in 8 of the 9 holes with the other having a branch off a tree! And when I say flags, they were no more than 3 feet high and consisted of a white hankie tied on to a white plastic pipe that had ‘Travis Perkins’ printed down one side. Only 1 of the tees was identifiable with any coloured markers, despite the scorecard indicating that there should be gents, ladies and medal. I was only in 1 bunker but took 3 to get out as I didn’t have my gravel-wedge with me. It might be some time before it is in the running for a major tournament.



    Managed to go round in 48. An experience that will stay with me for some time.



    Right, time for The Office An American Workplace, Series 7 Episode 16…

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I will be in Dortmund on Sunday cheering on Scotland and deriding the SFA. So I will not be popular. Luckily I will be wearing lederhosen




  8. bournesouprecipe on




    Ole DBBIA is busy helping wee Bonnie Tyler with some consultancy work, and her new


    cardiology DVD.



    ‘It’s totally clips of the heart’




  9. Deckchairs still available on the upper deck…



    RST Statement



    Following a meeting of the Rangers Supporters Trust (RST) board we have the following statement to release.


    As shareholders in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) we have decided unanimously to partake in the upcoming open offer. This will be carried out using funds from our BuyRangers fan ownership scheme.


    Whilst we still have deep concerns about the current situation at the club, as a board we believe that given fan ownership is the raison d’etre of the organisation it is in our members interest to participate in the open offer to maintain our current shareholding.


    In order for the RST to continue its primary objective we urge as many fellow Rangers fans to join and contribute to our BuyRangers scheme from as little as £11.25 per month at http://www.therst.co.uk/buyrangers.



    Full steam ahead, captain?


    Full steam ahead helmsman

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I have to agree I feel we are stronger coming out of this window due to the signings of Mubarak and Scepovic. This feeling is due mainly to how crap we have been in the qualifiers. I really hope a couple of our own bhoys step up this season more than anythig and I also lit a candle in Köln Dom St. Petrus last Tuesday that Craig Gordon whom I cant stand stays fit. Is that blasphemous for a non believer ? anyway I was with someone who was and I just wanted to fit it.




  11. doc



    I bought my 3 match package this morning on the phone. Was told my seat in the SSR was not available but I got one in the SS but closer to the pitch??? Also told they would be activating my ST to allow me access. How the hell am I supposed to remember my seat number and row between now and next month. Wtf is going on at Celtic TO. Shambles.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  12. Jobo,


    said at the time you should have got yourself along to Dalmuir


    one of the toughest and best kept public courses there are

  13. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on



    21:46 on


    4 September, 2014




    Titanic stuff indeed………………ice ahead,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    For all you furreners spouting about the Referendum, I’d just like to say that I admire your bravery and sense of adventure for taking a chance, leaving Scotland and taking a chance on making a better life for yourselves and I hope that each and every one of you has succeeded in your bold quest. I am constantly amazed by our ex-pat posters from Oz, NZ, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Italy (incl.Sicily), Turkey, Russia and other parts of the globe too numerous to mention. When I was younger, I toyed with the idea of going to Canada but never did. Now that I am older, I have a little regret that I didn’t go to Australia because of the warm, sunny climate and outdoor lifestyle – especially during the long, dark, cold winter days now that I have retired.



    As many of you point out, you don’t have a vote so shoot from the hip. Give your opinions. It may be one of you who says something profound that will make up or change the mind of a don’t know voter on here.

  15. podi



    played with 3 of 4


    p kelly was a year younger


    barney signed for celtic bc around 15/16


    bri – played all thro the ages


    s clark left around 14s



    i take it your from the east end



    the gillespies of rangers used to but strips for eastrecraigs etc in the days when


    celtic bc won everything – there was no real rangers bc then


    they moved to funding lenzie bc as far as i know

  16. Just been reading Rangers Media discussion on possibility of a “second administration” and the one thing that was noticeable was that, without exception, they are not trying to blame anyone else for this one. Sounds like reality is finally dawning on them.

  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jobo, I’m glad it hasn’t changed from my firtst round there in 1975.



    I believe they have cut the trees at the par three fifth. You couldn’t see the green from the tee and if you drove onto the green, these misguided little cherubs, who sat near the green, would dive on and knock your golf ball, then try to sell it back to you.



    Its got a bit to go before it can host the municipal course Masters lol

  18. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on



    21:49 on


    4 September, 2014



    better together, if this is better then sod it…………………………

  19. For the love of God and the sanity of the blog please can everyone give the new lads at least a month or two before we declare them world beaters of duds.



    Kdc, gieing them a chance :)

  20. Prestonpansbhoy



    Ronny can’t alter the squad for 4 months he has to work with what he’s got.



    It’s now time for him to pick his preferred 11 and go with that.



    Now we’ll see if he’s got enough to cut it at the mighty Celtic.

  21. prestonpans



    When yer as old as me, yez are all kiddos and much better looking. Hahaha. Anyhoos, how ye doing? This ticket things daein me nut in. No that that takes much. :-))))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  22. WeeFra, can’t disagree, it isn’t well thought out at all.


    I’m glad I got paper tickets, at least I’ll be able to know where to sit.

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    bri I do remember what abou reggie, did john workman not play with us for a few months?

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gordybhoy, the Celtic Quick News South Lanarkshire advance guard was in Dalmuir today, but not the at golf course. Blantyre Tim was at the Golden Jubilee today for an operation.



    I know someone who is a member at Dalmuir, he told me there are plans for it to become a nine hole course with developement at the top part of the course next to Mountblow Road.

  25. WeefratheTim @ 2147



    I was told similar for Legia Murrayfield game , tickets


    then arrived a few days later….

  26. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on




    I’ll cut the guy some slack but some of his tactics are questionable like big Tony M



    Well I remember big TM at Dunfermline and he tried 4 formations one being 235, need black and white film to see that one before…………….

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