There’s only one John Guidetti


I’m beginning to believe some of the ‘Unseen..’ paranoia that goes around town myself.  Absolutely delighted, and a bit surprised, Fifa ratified John Guidetti’s transfer to Celtic.  He’s a player we have tried to buy for three consecutive summer transfer windows; this guy has been watched, courted and pursued by Celtic, Feyenoord, Ajax and no doubt a whole lot more.

Since his marquee season in Rotterdam he’s come through debilitating illness but is now healthy, if in need of some match sharpness.

He is ineligible for the Europa League group stage but will be available for the round of 32 through to the final in Warsaw.

There was a real meeting of minds between player and club on Monday; he liked the way we went about our business and people at the club were impress with his personality.  Apparently, he’s another “strong character” to add to the others who have arrived at the club over the last week.

If only we had a song for him….

Guidetti as a teenager in Holland:

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  1. doc



    I might just drop an email to CFC tomorrow describing my concerns with treatment. Shocking doesn’t come in to it. You going to the dons game?



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  2. Kdc – the need for instant gratification is strong among us! A whole 4 months without us declaring with our unerring footballing genius how we know their careers will turn out?



    No promises but I’ll try

  3. Magnificentseven on






    21:48 on



    4 September, 2014







    said at the time you should have got yourself along to Dalmuir


    one of the toughest and best kept public courses there are




    Grew up playing Knightswood before graduating to Dalmuir, night and day…. Apart from a 3 hole stretch of samieness, Dalmuir is the most interesting public Course you will play around Glasgow, the wee drap, hill 60, sows back, the gully, you need to play it

  4. ticgaz



    Thanks for your reply. I actually got tickets for murrayfield and there was no mention of the ST being activated. Are these phone people really up to the job? Be assured, a harsh email will be going to CFC tomorrow. Who knows, I might get a full refund and still access to all 3 games. Hahahahha Aye Right. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  5. Dallas Dallas,


    the council had looked at making it a 9 hole course,


    last I heard public pressure had forced them to back down,

  6. So Guidetti’s finally here



    Great news



    I think he’ll be a great signing for us for a few reasons



    This being one



    Most players come to Celtic with an eye to using it as a stepping to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ the EPL



    In Guidetti’s case he’s been there already with Man City and Stoke



    Maybe, like Samaras, he will realise the over hyped EPL is not all it’s cracked up to be.



    To play for a club where u are not just another player in a long line of talented players but a hero to thousands with the chance to win things and play in europe every season



    Let’s hope so



    Welcome to Celtic John




  7. Dallas



    Don’t be slagging your old front garden. :)


    I played Knightswood GC a fortnight ago. It is in its worst state ever and pretty run down sadly. I play Dalmuir GC regularly. It’s standard is still high. Brilliant well kept course.

  8. Magnificentseven,


    aye its a great course,the gully from the medal tees must be one of the


    hardest holes going,dont know when you last played it but the road hole is now just a par 4,blooming monster it is

  9. geordie munro



    20:53 on 4 September, 2014



    Application was ripped up as it came through door on Tuesday hence my tickets will be going spare as they are now surplus to my requirements. £150 nae discounts if your interested



    Ps Before the Maribor game I thought I was going to be offered a 3 match Champions League package


    You know what happened next

  10. the glorious balance sheet on

    hebcelt 2124:-



    Just sticking my tuppenceworth in on the question you asked Justatim;



    The Forster transfer fee is £10 million plus std rate VAT at 20%. The £10 million net fee would I`d imagine be paid in instalments but the £2 million VAT would be payable by Southampton immediately as Celtic, as an honest tax-paying business, need to pay this to HMRC on their next VAT return.



    Southampton reclaim the £2 million VAT paid to Celtic on their next VAT return as the purchase of Forster relates to taxable business activity carried on by them.



    I can`t see there being any agents fees due to be deducted from the transfer fee received by Celtic. This was a fairly straightforward transfer conducted by parties all based in the UK with no need for specialist knowledge of international law, foreign languages etc so I can`t see why an agent would be claiming money from Celtic on this transfer.



    Of course the custom and practice of transfer fees being paid in instalments works both ways so transfer fees to be paid out by Celtic for signings made in this window i.e. the £2.3 million to Scepovic will also be spread out in instalments, with that money going out as the Forster money comes in.

  11. WeefratheTim


    21:47 on


    4 September, 2014





    I bought my 3 match package this morning on the phone. Was told my seat in the SSR was not available but I got one in the SS but closer to the pitch??? Also told they would be activating my ST to allow me access. How the hell am I supposed to remember my seat number and row between now and next month. Wtf is going on at Celtic TO. Shambles.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.




    You could try writing it down.

  12. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Absolutely delighted that John Guidetti is joining Celtic, especially in the knowledge that he cannot play in 6 Europa matches.



    I have a strong feeling that he will want to stay beyond this season and make his mark with us in the CL next year.



    Welcome John ~ future Hoops legend

  13. bt


    havent seen reagie for a while – bump into him in asda now and again


    workie played for us in the first year of 18s – loonie


    met barney years ago in the pub


    he just packed it in after celtic reserves


    met bri years back – he was working down south after uni.

  14. Playing a round at Dalmuir has been on my “to do” list for far too long, never played there but never heard a bad word about it.


    Hopefully WDC will not do anything daft.

  15. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Memo to all you lyricists and wordsmiths who have suggested a number of versions to honour John Guidetti. All I can say is that your efforts fall short of satisfactory. Keep it simple and stick, as far as possible, to the original version.



    There’s only one John Guidetti


    He puts the ball in the netty


    He’s not Portuguese


    But he scores with ease


    Walking in a Guidetti Wonderland.



    Simples :-))

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    see spikeysaulman reply there, only 1 an orc, ill let u guess which one…8)

  17. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5



    This formation 4231(which is also 433 at times) has historically evolved some players position. Many moons ago Thierry Henry played in the 3. I think his experience in this position assisted him in being a better Centre Forward, he never ever played like a traditional CF anyway and happliy exploited wherever there was space, heading out wide was never a problem.



    Player—- Player—– Henry






    He played this with France, likely Monaco and on the left with Juve. He didn’t score much, but no doubt learned the best ways to impact from wide, cutting inside etc



    My point is that there will be times when any of the three will be in advance of the one up and that any of the front should end up better in each position in rotation. This will take time, but it produces the type of all round player, that team want to sign. This is why Juve signed Henry, as they were looking to change tactics and no-one in Italy played this role. they were either a playmaker or winger and not an all round “forward”. It didn’t work out, but they bought him and Trezeguet for decent money.



    Looking at the vids, both new forwards can be the man leading the line, equally, however, I think they could play one of the three behind.



    Just my thoughts, on the subject. Importantly, if we’re to produce star youth players to sell really perform and keep and sell on, much better to have them in the mold of these positions rather than just a “winger”. More a winger, inside left or right, forward who can play in the “hole” as playmaker. I don’t mean in one of these positions for a whole a game.They should eventually have the fluency and decision making and unity that they change every 5 mins, taking the absolute p*ss out the defence who should be “ripped wide open” leaving one of 4 finishers with a open chance.



    So if we want we can play both new forwards. Needless to say, every player will have to develope to keep his place. Hence why McGregor keeps getting games. He floats, it seems, effortlessly from playmaker, to winger to finisher. His value(because of ability to play in this formation), tripled his £value over night IMO



    Just my thoughts, but as I said loads before, lots of rotation.


    Ronny likes this formation, Celtic need it to succeed. The coaches wants to tweak to make our first team more successful and to develope youth players who can play in phases all over the park, fit straight into first team or sell on for more money.



    Good times ahead IMO




  18. Need confirmation gents.



    We’re in 406, upper tier, and in the home cup ticket scheme. Will we automatically be allocated seats in the lower tier? And will we be sent paper tickets?




  19. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Haven’t read back. Delighted guidetti signed. Hope we tie him down on a permanent deal in January as he will be available on a Bosman.


    It will depend how successful he is. If he starts banging them in he will have a few clubs to chose from.


    Darren o dea back training with Celtic to keep himself fit.


    Would you take him back??

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Don’t know yet whether I’m going to the 3 EL games, late finish at work and an early rise to catch the 6:10am train from Helensburgh Central being my only concerns. *:05pm kick off means it’ll be after 12 before I’m home on our bus and I work in a physically demanding job so I have some thinking to do.



    TBH I don’t think things on the park will improve overnight so maybe missing those games wont be so much to bear but I’m a gluten for punishment so who knows.



    Of all the signings we’ve made the bhoy Wakaso looks the most interesting for me but he may have to mend his ways in the SPFL as his disiplinary record is shocking and our MIB will just love him if he doesn’t mature quickly.



    I’ll not publicly make comments on how RD & JC are doing till after Xmas as I think they will have their work cut out integrating the new players into the squad and getting the team to play the way they wont them to. Overall I’m optermistic that things may work out in a positive way over the comming months but I do have some concerns that I feel most of us have if we are being honest with ourselves.



    Anyway what’s not to like just now? The tribute act is going to go bust just their previous incarnation, that alone will keep me smiling for a while :))))

  21. the celtic way



    Of course I’ve written it down, why should I have to, my ST tells me my normal seat, why should I need a note, thinking schooldays, to know where I’m sitting. I presume your post was tongue in cheek??? :-) This is supposed to be a professional organisation I’m dealing with. Write it down??? Aye right.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  22. the glorious balance sheet Thanks for your input, so we agree Celtic did not receive a £10m lump sum one morning into their account possibly 25% or whatever that was my point. Do you know anything about a sell on clause amount due to Newcastle? Hail Hail Hebcelt

  23. I pass by dalmuir gc every morning on way to work-always in great condition for a cooncil course -great layout too-I think one of the holes( gully hole) featured in golf photographer Blair Morgans book of the best holes in golf -well he is a local lad.


    Best pay as you play I played recently was charleton in fife near elie -great course -great condition and a fair test hh

  24. prestonpans bhoys dam justice for the 5 on




    Well Ronny now has the tools to play, this is his team, hope he does well !

  25. G64



    60p a pie. Canny whack it. Your Brad visited ma mam with Chris on Saturday. Young gentleman. :)

  26. For anyone in the know, how are we planning to take the sfa to task over them screwing us over this signing.



    Here’s my take on this, taking into account what happened in other countries. associations have total control over registration. The sfa refused to ratify this signing despite having the paperwork on the deal before their deadline . They received the man city international clearance minutes after 12, a club involved in something in the rejoin of 8 deals on the night. They then refused the deal. They could have ratified it, it was in their gift.



    The smokescreen of asking fifa for dispensation is just that, a ruse to shift blame and bring disrepute on us. It has now cost us an option in the EL. They’ll be laughing up their sleeve.



    Shockaroony that fifa give the ok immediately on receipt of the sfa’s WRITTEN submission.



    Have at them celtic



    Ogilvie out!

  27. eddieinkirkmichael on







    who ate all the pies?


    who ate all the pies?


    You ………………………………………………………………..

  28. Let the manager build a team.


    I have no clue whatsoever about who or why we have signed.


    ‘You are the manager, give us a good watchable attacking team’


    Then I’ll judge

  29. an alternative……………



    There’s only one John Guidetti


    He’ll get us out


    from behind the settee



    He’s not a Big Cheese


    but he aims to please



    Walking in a Guidetti Funderland

  30. DD,


    met young Brad today in Thomas Cook,he was looking at Club 18 to 30 Magaluf


    for next year,i was paying for an auld mans return to Vegas next year too

  31. Some mental thing this referendum is.


    The Westminster government using all it’s friends in politics.


    4/5th of the worlds most important countries are raging against the Yes vote.


    It proves one thing.


    Scotland is stronger with independence.


    England is significantly weaker, should a Yes vote go thru.

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