There’s only one John Guidetti


I’m beginning to believe some of the ‘Unseen..’ paranoia that goes around town myself.  Absolutely delighted, and a bit surprised, Fifa ratified John Guidetti’s transfer to Celtic.  He’s a player we have tried to buy for three consecutive summer transfer windows; this guy has been watched, courted and pursued by Celtic, Feyenoord, Ajax and no doubt a whole lot more.

Since his marquee season in Rotterdam he’s come through debilitating illness but is now healthy, if in need of some match sharpness.

He is ineligible for the Europa League group stage but will be available for the round of 32 through to the final in Warsaw.

There was a real meeting of minds between player and club on Monday; he liked the way we went about our business and people at the club were impress with his personality.  Apparently, he’s another “strong character” to add to the others who have arrived at the club over the last week.

If only we had a song for him….

Guidetti as a teenager in Holland:

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  1. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    12:16 on


    5 September, 2014



    Yep. Labour took 355 seats with 35% of the vote. Cons got 198 with 32% of the vote. 61% turnout.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    I’ve read a couple of news reports which list Celtic’s EUFA registered squad and Kayal seems to be missing?


    (Sorry to drag football into this>}

  3. quonno





    11:48 on



    5 September, 2014





    lennon’s passion


    11:40 on


    5 September, 2014





    There are plenty in FIFA and UEFA who would eagerly interpret a NO VOTE of confirmation that there is no longer any reason for the four Home Nations to be treated as separate entities.



    A removal of this individual status would then remove one of the objections to Celtic playing in England. It is just another example of how, no matter how desirable, we cannot completely divorce sport and politics.




    Have you got that right?



    I thought that if ever there was an argument for Celtc playing in a UK league it is under the current UK system of governance. One passport, one overall government, no border.one currency. all the legal ducks in a row.



    In fact I think Better Together missed a trick in not promising to remove this particular anomaly whereby a UK business is restricted from trading in the UK which would allow all Scottish clubs to reach their level across the UK as a whole.



    My reading therefore is that a YES vote makes Scottish Football a game played in a country as separate from the UK as England is from Germany or any other country with its own government for that matter.



    I ‘ll go further. In the absence of this possible political escape route Celtic have as much chance of playing in England as Malmo or Tokyo Utd (made the last bit up for hyperbole purposes)



    Restricted to the small pot and small ST income customer base Celtic will only experience Europa League competition at best and never reach CL level.



    When I raise this point about how Scottish football would be better as part of a UK set up I’m told that independence is more important than football to apply that read across.



    I would not argue that point but I would argue that real examples of being restricted in ability to trade and its real negative consequences should be given as much consideration as Brigadoon arguments based on hope, not dismissed because they rain on Brigadoon.



    As a Celtic supporter who would love to see Celtic prosper if current constraints were removed, I shudder at the impact on Celtic of a Yes vote.



    Additionally if I am correct and you are wrong does that change your thinking about how you will vote? Not that I’m trying to change it. I just think (there I go again) we should think about what and how we think just in case we got it wrong.

  4. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Snake Plissken




    12:11 on 5 September, 2014




    Frank Ryan’s Whiskey



    Might get interesting.



    Which groups would be fighting on which side?



    We know where the OO would be.



    Now that would be the real test of if people of a Celtic persuasion would literally line up with them.




    Not fair, my reasoning for voting no is not aligned the the OO’s I am diametrically opposed to all they or other flag waving unionists represent. To be honest if voting yes were to ensure that i could batter the bejaysus out of members of the OO and their ilk it would be a Yes from me. Sadly the Scots have decided not to settle this ‘ Irish style’ so its a no from me.

  5. Just looking at some bits and bobs of thems going into administration, they all (the SMSM) seem to think it will be a 25 point deduction, indicating more or less this is the second time this club has done this in three years? Me I don’t see it that way, obviously I think it’s the first time it’s happened to this club, and it should be a 15 point deduction, any thoughts on this Bhoys?

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon


    12:21 on


    5 September, 2014




    12:11 on


    5 September, 2014



    More democratic than compulsory voting.





    I think you should be made to vote……….there should however be a box on the ballot paper for ‘none of the above’ at the bootom of the list of candidates.

  7. A successful pursuit of a divorce will be followed by the discovery that your New Gold Dream bidey in is loaded with malignant disease..

  8. Auldheid – I agree with you. I have been very surprised that the carrot of access to the TV money down south hasn’t been dangled to tempt people to vote No.

  9. weeminger,



    Yes it happens on non proportional systems quite often. One of the arguments for first past the post is that it delivers more majority governments than more proportional systems do. But then there was a UK referendum on changing the system and voters decided to stick with FPP.



    The Scottish election system is, strictly speaking, not a proportional system. That’s why the SNP could get a majority of the seats on 45% of the vote.

  10. glendalystonsils



    I can only assume we have reached our quota on foreigners and he has dropped out.


    Could this be an option? You got a link to the squad?




  11. Kitalba




    The funny thing is I know from Slovakia there are a number of people who really hate the people who run the country here and their parties.



    Every nation on earth thinks their leaders are idiots at some point.



    I wouldn’t vote for Alex Salmond or the SNP in an independent Scotland.


    Had Jim Sillars and Margo MacDonald been there as leaders I believe that this referendum would already have been won and if they were together in iScotland they would have my vote right away.



    Neither will be standing.



    If Robin McAlpine and the Jimmy Reid Foundation decided to stand as a new party. They would either line up with Sillars and I would vote for them.



    If you have never heard Robin McAlpine I suggest you seek him out. That man is a realistic alternative to the SNP.



    I don’t agree with the SNP on many things but I recognize their importance to keeping the issue alive and winning.



    As for Labour – good grief. Complete idiots as far as I can see. And if their Westminster Stars like Ian Davidson, Anas Sarwar and Mags Curran are the top brass then God help Scotland if it went that way.



    I think we could see a lot more influence from the smaller parties and I’d be interested to see where Radical independence went.



    As far as I can see the only party that would definitely vanish would be UKIP. No bad thing there.

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Don’t see that nice Alastair Darling doing too well against Fat Eck in a “square go” somehow…

  13. lennon’s passion





    12:21 on



    5 September, 2014





    Anyone remotely interested in some Celtic news. Astra game will be played at there ground.







    There Ye Go…..Ernie !



    See What Ye Get When Ye Believe ANYTHIN’ ….




    That Comes Oota Galloway’s Sore Mooth !



    An’ Ye Were Tellin’ The Blog Last Week That Man Who Looks Fetchin’ In Yon Wee Pink Tutu…..



    Is A Good CATHOLIC Boy..!!!!













    SOooo……The Egyptian Government Has Taken The Logical Step…



    Of Banning ALL ‘ULTRA’ Groups At Football Matches….



    Bravo,General Sisi….!!




    Now Wull Oor Ain ‘Pharoah’,Wee ‘Eck..



    Follow Suit…??









  15. tonydonnelly67



    It will be 25 points. The SFA have bought the same club nonsense and different clumpany.




  16. Frank Ryan’s Whiskey



    I was joking. I know you wouldn’t do that nor do I think anyone else would.

  17. thezombieslayer



    12:24 on 5 September, 2014



    ‘Ernie so is religion’






    Religion can be used to divide people, but most religions are not intrinsically divisive. Nationalism is.

  18. West End of East End on

    I will be on holiday for the last of the 3 EL games. Does anyone know if you can single match tickets for the games ? On the website it only allows you to buy the 3 match package. If you do buy individual tickets, does it work out more expensive for each ticket ? Any help appreciated…

  19. Celtic Europa League squad



    Goalkeepers: Craig Gordon, Lukasz Zaluska



    Defenders: Charlie Mulgrew, Efe Ambrose, Jason Denayer, Emilio Izaguirre, Mikael Lustig, Adam Matthews, Virgil van Dijk



    Midfield Kris Commons, Scott Brown, James Forrest, Liam Henderson, Callum Mcgregor, Nir Bitton, Stefan Johansen, Mubarak Wakaso, Filip Twardzik, Beram Kayal



    Forwards: Leigh Griffiths, Jo Inge Berget, Derk Boerrigter, Stefan Scepovic, Anthony Stokes, Aleksandar Tonev



    *Though Beram Kayal was not included on the squad list provided to STV by UEFA, he has been named in the published list on uefa.com.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:25 on


    5 September, 2014


    macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    Parliamentarians are permitted to abstain.


    Why should the general public be denied same right?



    In a democracy you have the right to vote,not the obligation.

  21. Snake Plissken



    12:26 on 5 September, 2014



    ‘As far as I can see the only party that would definitely vanish would be UKIP. No bad thing there.’







    It would just change its name. There’s plenty of people here want out of the EU. The UKIP vote showed that.

  22. Tim Malone Will Tell – Darling looks quite wirey though. Would be a good scrap I reckon. Even better would be Sturgeon vs Lamont. That would be epic. No holds barred. 2 wee bulldogs. You wouldn’t come home with an open pay packet to either of they two.



    Make it happen Sky

  23. BMCUWP



    You’re quite correct, mate. I suppose it will only get more heated as the day of reckoning draws ever closer.


    His attempt to traduce Weefra the other night by quoting a renowned fascist like H L Mencken was OTT. Shows the desperation of some of the NO supporters, I suppose. Many of my friends will vote NO and I have discussed it with them. We will still be friends on the 19th. If we all desisted from playing the man and not the ball, the debate on the issues would be both more informative and less acrimonious.



  24. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon




    12:16 on



    That logic only works in a head to head vote not multiparty system

  25. tonydonnelly67



    I’m for a 15 point deduction. Their rage at being recognised as a zombie club will outweigh the rage of a 25 point deduction. However I won’t weep ata 25 pointer because either way it wil l girfut. :-)

  26. dr ramesh and the love potion on





    Better idea would be to have Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon fight it out naked in a remote highland bog free on BBC2. The winner decides if Scotland should be independent and the loser has to have a threesome with Annabel Goldie and Alex Salmond. This should be shown after 9pm.

  27. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    06:24 on 5 September, 2014





    Other than my rather churlish & admittedly offensive ‘ exScots’ jibe , for which I apologised last night, my opinion that Scots who have committed their productive lives to another country SHOULD NOT be allowed to a vote on Scotland’s future remains unchanged.


    You have every right to an opinion on that subject or any other, but the vote should be confined to residents who are the only ones affected by the result.



    I can only give you one person’s opinion & make no claim to infallibility.



    Good luck.

  28. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Snake Plissken




    12:27 on 5 September, 2014




    Frank Ryan’s Whiskey



    I was joking. I know you wouldn’t do that nor do I think anyone else would.




    As was i – kind of :-)

  29. Ernie don’t flatter yourself you don’t exercise my mind at all. I just posed a perfectly reasonable question,if anybody on here had met you or were you known to any of the current bloggers which I noticed you ducked. You don’t come across as a very sociable person so perhaps best leave it at that. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  30. Tony. It would interesting if the deid club were 15 points in front and a chance to go to the Premier league and they went into admin


    Would they accept 15 points as new club or jump up and down and demand 25??