There’s only one John Guidetti


I’m beginning to believe some of the ‘Unseen..’ paranoia that goes around town myself.  Absolutely delighted, and a bit surprised, Fifa ratified John Guidetti’s transfer to Celtic.  He’s a player we have tried to buy for three consecutive summer transfer windows; this guy has been watched, courted and pursued by Celtic, Feyenoord, Ajax and no doubt a whole lot more.

Since his marquee season in Rotterdam he’s come through debilitating illness but is now healthy, if in need of some match sharpness.

He is ineligible for the Europa League group stage but will be available for the round of 32 through to the final in Warsaw.

There was a real meeting of minds between player and club on Monday; he liked the way we went about our business and people at the club were impress with his personality.  Apparently, he’s another “strong character” to add to the others who have arrived at the club over the last week.

If only we had a song for him….

Guidetti as a teenager in Holland:

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  1. Rogue Leader:



    All the No voters I speak to have a very obvious affection for independence but a considered pragmatism as to the cost.



    Snake Plissken:



    I don’t know if you’ve been reading my posts on why I would vote no, I have nothing to lose or gain whichever way the vote goes, other than my hopes and worse, if my fears were to be made manifest. However, my main reason for coming down on the no side is because I just don’t think we can afford it and our future generations will pay the price, dearly, for our folly if we were to vote yes at this time.



    I believe this referendum is taking place only by proxy of mistakes made by other political parties and the consequential backlash of protest voters and abstainers apathy allowing the SNP to take the Scottish parliment. I don’t believe their opportunism is really the most stable platform that the majority of the population would like to build a nation on and I don’t believe they’ll get the mandate to persue it. If they don’t get the majority what harm have they done Scotland. A lot, a lot in oh! so many ways.



    What a rediculous notion to drop corporation tax below that of England and to boast about the intent. Does anybody in their right mind think Scotland would win an economic war with England. For the minister to boast the threat of defaulting on the national independent debt live on TV, what credence did that garner in the international financial world? That muppet made our country look like a harbour for theives.



    The world is a bad place right at this moment.



    How many years did it take Croatia to gain entry into the EU?

  2. RogueLeader





    12:25 on



    5 September, 2014





    Auldheid – I agree with you. I have been very surprised that the carrot of access to the TV money down south hasn’t been dangled to tempt people to vote No.




    The problem Better Together have had is proving a positive to those who already think negatively about the current arrangement.



    I think BT should have gone for “How To Make it Even Better Together” by offering something to make it even better not focussing on what might be lost. Scottish football is on its knees and is a great example where it is not Better Together so why not promise to put that right?



    The independence lobby could not point this out because deteriorating Scottish football is what we get, under a system of football governance that is less than even handed or competent, as result of competing with a larger neighbour on our border offering a product that we are keen to buy



    Better Together would have had more impact if it accepted that some parts of the arrangement are not viewed as such and picked on some that they would address. Instead they have tried to persuade folk of what they might miss or the dangers of separation some of which will only be realised after the horse has bolted.



    What is happening is that the UK is being told that its current system of government is not working and some see independence as the answer, but it might be a cure that weakens both patients or kills one at the expense of the other.



    This is a campaign not thought through by either side. I know its Scotland’s oil (assuming we are not invaded) but who owns the wells and pipelines that get it out of the ground? Does that not give them some bargaining power when it comes to sharing it out? If so does that mean both sides depend on the other to benefit both?



    You can see philosophically where I’m going, independence is an illusion, there are only degrees of interdependence.

  3. hebcelt:



    Ernie has helped out other Celtic Supporters on here in the past and doesn’t slap his own back. That is to his credit and is typical of real Celtic men.

  4. Jonny the Tim





    12:33 on



    5 September, 2014








    I’d happily give up any notion of Celtic playing in England for a YES vote.






    End London rule. YES




    Fair enough but at what amount of downsizing?



    Malmo might be a good example, membership club with first CL qualification in yonks.



    As long as you know the cost. Id rather we grew.

  5. kitalba





    12:48 on



    5 September, 2014



    Nice summary



    Because I live here and because I have concerns over the unforeseen consequences of the instability a Yes will cause on my main income source (pensions) I hesitate to put forward my case for NO as it is portrayed as selfishness.



    So it is nice to hear someone who does not have the same motivations that could be attributed to me make the same points that when I have made them raise accusations of scaremongering or selfishness.



    The idea that we will just walk off with the resources and away from debt from which we have benefitted without life extracting some price is just naïve in the extreme.

  6. Fleagle


    Big day oot at the golf, early start 7ish, tee off at 9, drinking commencing about lunchtime so pardon me for lodging my tip for this weekend before you have opened the competition for this weekend.



    Flipping at Wolverhampton 8:50 should win but at a skinny price so I’m going for the Frenchman Mosse to have “red” letter day with Red Cadeaux 2:20 Kempton and Red Runaway 3:35 Kempton.


    Toss of a coin.



    NAP is RED RUNAWAY 3:35 Kempton at 9/2



    Hope you all have as good a day tomorrow as I am anticipating for myself.







  7. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 3 results & standings



    voguepunter takes the honours this week with Ocean Tempest @10/1.



    Other winners : Eurochamps67 & Bull67 (B Fifty Two @7/2), Pfayr (Aktabantay @9/4), and timbhoy in Spain (Fintry @6/4).



    +£18.00 tommytwiststommyturns (1)


    +£ 8.00 voguepunter (1)


    +£ 4.00 Che (1)


    +£3.75 Eurochamps67 (2)


    +£ 3.00 Zihuatanejo (1)


    +£ 2.50 Cathal (1)


    +£ 2.50 TheBarcaMole (1)


    +£ 1.50 BULL67 (1)


    +£ 1.00 Burgas Hoops (1)


    +£ 1.00 Elharto (1)


    +£ 0.75 leftclicktic (1)


    +£ 0.75 som mes que un club (1)


    +£ 0.25 PFayr (1)


    -£ 0.50 timbhoy in spain (1)


    -£ 1.27 What is the Stars (1)



    -£ 3.00 16 roads


    -£ 3.00 21-5-79


    -£ 3.00 ABZMike


    -£ 3.00 Bada Bing


    -£ 3.00 BigJoe


    -£ 3.00 BMCUWP


    -£ 3.00 Celticrollercoaster


    -£ 3.00 Cosy Corner Bhoy


    -£ 3.00 fleagle1888


    -£ 3.00 green T


    -£ 3.00 Gweedore Celt


    -£ 3.00 hashadenough


    -£ 3.00 Hotel de Paris


    -£ 3.00 Hutchybhoy


    -£ 3.00 Jobo Baldie


    -£ 3.00 Nye Beavans rebel soldier


    -£ 3.00 Raymac


    -£ 3.00 Rockon


    -£ 3.00 twists n turns



    *No selection posted (wk 3) : BigJoe, Elharto, Raymac



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  8. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Struggling for time today bhoys



    Taking Miss PF Ayr to check in Ewing Halls , Edinburgh Uni



    Leaving now back 2ish … I’ll post then …had no time to look

  9. Morning all … Struggling with the worlds slowest internet so research has been compromised whilst on holiday. However, it would be churlish to conplain. Let’s try:



    Extortionist in the 3.50 at Haydock



    Good luck everyone and enjoy your weekends.



    Hudhuranfushi CSC

  10. Good morning fellow Celts



    Thirsk 2.30 : Sekuras Girl



    Here’s hoping for a good run. Good luck!

  11. What is the Stars on

    I was tempted by Hayley Tuners Bear Behind in the 2.05 at haydock but decided to stick with Sole Power in the 3.50


    Nap Sole Power


    COSY CORNER BHOY in internet-free zone yet again,his nap is



    BUREDYMA 440 Ascot.



    Nice to see him pick a horse wi four legs for a change!

  13. Lads,



    I was tempted by Gordon Lord Byron in the Betfred Sprint – but too many unknown 3yo’s with potential… so… am backing another 3yo to beat older horses @ Kempton :



    Morning Watch (3.35 Kempton)



    Cheers, and good luck y’all… fleagle1888

  14. Struggling to find anything to lay my hat on today, so will go with an old favourite of mine that owes me nothing………. LOUIS THE PIOUS 1:55 Ascot….



    Regards & Hail Hail



  15. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Greetings from the Algarve, where the sun is just about to burn off the mist we’ve had all morning and I can concentrate on getting my face the same colour as my big red hooter!


    I’ll go for a bit of an outsider in the lucky last at Ascot….Zero Money.



    Good luck



  16. Big Thunder, 3.15 Haydock. Luke Morris is an underrated jockey,and presctt seems to be moving into form.

  17. Nap for today



    the aptly named ZERO MONEY Ascot 5.15



    Good Luck to all



    Hail Hail.