They’d all like to play for Real Madrid


Virgil van Dijk is a class defender, one of the best we’ve seen in recent decades, but there’s no revelation in the fact that he would consider moving to the right club at a more testing league; they all would.  The only pertinent fact about Virgil is that several clubs may put that to the test later this year.

The main thing to consider with Virgil is that he’s not likely to ‘Do a Kelvin’, and report as not in the right frame of mind to play, midway through Champions League qualifiers.  With Jason Denayer wanted back in Manchester, it’s important Celtic retain Virgil for the qualifiers, or are sufficiently compensated before then that they can confidently secure the early signatures of prime targets.

From what I hear, Virgil’s been more than professional in his dealings with the club.  He’s not running campaigns to leave and despite the plainly obvious that they would all like to play for Real Madrid, if the right move doesn’t materialise, he’ll get stuck in at Celtic for next season.  So it’s not time to reminisce on favourite VVD moments yet, like the time that wee boy bounced off him at Hampden.

Trophy Day at Celtic Park is coming up on Sunday, 24 May when we play Inverness, when the Foundation will be distributing badges before the game to raise funds for the enormous work they do for the local homeless, the world’s poor, those with autism, those with Downs, and many more people and families who need your care.

You can participate in our annual Trophy Day by volunteering to work with the Foundation before kick-off.  It is genuinely good fun and you get to step into the 127-year-old shoes those who have gone before you.

There are around 100 volunteers and we’re only looking for around 20 more, so get in soon by emailing cfcfoundation@celticfc.co.uk or calling 0141 551 4291.

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  1. Yeehawwww!!!!!!!!!!!



    First ever podium






    Right, back to supervising this exam


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:20 on 12 May, 2015





    Only by special request!



    I see wur pal LEFTCLICKTIC beat me to it.






    His life story is a reminder to us all that self-sacrifice is a worthy pursuit.





    I bow to your mightiness and humility.



    Wearing yer jersey,btw. Guide drying weather yesterday

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    So do you think, should we fail to reach the Group Stages, Virgil will be sold?


    I have always felt he would be her until at least January.




  5. Auldheid



    No holding a minute from me. You may not like it but it is the truth of the matter.


    It is my view whether you agree or disagree.



    the pile of pish PR roadshows, born from the initial four meeting were supporters aired their grievances, momentum grew and numbers attending grew from meeting to meeting from around 15 to 20 at first to over a 100. the meetings purpose was not to sell NL to Celtic support. That is what the roadshow turned out to be with over 400 happy clappers in attendance at the first in the KDS. The disgruntled and their grievances were managed perfectly and put aside. If Jeanette findaly offeered that up to PL on a platter then YES it was a mistake.



    Born of proof by the resurection of meetings of supporters in the CSC about a year and a half later.



    I firmly hold this view. iattended the first four meetings. The process was hijacked by the club and the direction changed. QAs you are well aware PL is the master at that and by the looks of it took an opportunity offered to him by JF to sell Neil Lennon to the support and ignore all grievances.



    You can attempt to defend it all you like but it was the wrong thing for JF to do.



    MWD said AYE like or lump my view.

  6. I never wanted to play for Real Madrid.



    Just Celtic.



    Only one problem.



    I was mince.




  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Is it true Lee McCulloch is referred to as the Van Allen Belt O’Ibrox?

  8. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on

    Hello team, would be looking for your help to spread the word about campaign;



    “The 8th May 2015 will mark the first anniversary of our friend’s child, Oscar James Knox, gaining his Angel wings. To celebrate Oscar’s short but memorable life, we’ve organised a 223 mile bike ride over three days.



    We’re using this opportunity to help another young child who desperately needs support: and fast. Eileidh Paterson needs £100K by June in order to receive specialised DFMO cancer treatment in the USA. That treatment is not currently available in the UK.



    On Saturday 16th May 2015, the cyclists will leave Forres, Eileidh’s home town, bound for Inverness. There, they will take in the SPFL match between Caley Thistle and Dundee United, raising awareness of neuroblastoma, and in particular Eileidh’s plight, before setting off south to Glasgow, and Celtic Park, home of Wee Oscar’s favourite team.



    We have set up this team page to raise awareness and much needed funds. Our team have a common goal to raise money for the Neuroblastoma Childrens Cancer Alliance (NCCA UK). The team are Steve Taylor, Kevan Lawler, Iain McGovern, Robert Campbell and Paul Muldoon.



    We are football fans of different teams with a common goal: to make a difference for Eileidh in wee Oscar’s name.



    We would like to ask for your help by donating to Eileidh’s campaign.









    Text EPAT50 £1-10 to 70070



    The Highland Cycle Team.”



    Thanks Mouldy67


    TALLYBHOY 1225



    But you have a smashing scarf…





    Nae bother,mate. It was only from FFM posting it a few years back that I read up on the man.



    Things you think you knew sometimes don’t turn out that way.



    A genuine hero. In so many ways.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    30 degrees at 1.30.pm ——-way down south.



    Work done for the day . . .



    Beach time .. . The new budgie smugglers will get an airing… Mrs S of T advising that my thighs need exposing to the sun .-



    ” At the moment , your thighs are proof that Mozzarella can be a Glaswegian thing “

  12. Almore!!!



    Looked in and saw you’d nabbed it.



    Well done. Silver is nothing. Gold for the bold Bhoy in Green.






    PS can the kid appeal their results and seek an upgrade cos their invigilator was dancing about like a loony?!?!



    HH jamesgang

  13. Eyes Wide Open on

    Theres very little to write in the papers at the minute – the league contest is over and its too early for anyone to buy a paper based on transfer speculation.



    Its recycled and regurgitated babble.



    Virgil has also made other comments such as not being in a rush to league, continuing to improve and looking forward to playing in the champions league.



    He’s in nowhere near as much of a rush to leave this summer compared to last (in my opinion).



    I am slightly concerned about his contract where values usually start to decrease when the 2nd last summer has passed, however any negative swing would come during a time he has had european exposure and helped celtic secure a participation pot well in excess of the drop.

  14. Philvis



    “Salvador Dali wanted to play for Surreal Madrid. (thumbsup)”






    Did the wean shouting “Dada!” inspire that yin??

  15. SoT



    I really liked Mozzarella till I read that!!!



    Mozzarella With a gherkin and a couple of plum tomatoes has gone right Aff my menu!



    HH jamesgang

  16. leftclicktic on



    Watching too much spongebob slows you down :)))




    Till later all


    Nursery run time

  17. Geordie Munro on

    Virgil. The man who makes cucumbers look warm.



    Easier said than done but I’d get him on a new contract and get another 2 years out of him.




  18. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “Mozzarella With a gherkin and a couple of plum tomatoes”



    “The man who makes cucumbers look warm.”




  19. Does my mind mistake me?! Did Virgil not go in a huff last season when he didn’t get the move he wanted? As far as I remember he had to be left out of a game because he was not in the right frame of mind?!

  20. Is Christorey the swinging dick. He was very fond of posting up links to nutjob sites as well.


    For those of you who are peed off with those eejits talking about fake moon landings. Send them here






    All the theories are answered from real scientists. And if they still come back at you after that then tell them to feck off and you have no time to talk to morons.




    And dont get me started on those bloody Creationists

  21. BMCUW



    Left my ‘smashing’ scarf back in Scotland.



    It will get an airing next season.




  22. shelbourne1916



    He did go a bit huffy last season. But credit to him I think he’s been an absolute professional thus far this season.



    I think his weekend off last week also coincided with him becoming a father did it not?



    HH jamesgang

  23. leftclicktic on

    It wiz awww Big Haunds Greens fault.


    Sevco fans demand portrait of Sleekit is taken down :)))))




    THE Ibrox club has confirmed that the bizarre portrait, hung at the top of the marble staircase at Ibrox will be removed.


    R*NG*RS are taking down the controversial portrait of the ‘New Pioneers’ at Ibrox that angered and baffled their support.



    The painting, by artist Helen Runciman, featured boss Ally McCoist and players Lee McCulloch, Lee Wallace and Neil Alexander, ‘celebrating’ the club’s reemergence in the lower leagues following insolvency.



    It found few admirers among the Ibrox fanbase, who were surprised by the choice of players featured as well as the fact that the club had chosen to mark this particular period in its history, even drawing comparisons with the ‘Gallant Pioneers’ who founded R*ng*rs.



    Former keeper Alexander won a court case against the club, receiving £84,000 in unpaid wages. Manager McCoist is meanwhile still on ‘gardening leave’ and picking up a wage, despite handing in his resignation last December.



    Now the club has reacted to complaints from fans and explained that the painting was commissioned by the old board under Charles Green.



    “These artworks were commissioned two years ago and arrived recently and were hung,” read a R*ng*rs statement. “It was a simple misunderstanding which has now been rectified.”

  24. shelbourne1916



    PS I also sense that the RD regime sits well with him. Not enough to disuade him from signing for Real, but perhaps helps fight off interest from the Norwichs of this world.



    HH jamesgang

  25. Leftie



    “These artworks were commissioned two years ago and arrived recently and were hung,” read a R*ng*rs statement. “It was a simple misunderstanding which has now been rectified.”






    So they hung it up by mistake???


    We all do that you know. I’m forever hanging up random pictures that I just hadn’t intended to nail to the wall….??



    They could always give it to Alexander to sell on eBay in lieu of his wages.



    HH jamesgang



    PS would love to see the picture. Bet it ain’t no vettriano!

  26. I think it should be compulsory for new Celtic signings to attend classes run by Cesar & wee Bertie.


    A few lessons from these ghuys and no player would want to leave.


    The Celtic story is like no other.

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