Think what you will of Celtic, Gladback won’t fancy it


Playing away domestically after a Champions League away game is statistically the time you are most likely to drop points, so Manchester City’s defeat at Tottenham was unsurprising.  The manner of Barcelona’s defeat at Celta de Vigo, 4-3 after being 3-0 down at halftime, was distinctly out of character, but showed signs of their exertions in Germany on Wednesday.

Borussia Monchengladback’s 4-0 defeat at Schalke, who were bottom of the Bundesliga having lost all previous five games, was the shock of German football this week.  Gladback have one game before coming to Celtic Park, home to Hamburg, who took over Schalke’s mantle at the bottom of the table, with one point from six games this season.

Borussia are the only team from Celtic’s Champions League group who will be rattled by their weekend reversal; Barcelona and Manchester City will take the defeat in their stride.  It’s unlikely they will drop points to Hamburg on 15th October.  Their defeat to Barcelona was the first competitive game at home they’ve failed to win since January, while it’s been straight away defeats this season for Hamburg, but as we know, playing bottom of the league is a no-win scenario for a Champions League team.

There will be a hangover from that 4-0 defeat, one which will be allowed to fester for a fortnight.  Think what you will of Celtic, but the prospect of travelling to Glasgow in two weeks will not be relished in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Before heading off for the Great Scottish Run yesterday I read through the donations to the Celtic Foundation.  There’s nothing more effective than putting the wind at your back than knowing a lot of people put whatever they could afford into supporting the Foundation’s cause.

It was a brilliant day.  The green competitors’ t-shirts with the Foundation’s Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty written across the back were storming through the streets of Glasgow in force.  Well done to all.

Thanks to everyone who supported all of us.  The MyDonation’s page hasn’t closed, yet, but this will be the last call, honestly!

Thanks also the lady who while out pushing a go-chair with her child in town yesterday, took off my shoe and bent back my toe.  Over and above the call of duty – but it was that kind of day.

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  1. Well done in the GSR Paul!



    Meanwhile… Here are a couple of new pieces for your consideration!



    One about The Offshore Game commenting on Scottish football and causing the hacks to flee for the hills…





    And one about a Daily Record journalist who really needs YOUR help to find something important…



  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Good game in Dundee on Saturday.



    Did Wee BGFC report back that he was … ahemm . .. ‘given’ a match ball at half time to take home?



    Walked out the ground looking like Quasimodo :-)









  3. Chelsea Fan?



    A man has been charged with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner during the Aberdeen versus Rangers match last month.



    Police Scotland said the 45-year-old from Lanarkshire had been charged after the game at Pittodrie on Sunday 25 September.



    He is expected to appear in court at a later date.



    Aberdeen won the game 2-1, following a late free-kick scored by James Maddison.



    Det Insp Stuart McAdam said: “Retrospective enquiries continue to be carried out into a number of incidents that took place during the game.



    “I would appeal to anyone with any information that could assist to contact police.”

  4. See Maggie May has picked St Patrick’s day 2017 ….to push the Wangland button….



    Somebody has a braw sense of union….



    scexit the same week ???




  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Paul’s Toe





    That wisnae braw :-(

  6. Watched Schalke and Munchen last night. Don’t under estimate Munchen. At times they looked dangerous. Probably beat them at Celtic Park, but they will be up for it back in Germany.

  7. Soupy…you nailed it….but you had better toe the line or you will not have a leg to stand on….




    Smiley thing ….




  8. South Of Tunis on

    ” I wanna find me a woman who’ll hold my big toe until I have to go”



    Lick my Decals off ,Baby .



    A nice and sunny 27 degrees at 13 36 -way down south.

  9. AULDHEID on 3RD OCTOBER 2016 12:38 PM


    The winning goal by Vigo v Barca was interesting.




    It was the result of the current fashion of the goal keeper always playing the ball out to a defender rather than employ a welly upfield when under pressure.




    A few more like that goal last night and Craig Gordon has nothing to worry about from De Vriese as the fashion changes.

  10. German reunification day today….so abidy oot and aboot getting fou….



    And as a gast arbieter …it is my duty to join in……prostit……



    Awfy braw….

  11. Celtic Champs Elect on

    SOUTH of Tunis



    I hope all is well with you and the good lady of Padova



    Just looking for bit of advice :-) Bologna train station and do u know what platform the tentelia train leaves from for Riccione. Do you know of any bars or restaurants that might show the game v gladbak as we are in Riccione from 17 – 21

  12. Paul,


    Borussia Moenchengladbach



    Sp ;))



    BTW, we are known as Celtic Glasgow, more or less all over Europe.




  13. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 3RD OCTOBER 2016 12:43 PM


    German reunification day today….so abidy oot and aboot getting fou….




    And as a gast arbieter …it is my duty to join in……prostit……




    Awfy braw….



    That’s right. My son (who is on golfing holiday in Chiemsee today) always has a holiday on his birthday.







  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    NEUSTADT-BRAW on 3RD OCTOBER 2016 12:37 PM


    How is wee George doing???





    Wee man is as braw as a very braw thing – thanks for asking.



    Clogher Celt very kindly sent him a programme from the Barca pre-season friendly in Dublin with signatures from their superstar front-line.



    Only domestic game we missed so far was the Sevco one – we were in London at a concert that evening – but we managed to watch it in Cannock with my big brother and some ex-pat Tims, so that was fun :-).



    We both enjoyed Dundee at the weekend – good controlled performance, even if only pressing the attack at about 80%. Always comfortable.



    Brendan is intense.



    We also, earlier in the season, were lucky to spend the day at Lennoxtown – met the team and Brendan.



    Wee BGFC – quick as a flash said – “Brendan! It’s true!! You are wee-er than Wee Gordon Strachan !!!” Brendan said right back “Small, but talented!”, and I can’t disagree.



    Wee BGFC also grabbed LG and Broonie to tell him his joke:



    Wee BGFC – “…Broonie – whit’s the difference between a H*n and a trampoline?”


    Broonie – “…Ah dunno, wee man – whit is the difference between a H*n and a trampoline?…”


    Wee BGFC – “…Ye hiv tae take yer shoes aff tae jump on a trampoline !!…”



    Broonie guffaws, and walks away chuckling to himself…






  15. watchthemotors on

    Good afternoon, one and all. I am in the market for two tickets for the Borussia game, if anyone can help.



    Many thanks.




  16. BRTH ,



    I worked beside Iain Tarbet .



    A decent guy and a right good Tim .




  17. Big George….looks like your doing a braw job….



    I know Cannock well….and Dundee better…..lovely folk in both…



    Pass on my best….




  18. South Of Tunis on




    We are good , thanks .



    Bologna – station is not big . All the platforms are linked by a central underpass . You will get the necessary information from the noticeboard . Italian for Platform – is binario . NB – you will be expected to stamp your tickets ( in a machine ) before you board the train – fail to do that and you will be fined !.



    The game ? – much depends on who else is playing that night . -The game will be on a sky channel — if your hotel has Sky and there is a tv in your room , you will be able to watch it on a Pay per View basis.. I will post which channel when I know it.. .



    Enjoy !

  19. South Of Tunis on




    oops – forget Sky — the game will on one of the Media Set PFV channels ( old git me forgot there had been a change !) . The highlights will be on cooncil tele channel 5

  20. South Of Tunis on




    See Napoli are playing that night — most bars will show that .

  21. Snake Plissken on

    For anyone who is interested a certain Slovak footballer who likes to slag off Celtic is in a bit of bother here in Slovakia.

  22. ”To all ye fundamental radishes


    Ye hypocrites are these your pranks


    To murder men and give God thanks


    Desist for shame,proceed no further


    God won’t accept your thanks for murder”



    Amazing the stuff one learns through maryjane paraphernalia.




  23. Gladbach (correct spelling) won’t fancy it? I think they will fancy it more than against Barca and Man City. And I don’t think we have a good record against Bundesliga teams. Was Stuttgart our only victory?

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