This guy was the real deal


I had to smile at Simon Donnelly’s comparison of Henrik Larsson to Kenny Dalglish. Until Henrik came along, The New Dalglish was the reference point for any great prospect. And a few not-so-great ones.

Simon himself was one prominent recipient of this title. Back in 1994 Lou Macari’s Celtic were as bad as we’d been since the 50s when the teenage Donnelly burst onto the scene with five goals in the final 12 league games of the season. He was famously hailed as the new Dalglish, a comparison which was shown to be absurd during the barren season which followed.

When Henrik pitched up in Glasgow in 1997 all those comparisons must have crystallised for Simon. This guy was the real deal.

Although some starts shone brighter than others, both of them played their part in the historic title win in 1998. Celtic fans will never know a time like that again. When Simon, Henrik and friends gather for the Foundation game in May, more than a few of us will recall that titanic season.

On the subject of memorable league title wins…….

We have a short-run raffle for two Celtic end tickets for Tynecastle on Sunday, courtesy Celtic sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing. You can enter here for a minimum donation of £5. Please email me, with the word “Party” in the subject line to confirm your donation and entry. And include as many contact details as you think prudent to ensure you hear about your win. Competition ends tomorrow, so get in quick.

You also need to be available to collect your tickets in Glasgow on Friday.  Thanks to those who entered yesterday.


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  1. WITS: nicest legs?



    The lady who tried to convince us of the value of the new Junior Certificate.




  2. Almore



    In my family we had “Big Owen” my dad, the smallest. “middle Owen” my cousin funnily enough the middle sized, and me “wee Owen” the tallest but youngest. It made calling at meal times easier by all accounts.



    I hope I did not come across as being sarky in my response to you, that was not my intention.

  3. The_Huddle



    He might need to look for work elsewhere anyway, after resorting to calling the female presenter “darling” when he’d failed to put forward any coherent justification for his dislike of the video ref.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 28TH MARCH 2017 10:23 PM






    Dont get me started on dem bleedin Spanyards and der flipping Armada




    Still havent forgiven them for letting us down at Kinsale !!!!!








    You`re no partial to a Spanish lady ?



  5. ——–



    Ireland 0 Iceland 1



    Jeez, Ivanka….!!



    Do They Even Play Soccer In Iceland??




    [Indeed, GOD-Emperor, it’s like Berwick R*nkers 1 Oldco 0 ,all over again! Ed ]



    Oh…Our ACHING SIDES…!!









    Has Japan Been Deluged With Refugees..?



    We Don’t Think So…!



  6. Owen: no sarkiness at all. Big fan of Dena – she has helped me enormously. Also, I appreciate your contribution to bhlog. More than happy to chat with you.

  7. Almore



    Dena is a wee star. Delighted for Trisha though, she has had a tough time of it this year and deserves her win. If you see some mad one water-skiing behind the HSS with hair like side show Bob that’s her.



    She will kill me for that one.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE DONALD on 28TH MARCH 2017 10:40 PM



    Even the Koreans born in Japan couldn`t get citizenship.



    No probs , though.


    We`ll still buy your cars.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 28th March 2017 10:45 pm



    Lionel Messi



    4 match international ban.









    I find that a bit odd. Imagine him being banned for his Club Side for so long?



    TBH – I couldn’t care less about him or his Club, it is obvious he doesn’t care about his National team, you have to respect that.



    I’ve not seen it but. Does’t compute. Some Binary Finary.




  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Owen, tell yer wee sister I was asking after her and wee B, hope they’re both doing well and enjoying Celtic.






    That’s for them BTW and no you.





  11. WHAT IS THE STARS on 28TH MARCH 2017 10:17 PM





    Enough of this political bickering




    Who has the nicest legs



    Nicola or Teresa ?




    What a choice




    As much as I detest that bastard daughter of Thatcher,I have to admit,she does have a very nice set of pins.Would look great on someone else.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 28TH MARCH 2017 10:54 PM



    Apparently Lionel had some harsh words for the linesman in the Chile game.


    Argentina under pressure to qualify for Russia.

  13. TTR,



    You know more than me dude.



    I stopped watching most football a while ago.



    I didnae like seeing Messi getting tattooooooosss.



    When In Switzerland I hoped to see ma Bros Tattoo gone. He told me about the hidden sixes in his shoulder tattoo, told to him by a coworker in the Money sector. Most don’t know the hidden meanings in the imprints they get. The Fact a Swiss Money dude pointed the external 3 sixes in the circle. :((



    Celtic only now.




    You think Scottish Fitba is Fixed?




  14. Weird timing, that Messi ban, coming just 5 hours before their match against Bolivia kicked off. Lost 2-0, so not missed at all!



    Lost it a bit with a linesman in the Chile game last Thursday as he’d penalised him for a foul. The wee genius gets kicked and booted, tripped, shoved and pulled in every match, and so many fouls against him go unpenalised that he gets frustrated when innocuous fouls are awarded against him.



    Not condoning his dissent, but understand why it happened.



    Argentina could really struggle to qualify now.

  15. —–




    My Dear Macjay..







    We Find It Astonishing…



    That An Exotic Plastic Paddy From Dublin…



    Has The Arrogance To Dictate To His ‘Betters’…



    In The Glorious Anglosphere..



    How We Should Arrange Our Affairs…



    YOU Are Talking MINCE, Palomine….!



    Perhaps You Should Follow George Galloway’s Example….



    And Adopt A Fedora Hat ?



    He Has Certainly Been Talking A Helluva More Sense….



    Since He Started Wearing His Own Bespoke Headwear.




    Down With The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan…!




    Off Oot…



  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 28th March 2017 11:06 pm



    Stuart Armstrong starting to make the msartest of moves on a fitba field.






    Celtic are in Fine Fettle.

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Some of your recent blogs have been up there with your best. The ones on King were excellent and the one on Ashley had me laughing out loud – “take the guy with the nice hair with you” – brilliant :-)

  18. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    CRC, I watched the Rio Ferdinand program and you’re right, it was heartbreaking.



    He’s got all the right qualities to be a great dad and that shone through in the film. His kids will be well rounded and will want for nothing.



    Glad I watched it.



    HH and mind you owe me a framed print for the sclaffbaw in Lisbon. Will it fit in yer carry on?




  19. I’ve always been a Supporter of wee Jamesie. He is gonnae have to stay ‘on it’ to stay in the side next Season. I know he can do it. It’s up to him.

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    I think I’ll vote SNP. Mibby even consider a wee fee to join their party just to get up the noses and sphincters of a few on here.



    I mind even consider wee financial donation to god, the one true god, the one and only god, Ardbeg.



    Ardbeg is my god.



    May I burn in its eternal peatiness and massive phenol content here now and forever.




  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    A CEILER GONOF RUST on 28TH MARCH 2017 11:29 PM



    Ha, not sure, it will fit my hand luggage, but it will be yours for the winner. Just need to arrange delivery/collection for the winner.



    I have a plan for further potential joint fund raising, but will need a lorryload of volunteers for another mission, and indeed helpers for this plan. so will need your help to ensure we can implement it!



    Not enough hours in the day at the mo for me



    You free for a call tomorrow?







  22. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    I’m hoping Aberdeen win on Friday. two reasons:



    1. I don’t want Aberdeen to drop points v the zombie’s (although I’d be telling a lie if I said I’d not be too bothered if dropping points in our games v ABZ helped to keep the KKK klub in as low a place as possible.



    2. I hate zonbies and huns.

  23. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    CRC, yes. Give me a bell tomorrow. BTW I was joking about bringing the print. Most of the prises for the sclaffbaw cannot be transported in a carry on.