This is our trophy


Until recent times, the Newco penalty kick win over Celtic in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final was the greatest day in the club’s history.  They celebrated like it was a Petrofac Cup win all over again.  The teams have met twice in Scottish Cup business since, Celtic scored six over the two dates without reply, a merit scarcely recalled among our incredible achievements in recent seasons.

Our subsequent 21 games in the competition brought 21 wins, 20 within the 90 minutes.  Hearts and Partick Thistle scored a total of seven goals against us in that period, all the others put together managed to score just twice (Aberdeen and St Mirren getting one each).  In the history of spherical objects, Celtic’s domination of the Scottish Cup has never been matched.  This is our trophy.


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  1. MCPHAIL (from prev):


    ‘Zactly; I have ZERO confidence that any more will be done to Sevco by any authorities. The book has closed quietly.



    The ‘The Teds’ flaunt laws of the game with impunity, then cry foul – and media-loud – when playing, preying and profiting on UEFA’s slavishly codependent relationship with brand-protecting tokenism (or wokenism) amid this great big – and, yes, overdue – correction period. And Slavia are no strangers to bigotry themselves.



    But it’s a weird correction incident where unproven claims are punished more sternly than actual premeditated assault; If there even were slurs or tunnel assaults! With no proof of either, allegations not evidence prevail. Nothing known for sure, but the guvnors create a panoply of apparent justice, that’s more about retribution than righteousness.



    Two rancid, racist clubs that deserve everything karmic that comes their ways.



    Just fugen do ’em on Saturday, bhoys.

  2. Deniabhoy, don’t worry no way am I drilling my roof! Thanks for the tips though I’ll definitely take a look.



  3. I don’t like it when we come over too confident.



    This year has been a lesson hopefully.



    Just beat thum Celtic, please….



    ( I was going to say “fair and square” but mibbe no’ the right terminology given Boaby’s role come Sunday.




  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Unfortunately, I think a bit of humility is in order.



    Talk is cheap and this team does not deserve the benefit of doubt after what we’ve witnessed this season.



    Saying stuff like ‘we’re still the best team in the country’ (JK) and ‘this cup is ours’ is frankly Pedro/Murtyesque.



    Keep quiet and do your talking by appointing a decent manager, signing decent players and winning on the park.

  5. We need to earn the right to win it. Not just against the Huns but every team we face. We’re not so good we can take anything for granted, except corrupt Refs and cheating huns.



    Keep that in mind.

  6. Paul67 et al



    Not so long ago you were telling us that we would win the SPL into the foreseeable future, if not beyond. That kind of attitude now sees us twenty points behind in that league. As always the Greeks have a word for it. Hubris.


    Our most recent Scottish Cup final win was by penalties against a second division club. Our most recent Scottish Cup win was against a third division team packed with youngsters. Celebrate our history, that is what football is all about, but live in the now. Go to Ibrox having won the game before we get there, recipe for disaster. Focus on the challenge that awaits us, good chance of prevailing.




  7. Deniabhoy, just checked out those videos, pretty amazing technology tbh. And flexible enough that when I change car they still fit, genius! Thanks very much.



    Glasgowbhoy, Hx2.

  8. P67 has gone down the confidence road as we approach Sunday. Other Celtic fans prefer to set the huns up as Brazil 1970 mark II.



    Each to their own. It will make no difference to what we do this week in training or how we play on Sunday.

  9. “CELTIC MAC on 15TH APRIL 2021 1:00 PM




    AN DÚN on 15TH APRIL 2021 1:06 PM”



    Funnily enough, I agree with both of you !

  10. If Eddy has fully awoken from his season long slumbers,if “Concrete Boots” can find a better pair of shooting boots,if Moi plays the way he can,and if Kenny finds a different,more direct form of passing,we can win this game on Sunday.


    If big players don’t turn up,we won’t.

  11. TURKEYBHOY on 15TH APRIL 2021 1:14 PM



    Is `concrete boots` Christie?



    I think we will win on Sunday.


    I think I know what JK means when he says we are the better side ie both teams playing at their best, we are the better side. Over the season, Sevco have, quite obviously, been the better side but a one off Cup tie?


    As I said, I am genuinely confident.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    i dont think paul is being over confident or anything like that



    what he’s saying is that it is our trophy so im taking that to mean that even if we lose we will not be handing over the trophy to the authorities because we own it



    interesting way to retain the trophy but im all for it if it pisses them off

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    It’s our trophy = generation of domination = we will only ever see Celtic win the league.



    Don’t like that talk – Karma may well be listening,



    Go in focussed, do the job on the park – then talk the big talk.



    That said – we’ll hammer thum cause they are p!sh and we are briiiiiilliant :-))









  14. Can we win? Yes of course, if St Mirren can, so can we.



    Will we win? Evidence of the season to date says no.



    OpTIMism is sensible if backed by some evidence – blind faith is not.



    This season we have ‘bottled it’ big time on each & every occasion – Europe, League & League Cup.



    The title was “ours” for nine seasons and was surrendered meekly without a decent fight – why will the four-times Scottish Cup be any different?



    Would love to be wrong!

  15. Much prefer keeping it shut in build up to big games.just hope our forwards turn up against them.thats been the difference for me.

  16. Would be very interesting if we went 433 on Sun and matched them formation wise. Don’t think we will, initially.



    My view of probable starting 11 and shape (assuming Forrest is fit for bench)





    Kenny Welsh Ajer Laxalt


    Brown McGregor


    Christie Turnbull Moi





    If we are behind; may look like this late on – 4123





    Kenny Welsh Ajer Taylor




    Soro McGregor


    Forrest Ajeti Griffiths

  17. Assuming Forrest out – the team picks itself.


























    Sobering thought – probably only four outfield players from that eleven will be here next season….if you prefer Laxalt to Taylor, it could be three.



    Re-build is the word, and without Brown in the foundations – opTIMism for next season is hard to muster.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Coneybhoy @2:16



    If Forrest is available I would go with Saturday’s team. If not swap Christie for Forrest👍

  19. orangeism



    sharing a platform with the worlds first fascist organisation.peep o the day boys snaking in claimin working class backing.plenty of tories backed by this “working” class party.



    Unfortunately, I think a bit of humility is in order.







    Talk is cheap and this team does not deserve the benefit of doubt after what we’ve witnessed this season.







    Saying stuff like ‘we’re still the best team in the country’ (JK) and ‘this cup is ours’ is frankly Pedro/Murtyesque



    agreed totally.a little humilitt might go a long way




  21. Something to ponder – IF we win at Ibrox, be prepared for John Kennedy to become the bookies favourite for the job.



    IF we then win again in the league at Ibrox and follow that with a fifth Scottish Cup in a row – will history repeat with Derm & Dom rushing to find John in the shower-room at Hampden?



    Nah….to many ‘IFs”

  22. 77M of Villarreal’s ( yes Villarreal ) 115M euro income came from TV money in 2019-20.



    Celtic get less than 5M euro from TV income even when we win the league.



    Facts CSC

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    we need to win in 90 minutes



    unlikely we will be allowed to still have 11 men on the park to hold out in extra time

  24. BSR


    Unbelievable figures.When you see this,it really makes you want to throw the towel in.Really,what is the point.

  25. SFTBs,


    Think it was the wonder goal from Nicholas,that broke,something like a 50 year hoodoo,winning a Ne’erday game.In the past 20 years,I think we have done very well there.A good few hiding as well.

  26. Right on cue PoliceScotland have submitted a report to CPS recommending that Ondrej Kudela is prosecuted for racially abusing Glen Kamara. Now apparently Kudela could get six months for that. And if Aamer Anwar is right, can be charged without being interviewed and given a date to appear at the Glasgow Sheriff Court. Why does that strike me as being Kafkaesque?




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