This is THE Celtic story of 2016


“Dear Friends
“Celtic FC Foundation’s Annual Christmas Appeal reflects the very heart of the Club’s charitable and humble beginnings. It proudly follows in the footsteps of Brother Walfrid, providing comfort to those who need it most.”

So starts the letter from Celtic FC Foundation Head of Fundraising, Jane Maguire, as she confirmed this year’s Christmas appeal raised an incredible £220,000.

What are the consequences of this?

373 families in Glasgow, Coatbridge, Bellshill and Girvan, facing poverty and hardship, received significant help.

50 pensioners in the north and east of the city received a Christmas voucher, while kids in the same area received gifts through PEEK (Possibilities for Each and Every Kid).

130 clients of The Simon Community were given a Christmas lunch.

Children living with long-term health conditions at the Glasgow Children’s Hospital received what on some occasions will be their most significant Christmas gift.

Glasgow East Women’s Aid received a Christmas meal and gifts for families at the refuge.

Vulnerable refugees received support through the Scottish Refugee Council.

Glasgow City Mission’s Foodbank received support; they work with an average of 60 households per week.

Loaves & Fishes and Spirit Aid received Christmas hampers and toys for their work with homeless families.

The Wayside Club, Glasgow’s 365 day venue for the homeless received help in providing hot food for the very needy.

The Foundation and Celtic sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing (more on them later) split the cost of a £10,800 van to allow The Invisibles to carry out their important work.

Parkhead Salvation Army’s work was supported again this year.

St Roch’s Foundation’s meals for the homeless and pensioners between Christmas and New Year will be supported.

Glasgow Night Shelter, who provide food and a safe place for homeless refugees, some of societies more marginalised, were helped.

The Elpis Centre’s work for vulnerable young women was aided.

400 kids received a Christmas Party at Celtic Park.

Oban’s Hope Kitchen’s work to provide food and shelter has been funded.

The People’s Kitchen, Newcastle, who aid the homeless and vulnerable was helped – recognition, perhaps, of the incredible work the Tyneside No.1 Celtic Supporters Club do for the Foundation.

Children in Poverty Inverclyde received clothing, books and toys, as well as a trip to Santa’s Grotto, in consultation with another great club, the Greenock CSC.

Grampian Women’s Aid, Moray Firth Radio’s Cash for Kids, St John the Evangelist’s work (Cumnock), North Ayrshire Women’s Aid, Fife Gingerbread, the Eric Liddle Centre (Edinburgh) were all helped in their work.

Women’s Aid in Dublin, Belfast and Lisburn were each aided.

The Foundation are funding the Northern Ireland Hospice’ Teenage Weekends project for 2017.

Kids at the school in Whitechapel, London, where Bro Walfrid taught, were taken to a pantomime.
London and the South East’s needy were helped through various projects:
Cardinal Hume Centre
Neighbours of Poplar
Hillingdon Cherubs (neonatal work)
Readi-Bank Foodbank
Camden New Journal Appeal
Wimbledon Children’s Hospital – in connection with the Wimbledon CSC
The Brett Foundation
London North West Healthcare Charitable Fund
Our Barn (life skills, aged 16-25)
RNLI Ramsgate
Pilgrims Hospice
SVP Society Broadstairs

Kent Air Ambulance
Kent Foster Care Association
Happy Days Children’s Charity
Big Issue Foundation

The Foundation were asked to pass on gifts received, some of which went to Sean’s Trust – setup by our friend Linda Croker, who lost her husband and CQN’er St John Doyle, three years ago.

What did you do to achieve this?

Founding Fathers’ Fast, raised £1500 on one day.
Celtic Sleep Out – and incredible £80k.
Ghirls for Good, £22k

Bucket Collection, £13k

And nearly half the total was raised by direct donations – like the kind of things we do here throughout the year.

There is a part of this story which is seldom told.  People from the Foundation turned up at the door of some of these families this month with envelopes containing cash.  The reaction was often beyond gratitude or relief.  Many tears of joy are shed as feelings of helplessness find an anchor to cling to.

If you are cold and find warmth, hungry and are fed.  If you cannot provide for your children then receive shelter, toys and hope, you know the value of that £220,000.

This is THE Celtic story of 2016.


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    If the wider Celtic support are unaware of the reasons behind Res 12,then they are as thick as yer average hun. And if they are uninterested in how the SFA are still shafting our club,then they can GTF as far as I’m concerned.




    If they bought double-glazing from a firm,based on that firm’s advertising blurbs,experience,recommendations from satisfied customers,etc,which then went bust,they’d be the first to write to the papers,MP,whatever,when the firm started up the following day using the same name,staff,premises and advertising blurbs.




    Aye,every bit as bad as the huns.


    Congratulations to all involved in raising money for charitable causes.



    A very much deserved…




  3. Isn’t this THE Celtic story every year since it’s inception? The raison d’etre?


    However, in my opinion the MAIN Celtic story of 2016 is res12.

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Worst podium ever.



    After that news about wonderful work Celtic fans do.



    Away and take a good look in the mirror mate.

  5. Got a wee bit exited there, however second seems to be the new first so I`m claiming the glory. smiley thing.

  6. I think in the xmas spirit of good will the PLC should match pound for pound contributed to charity by the magnificent Celtic supporters.

  7. Mags


    Although I quite like your suggestion, I have a sneaky feeling there is a distinct lack of good will behind the reason for your proposal !!




  8. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Fantastic effort from all involved,a big well done.



    Booby….did someone shite in your mince?

  9. Celtic FC Foundation Trustees



    There are currently six members on our Board of Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the charitable traditions and values of the Celtic FC Foundation are maintained, while managing, agreeing and actioning the distribution of funds.


    Chairman – Chris Traynor, CEO, BE Capital Group


    Peter Lawwell, CEO, Celtic Football Club


    Gavin Kelly, CEO, Kinmont Advisory Group


    Eric Riley, Non Executive Director of the Board, Celtic PLC


    Adrian Filby, Commercial Director, Celtic Football Club


    Stephen Glancey, CEO, C&C Group

  10. MARGARET MCGILL on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:12 PM


    Isn’t this THE Celtic story every year since it’s inception? The raison d’etre?



    However, in my opinion the MAIN Celtic story of 2016 is res12.





    Again it’s all about opinions, but to the many grateful recipients who are among life’s most vulnerable , Paul67 is correct. It is the main story.




  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Pity those gentleman wont do nothing about the corruption and cheating in Scottis Football.


    Maybe they dont mind Celtic being cheated.


    Bah Humbug:)




  12. We can all discuss, dispute and even get upset by one another on here. But one thing remains constant in the Celtic ethos since its foundation, viz reaching out to others in their time of need. In that we are unity with the Founding Fathers and with every Celt on the planet. Whatever the future for our club, one think will remain constant, the acceptance of all our supporter for the vision of Brother Walfrid.



    Well done to all who worked to make this Christmas a little easier for so many.







    Pity those gentleman wont do nothing about the corruption and cheating in Scottis Football.



    Maybe they dont mind Celtic being cheated.



    Bah Humbug:)








    There is a much bigger picture here. Let’s see how things play out over the next year or so before jumping to conclusions. In the meantime supporters, whether individual or as part of a group need to tell Celtic how they feel about it.

  14. Once again the Celtic support come to the fore.



    Once again the Celtic board try and take the credit.



    So corruption within the Celtic board isn’t the story eh?



    Perhaps Paul you should have a look in the mirror and see if you can live with the reflection.

  15. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    A wonderful effort by the Foundation and all those who carried out work or donated to the cause.



    It’s sad in this very prosperous age that we still have people – not just down and outs or people with addiction or mental health issues – but just normal people who, through circumstance, need to rely on charitable donations to keep body and soul together.



    The fact that the Celtic Foundation can help so many all over the UK is a fantastic story, and nothing will surpass it this year/season IMHO – even a treble and Res12!




  16. THETIMREAPER on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:36 PM



    I like the word “ensuring” but it’s not as good as “complementing” or “matching”. Much better words in this context don’t you think?


    CONNAIRE12 on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:42 PM



    Totally agree.


    Nearly greetin after paul67 last paragraph.


    We are on the one road and our song carries far and wide infusing people with hope and happiness.



    Res 12 patience my fellow bhoys

  18. A massive well done to all those involved in this years Christmas Appeal and to those involved all year long to make these things possible.



    Celtic FC is the gift…

  19. Connaire. The ethos of Celtic is being massively undermined by the current board,



    We are simply a vehicle for making money. It is fantastic that the Celtic support can raise this money for charity. But p it didn’t come from the Celtic board. They are happy to endorse and prop up corruption and racism.



    Our host ,eat while is hopelessly compromised.

  20. Great effort made by the foundation and all our supporters who donated , makes us proud to be a Tim .


    Tony Donnelly re Virgil van Dyck I agree the best centre half I have seen as well , he has it all I actually think he is too good a player to be wasted at centre half ,he could be a Yaya Toure type midfielder he has all attributes needed with pace and two good feet and a very good passer of the ball .HH

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The Celtic PLC need to answer for their refusal to tackle RES 12.


    Its a scandal that must be addressed, hiding wont help.


    It cant go on.


    The truth will out.


    Ive always said that PL and his pals on the board do not represent Celtic supporters, they represent themselves.


    Its about time they stood up for the supporters….for once.




  22. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Margaret McGill, just to clarify, is it THE story, the MAIN story or THE MAIN story?



    For me and I hope many others, it is THE MAIN story.





  23. Reading the depth and breadth of the organisation s helped quite astonishing work. All kinds. All faiths. Poverty and illness.



    London to lisburn. Oban to Greenock. The east end.



    Such a joy.

  24. The biggest recipient of the massive Celtic support charity is the PLC itself. If only ALL of this money in this Sanity Clause world could be diverted to charity. My goodness brother Walfrid would stop spinning in his grave down in Dumfries and it’s what Jesus would have wanted.

  25. Now using the Celtic foundation for an attack on the CFC board, that has to be a new low, although the ones involved with the accusations will prob. Beat it before the year is out, it’s what they do best, unfortunately.

  26. Fantastic effort.


    Most of the people receiving these gifts wont give a monkeys about Res 12.To try and bring this into the story is shameful.


    In the Trumpet Neganons case,dont expect any better.

  27. MARGARET MCGILL on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:49 PM






    I like the word “ensuring” but it’s not as good as “complementing” or “matching”. Much better words in this context don’t you think?





    Mags, don’t let your dislike of the PLC and frustrations over res12 cloud your judgement. This is a fantastic achievement by everyone at Celtic. Using it to take cheap shots at the PLC is wholly inappropriate.



    Ps, it’s Christmas, not Xmas.

  28. NEGANON2 on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:48 PM



    Do you think that £225k would have been raised for those charities without a vehicle to do it?



    In the press release this is the only reference to the club in terms of the money raised:



    “A remarkable total of over £220,000 has been raised in less than two months through the collective effort of so many people including supporters, the Club, the Manager, players, Directors, Trustees, partners, sponsors and funders.”



    Both Peter Lawwell and Tony Hamilton make it clear that it’s the efforts and contributions of the supporters that do this.



    I really can’t understand a mindset that looks for and finds a negative in this story. Although I guess that it goes with the name.



    Merry Christmas.

  29. Margaret McGill on

    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 22ND DECEMBER 2016 12:52 PM


    Margaret McGill, just to clarify, is it THE story, the MAIN story or THE MAIN story?




    For me and I hope many others, it is THE MAIN story.





    It’s the semantics of CAPITALISM


    To me THE Celtic story is continuously one of charity and 2016 is like no other. Celtic supporters always come through.


    However, in my opinion the MAIN story that distinguishes 2016 from any other is RES12.


    Are we CLEAR?